Restless Leg Syndrome
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Posted by Leena Medina (Anaheim, Ca) on 12/02/2010
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I read all the comments made on controling restless leg... I want to add that I read the book, RLS cured forever and the author suggestion an elimination diet of all forms of dairy products (casinate, whey, milk, non-dairy creamer, etc). My RLS has improved 98%... I believe I was experiencing an allergy to dairy products due to a mineral deficiency my body is experiencing. I feel much better but it has been difficult at times when I crave donuts or products that contain dairy. However, it is worth not having RLS. I also want to add that I recently had a baby and I give him formula (I must be highly sensive to exposure... Throw-up.. Spills.. etc. ) so I believe this is why I still get some RLS. Anyway, I am going to try the vitamins, vinegar/water, blackstrap molasses and ivory soap. Thank you for all the info.