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Keeping Legs Cool
Posted by Doug (Vancouver, Wa) on 04/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this website. It has proven to be very helpful.

My particular situation concerning Restless Leg Syndrome has been getting steadily worse as I have aged. (I am a 65 year old male in relatively good health)

My Dr. checked my magnesium and that was at the upper end, but still in the acceptable parameters. He suggested Benadryl and/or melatonin to help me get to sleep. These both made me sleepy, but with the RLS raging, I could never relax enough to fall off to sleep.

I tried cutting out all sugar after a certain time of day but that didn't help either. I also put a bar of Ivory soap between the sheets, to no avail.

One night recently, as I lay on top of the covers listening to music and playing games on my tablet, waiting to get sleepy, it occurred to me that my legs had not yet started to spasm. This was curious, so I made a point to stay out from underneath the covers and wait for them to start. They never did!

What I deduced was that when under the covers, (which for me included an electric blanket because I don't like getting into a cold bed! ) my legs would heat up and the spasms would start. As long as I was on top of the covers wearing a pair of sweats, if need be, they stayed cool enough and spasm-free.

Later on, after I get up to use the bathroom and return to bed, I get under the covers to finish out the night, with no spasms. I also have stopped using the electric blanket.

I don't understand it, nor can I explain it, but I can tell you honestly I have not had a case of RLS while getting to sleep ever since I have being doing this, and it is going on a month now!

I hope that this in not something that is restricted to my situation, and that other people can find relief, as I have.