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Posted by Bill (St. Louis, MO, USA ) on 02/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My lady friend developed a severe case of some type of yeast or fungus overgrowth. It began as a red area under one breast, and soon spread to both breasts, upper chest, stomach and groin area. I suspect a recent injection of steroids (to relieve poison ivy) to be the cause, but that is only speculation. This rash was severe. She was Dr. prescribed a cream and then a powder-- with little effect. I recommended the Apple Cider Vinegar Cure, along with making sure the affected area stayed clean and dry. We applied (again, use only), organic, unfiltered, non-pasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar. She applied the ACV directly to the affected area. It is important to note that applying the ACV to a severe rash is Very Painful! I suggest that if you cannot tolerate the pain, you might start with a diluted (50%?) mixture until some of the "rawness" disappears. RESULTS: 100 Percent CURE! Absolutely amazing. She continued the application for about two weeks, with results beginning immediately. Her skin dried completely, the rash and finally the redness disappeared. Thank You Earthclinic, Thank You Ted!

Replied by Laurie

I read this and just applied my first dose of ACV. Just like you said, it was painful, but no pain no gain. I will continue this and see how it goes. Thank you for sharing.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Laurie, dilute it.

Posted by Daisy (Orlando, United States) on 09/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar cured my rash. I had developed a rash which I found out was Tinea Veriscolor. I took Organic Appl Cider Vinegar 3 times a day for about 4 - 5 days. The rash just dried up. Apparently the rash was a fungal rash and ACV kills fungus. I also used ACV on a huge mole on my husband's nose. After 7 uses it just came off in layers. Fantastic stuff ACV.

Replied by Marcie
Dallas, TX

hello Daisy! could you email me the brand of Apple Cider Vinegar you used? my mother has the same condition and the ACV we used in the past left a warming/burning feeling in her stomach area so we stopped using this brand since it appears to be too acidic. thank you!

Posted by JG (Los Angeles, California) on 07/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

dermatitis herpetiformis & ACV: i was struck by repeated bouts of what a dermatologist diagnosed as herpes zoster or shingles. Went through a valtrex treatments each time the rashes appeared on my arms and legs. slowly emerging and very itchy bumps that would, over two weeks, become clear liquid-filled bumps. i suspected it had to do with infected scratches from dog toenails, as i was working with rescue dogs. lo and behold, it was - and my sister, a doctor across the country, had suspected dermatitis hep the whole time. it was much later that i stumbled upon ACV as an excellent cure that speeds up the cycle of the rash. i soak a gauze square with it and tape it to the affected area changing it in the morning and at night. such a relief to have a non-med cure! also, i have found that if i wash the scratched area immediately with anti-bacterial soap, it can prevent the rashes.:)

Posted by Jessica (Dallas, TX) on 05/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I bathe my 2 year old son in ACV. About three days a week, I add a cup or so to a warm bath. He had allergies and was taking Cingular everyday. Some unknown cause was making his back and upper arms break out in little red bumps. The bumps have stopped completely. The week I ran out and didn't have time to get more ACV, the bumps came back. Works like a dream!

Replied by Kikifish
Hayward, Ca

Hi Jessica, my 22 months son has a similar situation as yours. what is the ratio of the ACV you put in to the bath water? my son has the same little rash bumps on his arms and back recently, and he is also taking Cingular as well. But Cingular doesn't seem helping much to clear up his rash or itch.

Posted by Nancy on 05/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Thank god for this website. I was suffering a rash under my left breast and in the crease of my leg and abdoman. Very painful and itchy burning. One dr prescribed a medicine for psoriasis no help made it worse. Another said ringworm, another said yeast. I read all are a type of fungus and found your site with ACV for yeast and fungus. I put it on straight on the rash it burned the first time only. Did this for the last 2 days twice a day. then dried it and put powder. It is almost gone like a miracle. I am now drinking some dailey and hoping to try it on my bad foot for a toenail fungus will let you know. wow a miracle. Nancy

Posted by Adam (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Over a year ago I got some skin disorder from wearing dirty gloves. I ended up with about 10 patches on my hand where the skin would constantly peel off. I tried all sorts of moisterisers, then I had positive results from fungle creams and lotions but still kept coming back.So the Doctor was next, His medication never worked either. Then a bloke I know who proclaims to be an Alchemist said "Half water, half apple cider vinegar in a squirter bottle. Spray on the hands a couple of times a day. Plus drink a cap full". And wulla, its gone. Apparently it evens out the PH levels in the skin. I advise to use natural oils (eg. Coconut) to moisterise the skin also. Now to see if it can cure my reflux.

Replied by Samarra
Pacific Nw, Washington
5 out of 5 stars

Regarding reflux. My hubby had pains once that we thought might be a heart attack so we went to our local doctor. She asked if he drank a lot of coffee, he said he did (at that time). The doc told him to stop drinking coffee and come back in a week if the pains persisted. They didn't. He hasn't drank coffee since. If you are a coffee drinker try getting off of it and see what happens. Well wishes for you ;o}

Posted by Crystal (South GA, GA) on 03/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I break out in hives from food allergies. The last rash of hives was very bad and would stop itching so I rub AVC on it and it burned but the itching stopped and the rash wash gone in about a week. I also have herpes so I though I would try it on a sore and again the itch disappeared and the sore healed in two days. Next I am going to try drinking it and hopefully it will help prevent the allergies and outbreaks. I applied the AVC twice a day with a cotton ball.

Posted by Gill (Warrington, UK) on 03/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I'd just like to say a big thanks for the ACV treatment for skin rashes/ perioral dermatitis. I developed a strange red bubbling rash on one side of my chin, every time I woke up I had more and more bumps. The dcotor prescribed a steriod cream which made the rash go away but when I stopped using it it came back worse. They then prescribed an antibotic solution which gave me a huge burn mark. I was so upset that I spent all weekend in my room and couldn't even let my boyfriend look at me. In desperation I tried the ACV remedy. I started slowly and initially had 1teaspoon in water 3 x a day and now have worked up to 1 tablespoon 3 x a day, I also soaked a cotton wool pad in ACV and applied it to my chin twice a day. Within 1/2 a day of applying this to my skin the rash had started to become less red and raised. It's now day 5 and apart from a small pink mark where the worse of the burn was, the rash has gone without a trace. Can't tell you how happy I am! My boyfriend thinks I'm mad though - been trying to get him to take ACV to help with his cold / flu but he won't touch the stuff. I will be passing on your site to all my freinds and family in the UK. Thanks

Posted by Don (Missoula, Montana) on 02/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Here is my 2 cents. I have had an ongoing rash on my cheeks on both sides of my nose for about a year off and on. I considered spices and alcohol as culprits but even stopping both completely did not solve the problem. I read about ACV here and had nothing to lose. 3 days of topical use and my face cleared right up. That was over a month ago. (I have added spice and alcohol back with no problems) And in case you are wondering about the drinking.. it is only maybe a bottle of vino per week. Also the ACV was not the mother" but regular store bought stuff that did leave a nice burn upon application. ONE MORE USE: 2 weeks ago bringing in wood for the fire. Something on the wood left an immediate skin rash on the left inner arm where I was carrying the wood. Red, bumps, itch..... ouch! I mixed up white vinegar with baking soda and applied and the itch left, the swelling went down and the rash was gone in 2 day.. 3 days later it reappeared and I reapplied just white vinegar and it is gone. Not sure what was on the wood.

Posted by Teekup (Metrowest, MA) on 11/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have "suffered" for more than 15 years with red, scaley, itchy scalp. It's so embarrassing. I have tried all kinds of shampoo: with salicylic acid, zinc, ketoconazole, coal tar, selenium sulfide. I finally gave in and bought a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar. Last night, I poured some over my head and rubbed some on my face, since it was really red, itchy and flaky too. The smell was horrendous! Thank goodness my family was asleep! I watched a little tv and after the ACV dried, I then washed my face and scalp. I could not believe the difference. This morning, I look nearly "normal". No flakes, and almost no redness. And no smell either! Who would have thought that a few dollar's worth of apple cider vinegar would work? On a related note, I used a little diluted ACV on my daughter's diaper rash and the next day it was cleared up! I am going to start taking ACV internally next week after I get some litmus strips to test my internal pH. Thank you so much.

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 11/09/2007 512 posts
5 out of 5 stars

ACV used half & half with honey makes a very good cough syrup which will also cure strep. When my 3 youngest children got chickenpox at the same time, the older and younger to the 3 were faring much better than the middle one who kept running a fever. The next morning he had classic scarlet fever rash in groin to explain why. Yep, ACV / honey mixture to the rescue - I gave all 3 a tsp. every two hours or so. Next morning the ones rash in groin was decreased, and the other 2 never got it. I kept them on it for a couple more days.

After hospitals dis- covered they were spreading pseudomonas aurugenosis (?) via the oxygen equipment, they removed this "hospital scourge infection" by soaking the equipment in 1 part vinegar - 7 parts water, so who knows what else it will cure.

Posted by Barbara (van, texas) on 11/02/2007
1 out of 5 stars

[Bathing in ACV] For the first time in my life I am experiencing something like the flu. The doctor does not know what it is--bacterial or viral. It has the same symptoms as my grand daughters illness two weeks ago. She like me, began with fever of 104 and body aches for a couple of days. No other symptoms. After receiving Antibiotics, she had to be rushed to the emergency with a serious allergic reaction. She had a very nasty rash and cough. It took her two weeks to recouperate. I took care of her after I spend a few weeks traveling and not taking care of my self. Two days after I returned home, I came down with the fever, chills, and diareahea. After reading about ACV decided to take a bath in it to help reduce fever and detox. Within an hour of the bath, I broke out in a rash with blisters and have had them for three days now along with the cough that keeps me up all night. I am now on antibiotics and Vitamine C and tring to rest. The burning itching of my skin is almost unbearable. I use prayer to get me through the waking hours. I am now resorting to benedryl to keep from scratchin. Does any one have any suggestions?

Replied by Angie Helmbrecht
Greenville, North Carolina

I applied ACV to a few warts I had on my leg. I soaked a cotton ball in it then used a bandaid to hold it in place, I did this for 2 nights in a row. After the second night I developed a very itchy rash in the areas I treated with ACV. The rash is a perfect circular shape that the cotton ball was. Did you ever find out why you got this rash? How did you get the rash to go away?

Replied by Louisa
Wichita Falls, Texas

For the itching. Use a blow dryer. It really helps.

Posted by Sally (New York, NY) on 04/27/2007
1 out of 5 stars

Be careful about using Apple Cider Vinegar. I have had a rash around my mouth which was caused by an allergic reaction, for a month, and after reading this site I tried the ACV. Very quickly my skin started burning and turned bright red. I rinsed it off and the reddness is going away, but it was quite alarming. So do a test on a small bit of skin before applying this to any rash.

Replied by J.R.
Hamilton, Canada

But did this not subside? Note that, for other posters, both of these effects were only temporary, and apparently good results happened within only a few days.

Posted by Enelle (Santa Barbara, CA) on 01/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar cured a Body Rash, presumably from yeast, fungus, candida. I had a red bumpy rash on my chest, stomach and upper back. I have been battling with Candida for about 10 years, and after all my extravagant holiday eating, the rash showed up about a week ago. I tried tea tree oil, and antifungal cream on it, but it persisted and itched. Then I looked online and found some articles on Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). We had some in the house, so I put some directly on the rash. It stung a bit, but the minor pain went away in 2 or 3 minutes. I kept it on my skin for about 15 minutes, then rinsed off in the shower. When I got out, I dabbed some hydrogen peroxide on the rash, and went to bed. In the morning, the rash was gone! I have also had terrible gas lately, so am taking 2 tbsp. ACV + 2 tbsp local raw honey in a glass of water. My stomach was bloated, but is going down quickly. It's as though I can feel the ACV coursing through my body going to the places it's needed. I can tell the difference already. What a relief!

Replied by Beezee
San Jose, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

After struggling with a rash on my rump for a month (in the crack) I was EXHAUSTING ALL MY OPTIONS. I had tried anti-fungal, yeast infection lotion, baby powder, diaper rash cream, neosporin, and lotion... nothing could get rid of the itch, the burning and the embarrassment! Thank goodness I found this site! After two treatments my itching is GONE and my rash is calming down. I am SO HAPPY! My first treatment was watered down 50% water, 50% ACV. Second treatment was pure ACV. In two treatments (6 hours) I've noticed a drastic improvement!

Replied by Rach
Plano, Tx

I have a pretty annoying and severe itchy rash in between my legs on the right side of my upper thigh. I have never had a rash before, no clue why or how I got it. I just came across this site, and happen to have Apple Cider Vinegar at home. I soaked a rag and put it on. It burns, But I'd rather feel that then going literally crazy itching it!!! I hope it works. It doesn't itch at all right now.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil  

Posted by Elias (Ga) on 03/20/2015

I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar and organic coconut oil on 2 of my fingers to stop this rash, it's driving me crazy. This does not seen to be helping, the skin is red with small bumps on it. Does anyone have any suggestions, been going on for months. tks

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

try some calamine lotion

Replied by Phyllis
Tuscumbia, Alabama

Try using tea tree oil applied to the rash and take the ACV orally, 1 tablespoon three times a day.

Replied by Martha
El Centro, Ca

For the problem w rash on fingers. U may be allergic to NICKEL in jewelry. I took out an earring on a new piercing n VOILA!! Rash disappeared in matter of days! Other allergies like milk, latex, wheat might also be to blame. Hope this helps!!

Replied by Betty

So I had the same thing happening to me for months and would increase whenever I returned to work at a deli shop restaurant. I thought I was breaking out from the sanitation or some chemical I worked with. Come to find out it was water blister eczema also known as Dyshidrotic eczema and I started seeing a dermatologist and she was awesome. The liptoids in the skin were severely dried out and I had to continue a well thought out regemin my doctor prescribed me with medicated cream and moisturizer 2weeks on and 1 week just Vaseline and so forth. I tell you my hands never felt and looked better. Please consult a dermatologist if you can it is well worth it. Better then the itch and the embarrassment of patchy flakey red bubbly hands and some times oozing.