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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ladyp (Nj) on 08/10/2013

Had an awful rash on the back of my neck. It started out as heat rash but because I kept rubbing it against my clothes and my hair which has hair product, it got itchier and itchier. Finally I came to Earth Clinic where everyone said ACV is the cure.

NOPE! It only made my skin worse and the rash spread from the back of my neck to the front. Now I looked terrible and the rash was painful. So I figure if ACV is the cause then the opposite must be the cure.

I took some coconut oil and baking soda and made a paste. Put that all over the rash and let it set for about five minutes. It stung and burned but I was already suffering from the ACV treatments which were worse.

Well I took a shower, washed away all residue of the paste and gently dried my skin. Once it dried it was very DRY. The rash was already healing from drying out. That night it crusted over with scabs and today my skin is still dry and by tomorrow I should be able to peel the scabs away. Hope so because the scabs are stiff and look horrible.

Thank goodness I didn't keep up with the vinegar thinking it will work eventually. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. I just want people to know that if you have a bad reaction to something STOP and rethink the situation. Don't just keep going because other people said it works for them.

Anyway, the type of skin irritation I had didn't take to ACV, but ACV still works for other ailments for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Barbara (van, texas) on 11/02/2007

[Bathing in ACV] For the first time in my life I am experiencing something like the flu. The doctor does not know what it is--bacterial or viral. It has the same symptoms as my grand daughters illness two weeks ago. She like me, began with fever of 104 and body aches for a couple of days. No other symptoms. After receiving Antibiotics, she had to be rushed to the emergency with a serious allergic reaction. She had a very nasty rash and cough. It took her two weeks to recouperate. I took care of her after I spend a few weeks traveling and not taking care of my self. Two days after I returned home, I came down with the fever, chills, and diareahea. After reading about ACV decided to take a bath in it to help reduce fever and detox. Within an hour of the bath, I broke out in a rash with blisters and have had them for three days now along with the cough that keeps me up all night. I am now on antibiotics and Vitamine C and tring to rest. The burning itching of my skin is almost unbearable. I use prayer to get me through the waking hours. I am now resorting to benedryl to keep from scratchin. Does any one have any suggestions?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sally (New York, NY) on 04/27/2007

Be careful about using Apple Cider Vinegar. I have had a rash around my mouth which was caused by an allergic reaction, for a month, and after reading this site I tried the ACV. Very quickly my skin started burning and turned bright red. I rinsed it off and the reddness is going away, but it was quite alarming. So do a test on a small bit of skin before applying this to any rash.