Managing Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Naturally: Best Remedies to Try

| Modified on Jun 06, 2024
Gallium Nitrate
Posted by Verbena (Chicago, IL) on 02/11/2023

Potential therapy for Fibrosis

Has anyone heard/tried Gallium Nitrate for pulmonary fibrosis?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 02/11/2023 477 posts

Can you cite any actual scientific evidence of this claim? I have never had an issue with store-bought 3% hydrogen peroxide nor seen any evidence, whatsoever, to support what are, essentially, rumors about its purity but this claim just keeps going and going.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Robert (LA) on 02/10/2023

I went by a medical study completed in Mexico to determine the amount. I started out at 1.5% (Food Grade mixed with distilled water) based upon the study. I had no side effects whatsoever.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by peter (NY) on 02/09/2023 2 posts

Do not use pharmacy or store bought hydrogen peroxide. go to health food store or online for food grade product. The later has a form of shelf life enhancing preservative.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Fouzi Sultan (Kuwait) on 02/07/2023

Thanks for sharing great story. I have one question about the concentration of hydrogen peroxide that you used. 1.5 - 3 % seems very high. Mercola recommends about 0.1 %, while Dr. Brownstien recommends about 0.04% diluted in saline. What is the reference for using such a high concentration.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ndiposono (Malawi) on 02/07/2023

This is just amazing. Thank you for sharing. Will have my mum try this-she has a fibrostic lung

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Wanda (TX) on 02/07/2023 32 posts

Bravo for you taking your health in your on hands!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 02/06/2023 477 posts

Hi Robert! I got a couple of those pocket ultrasonic facial misters for 3%. They worked perfectly for me for cleaning up the junk covid left behind. I still do a couple inhales every once in a while just because I smoke. Seems far more effective than a "mist" sprayer.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by jake (chicago) on 02/06/2023

Robert- thanks for sharing your amazing history with hydrogen peroxide. I have just started about 10 days ago spraying 3% drug store hydrogen peroxide several times a day. Every 2 weeks I have an EPO shot for my anemia - my last check showed my level of hemoglobin up over 10, from 9.6,2 weeks earlier. I have also started to run again - several years since the last time. Hopefully my kidneys - stage 3 to 4 chronic kidney disease - are beginning to respond. I've also started with rx digestive enzymes which also may be contributing to the perceived benefits. Other issues I have include diabetes which I control so far with herbs and vitamins.

I BTW am a 31 year cancer survivor of a 9 hour Whipple operation and a following round of chemo at 78 years of age. Hopefully more benefits of HP oxygenation will be forthcoming.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Robert (LA) on 02/05/2023

Resolving Pulmonary Fibrosis Lung Scarring

In August of 2021 I went to the emergency room requesting assistance because I had a lack of energy, great difficulty with breathing and just felt bad. I was told to take a seat and I would be seen as quickly as possible.

The next thing I realize I am waking up in a hospital bed and two months had gone by. I had the Delta version of COVID along with pneumonia (which I have had several times in my life). While I recovered quickly from COVID, the lung damage done by pneumonia had caused excessive lung damage and I wasn't able to breathe on my own.

During the initial stay, I was given a tracheotomy to assist in breathing, placed into a medically induced coma to assist in breathing (supposedly I was told because of my age {62} I might not come out of it) and had a gastric tube inserted to provide needed nutrients along with being placed on a ventilator.

My family had been forewarned if I did make it thru and woke up, I could end up being a vegetable because they had no way of knowing if my brain had become oxygen starved while being in the emergency room and not in an actual intensive care unit. At one point in time, the charge called my family and told them if they didn't do something desperate, I would be dead in a few hours. My former wife called in a priest who administered last rights and my family started the funeral process on my behalf. Being the royal pain I have always been, I survived and eventually recovered enough to be brought out of the coma.

Spent 2.5 months in the hospital and another month in Rehab having to learn how to walk again. Went home the second week of November.

Had a Pulmonary visit in January of 2022 where I was informed I had Pulmonary Fibrosis and given time, it would take my life. I was also informed I had excessive lung scarring due to the aggressive pneumonia and there was no cure for the scarring and it would get worse as time went by.

I had a laundry list of medications including twice a day steroid inhalers, twice a day Nebulizer treatments, numerous meds and I don't remember any longer what else there was.

I was forced to go on Social Security because I had difficulty just getting up the staircase to my apartment. This sucked!

Stayed with the meds routine and ended up back in the hospital at the end of May 2022 for a week. I was pumped full of steroids and sent on my way. My next Pulmonary appointment wasn't until the first full week of September.

Felt great! .....for about 6 weeks then the congestion started returning and I felt none of the assorted drugs were truly doing any good by the way I felt so I decided it was time to go to plan B.

First hit up this website then started researching medical studies (outside the US) and saw a pattern developing surrounding Hydrogen Peroxide diluted with distilled water and given Nebulizer treatments several times a day.

So I bought a bottle of 12% FOOD GRADE (not that stuff for external use) Hydrogen Peroxide and a gallon of distilled water. Did some basic math and determined I needed to dilute it to 1.5% (to start) and around 4-5 cc's at a time in the Nebulizer. Started doing this twice a day and coughed constantly while using the Nebulizer. The gunk in my lungs were not happy to see this stuff and let me know!

After 3 days of this I could breathe again and I could feel the congestion breaking up! By the middle of August, I felt sooo much better that I could go out for walks again (really short ones).

Kept up with this twice a day until the end of August. Starting in September, I cut back to once a day and increased the dilution ratio to 2%. I was now also increasing my walking distance an it was up to a mile now. Went to my Pulmonologist appointment, explaining what I was doing and got a look like I had just fell off a turnip truck! The Dr.had no idea what I was talking about and couldn't condone it . He suggested I stop this and return to the drugs that weren't doing me any good. Don't hold your breath!

By the end of September I was walking 2 miles a day and had cut back the Nebulizer treatments to once a week having increased the diluted ratio to 3%

In October, cut back to once every two weeks, holding at 3% and increasing my walking to 3 miles a day. By November I was walking 3 miles both morning and evening. Had to stop this because my knees were giving me grief and cut back to walking only once a day.

In December I went in for a Cat Scan of my chest prior to my upcoming office visit with the Pulmonologist in January. By the end of December, I was at 3.5 miles a day in walking forgot more often than not about the Nebulizer treatments.

January 2023 rolls around and I head to my appointment. Met with the Dr.and he had a strange look upon his face. This had me concerned. I asked him if he looked over the Cat Scan results and he said he had (while gently shaking his head). The Dr.told me there was no lung scarring in the lower portions of my lungs and only a small amount up top!

After the Dr.and one of his residents had left the examination room and closed the door I could hear him telling somebody, " I have no idea how he became so dramatically better in only a year". I told him how but, its not part of Western Medicine.

Serrapeptase, Breathing Exercises
Posted by Dr Howard (LA) on 02/06/2023

John Ellis Water. See their site. All waters hydrogen bond angle is only 104/5. It must be 114! All water contains deuterium a chemical that has anti immune factors. Deuterium free water very expensive and has a low hydrogen bond angle of 104. I get mine from eBay sellers. One oz. of straight Ellis Water makes one gallon.You May drink the water straight. Use pure spring water. You can purchase a machine 2,800$! Should use a filter before it goes into machine! That's how bad tap water is! Can clog the machine. This is for all conditions all posters. Lord bless.. Our bodies are 87% water!

Laser Therapy
Posted by Andrew Hall DC (Sonora, CA) on 01/20/2023

I first posted on this site about laser therapy for IPF on 8/10/16. I am way past due for an update. It has been 8 years since my IPF diagnosis. I started with a Class 4 laser right after diagnosis and I continue to use laser faithfully every week. My O2 levels remain at 96-97. One of the VERY important things we have learned from some Japanese and Chinese researchers is that Interleukin 11 is responsible for producing the fibrosis not only in the lungs but the liver as well. The Interleukins are primarily pro-inflammatory cytokines and whenever you have inflammation in your body one or more Interleukins are involved. It was always assumed that Interleukin 11 was pro-inflammatory but we were wrong. Laser is famous for reducing pro-inflammatory Interleukins and the good news is that it reduces/eliminates Interleukin 11 as well. That is why after all these years I still have no additional fibrous tissue on CT scans. To date, I have referred right at around 500 IPF patients to Class 4 laser therapy providers all over the world. I know of only 2 of them that have had more fibrous tissue and it was minimal. Most of the more early stage IPF patients will find some improved O2 levels and more stamina with laser therapy. As I have said before, no one claims laser therapy is a cure, but it is a VERY good way to manage the disease without any side effects that you get with either Esbriet or Ofev. I still don't take any of the IPF drugs and never have. If you or a loved one has IPF you should seriously consider laser therapy for this terrible disease. I am now semi-retired and one of my missions in life now is to help others find a Class 4 laser therapy provider near them. I highly recommend either a Summus laser or K-laser for treatment. With the help of top laser experts we have a protocol that works amazingly well.

Posted by Art (California ) on 01/13/2023 2178 posts

Pier L.

In the two studies I linked to for melatonin in people, one study used 10 mg/night and the other study used 25 mg at noon and 25 mg before bed for a total of 50 mg/day.

I know several people who use more than that dose, including myself. I use 132 mg of melatonin each night. I don't recommend that dose to anybody, that's just what I currently use after using 120 mg/night for one year and around 90 mg/night for one year. I intend to complete a year at 132 mg/night and likely increase further in my effort to try and get all of the multitudes of health effects from melatonin that I possibly can. I have written about many of these benefits on EC.

In the following study, they used 300 mg/day in the form of a suppository in ALS patients for up to 2 years. This is very significant because suppository melatonin is thought to have significantly higher bioavailability than oral melatonin, which has poor bioavailability estimated at 3 to 15% of total dose consumed, so the actual dose compared to oral dosing could potentially be significantly higher :

You may also be interested in my newest article about PF/IPF :


Posted by Pier L. (IL) on 01/12/2023

That seems like a high dose of melatonin. Do you know anyone who has taken this? Thanks.

Quercetin, Ivermectin, Nutritional Yeast
Posted by Tom (Tucson, AZ) on 01/10/2023 64 posts

Quercetin dihydrate powder to protect and tone the lungs and sinuses. I have taken up to a level measuring teaspoon which is about 2 grams per day. Now I just take a quarter level teaspoon per day, which is about 250 mg.

Quercetin gives good energy. Taking quercetin restored my lungs and sinuses from just average, to good condition in 2016.

Then in 2021, only 1.87% ivermectin horse paste, apple flavored, restored my lungs from the Covid situation. I had to intentionally cough up lung mucous for about 12 days in addition to taking the ivermectin, to finally get my lungs clear.

I tried stopping taking quercetin twice in 2016, but I had so much less energy and less healthy sinuses, that I had to make quercetin a permanent supplement of mine.

For thinning and liquefying lung and sinus mucous, I take 1/2 slightly rounded measuring teaspoon per day of the 14 herb seasoning, Dash Table Blend from Walmart in the spice aisle in the 6.75 oz bottle.

Subtly increasing lung volume and blood oxygen can happen by eating high-RNA supplements like nutritional yeast (1/8 level cup before lunch) or supplements like marine phytoplankton (1/2 slightly rounded measuring teaspoon or more per day). I prefer taking the yeast before lunch because I assume it takes extra oxygen for the body to process lunch.

To me, the lungs can be as difficult to maintain as the digestive tract is to have functioning properly.

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Sam (MIami) on 01/09/2023

I don't have stomach problems taking it.

Posted by Pier (Illinois) on 01/08/2023

Do you feel that bromelain is as effective as serrapeptase? I read that it breaks down scar tissue too, but everyone only talks about serrapeptase. Odd, since there is a chance of stomach distress with the latter.

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Verbena (Illinois) on 01/08/2023

So many people here are talking about serrapeptase. Is anyone having stomach problems from it? That is my hesitation. Thank you!

Posted by Pier L. (Illinois) on 01/07/2023

Can you say what herbs you took? Or can anyone guess? This post was written in 2016. Thanks.

Posted by Pier (Illinois) on 01/07/2023

Hello, did the hydrogen peroxide IV work? Did you see any benefits? Thank you!

Laser Therapy
Posted by Verbena (IL) on 01/07/2023

Dr. Hall, thank you for your information. My dad is currently getting laser therapy with a class 4 laser ("robot" type). The doctor said that the protocol he found states it's sufficient only to do the back. He does it for a half hour. Maybe 15 mins x side. Is this okay? He, too, is a chiropractor and seems very proactive. Thank you.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Pier (Illinois) on 01/07/2023

Do you experience stomach issues? I'm hesitant because too many ppl have stomach upset from serrapeptase. Also, do you take nattokinase, another enzyme? I read that it too, helps break down fibrosis but no one talks about it. I believe that one does not have the bad side effects.

Thank you.

Laser Therapy
Posted by Richard (Texas) on 12/13/2022

I have used and taught about Class IV lasers for 30 years. The Aura PTL II from Biolight Technologies has a wonderful home laser with preprogrammed treatments. They will custom build the laser with the programs you need.

OFEV Side Effects
Posted by JD (Australia) on 12/12/2022

Ofev is a terrible drug with horrific side effects.

My dad has had it for over 3-5 years now. Lost so much weight, no appetite etc. Had a heart attack a few weeks ago from it. Another side effect. Has not taken it for several weeks now and has got his appetite back and colour in his skin. Figuring out another natural remedy as im sure theres plenty out there. WOULDN'T IHALLING PURE OXYGEN DO THE TRICK, CONSIDERING the lungs can start to heal from ovygen getting into the blood stream???? These drugs they have designed for this illness aren't a cure only trying to stop the immune system from creating scarring on the lungs. Doesn't seem to be working in year 4-5 of the condition. I recommend stem cell therapy but I'm not sure a doctor studying medicine wont like that word. (stem cell therapy)

Posted by Art (California) on 08/23/2022 2178 posts


I forgot to include the last study which gives you a very good idea of why the well established mitochondrial protective effects of melatonin are important : pulmonary fibrosis fibroblasts have, and increased rate of senescence.

Here is a relevant quote from the study :

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis fibroblasts have increased mtDNA damage, mitochondrial dysfunction, impaired mitochondrial biogenesis, and increased rate of senescence. '

The following article goes into significant detail to describe the mitochondrial protective effects of melatonin :

A relevant quote :

' Thus, melatonin is not only taken up by mitochondria but these organelles, in addition to many other functions, also probably produce melatonin as well. Melatonin's high concentrations and multiple actions as an antioxidant provide potent antioxidant protection to these organelles which are exposed to abundant free radicals.



Posted by Art (California) on 08/23/2022 2178 posts


In the following review they describe the use of NAC for IPF at 600 mg three times per day in divided doses for a total of 1800 mg/day. was orally administered in, and pirfenidone (two studies).

Here is a relevant quote from the review :

' The most commonly used oral dose [76.19% (16/21)] was 600 mg three times a day (1, 800 mg per day). Combined therapy frequently included corticosteroids (13 studies) and pirfenidone (two studies). '

Regarding the use of melatonin for IPF, no dosing schedule has yet been established. I can't give a dosage recommendation since I am not a doctor, but I can mention studies where melatonin was used for Parkinson's disease at 10 mg/day and 50 mg/day to good effect in the study participants. Here is a link to the 10 mg study :

Here is an important quote from the study :

' Compared with the placebo, melatonin supplementation resulted in a significant reduction in serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) (β -0.94 mg/L; 95% CI, -1.55, -0.32; P = 0.003) and a significant elevation in plasma total antioxidant capacity (TAC) (β 108.09 mmol/L; 95% CI, 78.21, 137.97; P < 0.001) and total glutathione (GSH) levels (β 77.08 μmol/L; 95% CI, 44.29, 109.86; P < 0.001). Additionally, consuming melatonin significantly decreased serum insulin levels (β -1.79 μIU/mL; 95% CI, -3.12, -0.46; P = 0.009), homeostasis model of assessment-insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) (β -0.47; 95% CI, -0.80, -0.13; P = 0.007), total- (β -13.16 mg/dL; 95% CI, -25.14, -1.17; P = 0.03) and LDL- (β -10.44 mg/dL; 95% CI, -20.55, -0.34; P = 0.04) compared with the placebo. '

Here is a link to the 50 mg/day study :

In the above study they found that melatonin at the dosage used, returned oxidative stress levels similarly to healthy control levels.

Here is a quote from the study :

' Taken together, our data showed that melatonin supplementation recovers mitochondrial function and diminishes oxidative stress. '

To get a better idea of exactly how much melatonin reduced oxidative stress markers in the study participants, take a look at "Figure 1". Here you can see how close melatonin got to control levels :

The importance of lowering oxidative stress markers in IPF is outlined in detail in this article : Oxidative Stress in Idiopathic, et al., 2018b).

Here is an important quote from the article :

' Oxidative stress arises as a result of an imbalance between reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) production and antioxidant defence that leads to cellular dysfunction and tissue damage (Hosseinzadeh et al., 2018b). '



Posted by T (Mississippi) on 08/23/2022


What are the recommended dosages of melatonin and NAC for treating IPF?



OFEV Side Effects
Posted by Tan (MS) on 07/27/2022

GREAT! Thank you.

OFEV Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 07/26/2022 2178 posts


Amazon made a decision to stop carrying NAC awhile back, but it is readily available from multiple supplement suppliers so don't waste your time looking for NAC on Amazon. Here is a link to one supplier out of many that carries many different brands of NAC :

I do not have a brand to recommend.


OFEV Side Effects
Posted by Tan (MS) on 07/26/2022


Is there a particular brand of NAC that is best? Amazon has a few different versions but it seems hard to find just regular NAC.

Thanks in advance!


Chinese Herbs
Posted by Jay (Sydney) on 07/25/2022

Hi Bala - The two medications referenced by the OP can be found here - - -

Give my best to your dad - you guys will be fine. :) Best, Jay

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Aurora (London) on 07/10/2022


How did you get on with this combination? Is it essential to have vitamin C with the Serrapeptase and NAC? Is Nattokinase as good as Serrapeptase? Many thanks

OFEV Side Effects
Posted by Larry (Arizona) on 04/06/2022

I also have IPF, for 4 years now. They put me on OFEV. I took it for a couple of years but I just got tired of all the side effects. As to the cost, $9000.00 a month but I paid nothing. Have your Doctor contact the company that makes it and they will give you a grant for the cost.. Good Luck.

OFEV Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 04/05/2022 2178 posts


Unfortunately, melatonin is only at the animal stage of testing, so a human dose has not yet been established for Pulmonary Fibrosis. Dr. Neel is effectively using melatonin at 1 mg per kilogram of body weight in over 2000 of his Covid-19 patients. Dr. Shallenberger gives all of his patients 180 mg/day and for his stage 4 cancer patients he gives over 300 mg/day. I take 120 mg+ per night myself. If you would like to contact him to see if he has treated PF patients with melatonin, his number is (775) 884 - 3990.

Not everyone can tolerate melatonin every day so for those who plan to test it, working your way up slowly to the desired dose is a good idea. If a person does not tolerate oral melatonin, they can naturally increase their melatonin levels significantly by exposing themselves to the earlier morning sun. When melatonin is increased naturally in the body, it does not have side effects other than improved health.

On the other hand, NAC has moved past animal studies to human studies in people with Pulmonary Fibrosis to good effect and the dose that has been used is 600 mg given three times per day for a total of 1800 mg/day.

Another consideration is bringing your vitamin D level well up into the reference range of 30 ~ 100 ng/ml.

This study suggests that vitamin d may have positive effects on Pulmonary Fibrosis and has the relevance to potentially have predictive value. Many people are insufficient or deficient in their vitamin D levels.

Lastly, Red Light Therapy has shown some benefit in lung protective effects as discussed in the following article, but importantly, while you are getting morning sun exposure to naturally increase your melatonin levels, you can also get the full spectrum of red light that the sun radiates upon the earth including the infrared range of red light which is not visible to the human eye.

Importantly, red light from the sun is stronger than many units sold online and it is free for the taking from earlier morning sunlight and later afternoon sunlight which will also help to limit UV light exposure that is stronger at mid-day.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Simone (New Hampshire) on 04/05/2022

Hi Art - do you know the recommend dose of melatonin for pulmonary fibrosis?


Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by larry von (california) on 02/20/2022

Like to know your status, Jimmy, hopefully you are still with us.

OFEV Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 02/17/2022 2178 posts

I forgot to mention that it may also be worthwhile to know the side effects of Ofev before you use it :

Now compare those to the side effects of Melatonin and NAC.


OFEV Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 02/17/2022 2178 posts

If you are looking for alternative remedies for Pulmonary Fibrosis, it will be worthwhile to look into Melatonin :

And N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) :

Both have very good safety profiles with melatonin having the better safety profile and both are inexpensive and readily available. Good luck!


OFEV Side Effects
Posted by Pauline (California, USA) on 02/17/2022

My husband was just diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, although I hear he is at beginning stage. Just out of the hospital a few days ago and we are doing our first follow up with our Pulmonary doctor tomorrow. He has talked about Ofav, however, here in the states it's outrageously expensive, $2000-$5000 for 60 tablets. How in the world can you afford it? I see you are out of the country. What is your cost where you are. Hope you will respond.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Margie (Detroit, MI) on 02/07/2022

Hi Teena. Could you tell me the ratio of the oregano oil with carrier oil that you use? I have IPD and would like to start this regimen ASAP. Thank you for your help.

Proning (Laying on Stomach)
Posted by Annie (USA) on 08/30/2021

In reply to Anita from Maryland (2018) in the Oil Pulling Thread, who wrote:

"My husband has Pulmonary Fibrosis and I am looking for remedies to help him. He can no longer sit up for more than a minute. But laying in bed on his back is how he gets the best oxygen. He also suffers from anxiety and depression. He has a lot of back pain from a fall in 3 years ago. On his back his oxygen level is any where from 86 to 91% at level 2-1/2 to 3. When he panics the level goes down and we have to turn the concentrator up to 5. I am looking for any help to keep him safe and alive. Sincerely, Anita"

I was on oxygen recently and the doctors told me about proning. You lay on your stomach and the front of your lungs do not have to work so hard since your body is using the back of your lungs. My oxygen levels would go from 89 to 93 in under a minute (on oxygen ) It might work better since I had pneumonia. However the doctors at the hospital all day to prone for hours in the icu.

Also, check and see if his breathing gets worse after certain medications or food..I get chest pain right after I take some medications for pain and processed food ...I'm serious. I will pray for you all that you find relief.

Posted by Phillip (IL) on 02/22/2021

You can try bromelain 1 or 2 pills of 2400 gdu on an empty stomach then wait an hour to eat. Ted from Bangkok says glycine helps makes it more potent in some way. The reason the serrapeptase made you vomit is because the companies engineer it from bacteria. I tried it years back and got dog sick. Didnt know why, until out of curisosity years later read reviews on amazon for it where people reported the same. However bromelain never has made me sick and I took that for months. Hope this helps someone.

Laser Therapy
Posted by Andrew Hall (Sonora, CA) on 02/06/2019

It has been over a year since I last posted on this site.

I am still doing amazingly well. Blood oxygenation varies between 97-99 and I was diagnosed nearly 4 and 1/2 years ago. I have found doctors for a lot of IPF patients. They report back to me that their oxygenation is better and there are no reports of additional fibrous tissue on subsequent CT scans. Pretty darned remarkable! I have not heard back from anyone that didn't get better in at least some way. Some of them, the results have been dramatic, some of them the results were more subtle but at least there was some improvement in one way or another.

Due to the numbers of IPF patients that have stayed in contact, and all the consistent positive changes we have started a study. If interested in the study go to and check it out. Make no mistake, I nor anyone else claims this to be a cure, because the laser treatment does not appear to remove the fibrous tissue on subsequent CT scans. However, it does appear to arrest the progression of the disease. I would also suggest to IPF patients to join the forum for IPF patients.

Go to It is a forum with caring, loving and supportive people and can be very helpful to you. If you would like to find a laser provider near you go to At the top of the page click on Medical Patient. Then on the far right at the top of the page click on Find a Medical Provider. God Bless everyone dealing with this terrible disease.

Just know there is hope.....

Dr Hall

Posted by Art (California) on 02/09/2021 2178 posts

I didn't mention it in the new COPD post on EC, but while melatonin is useful for COPD, it is also useful for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)! Here is a link to the new COPD article :

Here are links to studies of melatonin and IPF :

Melatonin is not a one trick pony and has shown efficacy in multiple health issues, yet doctors seem to mainly prescribe it as a sleep aid! If melatonin could become a patented prescription drug, it would be a blockbuster drug for what ever drug company held such a patent!


Melatonin and NAC

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lawrennce (Uk) on 12/05/2018

Hi, my consultant gave me 10 months to live in 2015 and I am still working. I found a company in US who supplies Trebinase and Serrapeptase which has given me 3 extra years and it works for me. I hope this helps.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/30/2018 233 posts

Some possible options, Gingko baloba, astragalus, vitamin E, coq10, see further suggestions and consider all interactions with meds.


Hawthorn is readily known for its heart health properties. More heart health boosters, you will see some are suggested for heart and lung support.

Keep researching, be aware of contraindications, you might also like to consult with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Best to you

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elisabeth G. (Georgia ) on 10/27/2018 1 posts

Hello. I am wondering if anyone might know of anything to help my grandfather whom is 77 years old and suffers from Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension as well as from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. For the IPF, we have been doing the Hydrogen Peroxide inhalation method, along with colloidal silver, several different supplements, (such as seaweed, vitamin C, collagen, etc. to name a few) along with his prescription medications that are prescribed to him by his lung doctor, and of course he is also following these treatments with a healthy organic food diet along with exercise. Seems to be working well for him as far as treating the IPF.

My reason for this post is to ask if anyone is aware of anything we could be doing to treat the PAH....As it seems to be the more threatening or problematic of the two diseases. His heart doctor has suggested he use Sildenafil, however it's been about a year now that we've been waiting on the doctors and insurance to get everything approved for him so that he can finally get this medication, and still don't have the authorization yet. PLEASE HELP!! My grandfather is a wonderful man and we need help to fight this. We are about four years post diagnosis and times ticking. I have faith that someone somewhere might know something, anything, that can help with fighting and treating this PAH.

Thank you. God bless.

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Bala (India) on 09/26/2018

Respected sir,

as you told, I agree . I trust natural herbs can cure ipf. my father has affected with ipf for 2 years more. we tried with some indian medicined . but its not work.when he take siddha herbals it increases the troubles. I saw your post. you told some chinese herbals.can you tell me how to buy this chinese medicine. can you tell in detail. if you do this help I cant forget you.. bcoz I love my father ..i like to save him ..he s only 59 years old

Posted by Maureen (Washington) on 06/03/2018

Serrapeptase for IPF:

Tried the serrapeptase at the 240,000 units twice a day....after ten days developed horrid vomiting. Thinking of trying it at 40,000 units twice a day for about ten days..if tolerated, then keep upping the dose. THOUGHTS?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/16/2018 233 posts

Michele, I believe you are on the right track by adding the NAC, this has mucous thinning properties and is anti inflammatory, among many other benefits. Please research the benefits of serratapeptase enzyme, castor oil packs combined with massage, mullein tea, iodine, essiac tea, garlic. Topically each night you might try a salve of olive or coconut oil, you can thicken with Shea or cocoa butter, but not necessary, add anti fungal, anti microbial essential oils like cinnamon, eucalyptus, tea tree, clove, nutmeg, lemon, but in my practised opinion, oregano oil is the essential and magic ingredient. Apply front and back of the chest should feel warmth penetrating chest. This greatly helped family member also put eo's in vaporiser at night with water in closed room. I am since of the opinion the reason the oregano oil helps the lungs is because it kills the mycoplasma thought to cause the condition. Combined with your NAC working on the biofilm and mucous (hiding place) I would expect even better results. For my family member she also (reluctantly) ate raw garlic clove morning and night, maybe you can try extract or pills, and added turmeric, cayenne, clove 1 tsp ea to her tea. And had significant improvement in a week. Please note oregano oil is very powerful and is usually sold 25% diluted, and I have no experience with contraindications of your stated meds, please research. Best to you.

Posted by Michele (Florida) on 05/15/2018


I read your article after researching desperately on any other treatments for IPF other than the traditional Ofev or Esbriet which have terrible side affects (Esbriet having the worst). When seeing many doctors my husband has been told on and on that the only treatment is Ofev and Oxygen or Lung transplant. Maybe I'm crazy but there has to be something else out there than traditional methods. Everyone seems to be talking about Serrapeptase. Could you advise me on how much is required. I also give him two tab of Apple cider vinegar in water every day which seems to help with the cough. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Michele (Florida) on 05/15/2018

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: My husband was on Esbriet and had horrible side effects. Couldn't even be in light let alone sun light. Turned his skin reddish purple with horrible itching. Now on Ofev with side effect of diarrhea. I am also giving him 2 tbs of organic cider vinegar in water once a day. Seems to help with the cough and very safe.

Also started him on NAC twice a day. Just started NAC so no improvement yet.

Posted by Art (California ) on 05/07/2018 2178 posts

There have been quite a few posts on EC about people looking for help for IPF, but I have not seen any posts discussing melatonin and IPF.

Here are some fairly recent studies suggesting that melatonin may offer some help in this area. Melatonin has a very good safety profile and is naturally produced by the human body suggesting a lower potential for adverse reactions. Melatonin is also readily available here in the states and is fairly inexpensive.

Given the severe nature of IPF, it may be beneficial to look at as many options as possible and determine their relevance for your particular situation!


Laser Therapy
Posted by Barb (Maple Ridge, Bc) on 04/24/2018

Dr Andrew Hall, I'm interested in the laser therapy, is it possible to get more info from you regarding this, ie would one go to a chiropractor for this type of therapy? and are you still doing well?

Thanks, Darb

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Diane (Pa) on 03/12/2018 3 posts


I only went to the pulmonary doctor once, so I've never been on any conventional meds, and I've managed to avoid any more MRI's and CT scans, since the initial ones. I do take a B/P med, and I am prescribed two inhalers, which I keep in case I feel short of breath at all, but I rarely need them.

My last visit to the doctor she said my lungs sounded clear, and that oxygen thing they put on your finger said 98%. Don't know how accurate that is though.

I went through something about a month ago, a lot of coughing, had to get some mucolyxir to get that thick and sticky mucus out, but I'm back to "normal" now.

I read here on Earth Clinic several years ago, that asthma can be triggered somehow by acid reflux, and I do suspect that has a lot to do with some of my issues, so I try to eat several hours prior to bed.

But my go-to supplements for the fibrosis are serrapeptase, and I have added nattokinase, but in the past that has caused nose-bleeds for me, so I am careful with that, and Rejuvenzyme, which seems to have just about all of the ingredients in one of the items in the package that was out of my budget. Ideally, I'd take the serrapetase and revenzyme three times a day, but that has never happened, just because I don't think about it. And then I do take the NAC with vitamin C also. But I prefer mucolyxir to NAC for mucus.

I'd like to know what caused the fibrosis, but I'm just not curious enough to go for a biopsy and have three holes in my lung from chest tubes. Curiosity killed the cat, so they say :) Perhaps if I get to the point where I can't breath I'll change my tune.

OFEV Side Effects
Posted by Shelly10983 (Fl) on 03/04/2018

Hello, my husband was diagnosed with IPF about 7 years ago. The first doctor put him on Prednisone for about a year, which did nothing except suppress the cough and his symptoms. Plus, it gave him serious mood swings and gained about 30 pounds. There are only two drugs for IPF Esbriet (which gave him horrible side affects of extreme itching and discolored skin when he went in the sun). I should say even in low light his skin turned a purplish red and unbearable itching.

He has now been on OFEV (another approved drug for IPF. Although it doesn't stop or improve the progression, it does seem to help. However, you have to do more than take these drugs for IPF. Whether it is a homeopathic treatment or oxygen, these two drugs don't seem to be enough. I am researching into herbal medicine in addition to OFEV in the hopes of improving lung function. One thing for sure is to keep away from others with colds or flu. When you have IPF and are exposed to colds or flu, it seems to intensify ones IPF symptoms and can linger for weeks.

Posted by Larry (Devon, Uk) on 02/13/2018

Hi here is my update it is Feb13th 2018. I was given 10 months to live January, 2015. I think I got my dates mixed up when I made the post.

Well, it has been three years since my diagnosis (my lung doctor is not interested in the slightest) about alternative care. I still get my serasolve and trebonase from Pivotal Health in the USA and I have to be honest without them I would not be here. I saw the lung doctor last month and was told there had been a change in my gas exchange from the lung function test. Oh well.

I am two + years in credit for my life thanks to these supplements I still work have a mobile oxygenater for the days when I don't breath so well. I have a ritual every morning to expectorate the phlegm and if I don't do it I cannot breath well all day. I think the viscose phlegm coats the remaining avioli and coughing and spitting it out seems to uncoat the remaining avioli

Drink plenty of water remember water contains oxygen.

I take another supplement which contains 4 types of algae good luck everyone and remember treat the illness one day at a time


Laser Therapy
Posted by Andrew Hall Dc (Sonora, Ca) on 12/24/2017

Many chiropractors have Class 4 lasers. You could do a local search by going to either Litecure's website or Klaser's. Try or and find the doctor locator search that they both have

Laser Therapy
Posted by Andrew Hall Dc (Sonora, Ca) on 12/24/2017

HI Stephanie,

yes the laser is still working for me. Just had another pulmonary function test and it had improved yet again! I'm thrilled with my progress.

Dr Andy Hall

Laser Therapy
Posted by Andrew Hall Dc (Sonora, Ca) on 12/24/2017

Hi Edward. A Class 4 laser cannot be purchased by non doctors. You could get a Class 3 but won't penetrate deep enough into the lungs.

Laser Therapy
Posted by Andrew Hall Dc (Sonora, Ca) on 12/24/2017

Fred, I am using a Symbicort inhaler.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Roy (Waco, Tex) on 12/23/2017

I would like a follow up on the man named Dick, I live within 90 miles of him, and I have the same lung problem

Posted by Jaydee (Canada) on 10/17/2017

Hi Ld from Los Angeles... how is your mom now? Did it continue to help her?

Laser Therapy
Posted by Dave (New Orleans) on 09/22/2017

This is the first time I'm hearing of this Laser therapy, where can I have it done? I hope locally. I sure appreciate the information.

Thanks, Dave

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Natalia (Austin, Texas) on 08/11/2017

That is amazing news Dianne,

When is your next MRI or CT Scan? Would love to hear whether the enzymes have made any structural differences and how your lung function is?
Do you feel the enzymes are working effectively over time and what has your doctor said about you condition since supplementation?

Also what conventional treatments are you currently on?
I'm worried the enzymes would interfere with the immunosuppressants I'm on or heart meds like blood thinners and blood pressure tabs? Would you know where I can find more guidance on this.

Good luck to you and I'm excited to hear your response.

Posted by Angie (Usa) on 07/17/2017

Ben, how much serrapeptase is needed & safe to take daily.?? Thank you

Laser Therapy
Posted by Edward (Coventry, R.i.) on 07/10/2017

Can this Laser be purchased? Can a novice to operate without danger?

Laser Therapy
Posted by Andrew Hall Dc (Sonora, Ca) on 06/21/2017

I would like to update my progress. Since my post on 8/10/16, I have had two more pulmonary function tests that have again improved. No additional fibrous tissue on CT. A gentleman named Garry from Australia has tried laser therapy and his pulmonologist was also shocked to see his pulmonary function tests improve. Please consider this therapy if you suffer from IPF and let me know how you respond. I will be happy to help you find a doctor with an appropriate laser.

Dr Andy Hall

Cause of IPF
Posted by Gertie (Galax, Va) on 06/09/2017

My friend has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He noted that many of the patients at the clinic he goes to, many WWII pilots or crew, were exposed to fine oil particles in the cockpit during missions--everything was covered in oil when they would get back. He feels this is the cause of his disease.

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Diane (Pa) on 06/07/2017


When I was first told I had pulmonary fibrosis, I checked Neprinol, but it was not in my budget. HOWEVER, I came across a review on Amazon about it, and the person said he or she started out with 3 a day in the comments section under their review. I just looked at it again, and you should be able to easily find that review with the title "very interesting product". All the best to you.

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Diane (Pa) on 06/07/2017

Nat, I don't know about a mold "connection" causing my PF. It could have been any number of things... But since I didn't get into all that with the pulmonary doctor after she told me she wanted me to have surgery for another issue that she was concerned with, in addition to the lung biopsy, there's no way for me to know. I used to cough uncontrollably also.

Will the Serrapeptase and NAC take care of it? I don't know, but the alternative is well, not good.

All I know is that there was a package for Pulmonary Fibrosis that I could not afford, so I've done what I can with the money that I have. I've tried to figure out what would be similar, as they used serrapeptase, a formula that I think had serrapeptase and nattokinese, and some other things. The closest enzyme I could find that had the other things, I found in a enzyme formula, and since we are not allowed to name a specific formula, the ingredients in it are pancreatin, protease, amylase, lipase, bromelain, rutin, papin, serrapeptase, trypsin/chymotrypsin complex, trypsin, chymotrypsin, amla fruit.

In a few months, when I can afford it, I may add that formula to my aresenal.

And then, I've used the NAC, but alternated it with mucolyxir (microdose dna). I think the objective is to get the mucus out.

I used to wheeze so loudly that I had a hard time going to sleep, and although I'm sure I wheezed throughout the day, as soon as my head hit the pillow. So that's improved, because I hardly notice it anymore.

See, I was diagnosed with asthma about a year before the other diagnosis. My doctor wanted me checked for asthma because I was coughing a lot, and it took a month for me to get the pulmonary function test. The woman who did it suggested I tell my doctor my lips were blue that day. So, who knows which came first, the chicken, or the egg (the asthma, or the pulmonary fibrosis?

I also do read healing scriptures, Psalms 103:1-4, Isaiah 53:1-6, Psalm 118:17, and all the healing that Jesus did in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I don't see where He refused to heal anyone that came to Him.

Laser Therapy
Posted by Stephanie (Northampton) on 06/03/2017

Is the laser treatment still working for you? How would someone get access to such a laser and use it?

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Marla (Quebec) on 05/24/2017

Hi. Sounds very encouraging. I just bought neprinol and NAC. Pray it helps my very scarred lungs due to scleroderma. Hope your still doing well. How many did you commence with? Blessings and thank you!

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Maggie (Boring, Oregon) on 05/23/2017

Thank you so much for your post. I've recently been diagnosis with pulmonary fibrosis and was first with pneumonia, probably common in the first stages but after 2 months is when I get a diagnosis. Hypersensitive pneumonitis is another diagnosis brought on by using a biologic called Entyvio for bowel disease. The Entyvio cleared up my colitis but caused not only this but extreme and severe arthritic pain. I've been on prednisone for a good month and am now tapered down to 30mg. and will be on for several more weeks. I have made a lot of improvements but have a ways to go. BTW, the pred cleared my arthritis up on the 2nd day! I'm not taking Chinese herbs, back on calcium because of side effects from the pred as well as other herbs. If my problem doesn't get better in 2 months then my pulmonologist will do a lung scope and biopsy for a more true dx. I'm remaining optimistic, accept that I'm on prednisone and it's risks. I just discovered on another website that pulmonary fibrosis is also an autoimmune disease so that goes with the colitis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and EBV.

Daily Expectorant
Posted by Liz (Canada) on 05/17/2017

Hi Ben, for IPF, early stages, what brand of serapeptase and what dosage would you use? Same for the Gallium Nitrate? and, in your opinion, do these products reverse the illness or just make it easier to live with as I have not heard of anybody getting cured of the pulmonary fibrosis disease. Thanks for your great info on the disease.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Candybeagle (Ohio) on 05/04/2017

Peroxide scares me. I have sclera. and have the beginning of fibrosis in the lungs. Do people just breath this in in a vaporizer? I have serrapeptase but only took it once a day will up my dose and do 2x. The medical field is making so much $ treating this stuff like cancer there will not be a cure.

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Nat (Ca&mo) on 04/01/2017

Father (NONsmoker) w/ lung trouble for many years. No blood but cough uncontrollably, too much to bear. He got Exposed to black mold in the house he was in. Coughing worse, very severe!

Were you ALSO exposed to MOLD infection? His lungs show 2/3rd black&dead.

How homeopathically cleanse the body of mold, will Serrapeptase&NAC, etc. take care of this??? Mucus he coughs-up is clear... Can you shed any more light on this? You seem to have won your battle.whew Was there ever a mold connection for you?

Thank You, and congratulations!!

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Diane (Pa) on 03/22/2017

Honestly, I just go by how I feel, what the labels tell me I can take, but I did it religiously for about the first 6 -12 months. I've read that some people feel better taking 40,000 units rather than the 120,000.

I did neglect to mention that I also take magnesium and vitamin d daily. Sometimes magnesium citrate, and sometimes a brand that says that it's high absorption magnesium, 100% chelated.

I never took lungs formulas or other systemic enzymes, like I read that others do when I was researching about it, and I personally would avoid taking anything with nattokinese, because it doesn't know when to stop lysing.

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Thomas J (East China, Michigan) on 03/21/2017

I have just started my serra and nac useage about two weeks now, how did you determine the dosage you need to take? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Serrapeptase and NAC
Posted by Diane (Pa) on 02/23/2017

Four years ago I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. One 120,000 units (enteric-coated) serrapeptase (can do this three times daily - must be taken on an empty stomach) and one or two - 600 NAC (taken with vitamin C) does wonders for me. Haven't had an MRI or CT-scan since the initial one. My pulmonary doctor wanted me to have a lung biopsy (to try to figure out what caused it), but that didn't appeal to me. All the scars from working in the deli (friers) have disappeared though, as well as ALL the other scars that I had collected throughout my life-time. Serrapeptase eats away the scar tissue (as well as blockages in arteries), and the NAC thins out any mucus. I'm still here, so something must be working.

Nitrium Phos 200
Posted by Janet (In) on 01/14/2017

Stacey, Amazon and 1 800 homeopathey are some sources.

Although I would read through Teds remedies here on Earth Clinic.

He is spot on with his remedies.


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