Post-Covid Long Haulers: Natural Remedies and Treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Jeannie (CA) on 11/05/2021
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Better But With Side Effects

My father is 30 days post covid and he is negative now but his breathing is terrible. He was using a walker and was winded and could not have a conversation on the phone without losing his breath. I came across Bill Munroe's method via this website and we immediately started the hydrogen peroxide via the mist bottle. We have been doing 3 pumps twice in a row due to him not being able to breathe very well until we could get him stronger to do the 6 pumps. We can see a big improvement just 24 hours into it. Today is 48 hours. I purchased a glass bottle mister from Amazon.

We have been doing the 3 pumps 2 times in a row every 2 hours and the last application he said it burned his throat. We have stopped the treatment via the mist bottle and I'm wondering if I should get him a nebulizer. Is the mist bottle spraying too much verses the saline bottle you can wash out?

Anyone else experience the burning in the throat and or can you give advice what to do so we do not have to stop the hydrogen peroxide? It is working. If we want to do the nebulizer, what is the recipe please? TY so much in advance for all your help and God Bless everyone and I'm sure Bill will be getting many Blessings from the Lord for sharing this recipe and helping so many other people.