Post-Covid Long Haulers: Natural Remedies and Treatment

Posted by Art (California) on 12/03/2022 1571 posts
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I was recently sent this Time magazine article Tiny Blood Clots May Be to Blame for Long COVID Symptoms, Some Researchers Say.

I absolutely believe clotting and micro clotting are contributing factors to Covid-19 and Long Covid (LC), but I do not believe they are the only causes. I also believe that continuing elevated inflammation levels and oxidative stress levels are major contributing factors to LC, which is why antioxidant therapies have shown benefit in studies.

Again, this is why I believe that melatonin is at least one viable treatment for LC because it is the most potent antioxidant through multiple activities and pathways already shown and proven in many studies. It also has anti-inflammatory effects while also reducing clotting activity. Lastly, it has anti-apoptotic effects for normal human cells via potent mitochondrial protectant activities.

Keep in mind that the older Covid-19 patients are the ones who seem to fair the worst from this virus, and it is also this group who have the lowest levels of melatonin. This study suggests that melatonin levels are lower in young patients with moderate to mild Covid-19. It isn't much of a stretch to think that melatonin levels are also lower in senior adults with Covid-19. our study, serum melatonin, nonspecific upper respiratory tract infections.

I believe that Fecal Microbiome Transplantation (FMT) will ultimately turn out to be the best and simplest fix for LC. One of the effects of melatonin is that it alters the gut microbiome toward less pathogenic bacteria, while Covid-19 alters the gut microbiome toward more pathogenic bacteria, as outlined here in this new article (November 2022) : disrupts the gut, lead to dangerous secondary infections.

This could very easily explain why people who test negative for Covid-19 after having it, still get new and often different symptoms because it has already been shown how the gut microbiome can affect most, if not all, parts of the body. FMT has been shown to correct this dysbiosis, but in the USA, FMT seems to be purposely limited to only a very small handful of diseases, with the main use being for the treatment of C-Diff. This is no accident. When you read enough about FMT, you quickly realize that it can potentially treat many major diseases. This would mean that the pharmaceutical industry would lose many billions of dollars to the relatively inexpensive treatment of FMT. I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist, but I am hard-pressed to find another reason at this point in time. Why is China willing to test FMT twice for Parkinson's disease already while there are no similar US studies for FMT/PD?

To see the truly cutting-edge studies regarding FMT, you must look outside of the US. One country that seems to be openly testing FMT against more diseases is China. Look at this amazing example of a disease (ALS) that the US considers mainly untreatable and definitely not reversible :

If this were a patentable drug, it would be flying off the shelves as no drug has ever done this in ALS patients! ALS, PD and Alzheimer's all seem to benefit from FMT, but no US studies to even suggest this. China is the one who is showing these benefits and is becoming very advanced in the best methods for utilization of FMT, while at the same time, the US does study after study over and over again for the treatment C-Diff or IBS. The exact same studies done over and over again. It's no accident.

As far as Covid-19 and FMT, Poland has already shown it works in two at risk Covid-19 patients, but the US just says there are no studies to prove that it works for Covid-19 :

Bottom line for me, I'm angry that the US does nothing of any consequence to very significantly further FMT studies for major diseases other than C-Diff and IBS! Instead, they delve very deeply into "micro clots" and other complicated avenues when FMT will likely resolve those issues and many more relatively inexpensively!

Obviously I am a fan, but that just makes it more frustrating for me!