Effective Natural Remedies for Managing PCOS

| Modified on Nov 25, 2023
Posted by Misn (Ceb) on 03/02/2022

For PCOS, try the supplement inositol. It makes a remarkable difference - helps with period, facial hair and weight

Dietary Changes
Posted by Lynde (South Africa ) on 10/09/2021

Hi Monica

I commend you for all you are doing to control your PCOS. It takes a lot of perseverance and the right mindset which isn't always easy.

I would suggest you add Chasteberry (Vitex Agnes Castus), a few drops of tincture in water first thing in the morning. It should reduce the heavy blood flow and help to regulate your periods.

Good luck and hope you keep getting better.

General Feedback
Posted by Malissa (IN) on 08/12/2021

I was told I had PCOS/ insulin resistance. The doctor told me that I needed to go on MetFormin due to the Insulin problem. I told him I did not want to be on any prescription medicine I will do my own research. I went home and started researching natural alternatives for MetFormin. Berberine is an all-natural supplement in place of MetFormin. Works amazing. Also Myo Inositol and D Chiro Inositol, Sea moss gel, and Black seed oil have all worked wonders for me too hope this helps.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Monica (United States) on 06/01/2020

I was diagnosed with PCOS 2/2019.

I've always had irregular periods since puberty at 11. I grew up on junk food (90s kid) and continued to eat that way throughout early adulthood (fast food and junk food). I developed psoriasis when I was 12 and it gradually got worse over the years.

In 2010ish I had an episode where I bled very heavily. Massive blood clots, could not make it to the bathroom without my vision turning white, head pounding, heart palpitations. I eventually recovered but never tried to figure out what happened. The same episodes happened again in 2015 and 2017. In 2017, I was hospitalized twice and the second time I was sent to ICU because my hemoglobin dropped to 2.4. They put me on birth control for the first time (high dose estrogen) and my bleeding stopped.

I continued to eat bad (chips, cookies, fast food, etc.) even though I am vegan. I never ate healthy. In 2019, I went to the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) because me and my husband could not get pregnant. She diagnosed me with PCOS after running tests. Since then, I still ate bad.

Starting this year 2020, I made the change to eliminate all inflammatory foods and get my life back. I was tired of going back and forth of being anemic. I cut out gluten, artificial and all sugars, refined oils.

I have lost 48lbs! PCOS is a low grade consistent inflammation disease and symptoms get worse from insulin spikes. Unfortunately, I am still dealing with irregular periods but that just tells me that I have a long ways to go.

My journey does not end here just because I lost 48lbs. I'm going to keep going until I get my symptoms under control.

My daily routine consists of: Intermittent Fasting Hot Green Tea (I can feel a huge difference when taking this daily on my testosterone levels)

11am-VERY LOW INTENSITY Indoor Cycling

11:30am- VERY LOW INTENSITY Weights >10lbs (push, pull, legs 5x a week)

12pm- Eat My Heaviest Meal (consists of whole foods; choice of beans or pulse, big bag of steamed veggies and choice of vinegar based sauce, choice of spices), extra virgin olive oil, cooked in cast iron pan. 2-3 squares of 90% dark chocolate lemon water throughout the day drink as much water as possible 5pm-Berry Smoothie with Myo-Inositol (blueberries, almond milk, chia seeds, vanilla pea protein, banana or dates) Gingerbread Smoothie with Myo-Inositol(blackstrap molasses, ginger powder, cinnamon powder, almond milk, chia seeds)

My period schedule: Prenatal with applesauce with breakfast and inositol with lemon water 23g Chelated Iron with lunch Blackstrap Molasses shake for dinner. Ibuprofen when I'm really desperate. I don't exercise during this time. My periods are extremely heavy and prolonged.

Massive clots then drop every time I go to the bathroom and flooding of bright red blood for 3 days then I spot the rest of the month.

Focusing on anti-inflammatory foods, healthy carbs, fiber, and loads of iron rich foods really helps me! P.S. I forgot to mention above that I had to have 10 blood transfusions and platelet transfusions. That's how much I bleed! Also I drink red raspberry leaf tea in the mornings in place of green tea if I feel like it, I feel it lightens up my period a bit.

Zinc, Reduced Copper
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 06/12/2020

Zinc for PCOS

This is a very good (long) article about how inadequate zinc and high copper levels contribute to PCOS, among other things.


Please note that cacao/chocolate is very high in copper. Hemp seeds are high in zinc and low in copper. A ratio of 7.5 parts zinc to 1 copper is recommended. 40mg per day is considered the tolerable upper intake level for zinc.

Raw Vegan Diet, Kale Juice
Posted by Alya (UAE) on 09/24/2018

A lot of kale, broccoli, basically veggies from the Brassica family can interfere with thyroid hormone production, so be wary of that, everything in moderation :)

Blackstrap Molasses, Charcoal, Aloe
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 02/01/2018

Rachel, besides anything else, sage tea (the spice) and/or raspberry tea daily might help.

Blackstrap Molasses, Charcoal, Aloe
Posted by Rachel (Port Of Spain, Trinidad, Arima ) on 01/31/2018


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

2 years I not seeing periods and I take molasses, charcoal tablet and aloe an blend it an drink. It work last year but like period came for 5 days an never come back. Please advise other remedies I can try.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Emily (Alabama) on 01/04/2018

I have PCOS as well, and I have issues with bacteria from my husbands sperm PH. It's obviously from that because within hours after sex, my smell has drastically changed and that's even with urinating and bathing right after sex. In learning my problem, a friend suggested douching with equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide. Although I had always been adamantly against douching, I tried it out of desperation. It worked so well! I also noticed that it also helps me to start a delayed period. Just thought I would share my experience! I want to try the chaste tree berry!

Maca Powder
Posted by Steve (Nv) on 02/28/2017

They will both work but gelatinized maca is much easier on the GI tract and is what the Peruvians actually use for these types of issues.

Maca Powder
Posted by Jass (Toronto) on 02/27/2017

Were you using the raw or gelantized maca? I am so confused on which to take?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jordann (Minnesota) on 02/25/2017

I am curious where your research on the topic comes from? I have never heard of it before but when I looked it up it said that typically side effects are like that of excess male hormones with excessive hair growth rather than hair loss as you explained. Just curious to know more about the disease. Thx

Posted by Jen (Queensland, Australia) on 12/03/2016

I would like to know why NAC (N-acetylcysteine - an amino acid) is not mentioned under PCOS as a treatment. My daughter is just awaiting blood results to confirm she has PCOS (difficulty losing weight, hirsutism, acne etc) and I have been researching it.

I ordered NAC for other reasons and was amazed to see how many other benefits it has including treatment of PCOS. I ordered her some as well and she is going to take it to her Dr and tell him she wants to try this rather than prescription drugs (ie Metformin - same results, but no side effects). According to scientific studies there was a trial of NAC and women taking 1.6g a day apparently had decreased BMI, hair loss, acne etc..

If anyone else has tried this I would like to know their experience with it and I will also report down the track on results for my daughter.

Saw Palmetto
Posted by Jane (Australia ) on 11/12/2016

I can confirm the same as Latinavaquerita from La Grande, Or.

Saw palmetto has worked for me also, pcos symptoms gone and period cycle has returned to normal.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Angie (New Milford, Nj) on 10/27/2016

Pam, hopefully you've already found a solution to your vaginal infection, but I'd try treating your husband with the antibiotics at the same time you are treated. That happened with me. Once we were both treated everything was okay. if you do that and it doesn't work, buy a parasite cleanse from the health food store. That has been known to cure chronic BV

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Vibegirl (Buffalo, Ny) on 08/16/2016 14 posts

I'm an Herbalist Xrae, there is no reason not to take them at same time as they are both foods - if you have any doubts, simply wait 30 minutes between taking them :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Xrae (Philippines) on 08/04/2016

Hi I was diagnosed pcos, I heard so much about apple cider vinegar/vitex to help regulate period.

My question is can I take ACV/VITEX at the same time?

Hope you can help. Thanks.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Aly (Florida) on 04/14/2016

You and your husband should take a couple of tbs of ACV twice a day with a full glass of water.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mishty (Kabul) on 03/03/2016


Hi guyz I use Apple Cider Vinegar and I saw the effect in just 4 days, but I have a question should I take it during periods too? By the way, Apple Cider Vinegar should be taken regularly or I can use its just a few days before my periods? My periods also come less so for that I used flaxseed oil +omega3,6,9 if u guyz want u can try it.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Pam (Texas) on 01/22/2016


I was in the same boat but I did the Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with distiller Water. One part Apple Cider Vinegar to 2 parts water. I used a turkey baster from the dollar store. Then I got a tampon and dipped it in coconut oil with oregano oil. I used the organic wild oregano oil about 15 drops per tablespoon of coconut oil. It burned for about a minute but then I felt relief. My odor was gone and all was great. A month later after having sex with my husband a few times the symptoms came again. I did the same regimen and it went away. The doctor blamed it on my husband too, but since he can't do much about it at least now I know I can.

Green Tea Extract
Posted by Pam (Texas) on 01/22/2016


Thanks for the post. It makes a lot of sense because the doctor told me that high insulin equals high testosterone. I'd like to know how much green tea to take. My Chinese doctor does not want me to take green tea but said I could introduce it slowly once my body was more hot than cold (Whatever that means). Also let me know how you're doing with your symptoms.

PCOS Thinning Hair Remedies
Posted by Pam (Texas) on 01/22/2016

Thinning hair in women with PCOS is not due to hypothyroidism. It's due to excess androgens, hence the male-patterned baldness. I've had numerous tests done on my thyroid even after telling doctors that I have pCos. many doctors still don't understand the condition. The only thing that helped regrow my hair was eliminating all sugar and following an insulin resistant diet BUT also avoiding wheat and dairy. This stabilized my insulin levels and simultaneously my androgen levels as well. Insulin drives the release of free testosterone. so much so that its expelled through the scalp. That's why women with too much free testosterone will have greasy hair, falling hair, a deeper voice, excess hair on the chin, upper lip and even Lower abdomen. Once hormones are balanced noticeable changes occur. Trust me I'm a victim and witness of this unfortunate disorder. I was able to control my symptoms enough to have two Healthy babies! Now after my second I haven't been able to loose the weight and the symptoms are all back.

Saw Palmetto
Posted by Nash (South Africa) on 09/18/2015

Hi, just wanted to know if women are allowed to take SAW PALMETTO. Don't know too much but I read it was to help men.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Victoria D. (Lafayette La) on 08/31/2015

You can also use apple cider vinegar on your hair too. I use it and let it sit for bout 5 mins prior to shampooing my hair. You can add some after conditioning. Leave it in your hair and either put leave I'm conditioner or put oil ( I recommend mixing tea tree oil and lavender oil which helps regrow hair.

General Feedback
Posted by Trish (Trinidad And Tobago) on 04/29/2015


Hello, I used metformin 3 times a day 500g for almost 9 months. it made me dizzy sometimes and also I had frequent bowel movements

However, the main side effect was that it caused severe lactic acid built up in my body which resulted in severe cramps and muscle pain so that my body was in intense pain to the extent I had to be hospitalized and treated with quantitites of ibruprophen to dilute the acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lenn (Spain) on 01/23/2015

You should get checked for hypothyroidism - those are classic symptoms.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Tenesha (Ga, Usa) on 12/14/2014

Take whole ( Greek) plain yogurt and insert it into your vagina. Let it naturally run out. The yogurt restores balance in your Virginia! Lol:)

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Jasmine (Ontario, Canada) on 11/25/2014

I have known I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome since I was about 20; my doctor finally agreed about two years ago. I had irregular cycles (usually once every 4 months or longer with horrible cramping and heavy bleeding) since I got my cycle at age 14 until about five months ago (I am almost 26). Once I even had constant light bleeding for 8 months straight.

My cycles have really started to regulate over the last five months (ranging from 35-40 day cycles but gradually becoming shorter) and I believe it is due to a number of reasons. I started seeing a naturopath doctor about a year ago and over time we have found what works. I am taking Omega supplements, 6 grams inositol daily, vitex twice a day, a whole food prenatal, and a BSM drink a few times a week when I remember before ovulation but after ovulation I make sure to take it everyday.

I was having very bad cramps when I came across BSM on this website and found that it almost eliminated my cramps in less than an hour! The first cycle I began taking it my period went 9 plus days to 5 days and this has continued since.

I believe the inositol and vitex have been essential for helping my cycle and I will continue to take these. Inositol has also been a huge help with regulating my mood especially around PMS time. I also drink a homemade green smoothie everyday.

With my cycles regulating since starting BSM, I can't help but wonder if that has been the final magic ingredient for me.

At first I could not bear the taste of BSM. Now I take BSM as a warm drink. I use a heaping tablespoon of unsulphured BSM and two teaspoons of raw cocoa powder (also has lots of health benefits). It almost tastes like hot chocolate.

Thank you Earth Clinic for multiple cures I have found on your website. I hope my story is able to help someone else.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ally (Sydney, AU) on 11/07/2014

I am 30 years old and diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome when 21. Never on pills but had cycles every three months. I started taking apple cider vinegar last year for cold and sore throat. I realised that my periods had come fairly regularly compared to my history. So I started taking it regularly. After adjusting the qty and dosage for a few months I found that taking a half tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar with half tbsp honey in warm water just before bed suited me the best. I am very glad that I have had 10 cycles in 10 months. My suggestion is natural route does work. We need to be patient and find what works as a few herbs or supplements may not work for all. It's a great feeling to finally be normal with regular cycle.

Maca Powder
Posted by Jdixon (Surrey, England. ) on 09/23/2014

I recently bought Maca Powder from one of the supermarkets as I have been suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome since I was 15 years old. I am 22 years old now, and I hadn't had a natural period in over 5 years. I have been trying every remedy that has been researched for reliving PCOS. Apple cider vinegar being one of them, yet that seems to have no real impact.

However, I used maca powder in my smoothies for 2 weeks. And voila!. my first period! I haven't been so delighted! It may taste absolutely foul and smell revolting, but it seems to be the miracle for me. I have it in my smoothies every morning.

Try it and see what the benefits are for you. Many say it does nothing for them, but you may well be the lucky one.

Good luck :)

Chlorophyll + Vitamin C
Posted by Shae (Cincinnati, OH) on 08/28/2014

Long story short, I have a history of endometriosis and most recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I'm used to having crazy cycles where I'll have no bleeding for 3-4 months, then bleed for 1 month straight.

This time around, I started bleeding in January 2014 and haven't stopped. It's like an ongoing spotting that never stops. From time to time I'd experience cramping/heavy bleeding/large clot for 6-7 days then resume the spotting.

I've tried the pineapple remedies, the molasses remedies, Shepherd's purse etc. to no avail. What I did was simple: 1/4 C of liquid chlorophyll 1x per day along with 1,000 mg Vitamin C. Within 3 days, the bleeding slowed up a bunch. After 16 days (ie. 2 bottles) I've not experienced any spotting, no bleeding in the last 5 days!!!! For those who are experiencing heavy bleeding, give this a try and let me know what you think.

P.S. My fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath caused from anemia are gone as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teri (Fredericksburg, Va) on 11/17/2013

Does not cause constipation. The opposite actually.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Aly (Stockton, Ca) on 10/24/2013

I will try the chaste tree berry. I would try the ACV douche, it can't hurt you since it is natural vs chemical/fragrance ones from stores. Also have you thought to have your husband drink ACV/water mixture to help balance ph in sperm. Not sure it if will work, just a idea I am throwing out there to avoid future infections.

Raw Vegan Diet, Kale Juice
Posted by Tanica Sayers (Atantic City New Jersey United States) on 09/04/2013

Hello my name is Tanica I have been struggling with pcos since I was 18 yrs old I have been on many diet that have not work maybe a pound here and there but nothing to be too happy about. I have been really hard hard about becoming a vegetarian I heard that is a good way to health with pcos.. What I would like to know is how do you add protein into this lifestyle change it I only do veggies? So one help me with this please.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by R (Nyc, Ny) on 06/25/2013

I cured a bacterial infection that was supposedly incurable AND HPV - I have been HPV free now for 2 years- by getting colloidal silver and aloe gel (it also has tea trea oil) and putting a little oregano oil in as well (about 5-10 drops - mix it in so it is not a concentrated and inserting it using a vagina applicator (you can use a tampon applicator, just remove the tampon and fill the tube. Do it at night and lay down immediately or when you insert it. The burning will stop in a few minutes. There was some shedding afterwards, but it stopped all issues I had down there. I also eat an extremely clean organic diet with no sugar, starches etc and did a juice cleanse but I feel this is really what cured everything as far as this issue was concerned. If you want to systemically also help - drink green drinks with 1-3 cloves of garlic juiced in them (start witn one clove if you aren't used to it and follow with water). I hope this helps - or helps someone out there.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 06/21/2013

Iodine deficiency may cause PCOS. Iodine may help your other problem too. Just Google and see. Good luck and keep us posted.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Sofia (San Jose, Ca) on 06/21/2013

I've was diagnosed with PCOS in 2011. Prior to knowing about my PCOS, I stopped taking birth control (on BC 10 years from 18-26) and I didn't get my period for 6 months. My face broke out completely and my facial hair darkened like crazy. I went to my gyno and he did an ultrasound where he checks your ovaries. I had cysts all over them and he told me I had PCOS. Since then, I have completely changed my diet (organic meats and leafy greens, cut out processed crap and added great multivitamins to my daily regimen). On top of my daily supplements, for the past year I have been taking Vitex Berry (mainly Chaste Berry extract: 2 pills in the AM) and my periods are now more regular than they have ever been off BC. My cycle now ranges from 27-33 days. Now that I believe I have my PCOS more in control, I have a bacterial infection down there that my gyno said was because of husband's sperm's PH balance and that will never go away. I am desperate to clear this infection up as the odor is not the best and the color is off (greyish/green tint). I have tried many things that make it better but none yet that have made it disappear. I am taking a regular women's probiotic, put teetree oil on tampons to mask the odor, tried tee tree suppositories, etc. I am skeptical about douching bc I've read its pretty bad but am interested in an ACV douche, thoughts? I am also looking for a great gynocologist (a doc with PCOS knowledge as well that is more into holistic treatments versus antibiotics) in the SF Bay Area... Anyone have a suggestion??

Thank you :)

Raw Vegan Diet, Kale Juice
Posted by Holly (Manchester, Uk) on 06/18/2013

Hello, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at 17. I am now 22. I refused the help my doctor gave as all he said he could do was put me on the contraceptive pill. Synthetic hormones which would lead to more inbalance in my body, no thank you.

For around 6 months I did the paleo diet. Which is more or less veg and meat. Very clean way of eating.

With this I did research and read that kale juice is apparently very good, so I bought a juicer and juiced kale as often as I could.

I lost 40 pounds in about 5 months. Had 3 periods in this time which I thought was amazing as I am usually lucky to get one a year.

Now 2 years on I am fully raw vegan, it's not for everyone I know. However the effects are too great to ignore. I have completely regulated my periods, I'm a healthy weight, and I feel amazing.

I had a scan on my ovaries a few months back and my doctor was astounded he said I was more or less cured and my ovaries looked like an average pair lol.

Please please please research the raw vegan way, read the amazing stories from people who have overcome illnesses.

Oh and kale kale kale, amazing!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pcos Fighter (Atlanta, Ga) on 11/12/2012

Hi everyone, I'm 40 and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 27 which was the time my cycles started going haywire. About 2 months ago I began taking ACV with the mother by using empty gel capsules 2 times daily which totaled to be 4 tablespoons. I was so amazed because my monthly cycles started... lightly but I was still having one which was huge!! Also I have had so much more energy (I currently am 100lbs overweight) and the bloating in my stomach has diminished greatly, oh and my blood pressure has gone from 140/92 to 122/78. I will not ever stop taking ACV and hopefully as I continue my cycles will continue to normalize. Blessings... Take your ACV!!

General Feedback
Posted by Sophie (Dayton, Ohio, Usa) on 11/07/2012

Hi Earth Clinic, this is Sophie again. I promised to update you on my PCOS situation, so here it is: I had a transvaginal ultrasound to check for ovarian cysts and also full bloodwork to look at my hormone levels, blood glucose, etc. I just got the results today. BOTH tests came back normal. I do not have cysts and my testosterone levels are normal. HOWEVER, my doctor, who is excellent, said that a lot of times you can have PCOS and still come back normal on all the tests. It's a disease of varying degrees... Some people have it worse than others. Because I am experiencing all the classic PCOS symptoms (facial, chest & foot hair; thinning hair; easy weight gain and difficult weight loss; long intervals between periods; ovulation pain) he is putting me on Metformin. PCOS is primarily a problem of insulin resistance. Your body makes enough insulin, but cannot use it efficiently. This causes your hormones to get out of balance, slows your metabolism, and causes the weight gain.

I have so far been treating myself by going completely grain free and eating a low-glycemic, high-protein diet. My doctor agreed with me that it was the best way to eat for PCOS. I am also upping my intake of oily fish again (although I already eat a lot! ). I have not started the Metformin yet, but my plan is to use it for a short time just to "reset" my system so that my body becomes more receptive to the insulin and I can lose the weight. Unless I get down to a normal weight, the PCOS will continue to progress, because fat causes the insulin resistance to get worse and affects hormone production. I am supposed to re-evaluate my situation with the doctor in January.

The decision to use the Metformin has been a difficult one, because it seems to me that PCOS should be easy to manage with proper diet and exercise. I hate taking any kind of medication. But truthfully, I do not see being able to lose the necessary weight in a reasonable amount of time just doing it on my own. I am fighting an uphill battle, as I have been eating right and exercising for 2 years without success. So I am going to take a very low dose of Metformin just until I can get myself on the right track. Then I am confident that my low-glycemic, high-protein diet plus daily exercise will be enough to keep my PCOS under control.

Has anyone out there with PCOS taken Metformin? What were your experiences? Were you able to stop taking it and manage your PCOS naturally?

Also, I am not trying to get pregnant, so that does make a little difference. I don't mind if my fertility is not restored, I am mostly concerned about the possibility of the PCOS progressing and leading to diabetes and heart disease, which is common with PCOS.

Thank you everyone on Earth Clinic! I appreciate all your wonderful advice and support, and I welcome your suggestions.

Posted by Ashley (Saint Louis, Mo) on 08/29/2012

Hello Joy from Athens, Greece, I am trying to understand about the Aloe Vera Leaves... Am I suppose to just take the gel from the leaves and mix with honey and vodka or do I smash the entire leaf with the gel and mix with everything?

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