Effective Natural Remedies for Managing PCOS

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Roberta (Atlanta, GA) on 05/09/2009

I am 43 years old, and years ago had been diagnosed PCOS. I have never been able to ovulate on my own, or have periods without the use of hormones. I started taking ACV for my mild to moderate reflux/heartburn and it has worked great for that. I take about a teaspooon of ACV with a cup of water 1 (rarely 2) times per day. A side effect has been a decrease in stomach bloat, and suddenly, after all those years of fertility treatments, I am ovulating and getting a period regularly. In addition, I see a difference in my hair loss. I absolutely recommend it!!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Carla (Berkeley, California) on 04/13/2009

Diet Changes for PCOS: I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2000 at the age of 21. I had almost no periods; I was rapidly gaining weight, no fertility, severe acne, facial hair and so on.

Over the years, I have tried diet (but haphazardly) Chaste Berry, and several other herbs ,some exercise, Metformin 2000mg/day for two years, synthetic progesterone to get my periods and none of that has helped. Not even the Metformin which so many people swears by.

By the time I was 27, I realized I had gluten intolerance. I had poor digestion, a large belly and developed psoriasis. Once I eliminated gluten from my diet, I instantly lost inches and my skin cleared up. Over the next several years, I had to clean up my diet even more to improve my digestion, lose more weight and get rid of estrogen dominance that's so common with PCOS.

I eliminated, gluten and most other grains including "healthy" brown rice and corn, sugars except for low GI fruit and occasional palm sugar (lower GI than agave), fruit juice, soy, dairy, processed foods (of course), hydrogenated oils, canola oil, and several other foods.

My diet is rich in green veggies, low GI fruit, green juices, lean protein, nuts, and, good fats (including unprocessed coconut oil). I make sure that 80% of my diet is raw fruits, veggies, and nuts.

Besides diet, I take supplements including kelp. Though my thyroid tests always came back normal, I may have had subclinical hyperthyroid because when I added 12mg of kelp per day, I started ovulating on CD 15 for the first time ever. I have been taking 12mg kelp daily for 8 months and my body haven't skipped a beat. When you look for kelp in the store, it usually comes in 225mcg tablets. You will have to do the conversion to get the right amount.

I went from a size 14 to a 6 in less than a year and I have kept it off. I think between diet, regular exercise, the usual suspects of supplements (omega 3, B complex, etc) and kelp has been my answer to PCOS.

White Peony Tea
Posted by Erynn (New Haven, CT) on 01/16/2009

I bought a box on the internet of about 100 tea packets. I was drinking about 1 cup of tea per day. I started noticing a change after about a week or two, but i am not sure how it would work with others.

I am currently taking a break from it. After taking the tea, and regulating my periods, I discovered I had Endometriosis (through surgery as well)--so I am on treatment for that as well--trying the doctors way first before my own. But i still recommend the TEA!

White Peony Tea
Posted by Shanon Parker (SAT, Texas) on 12/28/2008

Hi, I am really interested in trying white peony tea. I would like to know how much I should take, how soon will I see results, and how you are doing with it. Please let me know if you are still having success with it and if you did anything in addition to the tea. I would appreciate your prompt response. Sincerely, Shanon Parker

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Shanon (San Antonio, TX) on 12/23/2008

Hi, First of, I am sooo happy that you got pregnant. Tell me how that's going! Second, can you please tell me the amount of Vitex you are taking and the times. Does brand matter? I just bough a bottle at GNC. I would appreciate your feedback.


Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Lindsy (Calamine, WI) on 12/08/2008

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was eighteen. I hadn't had my period in seven months by the time I went to the doctor. He put me on birthcontrol so that I would get my period. It worked, I did get my period. Three years later when I decided to go off...my period disappeared too. After a year of barely having periods again, I talked to a nutritionalist who recommended chaste tree berry (VITEX). I got my period three weeks after starting it and my period started coming regularly at 31 days. I went off of it after ten months and my cycle has shortened to 29 days. I have only missed it twice since then. Once was about six months after going off of it. My nutritionist said that I went off too soon and that I should stay on it for eighteen months to make sure my hormones were completely balanced. The second time, about three and a half months ago was way better. I missed my period because I am pregnant. Chaste tree berry also helps treat infertility :) which affects most women with PCOS!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Rosemary (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 10/19/2008

I am 28 yrs old and a mother of two children.I have been on antidepressants since I was 17 because I am very emotional sometimes with fatigue. I was diagnosed with pcos after I had been dieting and exercising for over a year with no results. After stopping my hormones I started to get excessive acne, hair loss, no sex drive, and tiredness.

I doctor did a pcos workup and all my labs were normal. I was referred to a specialist that thought all the symptoms were in my head and thought I needed a personal trainer. I had only a little facial hair, no fertility trouble, only 25 lbs overweight, and my labs were normal. After aguing with the doctor for 30 minutes he did an ultrasound to 'humor' me. I had 15 cysts on one side. I was rx'd metformin, which made me extremely ill.
I had to stopped taking it because I couldn't work on the med. Carbs!!! Thats the problem. Our bodies were not meant to eat all this processed food. If you want your symptoms to go away you need to change your lifestyle. Exercising and a low glycemic diet is the key. I lost 45 lbs in a year and a half. I weigh less now than in high school. Once you train your body to need the right foods you stop the vicious 'bad'carb craving cycle. You crave carbs because your body is not coverting them into energy, they are being stored as fat, which makes you tired and wanting to eat more 'bad' carbs.

Other than a low carb diet I am a firm believer in hollistic cures. There are herbal supp that can keep your sugar from spiking and destroys it before its stored. Which is also important with pcos.1) Fenugreek- 1 capsule 1 to 3 times daily 2)Gymnema Sylvestre-400mg, also if dissolved on your tongue can keep you form tasting sugar.
I work in the medical field and believe no one, no one knows your body better than you!!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Cas (Somewhere, Alabama) on 10/18/2008

Although, it is great that you are finding success with the modification of your diet. In the future when you post regarding something such as the Atkins diet, maybe you should do a bit of research first. First of all vegetables are a main component of the Atkins diet, fruit is also added back in in stages. Atkins is NOT a meat, cheese and egg diet in any way. I am a firm advocate of the Atkins diet b/c I have been eating this way for years and I have not felt or looked better in my life. So be careful in quoting something that you have no clue about. You are actually in fact on the atkins diet as that is exactly what it is about.

Green Tea Extract
Posted by Jacy (Sydney, Australia) on 09/27/2008

This is a remedy that I have researched and am only just beginning to try. As we all know, PCOS is a syndrome that presents itself in different forms in every woman. For instance, according to my doctors, although I have cysts on my ovaries and have weight issues, my periods are very regular, progesterone is fine, I ovulate each month, BUT I do have elevated testosterone (which causes the hormonal body hair, and in some women, baldness, and acne).

I looked into the elevated testosterone levels, and found that not only does excess body fat EXACERBATE testosterone levels (best solution - reduce body fat), but the KEY to reducing testosterone could be in ELEVATING your SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin) levels.

For those of you who have had a thorough blood test for your hormones, you will note that Doctors mainly talk about your Oestrogen, Progesterone and your Testosterone Levels. But I suggest you look at your test and note the levels of your SHBG. SHBG is a glycoprotein in your blood that BINDS the FREE ANDROGENS in your blood stream. Free Androgens are the Male Hormones that are floating in your bloodstream that cause the male pattern baldness, hormonal hair, acne and other androgenous conditions. If your Testosterone is high, more than likely your SHBG is in the lower levels. Basically, there is not enough of the SHBG protein to catch these little fellows that cause all this damage.

I researched how to elevate SHBG naturally, and it seems that GREEN TEA is the best solution. BUT since we all can't drink countless cups of Green Tea to elevate these levels, it would be a wonderful idea to take a natural supplement of GREEN TEA EXTRACT. Check with your health food store or pharmacy, you should be able to get it in capsule or tablet form.

Along with increasing your SHBG levels, Green Tea Extract may also serve to speed up your metabolism, and also burn body fat. If you have PCOS and are experiencing baldness or thinning of your hair, this may be the best long term "INTERNAL" solution to the problem.

My other suggestion is to stay away from hormonal contraceptions at all costs. They do more damage than good to your already sensitive hormone levels. Synthetic hormones are not easily assimilated in our bodies, and therefore, our body reacts adversely. The pill may be the cause of greater infertility than you realise.

The final note for women with PCOS is to remember that PCOS is linked to DIABETES, SYNDROME X/INSULIN RESISTANCE. The majority of women with PCOS have been found to have a history of Diabetes in their families, or come from a culture where diabetes is prevalent. The key for all of us therefore, is to reduce our consumption of simple sugars and any food that elevates our blood sugar levels too quickly (high GI foods). Higher protein, lower PROCESSED carb diets work well for us. Increase your raw vegetable and fruit consumption. Also increase your essential fatty acid intake (i.e. good oils - extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil etc).

These changes will go a very long way to ensuring greater fertility, better balance in your hormones, and long term prevention of heart disease and diabetes.

Good luck everyone. If you wish to email me with questions, you are more than welcome to.

Chaste Tree Berry
Posted by Vy (BX, NY) on 08/20/2008

I have read everyone's comments and I would also like to add another natural form of attempting to regulate your period. My doctor recommends chasteberry extract - liquid form - add 23 drops to tea or room temperature water and this should be taken for 3 months before you can see any changes. I'm on my first month and I'm supposed to get my period soon. So I'll let you know how that turns out.

White Peony Tea
Posted by Erynn (New Haven, CT) on 06/25/2008

PCOS Treatment: White Peony Tea. This is a new remedy. I found on that the Chinese have been using White Peony to treat infertility. I started drinking white peony tea. My periods regulated, and my OBGYN says the cysts are starting to go away.

Oil Pulling, ACV, Blackstrap Molasses, No Gluten
Posted by Jamie (Chico, CA) on 06/23/2008

I have suffered with PSOS since i was in my teens and have stopped my monthly flow .. i am only 32 and had not had a period in 2 years.. after only two weeks of Oil Pulling, acv, removing Gluten and Blackstrap Molasses, i now am having a flow ...I am in some heavy pain but my hopes are high I dont know why. its so hard to find info on healthy alternative to Westen meds. and on top of this im loosing weight and my skin looks better than it has in years also dark rings around my eyes have nearly dissapeared. Bright Blessings to those who have shared.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sarah (Toronto, Ontario) on 03/27/2008

This is replying to a question I was asked. My diet includes everything except for processed sugars and flour products, which I eat very limitedly. Most women with PCOS have blood sugar level problems, as I understand it, so think diabetic type diet. I also try to avoid large meals, and eat 5-6 small meals a day. The greatest book I found on PCOS which has everything regarding the PCOS diet is called "the natural diet solution for PCOS and infertility" its by Nancy Dunne. You can down load it as an ebook or order a hard copy. I found it really interesting to read. Very informative and most of all very gave me hope! Good luck!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Anna Wright (Brooklyn, New York) on 12/10/2007

I would like to know what diet/eating regime Sarah from Toronto Canada used to correct her PCOS? What foods does she eat, what is her major protien source, what does her daily menu look like? I'd like to know if this diet has effected her muscle/lean mass? Are there any other effects that she's experiencing? I'd appreciate any help, I've been quite miserable and suffering, which is progressively getting worse. Hormones are just not an option for me. Please, I could really use the advice, any info would be very appreciated and put to immediately use. Thank you for your time and your patience.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sarah (Toronto, Canada) on 12/08/2007

It has been almost a year since I had my last period. I'm 19 and not pregnant so this is not normal. I believe I have PCOS since I have all the side effects of loosing my hair, cysts etc. I've done lots of reading on the subject and it seems the only "cure" proscribed by doctors is hormone therapy-- which I am against. I then found some postings about low carb diets. So I tried it. I've cut the whole grains food group out of my diet (I still eat as much fruits and veggies as I like--I'm not on an Atkins style diet--I'm on a healthy one!). I've been at this for only a week and I woke up this morning with my period! I don't think most women wake up excited about getting their period, but I did!! I encourage any woman dealing with PCOS to try this before they go on any hormones! Giving up breads and desserts is a sacrifice I am willing to make if it means I won't have to be on hormones for the rest of my life!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lydia (Montgomery, Alabama) on 01/29/2008

re: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (remedy). Apple Cider Vinegar helped my PCOS! In the morning: 1-2 teaspoonfuls of ACV in an 8 ounce glass of water. Sometimes I add a little more water if I think the taste is too strong. I did it every day at first. Now that my menstrual cycle is regular, I begin ACV treatment about 2 weeks before my cycle should start. I sometimes drink ACV to help with cramps, heavy bleeding or bloating. ACV helps me with my weight loss and flush toxins from my body. It really works and I feel so much better! There are many articles online about how ACV helps women diagnosed with PCOS. Thanks and Hope to you!

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by June (KC, KS) on 02/05/2008

I've been taking BSM (black strap molasses-Plantation brand from the health food store) for about a month now. Two and a half years ago I had my hormones tested and results showed I had too much testosterone, too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. (also low cortisol) I've had polycystic ovarian syndrome my whole life (I'm 37).

After trying to heal my body under the guidance of a nutritionist/chiropractor following the S. P. diet books (just using the initials of the book name here) my hormone imbalanced grew even more out of control. I gained about 25-30 pounds (the chiro and books told me this is supposed to be "normal" as your body heals it's metabolism) and the result was increased bleeding that did not stop.

So, for the past 2 1/2 years I've had to deal with heavy, lingering bleeding. Rx drugs are not for me, so I have been trying to solve this with natural remedies. I managed to lose the extra weight I gained following the SP diet, thank goodness. This helped lessen the bleeding. I lost more weight with diet/lots of exercise and ACV. The bleeding didn't completely stop, but more or less just lingered on and on. Still, it was a big improvement over what I had been suffering.

Then I got my new job where I am sitting a lot, started eating lots of goodies over the holidays, and...no surprise...gained some weight back. As most of us know by now fat = estrogen. Too much estrogen with not enough progesterone to counteract it (due to lack of ovulation) means excess bleeding. And, I started bleeding heavier again. I was ready to pull my hair out and really disappointed in myself for gaining weight back after all my hard work and success.

So, I came to EarthClinic and read about BSM. Once again, so many women said they had good results from it I could not ignore their advice. After taking BSM for about 2 weeks my bleeding STOPPED!!! No lingering, no spotting, nothing!

I tried several ways of taking it...on my granola first, which was totally disgusting. Then I finally tried it mixed in warm water and drinking it like tea. It's actually very, very good this way. My recipe is 2 teaspoons mixed with about one cup warm water morning and night.

After missing the night dosage for a while (during my bout with the flu) I noticed a little spotting returning. I don't know how BSM will affect me altogether, whether or not it will help me have a normal cycle, I just haven't taken it long enough. But I do know that the awful incessant bleeding has stopped and I am so relieved!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and feedback. Without it I would never have tried BSM.

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