Plantar Fibroma and Plantar Fibromatosis Remedies

Frankincense Essential Oil

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Posted by Jean (Louisville, Ky) on 10/17/2017
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Before I read these posts about ACV, I have been using Frankincense Oil. My tumors are shrinking without any skin peeling or burning or discoloration. Hope this helps.

Replied by TyNaya

Hey Jean... Has the Frankincense worked for you all the way?

Multiple Plantar Fibroma Remedies

Posted by Carol (West Palm Beach, Fl) on 05/08/2018

I need HELP! I have roughly 30 something tumors covering my main tendon on BOTH feet! They are all different sizes and getting bigger with some growing from the tendon into middle of feet. 3 podiatry surgeons and all three say they've never seen a case this bad! They have my tendon pulled tight like a piano string ready to snap (so the docs say). Also they ALL say with surgery, they come back times 100!!! They cause me SEVERE feet cramps that curl my foot up like a fist and when I pull my toes back, they jump up my calves and top of my feet! I've tried Transdermal Cream many times with no change. I don't feel I can walk (limp) much longer. They wake me from a dead sleep screaming with a pillow on my face to not wake anyone. I am DESPERATE!! Even begged to be a guinea pig if they have any type of new laser surgery. Pain meds don't help! I don't think vinegar would penetrate that deep in my foot for these things. If anyone has found any type of relief, PLEASE RESPOND. Thank you. Carol

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europeb)

You might want to start with Epsom Salt soaks. And/or Green Clay poultices or soaks.

Replied by Idot13

Carol, Mix both bee wax and Vaseline together with a little turmeric in it and apply to any of these types of complaints and seal with plastic or plaster to seal it away from the air. When changing plaster, etc rub with a hard towel after washing to get the pieces that it is been killed off, off the foot.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Denise (Potomac) on 09/02/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I have plantar fibromytosis.

I have just started a treatment of physical therapy, cupping, and dry needling. After one session pain significantly reduced. I think I am on to something. Stay tuned, I will give updates.

Replied by Leslie

Denise (Potomac) Please do keep us updated on your Ledderhose/plantar fibromatosis! Runs in the family, and now my daughter has it. Never heard of cupping and dry needling for it (I've had multiple surgeries - including fasciectomies - on both my feet). Some idiot at Kaiser thought there was fluid and tried to aspirate; now my daughter is in pain and her fibromas are more than double the size they were two days ago. We live 3000 miles apart, so I can't take her to my doctor.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Andrea (Fl, United States) on 06/12/2014
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I'm looking for assistance with Plantar Fibromas which I've have for years. I have on both feet. The orthopedic surgeon suggests surgery- that would keep me off feet for 2 months. I've tried- oral enzyme therapy, ultrasound, cream with DMSO, acupuncture, apple cider vinegar (ingested and put it on soaked overnight. and & verapamil cream. The prescription verapamil cream was most helpful, ultrasound gadget I got from online was kind of helpful, ACV maybe little helpful. Really afraid of surgery since there is such regrowth. I am female, 47, and work actively on my feet at a hotel. I've lately noticed a ganglion type cyst in my hand and previously had frozen should. Wonder if all these are related, what this stuff is and how to get it out of my system. Thanks for your help. I know many of us have this problem- few have lasting answer.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Andrea,

Re the multiple problems;

Here are a couple of things you might try...first see a google site pdf "the wonder drug cabbage" and also read about "cabbage" under remedies here in Earth Clinic.

You might follow the directions of how to prepare a leaf or leaves of cabbage to wrap one foot leaving the other without the benefit of the cabbage poultice. This would be an overnight experiment. Of course, you wrap the cabbage compress in a plastic so as to protect the bedding.

That pdf site (a book) is amazing...full of examples of how the writer over decades used cabbage as a healer.

Well, which takes us to what might be causing the COMPLEX of issues you are facing and you ask ... could they be related?

You just might be right. Maybe the basis of the Fibroma is perhaps a fungi. In which case you'd have to follow an anti fungi remedy. Bill Thompson (Bill from the Philippines on EC Posts) has a book on Candida and Fungi...Killing So Sweetly which would help you.

And if the Cabbage Cure helps for one foot and then helps with the other, you know that some juicing using mainly cabbage would be a benefit.

But if me, I'd surely try the Cabbage Cure for a night or two.

Replied by Leslie

Plantar Fibromatosis, Dupuytrens Contracture, and Peyronies are related manifestations of fibrous tumors that grow on the tendons & fascia of feet, hands, and penis (in that order). Typically genetic, most often appearing in middle age (40's), these tumors have nothing to do with fungi.

These conditions are in no way related to Plantar Fasciitis or "plantar warts".


I was glad to see Leslie's post clarifying the issue since many seem to have confused various conditions. I had plantar fibroma on one foot in 2007 and found an article in a podiatry journal about the (then) new use of cryosurgery for this. I found in PA one of a few US podiatrists who use cryosurgery, and it went well, no recurrence. Later I had PF on other foot and again had cryosurgery, again a good outcome (just a few days of recovery). Wikipedia mentions cryosurgery for plantar fibroma, but hardly anyone seems aware of it (including many podiatrists, at least 5-10 years ago).

Replied by Timh
2080 posts

L: From my understanding "genetic predisposition" is a cancer theory with other theories like "environmental stressors". So it would be safe to say "maybe genetic".

Replied by Sharon

My podiatrist asked if I had anyone in my family with trigger finger, as the above post said this runs in families. It is showing up in my little finger and palms of my hands now. It is also in the tendon down the outside of my legs, I wondered for years what those painful bumps were and no doctor could tell me. My doctor has a compounding pharmacy mix verapamil-anyhydrous gel. I used it 2 - 3 times a day for 3 minutes for probably 3 months. It reduced them enough I was pain free from 2011. My feet were bothering me again. I hated to check again and there is one about the size of a grape and and of course a line of smaller ones. They say you have these if you have Viking blood, gives me a chuckle and my imagination can roam while I rub my feet again. I will rub this in my hands also. All of this in 2011 nearly led to a completely torn achilles tendon as I attempted to do the stretch exercises for planter fascistic, the more I hurt the more I tried to do my stretches. I am thankful for a good doctor who frowns on surgery because of the damage and they come back often with a vengence. I have Arnica cream and pills so I will give them a try until I get more verapamil gel. My doctor is Mark Lambert, Pensacola Foot and Ankle, he is the best!

Replied by Victoria

Thank you so much for posting this. This is the first thing I have read that makes sense. The other surgeries are too scary. I would be off my feet so long I would lose my job and not be able to even walk upstairs to my bedroom. Then they would likely grow back.

Replied by Sandra
(Issaquah, Wa)

I read that someone got a b12 shot in the soft tissue area for frozen shoulder. I wonder if that is the missing link.

Replied by Leslie

Fibromas on fascia of feet (Ledderhose aka plantar fibromatosis), hands (Dupuytrens), and penis (Peyronies) are all somewhat related, and are familial. Resist surgical procedures for Ledderhose (on your feet) as long as possible (apply "donuts" around the tumors to alleviate pressure on the tumor), but as the tumor grows and must bear your entire weight, there are currently NO EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS. Ledderhose surgery will spawn more tumors (this is not the case with surgery on Dupuytrens; not sure about Peyronies), so a complete fasciectomy is necessary (the fascia is the "petri dish" on which these tumors grow). Then the tumors will appear on the side of your foot, necessitating care in selecting shoes, but at least they are not weight-bearing or painful. Sad but true ... I have these conditions on all four limbs (I'm female, so can skip the Peyronies! ), and several of my known relatives had these fibromas, and now my daughter has Ledderhose - AND she can't find doctors who know how to treat it!! One actually thought there was fluid and tried to aspirate, and now my daughter has painful masses twice the size as before. Lawsuit ...

Replied by Jimmy

I tried steroid injections, laser therapy, acoustic therapy, physical therapy, padding and RF coblation. All seemed to work for a short time, but the fibroma on my left foot returned aggressively. I finally had the fibroma removed with a subtotal fasiacotomy followed by radiotherapy. It has been a year now and no recurrence! I do have a little stiffness in the foot, but does not limit my activity. This approach with surgery and radiotherapy is intensive and you should really consider whether you have the stamina to endure and whether the risk are worth the outcome. It was difficult, but the outcome so far has been fantastic. I am currently treating a fibroma on the right foot and will probably have to go down the same road, again.

Replied by Andrea

Jimmy, hello my name is Andrea and I live in Italy. I also suffer from the disease of ledderhose all because feet. What kind of therapy you done?? which and the best in your opinion?? I'm thinking of the surgical solution ... Please give me tips. Thank you

Replied by Steve

Some docs report good success with enzyme injections which may or may not include Xiaflex for plantar fibromas. Not sure we can say nothing is effective.


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Posted by Jeff (Orlando, Fl) on 08/11/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Fibromatosis - Nattokinase worked great

Have had plantar fibromatosis for years on both feet. had to quit jogging a while back due to them. decided to give nattokinase a try and worked very well in about 2 weeks of use, twice daily - internally. the pills are 2000 FUs each. I also put pharmaceutical grade dmso on the nodules topically, but I really just think it's the Nattokinase doing the job.

Replied by Anabella

I recently developed a plantar fibroma and would like to try Nattokinase and DMSO since that's what worked for you. I would appreciate it greatly if you would let me know which brands you found effective. Thank you.


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Posted by Francisco T. (Oakland Ca.) on 12/22/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I suffer from plantar fibroma on my two feet and also had on my two hands.

The one on my hands I can handle the pain by stretching them, but on my feet it is getting worse pain wise (still same size) but pain is getting toward my heel which it started to bother me, with the constan weight I put on them. None of my family got this problem.

The pain on my feet get lesser if I stretch them rolling a glass bottle in the morning before work and at night before bed some times during the day if pain is insoportable. I'm going to try Apple cidar vinegar to see what happens.

Warts vs Fibromas

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Posted by Zmw (Phoenix) on 08/30/2017
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So everyone that had their "fibroma" disappear in a few days, that is a plantars wart or some other issue, right? A real Fibroma is Fibrous mass embedded in the fascia, under the skin. Can someone with a real Fibroma report back on their initial posts please? These things do not disappear in a few days. I assume everyone with a magical story was treating a wart or some fungal mass.

Replied by Rudolph
(Harare, Zimbabwe)

I need help on how best to get rid of fibromatosis warts.

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