Pancreatitis Remedies

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Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Lisa Smith (Marshall, TX) on 02/16/2009 6 posts
5 out of 5 stars

21 year old sister. diagnosed with and treated in Hospital and home health care, use of PICC line [Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter] nutritionally for acute to severe Pancreatitis.... When conventional meds did not work and placed on a 500gm no fat diet and basically left for death....I prayed for a miracle ....the response was aloe vera juice and papaya real juice....

She was still in the hospital when my mom purchased both and began give her 1/3 cup of each 3 times daily ...she has 1/3 of her pancreas left....Immediately the first day in doctor came in the room and reported her amylase levels and all test levels were normal...He has since begain addding this to his patient regime for pancreatitis grandmother's uncle age 70+ also used this treatment in the hospital following an acute pancreatitis attack.. he recovered within hours....

Give it a try...My sister was dying...Years of substance abuse and fatty diet was killing her pancreas...she is alive and well at 30..

Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Mltyner (Jacksonville, Fl Duval) on 09/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

After an ERCP to remove a gallstone in the common bile duct, I was one of those cases that got pancreatitis on Feb. 17th. I have lost 29 pounds and having pain after eating every meal. I have had every test imagineable and gone to Mayo Clinic as well. All that was found was a cyst in my pancreas that was 2mm. But even though the testing all testing came back normal I still had pain after every meal. I have been praying for God to help me, to heal me. I was drawn to one of the articles on this site about drinking Aloe Juice and Papaya Juice. I started yesterday and within a few hours I could tell the difference in my pain. This morning I got up and had no pain. I believe this is my answer. Thank you for your post and Thank God for finding this.

Acute Pancreatitis Triggers
Posted by Art (California ) on 06/01/2017 932 posts

Please read about the pancreatic protective effects of melatonin.

Melatonin has a very good safety profile and is naturally produced by the body suggesting lower potential for allergic reaction. Here in the states, it is readilly available and inexpensive. Melatonin acts as a potent antioxidant that scavenges multiple forms of radicals in the body, but also improves the bodies own highly potent antioxidant system while potentially helping to reduce an excessive inflamatory response. Melatonin is also protective of the major organs. Here are a few studies suggesting the benefit of melatonin for pancreatitis that you can print and discuss with your doctor. :

Lastly and importantly, melatonin also has studies to show that it can be gut protective:


Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Lisa (Marshall, Texas) on 03/16/2012 6 posts
5 out of 5 stars

omgosh!!!! I had forgot this posting and I am amazed and blessed by hearing this has helped others.. It changed my sister's life.. She has never had acute pancreatitis again. We also had an older family member cured as well. My mom mixed them together because aloe juice is not so fantastic (taste wise) by itself and she used organic papaya juice pure... I'm sure any color will be fine... She used 1/3 cup each 3 times a day.. You may have play around with it to see what works for you.... For our family it is a God given cure.. God bless.. I will check back more frequently to make sure I can reply for help.

Fresh Beet and Apple Juice
Posted by Max (Crowley, Texas) on 12/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars


juice 1/2 medium size beet (raw) 3 to 4 apples (raw), serve over crushed ice . My daughter liked to have died with e-coli 0157. When she was pulling out of the illness her body was so contaminated that she had severe pancreatitis. This simple drink cured her pancreatitis within 2 days.The crushed ice is optional.

Posted by Art (California ) on 06/28/2018 932 posts
5 out of 5 stars

The following study discusses the use of synbiotics in pancreatitis and suggests that synbiotics (= prebiotic + probiotics). In this case, they used the common probiotics Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum in a large dose (12 grams/day). As a prebiotic, they used Fructooligosaccharides (FOS).


Here is a link to the abstract:

Here is the abstract:

Clin Nutr ESPEN. 2017 Apr;18:9-15. doi: 10.1016/j.clnesp.2017.01.005. Epub 2017 Feb 21.

Effects of using symbiotics in the clinical nutritional evolution of patients with chronic pancreatitis: Study prospective, randomized, controlled, double blind.

Dos Santos PQ1, Guedes JC2, de Jesus RP3, Santos RRD3, Fiaconne RL4.


Patients with chronic pancreatitis (CP) present malabsorption and changes in nutritional status. In this prospective, randomized, controlled, double-blinded, intervention study, developed at the Clinic of Pancreas, we aimed to assess whether the use of symbiotics changes the nutritional status, the biochemical data and the intestinal rate of these patients. The intervention consisted of administering 12 g/day of symbiotics composed of Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and fructooligosaccharides to the intervention group and 12 g/day of medium absorption complex carbohydrate to the control group. The project was approved by the Ethics Committee of College of Technology and Science - FTC under the number process 0528-2008; reg. 498 e was registered under We evaluated 60 patients and the intervention lasted for 3 months, with monthly monitoring. A statistically significant reduction was observed in the results by day in relation to the initial frequency (x = 2.3) and the use of symbiotics in the second (x = 1.47) and third (x = 1.37) months (p = 0.001). In the control group, there was no significant change in this frequency (p = 0.157). The results showed an increase in the levels of hemoglobin (p < 0.001), hematocrit (p = 0.001), red blood cells (p < 0.001), total lymphocyte count (p < 0.002), serum magnesium (p < 0.001), albumin (0.001) and total serum cholesterol reduction (p < 0.001) with the use of symbiotics. The changes were not observed in the nutritional status of both groups.


The use of symbiotics improved the clinical and laboratory profiles of the evaluated patients with CP, favoring the best clinical outcome, and may be a therapeutic option because of the low cost and therapeutic effectiveness in this population.

Copyright © 2017 European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Dietary Changes, Inositol
Posted by Jenna (South Dakota) on 02/12/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was hospitalized for pancreatitis about a month ago. The last three days, the feeling of oncoming pancreatitis started coming back, as well as accompanying anxiety thinking I was going to have to be hospitalized again., I did everything suggested on this pancreatitis forum - Ted's remedies, no alcohol, papaya and aloe vera - nothing worked! Last night, I took 4 grams of pharmaceutical inositol powder, 3 grams and woke up calm - no anxiety or depression and had slept deeply. Also, no symptoms of pancreatitis when I woke up. I started researching inositol and found that not only is it used for anxiety and depression, it is used for insulin resistance and diabetes, and the pancreas secrets insulin, so taking the inositol stopped my low blood sugar attacks on the spot! Woke up and took 3 more grams. Inositol is huge for liver detoxification as well as helping all the neurotransmitters work properly so that the serotonin, dopamine and gaba receptors are getting what they need to function properly.

But the lack of inositol wasn't the problem for the pancreatic symptoms rising. It was my primary diet of Long Chained Fatty Acids. I was eating lots of grass fed beef, eggs, tons of GLA (found in primrose, borage and current oil) . Long Chained are found in meat, egg yolks, avocados, olive oil, GLA and fish and fish oil - you can research this further. Coconut Oil and Palm oil are medium chained fatty acids and are the oils of choice.This article (link below) explains why Long Chained Fatty Acids, as well as alcohol, and the ensuing calcium release causes pancreatitis. It's more on the scientific life but if you can bear through that, you will see what actually causes pancreatitis - Long Chained Fatty Acids, Calcium.....

And on Inositol:

The above link on inositol targets mostly how it is used for insulin resistance, but you can goole it for anxiety or depression and liver detoxification. For me using inositol eliminated complete my low blood sugar bouts, which causes huge stress hormones to be released.

Dietary Changes, Inositol
Posted by Jenna (South Dakota) on 02/16/2017

Dear Earthclinic, Thank you for the Editor's Choice Award. However, I have new data to counteract my hypothesis for what causes Pancreatis, according to the article I included in my initial choice - which was Long Tailed Fatty Acids - perhaps good to remove my gold medal : )

After I sent you the email, I sent the article to my friend, a former geneticist at the CDC. I would like to share with you and the readers his response to me. After which I will give feedback on what now I believe can be the cause of Pancreatitis - in children, people who don't smoke or drink or consume large amounts of meat.

Here is the response to the article from my friend, former CDC geneticist:

"Good try if only you know a little about biochemistry.

It's not the length if the fatty acid side chain. The research shows that it's fatty acid ESTERS.

How does the body make an ester out of fatty acids? Ethanol! (alcohol)

Ethanol, while it's true that many people that drink alcohol do not get pancreatictis, this is probably because they have more robust mechanisms. Mostly in the liver, that are designed to interfere with this reaction in the body.

if your hypothesis were correct, everyone on a ketogenic, atkins, rosedale, or paleo diet would have pancreatitis"/

So, after receiving this feedback from my friend, I thought, why would children, non smokers, non-drinkers get pancreatitis? And why did my symptoms go away with eliminating long tailed fatty acids?

Let me answer the last question first: Because I had eliminated all fats, giving my pancreas a break. But here is where it get's interesting, please bear with me.

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2005. I was bit in1992, so I had was was clinically called, Latent Lyme Disease. It was serious for me - lots of symptoms in my CNS - Central Nervous Symptom, and no true cure in traditional medical field for Latent Lyme Disease - intravenous antibiotics, just make the Lyme spirochetes, and their cofactors go deeper into "hiding", and may come out later in life when the immune system isn't as strong.

After hanging on for about a year with Lyme Disease, I found a "clinic", only taking patients by word of mouth, that someone had reported to me that this Clinice had cleared her Lyme Disease. My first visit to them, they told me that I had so many hookworms in my pancreatic duct, that I was about to get Diabetes. They cleared the hookworms, and subsequently cleared the Lyme and it's cofactors. Hookworms? I have pictures of me at 3 years old on the dirt with my dog.. hookworms live in the soil.

So going back to parasite infection in the pancreatic duct and what Hulda Clark's protocol of mainly clearing Liver Flukes. According to her, Liver Flukes are on all raw veggies and harmless enough - until one is exposed to Isopropyl Alcohol. This agent causes the liver flukes to digest the lining around them, to then, reproduce in the digestive tract as real agents of concern. in other words. liver flukes are harmless, until exposed to rubbing alcohol, which cause the activation of the larva to come alive and then become harmful liver flukes.

So what I am taking now, instead of Humaworm, Hulda Clarkes zapping and or wormwood conception, is potent oreganal drops, from the wild mountains of Greece, google it on Amazon, to kill parasites.

If you decide to order it, please read carefully the reviews. It is so potent that is can burn holes in you skin. I carefully put 4 or 5 drops in a gelatin capsule and down it with a huge glass of water, and sometimes with aloe vera juice, inner filet only. This oregano oil will kill any parasite in the body, but has to be used regularly. Perhaps Humaworm will be just as good, but haven't used it, so don't know.

Keep in mind that when you kill any unwanted organisms in the body too fast, you might have a Herxheimer reaction, as such go slow..... If with children, I personally would use the Humaworm, and lots of water.......Oregano Oil is for the big timers.

Hope this is helpful!

EC: Thank you for the update! We have removed the editor's choice award...

Acute Pancreatitis Triggers
Posted by Billy ( Cook County, Il) on 05/13/2015

Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol.....stay away from alcohol at all is THE leading cause of acute pancreatitis. (I'm goin through an episode of it as I am typing this. Cause: Alcohol) lots of AVOIDABLE and UNNECESSARY pain. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL!

Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Lillie (Brooklyn, New York, Usa) on 12/21/2012

To Rebeccah from New York, New York and all the people: you should buy both papaya and aloe vera leaf fresh from grocery store, only when raw and unprocessed can they cure your pancreas, b/c only then they contain enzymes that your pancreas is lacking. Green unripe papaya contains more enzymes; on the other hand, ripe orange papaya has a lot of vitamin A which is also very healing, so use both, or choose medium ripe. Aloe vera leaf cut at base and place standing in a jar for an hour or so, to let all the juice leak out. You can use the juice to make a cosmetic mask for your face or your hair. Skin the leaf and use the inner gel. Place some papaya, some aloe vera gel and some water in a blender and make a smoothie. It doesn't matter the exact amount, make at least a cup 3 times a day, and take it separately from other food, at least 1 hour away. It's also very beneficial to relax and meditate, or just daydream after you have this drink. Health and happiness to all. Love and peace.

Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Clarence (Mumbai, India) on 10/25/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I was suffering from pancreatitis and was getting constant pain in the upper abdomen. The first thing was that I adopted a total vegetarian dies eating leafy vegetables, I lost a lot of weight suddenly over a span of six months. I then read of Aloe vera & papaya juice. I started taking 15ml each by mixing both the juices, twice a day for two weeks. My appetite & digestion has improved improved and I am on the road to recovery. It is a miracle potent.

Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Edvee (Los Angeles) on 12/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Aloe Vera and Papaya smoothie for Pancreatitis worked for me, but it must be fresh and also you must stay off meat and alcohol. Juice and eat very light. This means no heavy meals, no fatty foods and most of all no meats or alcohol. Strictly vegan and no dairy. If you consume dairy, it must be fat free. I.e. fat free yogurt. The papaya and aloe must be blended and drank 3 times a day for a week. Drink it an hour before your meal. Do not buy aloe or papaya drinks. This has to be fresh from the grocery store in order to work.

I was not getting better and by the third day on this regimen I started feeling a change. I also used grape seed extract, turmeric plus ibuprofen to bring the inflammation down. I am planning on following the low fat diet and no alcohol for the rest of my life. Please understand you must too, in order to get well. It is an adjustment but if you value your life, you have to make some positive changes. Good luck to all!

Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Kpoole40 (Atlanta, Georgia) on 05/07/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I started Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices last week and had been having problems for almost a year now. This is the first thing that has worked. Thank you all for the post! Please note that you should get "inner filet" aloe vera. I did the aloe vera juice last week, but am using the gel this week. The gel seems to be working better, but that's perhaps because I'm already a week into the regime. Although the gel makes the papaya juice thick and is a little unappealing. I just shoot it very quickly about 1/3-1/2 cup each, twice a day. The lady at the market where I get the Aloe Vera explained that the other (not "INNER FILET") makes your stomach cramp. Good luck to all. This has saved me!!!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Linda (Alpharetta, Ga) on 06/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I was very sick with pancreatitis from 1989-1992. I got sick with pancreatitis because I lived vegetarian and I ate too much fruit. Most fruit have a lot of sugar and now I limit it to usually 1 to a max of 2 cups per day. I have to be extremely careful with black berries and sweet fruits like oranges, peaches etc. And also with bread. I used to love French baguette or soft Pretzels.

I stay away from sugar, bread and everything that contains starches as well as alcohol and deserts, cakes etc.

Once a day I have a smoothie with a few strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, goat milk and stevia to satisfy my "sweet tooth". Otherwise I eat a lot of salads with lettuce and I add cabbage /bell peppers/carrots/tomatoes etc whatever is in my yard / fridge. My energy and concentration is best with a mixed salad and meat, like some chicken or fish, beef or lamb. In the winter time I cook often vegetable soups or miso soup to stay warm and I steam a lot of veggies. I eat goat or sheep cheese as desert to keep me longer satisfied. I drink lots of water and unsweet ice tea or hot tea. Once in a while I have a glass of dry wine. Unsweet black or green tea and lettuce is very good for the pancreas because of its "bitter" taste.

I also take every day twice baking soda mixed in water, which prevents beforehand any trouble with the pancreas. My salad dressing consists of organic apple cider vinegar, Herba mare (= salt herbmix available at health food stores or online) and flax seed oil (refrigerated).

Since I am on this "diet", I never had any trouble with the pancreas again, and my "genetically extremely high cholesterol level" has been normal ever since. This diet freed me also from weight problems and cravings.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jonathan. (RYDE, Isle of Wight) on 08/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have chronic pancreatitis caused by a gallstone lodging in the mouth of my pancreas and causing calcification. Two people have recommended organic and raw apple cider vinegar and having used this first thing in the morning. For the last month, I have found a remarkable change and no more pain. I was on morphine! The Braggs one has the mother in it and you must get this one. Good luck

Increasing Oxygen and Cellular Nutrition
Posted by Duane (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 10/20/2011

My 79 year old father was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 pancreatic cancer 10 months ago. They did a stomach bypass so that food could pass the large tumour and allow him to eat, and removed his gall bladder as it was visibly affected as well. They did not touch the pancreas as it was too involved at that point. He has not undergone any chemo or radiation.

He could not eat solid food for over 6 weeks and subsequently lost weight rapidly early on. He was one of the lucky ones that makes it home after the surgery and over a month without eating surviving off of IV. I had spent 2 months from diagnosis until post surgery release researching what to do. The standard medical process said they had nothing to offer him and basically sent him home to die, so we had no other options anyways.

I believe with all my body that at the root of all cancer, cancer cures and modern diseases are four main things: quantity of cellular oxygen, quality of cellular nutrition, type and amount of toxicity and level of acidity.

These things can be easily tackled in multiple ways. His entire protocol is centred around extreme increases in oxygen and nutrition and extreme decreases in toxins and acidity.

The Cancer Centres and doctors have all said "He should have been dead months ago and does not even appear on their results grid" His weight and energy is stable, he is getting stronger, eating normally, pain free, exercises and walks daily, sleeps well, has great color and is living an entirely normal life. He is entirely symptom free now.

I believe we owe his outcome thus far to his extremely positive attitude, prayers and an extensive natural protocol to address the four areas above.

Acute Pancreatitis Triggers
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/19/2010 383 posts

Atkins diet is based on acid forming foods and the pancreas is a large reservoir of alkaline substance. The pancreas needs alkaline substances to protect itself and thus the Atkins diet is likely to be one of the causes of acute pancreatitis. The remedy, I believe, is to rebuild the lost bicarbonates by taking baking soda, at 1/2 teaspoon two or three times a day [Ed note: mixed with 8 oz of water] after meals about 30 minutes. It takes about two weeks to notice improvement as the body tries to get the bicarbonate to its normal level. It should be noted that weight loss is due more to dietary intake of proteins rather then Atkin's diet per se. However proteins breakdown into amino acids, and the meat products are high in phosphate and they are cancer causing. If the body has insufficient ability to neutralize the acid causing meats, the pancreas get damage. This brings to possible autoimmunity disorder, where one methods I used to reduce them is taking some borax (boron) supplementation, such as 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of drinking water for one week. A daily dose of 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of water will help increase the salinity as a way of raising the body's immune system. Thereafter, once two weeks has passed, the baking soda should still be continued, to at least 2 times a day to keep the pancreas fully bathed.

If weight loss is desired, there is a much simpler protocol, just avoid the sugars, fats and carbohydrates. When Dr. Atkins died, he did have a high cholesterol level. So obviously fatty liver can be from high fat meats, and fatty liver can occur. Hence granulated lecithin 1 teaspoon twice a day is taken also to restore liver to it's normal state, by removing the fats using a fat emulsifiying lecithin. In any case if you want to market any latest weight loss fad, it has to be complicated enough that people will buy book, too simple is simply unmarketable. Weight gain is generally seen as too much sugar in the system is converted to glycogen and fats, and fats are simply that, the body has great difficulty converting fats to energy, while proteins has little or no energy content and hence doesn't make you fat in general. However, as in all sugar, carbohydrate and protein they make your body acid, and the first organ to go is the pancreas since that's the major organ that has the most bicarbonates and hence are sensitive to acid forming food.

In addition, there are key amino acid more directly lated to weight loss, these include, l carnitine and often taken together with alpha lipoic acid, but also glutamine and glycine, and now and then arginine and lysine. These are the common supplements I used for weight loss. Certain amino acid are inhibitory and act as appetite suppressant such as taurine and glycine. Some minerals are appetite suppressants such as boron that I see most often. I don't generally use excitotoxins such as phenylalanine as it tends to damage the nervous system and weight back come back with a vengence. That's cause these excitotoxins damages the nervous system by overexciting them. The same can be said for monosodium glutamate, in low amounts they increase appetite in high amounts they have opposite effect, but that damages the hypothalamus and causes lifelong obesity. This is why scientist inject MSG into weanling rats so they can become obese. The same effect is also true whenever vaccinations are given to babies and they sometimes do add monosodium glutamate into these vaccinations.

One particular mineral besides boron that acts as mineral appetite suppressant is the zinc. Preferably I used zinc acetate, other forms such as zinc sulfate tend to induce vomiting. I believe it's the sulfate, and can be found also in epsom salt such as magnesium sulfate. Some may not be effected, but quite many Thais here seems to initiate vomiting after taking them in two or three hours will initiate vomiting. Generally zinc acetate is taken for only 50 mg per day for only one week, then I just stop them so that there's no exccessive zinc buildup and may take it again whenever the need arise a month or two.

EC: Incidentally, Ted (aka Parhatsathid Napatalung) was just quoted in Dr. Sircus' newsletter yesterday on this very subject! Here's the link to the article entitled, "The Pancreas, Bicarbonate and Diabetes" Ted is quoted in the 2nd paragraph.

Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Nik (Mumbai, India) on 06/25/2009

Hello Lisa,

Im from Mumbai, India. I am having symptoms of pancreatitis...The gnawing pain radiating through the back..loss of apettite, indigestion etc. Trust me, the pain's horrible!. have had it for several days now. It has upset my entire schedule. Affect my work terribly.I'm doing Indian herbs ( Ayurved ) for a while now. Still there's little relief ( Ayurvedic takes time as it cures from the root ). After having read your story, I must say its a real miracle. And God almighty bless your sister. I have tried aloe vera juice a few days back. But i wasn't aware that even papaya juice helps. Can you suggest the dosage / quantity? Do i need to mix both together or consume them seperate?
Please suggest.


Chanca Piedra
Posted by DS (India) on 07/30/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Chanca Piedra is a life saver!

I woke up one day not being able to tolerate sweets. My blood sugar was going haywire. Nausea. Pain on left side radiating to back. Palpitations. Indigestion. Loose stools. Feverish etc. Research told me this was pancreatitis. Possibly caused by gallstone blockage. (It happens when there quick weight loss/gain.) I tried everything-ACV, Apple juice, baking soda, enzymes, aloe/papaya juice, lime juice...nothing worked. So got bhumiamlaki (chanca piedra). One cup of tea and could feel the gall stone blockage melting away!! The symptoms are fading now, even though apparently recovery can take up to 6 weeks.

Now I'm focused in healing - gymnema and neem help, aloe/papaya also helps along with Amla juice(Vit C) and activated charcoal poultices. Hopefully my pancreas will be brand new soon. But I will never be without my chanca piedra again. Hope this post helps others.

String Bean Juice
Posted by Glenda (Matteson, Cook County, Illinois) on 06/09/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Pancreas: As stated in the Heinerman's Encylopedia of Healing juices, "There is nothing better, I mean nothing better, than stringbean juice for the liver, spleen, and pancreas." I have used it according to instructions and it's so true! One woman in the hospital was told that they could not bring her blood sugar down and nothing was working, my daughter-in-law took her some juiced stringbeans and bam! The doctors said, "I don't know what happen but you can go home in the morning". No, she didn't tell them about the juice *_*

Acute Pancreatitis Triggers
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 12/22/2016 2084 posts

S: Since nutrient absorption requires a healthy gut, do finish the cleanse first. Depending on the severity of infection, you may need to rotate the herbal pancreas and herbal intestine formulas. You can rotate these on a daily basis. When things appear normal again, supplement a good Probiotic to maintain healthy bacteria which translates in good health all round.

Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Sri (Canberra, Australia) on 02/07/2013

Vit E 1 a day, VIt c 500mg two a day, grape seed extract 100 mg two a day, Papaya and aloevera juice, Grape juice(with seeds). If still symptoms persist add selenium and methionine.

No smokin no alcohol.

Food egg whites, vegetables, steamed fish

Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Lisa (Marshall, Texas) on 01/27/2016 6 posts

In answer to all the questions:

My sister took it until she was cured. Several days in hospital. She took it several times with in that year as needed for occasional pain but never has had an pancreatic issues again. My family purchased papaya nectar or juice and also vera juice. I am sure a health food store or grocery store has both available. I assume organic is better. Doesn't matter which papaya family, any kind of papaya is acceptable. Doesn't matter whether it is green or yellow papaya. Just the combination. 1/3 of a cup of each .. several times a day till pain and symptoms subside.

Take until pain subsides and take only as needed for prevention.

I don't know about the powder, our experience has been to combining the 2 juices, manufactured prepared and bottle separately. We mixed them equal parts of 13 each to create the drink that cured my sister. I pray it has helped you too.

I am so grateful that this remedy / cure continues to heal people.

Sun Gazing, Water
Posted by Sri (Singapore) on 01/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars


Guys I want to share a panacea solution. Please try sungazing in the morning within first hour of sunrise. It helped me get rid of pain in my stomach due to pancreatitis. Also reduces hunger. In addition to sungazing. Sun gives us vitamin D and other nutrients and also controls the pineal gland which is linked to pancreas and digestive system. In addition, I also suggest drinking 1.5 L water in morning and also agnihotra (google it). These 3 things helped me to be normal life again. Now I am pain free.

God bless you.

Sun Gazing, Water
Posted by Sri (Singapore) on 04/30/2013

Ok.... I figured this out after my first attack.

2. EAT SMALL AMOUNTS multiple times- large amounts put load on pancreas
3. Take grapefruit seed extract, Good Digestive enzymes, Turmeric
4. Don't take tea or coffee, especially after meals
5. I took tea with milk after heavy lunch and it caused an attack
6. Take activated charcoal capsules if you eat fats
7. Pancreatitis is progressive destruction of pancreas caused by acute pancreatitis attacks. So it important to prevent attacks at all costs.

You can live a long life if you follow this strictly.

Ayurvedic Remedies
Posted by Sri (Singapore) on 05/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Indian ayurveda CAN cure chronic pancreatitis :) Many have successfully done this in India. Fllow a pitta paciying diet. Drink 1.5 L cool water twice everyday. Cool shower. Keep everything cool. Drink coconut water. You will see improvment in 3 days. Diet is fruit pulp, vegetable pulp for 2 months. Avoid sour fruits. Many cases can heal pancreatitis this way. Drink 500 ml water around 4 hours after sleeping at night. I am seeing a HUGE difference. God bless you. Please send your blessings to me if this works :)

Acute Pancreatitis Triggers
Posted by Shawn (Youngstown, Ohio) on 06/09/2011

around 85% of acute pancreatitis cases are caused by alcohol... Whether long term abuse or a night of binge drinking. smoking can also aggrivate the pancreas.

i have had chronic pancreatitis since 2005. I have also been hospitalized around 40 times for acute pancreatitis. I did not drink but did smoke. it took six years of testing and hospitalizations before doctors in pittsburgh at UPMC determined what the root cause of my attacks were. I have pancreas divism. basically, the duct that pancreatic enzymes flow through to reach the duodenum does not work. my enzymes flow through an auxillary duct which is very narrow compared to the main duct. this duct becomes blocked and the enzymes flow back into the pancreas and actually start digesting the pancreas. pancreas divism is not all that uncommon and usually won't cause acute pancreatitis by itself. pittsburgh did dna gene testing and determined that I have a mutated spink1 gene. this gene along with the divism keeps causing me to have acute pancreatitis over and over. there is no cure but I periodically have stents placed into my pancreatic duct to ensure enzyme flow.

pancreatitis has become more common over the past 15-20 years, especially in men. for people who don't drink alcohol, diet is probably the main cause. a low fat diet helps to keep the pancreas from working too hard. also, foods that are more difficult to digest like red meats should be minimized. there's no need to go full on vegetarian or vegan, but just limiting the amount of all meats in one's diet will be beneficial.

also, there are supplements with pancreatic enzymes that are helpful. anything with amylase, lipase, and protease can be taken to help digest food and keep the pancreas from having to work too much.

diet and supplements are good starts and can really help minimize pancreatic episodes. however, pancreatitis is very serious and there is no substitute for medical care by a specialist... And not a GI doctor, a pancreas specialist. I actually know more about acute and chronic pancreatitis than my family doctor.

Aloe Vera and Papaya Juices
Posted by Rebeccah (New York, New York, Usa) on 10/24/2012

Lisa thank you for your post about Aloe vera and papaya juice and helping so many people in pain. I had an Ercp which triggered a severe pancretitis (3monts in hospital) and since then I have pain everytime I eat and actually the pain lingers all day and night.

I am anxious to start the papaya but I can see several options are offered and not the exact one. It is difficult to find organic papaya 100% juice, for ex. Lakewood has it mix with apple.

Did you juice it yourself ? Can you use the powder and make the juice ? Where did you get the Aloe Vera , the only one I found was with sugar at Wholefood.

Thank you so much for caring about helping others. We who are in pain really appreciate it. RebeccaH

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Amy (Sachse, TX) on 07/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I'm not sure about cellulite, but I'm sure if anything would work ACV would. I had horrible acne and started applying it straight topically and taking two table spoons internally daily. Also started applying it to my arm pits nightly. I had a horrible problem with deodorant not working after my first pancreatic attack. I now only have to apply deodorant once in the morning. No reapplying 3 or 4 times during the day. I noticed after about a week that I was using the restroom more regularly. Because I have Pancreatitis, sometimes my food does not digest properly. The ACV has also helped with this. I have never believed in anything the way I believe in Apple Cider Vinegar. It is inexpensive and good for you. So even if it doesn't work for Cellulite it will make you feel better over all. I have heard of people using ACV as a fat flush to lose weight. Maybe that is why it has helped with some peoples cellulite. Good Luck!!!

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Julian (Germany) on 06/26/2021

Was it actually possible for you to completely cure your pancreatitis with the tea? And how long did it take exactly? I have now also had my first Chanca tea. Thanks for the hint!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jessie (Riverdale, Md) on 08/23/2013

Definitely try the ACV. It is good for so many things. I give it to my animals when I think they need it. For a cat, 1/4 t. mixed in food would work. Or add it to his water, if he will drink it that way. My cats love the water left from a can of tuna. I am sure I could add the vinegar to that and they would take it. Jessie

String Bean Juice
Posted by Anne (New York) on 05/08/2014

Can you please tell me how you prepared the string bean juice ? Is it from fresh beans in a juicer ?

Sun Gazing, Water
Posted by Sri (Singapore) on 05/15/2013

Please try the fruit diet. You have fruits every meal. No cooked food. Occasional piece of cooked food is ok. Have papaya every meal since it has digestive enzymes. This will reduce inflammation and drink lots of water for detox.

Sun Gazing, Water
Posted by Art (California ) on 09/18/2014

According to the following study, they suggest that melatonin may be helpful for pancreatitis.


General Feedback
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 12/19/2012 2084 posts

Will_ashbless: Do the buffer mix first, then proceed to Papaya and Aloe Vera (which would go well together). Digestive enzymes (and all enzymes for that matter) cannot survive the acid environment. I have found Magnet Therapy very effective and immediate for Pancreatitis (which I get regularly). One 1hr treatment works for me. I have also had good results w/ the herbal P-14 formula.