7 Natural Remedies for Earaches


Posted by Mom2_3 (Balitmore, Maryland) on 06/05/2009
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my family friends son had an ear infection for nearly a year. They did everything imaginable to cure it and nothing worked. He had oozing green nasty stuff coming from his ear constantly. After many different painful and risky treatments, including thinking of taking out parts of his ear (10 hour surgery), they were referred to their last resort at John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore City. The doctor was stumped and gave them one last idea...he said this may or may not work but let's give it a try....use vinegar to irrigate the ear twice a day. After 2 months of that and then 1 month of once a day it was gone and has NEVER returned! VINEGAR!

Vitamin E

Posted by Juliana (Edmonton, Canada) on 03/17/2015
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I used garlic and HP for ear ache and never helped. In fact these 2 caused more pain than earache itself.

I use now, when my ear hurts, vitamin E in gel form and squeeze in my ear hole and pain stops right away. My family dr used to prescribe me antibiotics every time for earache, but I realized I start to have ear ache every time due to acidity in my body (candida). Thanks.

Posted by Kerry (Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada) on 11/22/2009
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Hmmm.... I don't know about sweet oil, but I've always used Vit. E oil when I have an ear ache. It's worked every time for me. I just open a 400 IU capsule of Vit. E, squeeze it into my ear and use an ear plug to keep the oil from leaking out.

Warmed Salt

Posted by Clyde (Kenai, Alaska) on 03/15/2008
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An old trick for relieving earaches is warm salt in a cloth heated in the microwave as you have or will read in the comments here. PLEASE be very careful when microwaving socks & clothe they can and will catch fire. 30 seconds at a time is plenty if not warm enough heat 5-10 sec longer.

Posted by Amanda (Burlington, CO) on 03/07/2008
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My son had an ear ache last night. somtimes ear drops can be painfull. Now he was already on medication for a cold( first dose given today). I gave him a pain reliever, but knew that would take time. So, I contacted my local hospital. The nurse on call suggested I place salt ( any amount) in a sock and heat it in the microwave. once making sure it wasn't too hot. I then put the sock under my sons ear while he was lying down. I placed about half a cup for one minute on high. There is no exact amount that would be right. enough to cover the ear while lying down. also a thicker sock is better than a thin one. Place an elastic band at the end or tie. Some will leak out, but totally worth it. After that my son only woke once more. I know the pain reliever helped. But the warm salt really helped sooth him.