7 Natural Remedies for Earaches

Cigarette Smoke

Posted by Margalit (Buena Park, Ca.) on 03/18/2010
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Yes, I've tried the newspaper rolled up and burned it at the end when i was pregnant and it took away my ear pain kind of scary but it worked for me.

Posted by Mom2_3 (Baltimore, Maryland) on 05/12/2009
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I suffer from severe allergies. Once again I gave into my doctor and started a course of antibiotics and steroids. I had the most drainage I have EVER had...I developed earaches in both ears. After 5 days on the meds and still having a lot of pain, I took myself back to the Dr. to make sure I didn't have an infection. I was right, no infection but still a lot of pain! I tried pain meds and that still didnt work. So as a last resort I was reading through your cures. I already tried the peroxide, so I gave the cigarette a try. I cut the cigarette in half and lit it. I placed the filter down in my ear and laid on the floor. I set the timer for 1 minute. I repeated for the other ear. YEAH...my pain went away and has not returned!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for putting, even the weirdest, natural cures on here :)

Posted by Diana (London, UK) on 03/02/2009
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I have very sensitive ears and everytime I'm exposed to wind blowing or just a simple air drought, especially after a shower, when my ears are still wet, I get ear ache almost instantly. Sometimes my tonsils ache and my neck becomes stiff. I suffered with this for years until a friend from Transylvania (no connection with you know who...) put a cigarette in my ear. It was unbelievable. I almost felt I had bubbles of air inside there and they were coming out one by one (that's the popping sound) and I can hear a whistle like the wind blowing through a crack in the wall. I tried to find an anatomical reason for this, but until now I couldn't. It definitely works, though and I gladly recommend it to anybody who suffers with this. It doesn't work on an ear infection, though. You will need antibiotics, I guess.

Posted by Renee (El Dorado, Kansas) on 06/04/2007
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Cigarette smoke gently blown into my ears instantly cures severe ear-aches that I get when my ears are exposed to cold or cool wind for too long. Since I don't get ear infections, I've no idea if this works for those or not. For prevention, I always wear the new version of ear muffs.

Coconut Oil

Posted by Jay (Toronto, Canada) on 01/25/2014
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If you want a solution to ear infections without the garlic odor use organic extra virgin coconut oil. It is antifungal, antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial like garlic. It also dissolves any hard wax build-up without the need for any other material. It is solid at room temperature but melts at 24 degrees C or 75 degrees F(DO NOT heat it). You can put a small fingernail sized piece just inside of your ear and if you are lying on your side within a few minutes the piece will melt and flow into your ear canal without any help . Leave in ear for at least 15 minutes(or as long as you wish) and then drain and wipe ear. Ideally do this with both ears. Doing this for each ear regularly will cure any minor infection and prevent a reoccurrence of any wax build-up problem.

Coconut Oil and Garlic

Posted by Shabbir (Bangalore, India) on 05/30/2008
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Ear Ache can be relieved almost instantly. Just warm a very small amount of coconut oil with a clove of Garlic cut into two in it. Do not over heat as the oil & the Garlic would be burnt.

Allow the oil to cool down to a warm level. Use a dropper to pour a drop or two into the ear while lying down. Lie down for a few minutes to allow the oil to go down deep into the painful ear.

Caution: Allow oil to cool to bearable level - use your cleaned finger to test. Do not use more than a drop or two of the warmed oil.

Do not worry this is a routine home remedy here in India.

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Hoppimike (Kent, England) on 06/06/2015
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Putting homemade Colloidal Silver in my ear once or twice a day got rid of my ear infection I believe. I just made it sloppily at home in mineral water. Not much else to say, but chalk up a success! :)

Ear Pick

Posted by Robert (Orlando, FL) on 01/03/2007
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I clean my ears every so often with a medical instrument called an ear pick, curette or ear wax scoop. About 25 years ago I did this but did not know the hazards of doing it without sterilizing the instrument. I got a severe ear canal infection which I got treated. Since then I have made it a routine to wipe off the ear pick with a tissue and then clean it with alcohol each time I use it. I haven't had any problem with it 25 years since even with regular usage. The other caution is do it gently, and to be sure to be away from any distractions (like children) where damage could be done to the ear drum by accidentally pushing it too far in. Those who say "nothing smaller than your elbow should be inserted in the ear" I'm sure mean well, but I find to be being unnecessarily overcautious assuming one takes the normal precautions with ear cleaning. Nothing else has worked like this, especially Q tips, which I found to aggravate the blockage. Ear picks can often be found at oriental markets.

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio
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Yes, I'm a believer in the ear pick. I HATE Q-tips. They just push the wax in, and it causes irritation, and more wax build up along with itchiness. The Ear pick actually pulls the wax out, but I have caused my ears to bleed before, and other problems,and that was scary. Now, I'm much more gentle and cautious about it.

The best thing to do is irrigate with a warm, purified water/hydrogen peroxide solution with a bulb syringe. Water is the best thing for your ears.

Replied by Leah
Friendswood, Tx
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I found that when I would use a q-tip, I had to twist it or the wax would get pushed into the ear canal to where it felt like I was deaf. Yay for the curette.

Ear Remedy Warning

Posted by Shari (Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada) on 04/27/2008
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A lot of the remedies listed here, mention warming solutions or onions or using hair dryers or hot water bottles. This is definitely very soothing when you are experiencing ear pain but can also be VERY DANGEROUS. As a nurse I was taught to never do this....here is the reasoning. If there is infection on the other side of your ear drum??? the heat will draw it out causing the ear drum to rupture and perforate. Scar tissue forms as the ear drum heals but a reduction in hearing will be noted. please be very careful when using any form of heat.

Fenugreek and Thyme

Posted by Tara (Provo, Utah) on 11/19/2007
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All throughout my childhood I had bouts of vertigo. Fluid would get into my ears, cross the ear drum and get stuck around the eustation tube. Recently, I had a severe bout that lasted almost a month. Decongestants and Meclizine would help but it would just come right back. I spoke with a good friend who is extremely knowledgable about herbs and she said she has had a similar problem. She uses a mix of Fenugreek and Thyme. She said its also good to use Pcynogenol as well. I have only been using the Fenugreek and Thyme mix but I have noticed a huge improvement. The mix of herbs is also good for general sinus clearing. Drink lots of water though because this will pull the fluid out of your body. Hope this helps!


Posted by Gerber (Tucson, Az) on 07/23/2017
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What I have done is take out the oil from two garlic cloves and dilute with olive oil and take a cotton ball and put one or two drops in my ears and bingo. I then put the piece of cotton and leave for a while or over night. Ear infections are gone with no antibiotics. It really works.

Posted by Steph C. (Missouri) on 03/07/2017
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Garlic for Earache:

This is what I do for my kids. Garlic clove crushed and warmed in olive oil. Once the oil smells garlicky I let it cool a bit and then place in the ear and have them lay down with a cotton ball in the ear for as long as they can (usually lasts 10 minutes before they get impatient). I usually do both ears for prevention. I will say I have only ever had to do this application once per complaint because it is so effective. My kids are very compliant with this treatment, also, because they know it is fast relief.

Replied by Art
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In reply to Steph C. (Missouri),

Your method also eliminates the chance of being burned by the potential for direct contact with the garlic clove which on its own is quite strong and capable of burning your ear.


Posted by Evash (Uk) on 11/30/2014
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I feel emotional - after trying everything to no avail in resolving uncomfortable itchy ear, I tried the olive oil and garlic ---- what can I say - it stopped immediately. And I want to give this a thumbs up. Thanks for sharing, now I feel better too.

Posted by Sunny (Ca) on 01/24/2014
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I use garlic for ear pain.

I cut up a garlic piece into slices 6 (I guess). I use olive oil, Im sure you can use other oils. I put oil in a spoon and some slices of garlic. I warm up the spoon. I take out of the fire, I get a small piece of cotton and absorb some oil with my cotton piece and place this warm oiled cotton piece in my ear and leave it in. I works awesome, down side it smells like garlic :S. Will be looking into more non smelly solution, like just using the olive oil instead. But this works so far...


Earthclinic rocks!

Posted by Lyn (Indialantic, Florida/ Usa) on 08/31/2012
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Yea thank you. My daughter called me from college in excrutiating pain and of course the student health clinic was closed and a holiday weekend. She had been to the clinic the day before for a severe sore throat and fever. They swabbed her and told her it was a virus..... She tried the crushed garlic in the olive oil heated and three drops in the ear, Fantastic within ten minutes the pain is almost gone, I can't thank you enough for this assistance as I am three hours distance from the school. Thankyou thankyou thankyou