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7 Natural Remedies for Earaches

Posted by Hippocrates (Odin, Missouri, USA) on 04/29/2012 9 posts
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Hello all, I have suffered from sinus problem my whole life. This often leads to ear infections (several times a year, certain times almost constantly). This causes some discomfort and dizziness, which can lead to falls and makes it difficult to drive sometimes.

Well, my child recently had an ear infection, then a high fever, which lead to Roseola and Hand/Foot/Mouth disease. Needless to say, I am a bit overly cautious in protecting myself from communicable diseases. During this time I had been suffering from an ear infection as well, which at this point I have kind of learned to live with, since doctor antibiotics have not worked (makes worse usually), and most natural treatments have gave minimal results at best. My ears have been popping, discomfort, dizzy, and if you wiggle your scalp using your facial muscles, you head a clicking in your ears.

So, to help protect myself from the baby, I started taking "something-C" (available in most pharmacies, can't say the exact brand name). It is basically 1000 mg of Calcium Ascorbate. I have been taking two a day, one every 12 hours.

Also, I've been taking a Zinc/Copper/Iodine gel cap (zinc and copper are as "amino acid chelates", and iodine "as kelp"). Zinc content is 50 mg, Copper is 2 mg, and Iodine is 53 mcg. I have been taking two a day, one every 12 hours.

I am on no other drugs prescription or otherwise, and not taking any other vitamins or supplements at this time.

Like I said, I was taking these to up my immune system from "Typhoid Mary". But 24 hours in, I started noticing that my ears were not popping, dizziness and discomfort was minimal. Day 2 it was even better. Day 3 I forgot to take, feeling better, and by day 4 symptoms were back to a great degree. I started taking again day 5 and by day 6 they were back subsided. Day 7 and 8 have been like normal.

I believe, like anti-biotics, that this should be taken for a period of time to totally clear up, and that my lapse in memory on the one day caused my flair-up. I am thinking of continuing for a month, just to make sure.

I am unsure of this form of vitamin-c's role in the equation, since I have taken it and regular C before and did not notice an improvement. I postulate that it is either the Zinc or Copper, as both are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Copper metal destroys these on contact by a currently unknown mechanism. The F. D. A. even approved its use in hospitals for these reasons.

If you have an allergy to Zinc or Copper, or disease where you can not take them, I am unaware if this would be safe for you in your particular circumstance.

But if you suffer from ear infections, I wanted to tell you what seems to be working for me that I have accidentally stumbled upon.

P.S. I have not been doing this currently, due to my experimentation, but usually, to help clean out my sinuses, I use a Neti pot, use the standard salt/baking soda solution, but I add less than 1 teaspoon of Xylitol and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to it, sometimes a few drops of 500 ppm Colloidial Silver to it, when I have it on hand.

But, the trick I do is, using your jaw muscles, make your ears pop repeatedly as you are pouring the solution in each side. You will feel a cool sensation in each ear, this is the solution going in each Eustachian tube. This will help clean them out and coat them with the solution which helps kill off the bad things hiding in there. Just a trick I have learned I thought I would share.