Top Natural Remedies for Dry Eyes - Internal and External Applications

Vitamins A, E

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Posted by Kayla (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/09/2011
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I've suffered from severe dry eyes, red, itchy, gritty eyes for years and I tried everything. I always had natural eye drops on my nightstand and throughout the night I'd have to wake up to put drops in my eyes. I had tried vitamin E and beta- carotene before but it didn't work. Well one day my husband bought Natural Vitamin E with tocopherols soft gels from GNC So before I went to bed I took four of the vitamin E capsules which total of 1600 IU and I took three soft gel natural vitamin A 8000 IU which would be 24000 IU and I put vaseline on my eye lids and around my eyes it is soothing, but of course I do not put it my eyes. By day three my dry, red, itchy gritty eyes are gone, and the swollen vessel in my eye is also gone! Also what helps is not drinking coffee because it is dehydrating , cut out sugar and flour for some people the eyes may be inflamed and they might try turmeric to reduce inflammation and then look at what your eating that caused inflammation.

Replied by Mihai
(Ploiesti, Romania)

Quick question: did you continue to take the vitamins the next two days after that first night or did you stop?

Replied by Kayla
(La, Ca)

I noticed a dramatic change after three days, and then of course I cut down my dose of vitamin A & E to recommended dose after one week of a high dose. My doctor told me NOT to ever use vaseline petroleum jelly around my eyes becaue of the petroleum is not safe. So I mixed castor oil, coconut oil and aloe vera oil together and put that around my eyes. Aloe Vera oil is a wonderful and miraculous healing oil, try it out.

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