Top Natural Remedies for Dry Eyes - Internal and External Applications

Vitamin B12
Posted by Cat (Lax, Ca) on 08/04/2010
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I'm fourty and I've been a vegetarian for 30 years
(I'm female 5'6 107 Indian/Indus valley AB and my period are every 22 days ) I've been suffering from dry eyes, thirst, and itchy skin ( there was a time when I couldn't even stand the sheets on my body. The doctor said that it was a bad winter. I recently started taking 10000 Mcg B-12 and I have noticed a dramatic decrease in itching! Prior to that I had to wear a serious oinment 2x a day morning /night, I also get acne monthly usually on my chin and menstrual migraines accompanied with vomiting and nausea so I usually at least drink juice during this time to keep some energy. Anyhow this started 6 months ago. The tests taken for diabetes, sojgrens, auto immune and liver diesease all have been negative. I was diagnosed with anemia, so I'm taking iron and drinking chlorophyll drink. I think I'm perimenopausal. The popular eye drop prescribed burned by eyes badly due to the preservatives. Even the chemical used at the opthamologist office burns my eyes and make them sore for a few days. I can use natural eye drops preservative free drops seem okay but it makes my eyes seem drier later in the day. My doctor suggested the tear punctual plugs in my lower tear ducts, tried it and it did not help. I just recently increased flaxseed oil cold pressed to three tablesoons a day and I do warm compresses on my eyes for some relief. The doctor suggested an eye gel with petroleum mineral oil for nights that only irritated my eyes and caused them to swell. But I have now run out of idea... I feel desperate because I'm aware of the dryness, and that scratchy gritty feeling and the eye discomfort wakes me up at night.