Top Natural Remedies for Dry Eyes - Internal and External Applications

Hydrosol Silver
Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 01/04/2016 109 posts

Dry Eyes:

Hydrosol silver worked for me after suffering for one week.

Also, at night, I applied coconut oil on outside lids and inside eyes. This helped with the grit build up. You may have to get up a couple of times in the evening to re apply, but it does offer some relief for sleeping.

Humidifier, Change of Location
Posted by Rhonda (Lakewood, Ca) on 11/29/2015

The symptoms of my dry eyes are watery eyes. I live in LA, where the air has been dry, hot, and polluted. I notice that every time I leave town to go up to Northern California, my dry eyes goes away. I've made about four trips this month to visit my mother and sisters. I also notice that using my humidifier has also made it all but disappear.

Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk
Posted by Lilypad (Australia) on 11/30/2015

Dry Eyes:

For those of you whose eyes are too sensitive to agree with anything (eg. castor oil), I highly recommend using coconut oil and coconut milk internally. I had very bad dry eyes for 3 nights, could not open my eyes when I woke up and stressing about the long term pain made it even worse. Also trying everything from OTC to natural remedies in my eyes all made them worse. I decided to eat coconut oil and drink coconut milk and eat a lot really healthy food, have faith in my body's natural healing and plenty of sleep for 2 days and my eyes have gone back to pretty much normal. Your body has a natural healing power with the right fuel and you need to have faith in it, too.

Good luck!

Alkaline Water Eye Drops
Posted by Jose (Walnut, California, Usa) on 11/22/2015

I would also like to know about alkaline drops for eyes, I have dried eyes but prescription eye drops don't do much for me. Thank you

Castor Oil
Posted by Sridhar (India) on 11/15/2015

Tell me in detail castor oil means which one? *hexane free? or pure organic cold pressed is enough?

Alkaline Water Eye Drops
Posted by Debbie ( Phoenix, Arizona ) on 11/03/2015

What are alkaline water eyedrops and how did you get them or make them?

Castor Oil
Posted by Jennysmom2 (Idaho) on 10/23/2015

Hi, I am glad you have found relief. I use castor oil in my eyes from time to time. I don't know about the other medications, but I just wanted to comment that Restasis contains castor oil. Just another example of drug companies trying to make money off of us when natural remedies are at our fingertips for pennies. Best wishes

Castor Oil
Posted by Joan (New York City) on 10/22/2015

I am 74 years old. I was diagnosed with blepharitis and dry eyes many years ago. Over the years I was noncompliant and never washed my lids with baby shampoo or used warm compresses. I rarely used natural tears. Since (a bad allergy season) June of this year my eyes worsened drmatically. They have been swollen, very bloodshot, with constant tearing..etc.

After 4 visits to the eyes doctors, and they prescribing Zylet, Restasis, Lastacaft, and too many other medications to list here, nothing brought me relief. I have been in touch with Dr. Yang of TheraLife Eye in California. She advised to stop using baby shampoo, that it is a detergent and more irritating to the eyes. I have also been taking Sea Buckthorn caps, Omega 3, Genteal Gel, and natural tears. I stopped washing my lids with baby shampoo.

Last evening, I dabbed cold press castor oil around my eyes. When I woke this morning the swelling and irritation was improved 75%. I will continue this, as it has brought me relief.

Castor Oil
Posted by Dookieisking (Nevada) on 10/11/2015

Try sea buckthorn seed oil blend. This will help moisten your entire body. I have blepharitis and styes very bad. They've given me every ridiculous drop and antibiotic imaginable. Nothing has worked as well for me as sea buckthorn seed oil in a pill form. This is an old Indian Areyvedic treatment from what I understand.

Castor Oil
Posted by Morgan (South Africa ) on 10/11/2015

Hi there, I would love to hear your progress with the castor oil. I had eye laser surgery 1 year ago and have been suffering with severe dry eyes since then. My symptoms are EXACTLY the same as yours: 1) no dry eyes during the day 2) eye lids glued shut in morning 3) if I move my eye ball before injecting. Eye drops into the corner of my eye, then cornea tears/rips I have tried all eye drops and nothing seems to work. I am DESPERATE!

Castor Oil
Posted by Beth (Queensland) on 09/25/2015

I was advise to use cold pressed, organic, hexane free castor oil, better if you can find it in a glass bottle. I also use Manuka honey drops three times a day, remove contacts first. I started with the castor oil on my lids, but now put 2 drops in each eye at night. It has helped, as my eyes are no longer stuck together in the morning. I tried IPL treatment, didn't help, and very expensive. Now taking Omega 3 capsules as well. I have been wearing contact lenses for more than 30 years. I have now heard that a remedy of coconut oil mixed with Frankincense and oil of lemon, on the eyelids. Will add that to my regimen...anything for relief!

Castor Oil
Posted by Hopeful (Seattle) on 09/03/2015

Find a homepathic pharmacy - they have castor oil eyedrop that is made for the eyes.

Alkaline Water Eye Drops
Posted by Rsw (Ohio) on 09/01/2015

Hi Rhonda,

Do you make your own alkaline water or is it something you buy? I have tried Dave's baking soda and water on the eyelids, which is helpful, but are you saying you put it into your eyes? Thank you for recipe or brand name. I have Sjogren's and would appreciate some relief.

Alkaline Water Eye Drops
Posted by Rhonda (Lakewoood) on 09/01/2015

Tried all other remedies listed and they worked better than prescription eye drops but chiro suggested eye drops made from alkaline water and they seem to work best. Every day eyes are getting better.

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by C (Hamburg) on 08/14/2015


I was wondering if you use Aloe Vera cream, drops or gel? Could you link the brand you use perhaps? Thank you...

Blood Serum Drops
Posted by Jt (Tucson, Az) on 07/25/2015

A natural treatment for dry eyes that your doctor can prescribe is blood serum drops. Your blood is drawn, sent to a compounding pharmacy and is specific to you. The recommended dose is 4 times a day, but you can use as often as you like. The prescription is a 6 month supply, which is in a individual syringes and must be kept in the freezer. A syringe can be kept for a week in the refrigerator, using 4 times a day last about 5 days.

I have been using the treatment for 6 weeks. At my check up I had moderate improvement, at only a quarter of the way through the prescription. Our blood serum carries stem cells, so effectively we are healing ourselves.

The blood draw was $40 and the prescription was $265, even though it is spendy, at $50 a month it is certainly worth a try.


Castor Oil
Posted by Jill (Chicago) on 07/24/2015

Castor oil has never worked for me. I've been taking fish oil for about three months but it hasn't seemed to have helped much.

Castor Oil
Posted by Ronald (Ca) on 07/07/2015

I tried various suggested cures for dry eyes, but they didn't totally work. Here is what I found that works for me.

I take a night guard (light blocker over the eyes), fold a paper towel in thirds, tear in half which now fits inside the blocker, lightly coat it with castor oil, saturate with water and put paper towel inside of blocker and over the eyes.

I also use lubricant eye drops in the eyes and that concoction lasts all night. In the AM I don't have dry eyes when I wake up.

Baking Soda
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 06/26/2015

Hello Rhonda,

Baking Soda for Eye Lids replaced need for eye drops...

That was my suggestion and really one of the best remedies I've come across; eye burning or eye irritation can cause havoc. Glad you found it effective.

As a reminder to folks...use a quarter teaspoon in a cup of water. Dissolve...then dab on eye lids....close eyes to do this. Then take a paper towel and wipe off, and reapply keeping eyes closed for a few seconds. The alkaline neutralizes the acid in eyes and that is very effective in lots of eye irritation cases.

Baking Soda
Posted by Rhonda (Lakewood, Ca) on 06/26/2015

Baking soda works much better than prescription eye drops for me. It lasts longer so you don't have to apply as frequently as drops and it is more effective as well. Stops tearing and more soothing. One eye seems to be cured while the other still gets watery. When that happens, I apply remedy to lid as someone on EC recommended. Then when it returns, I do it again. Much happier that I found this remedy.

Baking Soda
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 06/18/2015

Hello Heather,

Thank you for commenting on the Dry Eye method.

Pretty simple. I used to spend a lot of money on eye drops. It's now been four or five years since I've had to buy drops. I just use the Baking Soda on closed eyelids...dry off with a tissue and re apply. In my case I have diagnosed dry eye by an ophthalmologist. But the real agitator is the acidic condition of the body. Anytime I get too much acid producing foods, there comes the agitation. The acid on dry eye...ouch. So the Soda neutralizes the acid in the eye and I drink the rest to help alkalize in the body.

Please let us know how it works for you.

Baking Soda
Posted by Heather (Delaware) on 06/17/2015

I was so psyched to see that you drank the remainder of the water!!! Not only will it help but your body in alkaline dominance, but baking soda is one the ealiest known forms of chemotherap. Simple baking soda has the power to wipe out most forms of cancer. The government was so intent on keeping this information away from us that in 1913 the Rockefellers (same ones that own the national reserve and basically america) started and funded the American Cancer Assoc. to control all information we woukd receive. How sickening. I just made my brother start baking soda for cancer he was told waa aggresive, growing, he must start chemo n radiation immediatly etc etc...his last appointment they couldn't visibly see the cancer anymore...imagine that. Thanks for the info on eyes! Trying it right now. I use it for hair, exfoliating.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rhonda (Lakewood, Ca) on 06/13/2015

After trying the cures suggested on EC, I had to take the time to report how well they worked. My eyes first started tearing so much, it looked and felt like I was crying. My vision was blurry and the skin around was irritated. Then they started to feel like I had something in them so I went to the eye doctor thinking I had pink eye but the doctor said no and gave me some antibiotic drops since I insisted. They continued to get progressively worse. I started feeling pressure behind my eyes and they became sensitive to light and weren't focusing properly. I went to a different eye doctor who ruled out glaucoma and gave me more eye drops and a diagnosis of dry eyes. He said it was due to age and that I would have this condition from now on. The drops barely gave me any relief. I was very concerned about the future of my eyes.

Fortunately, I knew about EC and decided to give it a try. I used the remedies that were most accessible before going to bed: aloe vera and castor oil on eyelids, oil pulling, and honey inside bottom lid plus I drank a little apple cider vinegar.

The next morning, improvements were noticeable! Each day they continue to improve. The sun doesn't bother me. Computer and cell phone glare doesn't bother me. They get a little moist at times but no more tears or conjunctivitis symptoms and the pressure behind my eyes is gone. They occasionally do get a little dry and that seems to make them blurry when I'm reading and I wake up with one dry eye but that one was worse off to begin with.

I will try some of the other remedies if it continues. I didn't expect the remedies to work but desperate enough to try and I am glad that I did. Thank you posters and bless you for helping others like me.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Susan (California) on 06/04/2015

Don't use olive oil. Use castor oil.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Veronica (Ohio ) on 06/04/2015

I have been putting virgin olive oil around my eyes so some seeps in and my eyes feel great. I would love to put some directly into my eyes. Do you know how to sterilize the oil?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Paola (Canada) on 05/24/2015

To reply for the parasite in distilled water, you can safely replace the distilled water to a contact lens solution that has no chemical in it its the saline solution of baush& lomb for sensitive eyes. Found in different pharmacies .

Castor Oil
Posted by Norma ( Nashville, Tn) on 05/02/2015

I been awakening to dry, bloodshot eyes so I was very concerned with how my eye was looking... it wasn't good, so I looked up some natural remedies and this was it just what I needed, castor. so very happy thanks so very much. keep up the great work, k .

Castor Oil
Posted by Tabitha (California, US) on 04/13/2015

I've been using castor oil on my eyes for a while now. Really seems to help the lashes and the itchiness which I used to blame on allergies but now I realize is probably blepharitis/MGD. My opth confirmed that I have Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and am producing "sticky oil" that does not provide a good tear film. He put collagen plugs in my tear ducts but recommends cauterization?

Castor oil really helps but I am wondering if anyone has any good info on how to solve the MGD? I am not even 40 yet and I thought this was something you only got with menopause :( Any advice?

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Ann (Sussex, Uk) on 04/03/2015

Reading these comments has helped me tremendously on my search for health for my watery eyes and stinging lids. Castor Oil worked wonders and did reduce bags! Acupuncture was helping a lot, but I was curious my acupuncturist was treating skin and lungs. Finally went to eye clinic in hospital to see if tear ducts were draining properly. Verdict - wasn't dry eye at all, but dermatitis! very relieved and amazed that all but my acupuncturist were missing the point. I thought the red skin was from very abundant tearing of eyes. So before surgery or anything drastic, look at the pages of this website to see if contact dermatitis explains your symptoms better - I know, sounds counterintuitive, but applying 50/50 cider vinegar (with mere) and water has reduced the redness and tearing has all but stopped. I agree about coffee - try to avoid it, same with sulphates (in wine). good luck.

Castor Oil
Posted by Marg (Ontario, Canada) on 04/01/2015

Do you need to refrigerate the castor oil after opening?

Castor Oil
Posted by Elias (Ga) on 03/23/2015

Keep using this. I have had the same problem and my eyes are 100% better, I use this every night, 2 drops in each eye and put the oil under my eye lids and over my lids. This works, just give it some time.

Castor Oil
Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 03/23/2015

The reason they put - do not put in eye - on castor oil bottle is because the manufacturer is required to do that if they don't want to spend extra money on testing. Castor oil just feels greasy, otherwise you generally feel nothing. It's pretty safe.

Castor Oil
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 03/22/2015

I'm putting it on my eyebrow first night -no reaction* eyelid and eyebrow second night- no reaction* eyelid eyebrow and circle around eye third night - no reaction* fourth night put some in corner of eye to get some on the eyeball- no reaction* next drop some right into the eye. Better safe than sorry . Keep trying and you will find out what works for you.

I have tried what the doctor prescribed for other issues and been suffering, so this isn't so bad

Castor Oil
Posted by Marcin (Toronto, Canada) on 03/22/2015

I am also confused. I was wondering if I could try it for my cataract. Some people on EC reported bad results, like getting conjunctivitis. One person wrote that one should not apply castor oil to the eyes when it comes in a plastic container.

Castor Oil
Posted by Patel1947 (Marquette, Mi) on 03/22/2015

The Home health brand says not to put it in your eyes! How come everyone's putting it in their eyes? Any long term side effects?

Coconut Oil
Posted by C. (Charlotte, NC) on 03/15/2015

My eyes are dry, especially my right eye. I wear contacts as well as glasses. (Mostly contacts, extended wear.) My eye doc once asked me if I sleep with my eyes open. I asked why and she mentioned something about dry eyes. That was years ago.

I had read about coconut oil being used in the eyes for parasites and even though my condition was different, I felt like it wouldn't hurt to put coconut oil in my own eyes. I did some research and decided to go ahead. I opened a fresh jar of coconut oil (organic unrefined), washed my hands, removed my lenses, got a clean spoon, and scooped out a tiny bit with the tip of the spoon.

Coconut oil melts pretty much as soon as it hits skin so I thought it should melt quickly in my eye as well. (I keep my unopened jars of coconut oil on the floor in my office so the oil is usually more on the solid side.)

I went into the bathroom (better lighting though I didn't really need to see anything) and held my head back. Then I realized I didn't want to put the spoon in my eye so I put a little oil on the tip of my clean finger. I kind of swiped my finger in my eye just enough to get the oil in without actually touching my eye with my finger. It felt soothing then it burned a tiny bit. Not in a bad way, much the same as when I use my saline to flush my eyes when they feel dirty or gritty after returning home from being out all day.

I used a cotton swab to swipe lightly across my eyeball, in an effort to remove any dirt or debris that might be present. Then I added more oil and rolled my eyeball back and forth a few times, to make sure it got under my eyelid, etc. After a while, it felt really good. Then I did the other eye.

The downside was that the oil left a film on my eyes, which meant I had to wear my glasses so I didn't get the oil on my contact lenses. I didn't know how long it would take for the film to subside but I knew I didn't want to oil up my lenses. Luckily I didn't have to go anywhere the next day.

Since then, I do it whenever I need to soothe my eyes, when they get red or feel too irritated from my contacts. I always try for a time when I'll be able to wear my glasses for at least 24 hours.

I still have dry eyes but when I use the coconut oil, it is very soothing. I'm not sure if using the oil more often would eventually "cure" me of dry eyes. Maybe if I didn't rely so much on my contact lenses.

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, AU) on 02/09/2015

Dry eyes and post-Lasix surgery, both my sister and step daughter were advised to use capsules of hyaluronic acid for approx. 6 mo. to alleviate the dryness.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Kenneth (Illinois, US) on 02/01/2015

I just found this article about using coconut oil in eyes.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Kenneth (Illinois, US) on 02/01/2015

If you use eye drops. You can put one drop of coconut water in each eye then drink the rest. They do this to remove cataracts. I have used it myself and it did not hurt.

Castor Oil
Posted by Atul (Maharashtra, India) on 01/27/2015

Put some drops of honey in your eyes. You will fill irritation for few sec. and your eyes will become red but don't fear. It will sign of increase blood circulation in your eyes.After some time you will fill cool.This remedy is very useful for eyes.It has no side effect, no harmful.I always use the remedy for eye's health.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Glynis (Springfield, Mo) on 01/16/2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you. My eyes hurt so bad I could barely read the instructions. Could not figure out if I was supposed to use recipe as an eye wash or wipe my eyelids with it. Tried as a wash (burned) added two more parts of water (still burned) then wiped on eyelid (did not burn). I continued wiping my eyelids with the solution and received soothing. Eye are still somewhat sore but will continue to use. Thank you to Earthclinic and all who reply and read. Thank you.

Frankincense and Lemon Oil
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 01/05/2015

I have suffered from dry eyes with itchy eyelids and goop forming in my eyes for over two years and was prescribed various eye drops from my VA Dr's to keep my eyes lubed, "treat the symptoms and not the problem" is the way Dr's do medicine today. Finally, I went to a older OP Dr who told me that my dry eye was called Blepharitis (blef-uh-RI-tis) and commonly occurs when tiny oil glands located near the base of the eyelashes malfunction and clog. This leads to inflamed, irritated and itchy eyelids. Several diseases and conditions can cause blepharitis but in my case it was caused by microscopic mite, partying in my oil glands and clogging up the lubricating process.

He prescribed a new essential oil towlet that contained Tea Tree Oil with other compounded to whip my eyes with 2x/daily, but after 2 weeks of use, my eyes looked sunk into my head and the chemicals in the towlets dried up my eyes so back that I didn't finish the 30 day supply.

Now to how I cured myself. I beleive in the healing properties of plants and hit the research books to which plant oils are safe for use around the eyes. What I came up with is Frankincense and Lemon oil. Here is my recipe:

*one teaspoon coconut oil

*10 drops frankincense oil - properties as an antiseptic, disinfectant, astringent.

*10 drops lemon oil - properties are anti-infection, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant.

Both oils are used in womens beauty creams so dont be scared of using them. (NEVER put essential oils in eyes! )

Mix until uniformed in a small glass or ceramic dipping bowl.

Using your clean finger apply mixture around your eye (but not in it) cover top and lower skin of your eyelids. Then around the eye socket, over nose bridge and down your nose and over your eye brows. Do this at night before bed for 14 days. Cured and I must say my eyesight is much sharper today. Ca'nt explain that one.

Castor Oil
Posted by Jill (Chicago, IL) on 12/22/2014

I just started using castor oil last nite after researching and stumbling upon Earth Clinic. Did you feel immediate relief or did it take a few applications?

Posted by Danny (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/22/2014

I've discovered that my dry eyes are hardly dry at all when I wake up in the morning as long as I eat Raw Sauerkraut. It has to be the Raw Sauerkraut form, not the regular kind you but at the supermarket. That kind can increase yeast, the raw kind actually helps to kill yeast. Raw Sauerkraut can be bought at health food stores and farms.

Castor Oil
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 10/07/2014

Rebecca --- yes it is perfectly fine. I use it myself mixed with VCO. It removes eye diseases. One post here recently was by a lady who was cataract free after three years using it about five days a week.

Namaste, Om

Castor Oil
Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 10/07/2014

The unknown is scary isn't it... lol

Your eyeball will just feel greasy otherwise you won't feel a thing. it's safe. 10 seconds after you do it, that fear will disappear. So go ahead.

Castor Oil
Posted by Rebecca (Redmond, Wa) on 10/07/2014

I just bought cold pressed castor oil. Nervous about how thick it is and putting it in my eyes. Do you know if this is safe ? How are your eyes now ?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 10/07/2014

How old are you and what kind of joint pain is it ?

Unless injured, joint pain means you have an infection.

As an aside, I have had ME/CFS since very young. I have an upregulated immune system. I rarely got colds but had many internal infections.

That vitamin C should be OK but you may have to test many things to see what works.

There are many things to try for joint pain

Look into

1200 GDU ENTERIC Bromelain capsules.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Earthling (Usa) on 10/06/2014


The Vitamin C I take is a complex, but it says that the C portion is ascorbic acid. It also has Rutin and lemon bioflavanoid complex. Is this C complex worth taking, or would I be better off with something else? Thanks!

P.S. I'm taking it hoping for some joint pain relief. My immune system is pretty strong; I go years without a cold, so unlike many people, I'm not taking it for immune support.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 10/06/2014

We need to specify which component on vitamin C addresses a specific health condition since there are many vitamin C supplements that are very narrow in their active forms.

Someone will say that vitamin C works for this or that condition. Another person may try vitamin C and it doesn't work. But we wouldn't be able to know if the vitamin C was the same complex.

Or maybe we need to start saying "Vitamin C Complex" instead of just "vitamin C".

As Bill pointed out - Vitamin C is not ascorbic Acid.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jamie (Australia) on 10/05/2014

I have been cured of dry eyes now for several years. As a disease, it can really mess with your life. Physically, emotionally, even socially, it can be very distressing.

As others have mentioned here, natural cures for dry eyes can include fish oils, drinking more water, reducing caffeinated beverages and more.

My solution for dry eyes included some of the above plus the following which are key:

- balanced hormones. There are plenty of studies that point to imbalances between key hormones leading to meibomian and lacrimal gland dysfunctions. Menopausal women are especially susceptible to this.

- a balanced, whole foods diet. Cut the processed foods, add a detox. It works very well if you can stick to it.

- Vitamin C + magnesium. Again, studies and Opthalmology reports indicate Vitamin C is very beneficial and magnesium is not only of benefit to eye health but also a lot of Naturopaths secret weapon.

Palmitoeic Acid
Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 09/19/2014

The active ingredient in Sea Buckthorne oil is Palmitoleic Acid(PA) or Omega 7. Primeval seems to be one of the few brands with at least 50% or more of PA in each capsule. Other brands contain just 33% to 35%.

Since taking this brand, my chronic dry eyes are no more. It can work pretty quick also. My eyes seem more comfortable.

I have also seen a few positive reports on blepharitis also.

Palmitoleic Acid (Omega 7) seems to address a broad range of problems. They have a medical test that measures inflammation in body called CRP. In studies, it cut the value of CRP in half. Anecdotal reports suggest it has broad ranging effect on body.

It should be experimented on any problem which involves dryness.

Mouth Guard
Posted by Ruralgirl (Texas, US) on 08/29/2014

I found a mouthguard for just a couple of dollars at a sports store that you boil to soften and then bite to make a custom fit.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by KT (Usa) on 08/19/2014

Hi Elodie, Diet has a lot to do with the problem of dry eyes. To make a very long story short of my experiences and what I have learned, spinach is the answer, but not raw. The best is the canned, without salt. That opposes what the majority are pushing but I used to wear contacts and eating that spinach helped promote the lubricant tears in my eyes. At the same time I was in the process of learning about hidden sources of MSG so I had been weeding those out of my diet too. The flowing agent in table salt is one. I use sea salt. Hope this helps you.

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 08/19/2014

Please read up on cold pressed castor oil. Namaste, Om

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 08/19/2014

Elodie (Melbourne) dear Elodie, read up on Palma Christie which is a website on Edgar Cayce's healing remedies. Use it just to improve dry eyes and eyesight. My two dogs who are older have dry eyes. One of them has now shiny eyes and with time it will reverse cataracts or at least stop progression. On EC people have reversed cataracts but that takes about three years sometimes. Five days on, two days off. I also read that it favours eyelash lengthening. Put on the eyes it helps with deep sleep. Cold pressed castor oil is very good for aging skin and many conditions that is why it is called Palma Christi. Namaste Om

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Diana (Dresden) on 08/19/2014

Hello, I suffer from severe Dry Eye Syndrome since one year. And by the time I started to feel the discomfort and annoy at my eyes I was on a strict (but very varied and healthy) diet due to GERD. Thus I was not allowed to eat any fruits or vegetables, not to mention coffee or spicy food. And I still started to feel the effects of Dry Eye Syndrome. What I want to point out is the fact, that the dry eye has nothing to do with the fact, that you eat some fruits or drink coffee once in a while. And one more thing: Omega3 pills have just Placebo effects. Try not to take them a whole month, and you'll see that nothing has changed. You feel the same with or without them. Sad, but true. Keep trying other remedies, although I'm about to give it up.

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Diana (Dresden, Germany) on 08/19/2014

Hello, I suffer from severe Dry Eye Syndrome since one year. And by the time I started to feel the discomfort and annoy at my eyes I was on a strict (but very varied and healthy) diet due to GERD. Thus I was not allowed to eat any fruits or vegetables, not to mention coffee or spicy food. And I still started to feel the effects of Dry Eye Syndrome. What I want to point out is the fact, that the dry eye has nothing to do with the fact, that you eat some fruits or drink coffee once in a while. And one more thing: Omega3 pills have just Placebo effects. Try not to take them a whole month, and you?ll see that nothing has changed. You feel the same with or without them. Sad, but true. Keep trying other remedies, although I'm about to give it up.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/19/2014

Elodie, read up on Castor Oil.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elodie (Melbourne) on 08/18/2014

Please help! I just recovered from a bad case of conjunctivitis for which I used green tea bags. The conjunctivitis disappeared but now I have an extreme case of dry eyes- every morning I am literally having to peel them open. I suspect that the caffeine in the green tea has dehydrated them. I have been using some homeopathic eye drops for dry eyes but these have made no difference, and I have tried aloe (no difference) and flax, coconut oils. I am freaking out that I have caused irreversible damage. I do tend towards dry eyes but this is just unbearable. Any advice would be welcome! Thank you.

Castor Oil
Posted by Janice (Ontario, CA) on 08/15/2014

I got rosewater, but not sure if my eyes would like, it is pretty strong, I've used Castor Oil a long time now, my retinas look weird, and still dry as hell, but eye doctor's just lie out of their bloody teeth, and apparently to them my eyes look fine. But after getting Mydfryin one day at a doc's office, my pupils were large for 2.5 weeks. Not one doctor at that office knew occasionally that happens, yet my doctor knew some guy tremors and heart problems from eye ointments though....(strange)! I can't even use Natural Tears, hate Refresh, gotta make my own saline solution, but using spring water, and not the Himalaysian Salt this time. I'll try the Black Cohosh. My eyes didn't take to the honey with ACV though. It's freaky how many people have eye problems from eye ointments, and toxic products like Purex and wood stain paint, yet the "doctor's" (eye doctor's) are NOT allowed to talk about that, and quite honestly they know shit according to me!

Fish Oil
Posted by Timh (KY, US) on 08/15/2014 2063 posts

@Wayne: Good to hear of your success.

If I might add, the dosage of omega 3 EFA you are taking seems very high which would indicate something more needs addressing like inflammation and immunity. Some general detoxes & cleanses would help.

For the moment, to protect & enhance the precious Fish Oils add Selenium and Mixed Tocopherols Vit-E. Also, in cases of severe inflammation when EPA's are insufficient, add the much more powerful esterified EPA Celedrin. Adding these nutrients should reduce the fish oil dosage.

Fish Oil
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 08/14/2014

..and fish products are not radio active??

Namaste, Om

Fish Oil
Posted by Wayne (Andrews, IN) on 08/14/2014

My eyes were becoming dry to the point a blister appeared on my eye. My wife suggested seeing the eye doctor, grudgingly I agreed. The Doctor asked me if I had arthritis and I told him my shoulder hurt and to raise my arm over my head was difficult. He informed me that the material in my shoulder was similar to the makeup of my tear glands and my immune system was attacking both.

He brought out a couple packets of flaxseed oil and told me this might help. Well I was already taking 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil and 3 tablespoons of codliver oil a day. I decided to take 20 tablespoons of codliver oil a day because he reinforced my initial efforts and I thought this was the proper course. I thank god to say my eyes started watering and my shoulder quit hurting.

I eventually changed to sardine and anchovy fish oil capsules because they were cheaper ($5.00 for 150 capsules). The dose of 40 capsules a day. Each capsule contains EPA 180 mg and DHA 120 mg. The capsules didn't agree with me for some reason so I would chew the capsules and spit them out. There is no fishy taste for me I have been doing this for several years now with consistently good results. I have tried reducing the dose but 40 a day works for me. You need to experiment to find the proper dose.

If you talk to people who grew up in the 1930s and 1940s they were given codliver oil everyday by their parents. Obviously the parents knew of the benefits or were simply carrying on tradition but their children ended the tradition not realizing the benefits afforded them because they were ignorant and or the taste wasn't pleasant.

Posted by Ben (London, Uk) on 07/09/2014

I look at a computer screen for approx 10-12 hrs a day and I get very dry eyes. The best natural remedy I find is to eat 1x raw carrot per day. This is the best natural remedy I have used.

Cheers, Ben

Castor Oil
Posted by Kelly (Oregon, Usa) on 06/04/2014

Castor oil does NOT contain "ricin".

The castor seed contains ricin, a toxic protein. Heating during the oil extraction process denatures and inactivates the protein.

Castor Oil
Posted by Miracles (Santa Monica) on 05/20/2014

Hi Ignatz, you can purchase Castor Oil from Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy or Pharmaca in Brentwood/Pacific Palisades or the Santa Monica Coop. Also, I've added another protocol to the system - a humidifier at night. Good luck!

Castor Oil
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 05/14/2014

Hi Joan,

Do you put rose water in your eye or on your eye lid, or do you drink it? Is it the kind you buy in any store? Thanks.

Castor Oil
Posted by Joan (Cardiff) on 05/14/2014

It's rose water that is most effective for eyes, not castor oil. It not only soothes eyes but relieve you of any pain.

Mouth Guard
Posted by Chad (Lincoln/me) on 05/07/2014

I was wondering if you could post more info on how to talk to my dentist about the mouth guard info.

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Terry (Connecticut) on 04/23/2014

I had such horrible dry eyes. My vision was so blurred and I was getting no help from drops or ointments. When I went for an eye exam they had to reapply the drops a few times because they were so dry and itchy. I read your suggestion to use aloe Vera gel on the lids......I cannot believe how wonderful my eyes feel. Thank you.

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 02/24/2014

To Schwabbie;

And not only coffee but acidic foods of any kind. I've noticed that if I eat the fruit papaya that the burning/dry eye is not so severe.

Papaya is just miracle stuff.

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Schwabbie (Fontana, Ca) on 02/24/2014

I also notice that I can count on a dry eye episode if I drink coffee, caffeinated or not.

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 02/11/2014


So sorry to have missed your anoint the outside of eyelid with the aloe vera. Also you can use a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in quarter glass of water...the alkaline of either will neutralize the acidic eye.

Again, apply on outside of eyelid.

I usually apply and wipe off and then reapply. If you think your fingers might be even slightly oily use a paper towel to perform application.

And remember, the acidic foods are what is at work in causing the dry my experience 90 percent of all my burning eye/dry eye condition is related to coffee and eating spicy products.

Aloe Vera, Avoid Coffee
Posted by Eileen (Summerville, Sc) on 01/28/2014

I'm sorry to sound dense, but do I apply it to the inside of my eyelid or on the outside of my eyelid? I have two aloe plants and can use fresh, pure aloe. I'm hoping this will work for me. I had lasik surgery, and now my eyes are so dry and the lasik is not working. It's been 6 months since the surgery.

Castor Oil
Posted by Vera (Connecticut) on 01/26/2014

if you read carefully, he is just describing the 8 oz bottle to buy... use 2 drops every night in you eyes and you will get over a 1000 doses in 1 bottle... this is why DRs dont tell you this... they would make NO money!

Castor Oil
Posted by Liz (Boston, Massachusetts) on 01/15/2014

You can buy a dropper separately. That's what I did. Most of the big chain pharmacies have them in the eye care section.

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 01/14/2014

Greetings Steve from N.J.,

I have another help for dry eyes; at least it sure helps me. Dry eyes have been such a plague to me over the years.

The very best thing that I've found is to take a half teaspoon of baking soda in a half glass of purified water and dissolve of course. With clean finger tips or paper towel just dab onto closed eyelids. Wipe clean and re-apply. The alkaline topical soothes the burning eyes. Almost instant relief. My dry eyes come, I believe, from an acidic condition overall and I can correlate the "burning eyes" to too much coffee or other acid foods, eg hot pepper salsa.

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