Top Natural Remedies for Dry Eyes - Internal and External Applications

Fish or Flax Seed Oil
Posted by T (Dumont, NJ) on 04/19/2008

I have suffered from mildly dry eyes for years. I recently started wearing contact lenses (after years w/o them) and found it nearly impossible to remove them. Eyedrops did not help at all. My eye dr. also did a test for dryness and said my eyes were not too dry for contacts... Well, I was practically scratching my eyes out every night trying to remove them. It was horribly painful. Incidentally, I tried taking one fish oil pill/day for another ailment and, bingo! --My dry eye disappeared in one day. My contacts have come out normally every day since. Flax oil pills also work, but I prefer fish oil. (p.s. Consuming coconut oil & oil pulling w/ coconut oil did nothing for dry eyes, in case you were wondering about the possibility of this)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by E'Leighne (Compton, California) on 03/04/2008

... I just started taking 1T cider vinegar every day in my water for about 2 weeks. I noticed my eyes are not as dry in the mornings as they usually are.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Charlotte (Marietta, GA) on 03/29/2008

Oil pulling helped my dry eyes and stopped up nose. I have been doing oil pulling for 6 months now.I usually have a glass of lemon water but no food first thing in the morning. Then I use about a tsp of organic sunflower oil and "pull" for about 15-20 min. Then I brush my teeth and start my day.I used to have very dry eyes especially when wearing my contacts and my nose got stopped up easily depending on what I was eating. Now I don't have trouble with either one of those things. However when I stopped pulling the symptoms reappeared, so I am back to pulling every morning and just know it is a part of my routine. While pulling, I read my email, feed my pets, fix my tea and I'm done. The benefits are great and it becomes a habit when you fit it into your routine. This web site is so great!! Thanks!

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