Muscle Cramp Remedies


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Posted by Ken (Saint Louis, MO) on 07/17/2009
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Horseradish works great for Muscle cramps, headaches, and ulcers. I eat a spoonfull with a glass of water and the cramps go away in a minute and do not return.

Hydrocortisone Cream  

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Posted by Anna (Philadelphia) on 08/06/2013
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Hydrocortisone Cream for sufficient temporary relief of spasms and overworked joints/muscles

I was rear ended in a car accident when I was 24. Since then I have been dealing with sharp stabbing burning pains in my neck. After 2 years of pain management my doctor has exhausted all techniques. Until one day he put his finger in the dip in my shoulder. INCREDIBLE PAIN surged, I felt like I lost the ability to stand or sit upright. After finding this out there isn't much that is able to be done about the horrible sensations that start in my shoulder and shoot to my neck. No prescribed external topical applications have been successful.

One day I was in so much pain I just started throwing different creams on myself. Surprisingly, I found that hydrocortisone cream temporarily relieves these neck spasms long enough to "forget" about it and move on to something else. I would say it's an aid to help me relax.

At first I had to apply frequently because I was so stressed from the pain itself. But used less eventually. Keep in mind that a hot shower stream of water beating on my neck caused "white light" ten out of ten pain that took me to the ER because I freaked out.

So I suggest applying this to a very sensitive painful area of the body due to deep debilitating muscle spasms. It really helped me get past the pain long enough to distract myself with normal activities.

Replied by Judy

Have you ever seen a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist or "trigger" therapist. The right professional will release that place in your neck. May take several treatments since you'd had it so long.

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Ms Peggy (Sacramento, Ky) on 10/03/2013
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I don't know why it works, but read some where about using peroxide for muscle spasms. After suffering from them nearly every night for many years, I decided to try it. Rubbed a small amount of peroxide on the area of the charlie horse, and praise be it worked. They didn't come back the rest of the night. While pickle juice, and mustard do tend to help, I have to repeat fairly often. Now I keep the peroxide close by.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Ms Peggy from Sacramento;

My understanding of how the H202 is working to relieve leg's muscle spasms is simple: spasming may be lack of oxygen. Others deficiencies... Such as lack of magnesium can also cause spasms. But you got it right and found peroxide worked.

But go one step further. The spasms and the fact that extra oxygen helped is a possible warning for you. You might have oxygen deficiency in your system. I take Natural (not synthetic) vitamin E to help deliver oxygen throughout the body... Especially muscles. Remember the heart is a muscle.

So the point is this: If you were having muscle cramping for years and if the hydrogen peroxide helped, then you might be oxygen depleted and that is dangerous most importantly for the heart.

Vitamin E (which is refined out of virtually all our grains) is essential to oxygenate muscles. I've taken 800 iu daily for about 40 years. E does 20 different things in the system. By taking E, I don't have to take an aspirin to thin my blood, for instance. By taking E I don't worry about cholesterol levels, because nothing is sticking to arteries, the E coating the veins and arteries. By taking E I know there will be no sudden heart craved spasm of my heart... instant death.

Remember the heart is constantly working and of all the muscles the one you cannot afford to have spasm!

Natural E is called "d-alpha tocopherol" and you get it in health food stores ... not in drug stores which sell the synthetic.

Start with 200 iu daily and over a few months increase to 400 and then go to 800. E will dissolve existing plaque formation so the slow start up of E is better so there is not a sudden release of a clump of plaque.

Glad you found a solution,


Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation  

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Posted by Ginny (NY, NY) on 02/19/2008
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Hello. I wanted to give you an update for another hydrogen peroxide inhalation cure. I wrote in a couple of weeks ago about how it stopped my flu in its tracks after a few hours (yes, I never got sick). Well, last night while I was asleep, my left neck muscle and shoulder blade went into a spasm. It was very painful and even more so when I got up in the morning. I went around yelping like a dog every time I moved my head or left arm. Anyway, after a few hours of this, I suddenly remembered that Bill M had written about how he used his remedy to stop a muscle spasm. I got out my little sinus spray bottle filled with h202 and did 6 quick squirts into my mouth (I like to hold my breath as long as possible after I spray and then spit out the left over peroxide). The excruciating pain jolts went away almost immediately and my neck and shoulder were back to normal after a few hours. Actually I can't tell you how long it took because I forgot about it until tonight when I realized that not only did I have no pain, but I had full mobility of my neck! I have had this same spasm occur lots of times over the years and it usually takes a good 2-3 days to recover. I LOVE THIS REMEDY!

Replied by Ramona
Greater Boston, MA
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Muscle spasms/leg cramps

In the middle of the night, I am often awakened by horrific leg cramps (calves). I, too, remembered the Bill M. peroxide inhalation....took out my handy-dandy nasal spray bottle with 3% peroxide, and inhale about four sprays at once, and hold my breath as long as I can. The pain disappears within ten seconds. This works for me, and might help someone else.


Hydrogen Peroxide Topically  

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Posted by Nattakit (Bangkok, Thailand) on 02/26/2011
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I woke up one night with a terrible muscle cramp at my calf. The muscle was hard as stone and caused a dreadful pain. I could only think of a small atomiser filled with H2O2 for my inhalation. I then sprayed over my calf within seconds the pain was gone and with some rubbing, the muscle was soft and the next morning I walked without any pain or stiffnes in the muscle. I used 3% H2O2. This works well in my other time.

Hypothyroidism Link to Leg Cramps  

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Posted by B From Tx (Texas) on 06/11/2017
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I was diagnosed as hypothyroidism 20 years ago. I visited my daughter in Montana and went to see a naturopath. He suggested thytrophin pm from Standard Process which I still take every day. Also, I take vitamin d3 because it is low. I would just like to say if anyone has leg cramps (charlie horses) it could be your thyroid and therefore best to check. Its a bummer, but better to be safe. I will never take medication from the main stream doctors. My thyroid issue is under control and so is leg cramping of which is a symptom of low thyroid and low vitamin d3.

Ivory Soap  

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Posted by Francis (Honolulu, USA)
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I have some friends who suffer from leg cramps at night. I subscribe to Health & Healing and and found an article about the cramps and a cure that works. It said to keep a bar of "Ivory" soap on your nightstand and when the cramps come, just rub the soap bar on the leg and the cramps will go away very quickly. I told my friends about it and they tried it and said it works. In the article Dr. Whitaker said he doesn't know why it works but it does.

Lobelia, Trace Minerals  

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Posted by Drwelby (California) on 05/09/2014
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Leg Cramps:

LOBELIA Extract (brown liquid available in large health food stores & from herbalists). The most powerful antispasmodic natural medicine. In essence, a cramp is a a 'spasm' or knot of the muscle. A quick liberal spray or splash of the lobelia rubbed into & about 3" around the circumference of the cramped area & relief will be momentary & complete.

The other people's recommendations of trace minerals, AC vinegar etc daily will treat the 'cause' of the cramping if taken daily as an addition to the daily diet..(its a 'food' not a medicine) on an ongoing basis. And..improve digestion (& therefore absorption of minerals from food) & general quality of health in many regards.

I find the following taken at least twice daily approx 15mins before meals is an easy quick & relatively pleasant:

  • 3 T AC Vinegar
  • 1T Raw Honey (NOT pasturized or boiled sold in markets)
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup hot water

Stir & drink

Loosely Tied String  

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Posted by Deb Nelson (Aws) on 08/22/2016
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For muscle cramps, I don't know why it works, my family ties 100% cotton string loosely around the ankle. We use string used to tie roasts in the meat market. Can be purchased at any kitchen store. This remedy has been used in our family for five generations or more. I keep my strings on at all times. We put them on children with growing pains, pregnant moms, and older friends.


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Posted by Grace (Camp) on 09/26/2017
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I soak in epsom salts, apply mag oil, take a mag tablet daily, add potassium with my supplements, etc and still have leg cramps. No prescription meds to cause it. What else can I try?

Replied by Teena
Melbourne Australia
43 posts

Hi Grace I would still suspect a mineral requirement not being met. Add some Trace minerals to your daily water or more easily add 1/4 tsp sea salt (with it's 84+ essential minerals) to your daily water. And make sure you are drinking enough water for your body weight, so many of us are not. Also see watercure. Best to you

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Usa

Runners use vitamin E for muscle recovery....

When did they start and what was happening to you, your environment or diet when they started....information helps a lot when trying to find solutions. Does an aspirin or blood thinner like galic capsules help it....might be blood clot...

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Grace, try eating a banana a day for leg cramps.

Replied by Gord235
Vancouver, British Columbia

Try a Calcium-Magnesium combination for leg cramps. Has worked every time for me.

Replied by Carnic Eagle

I sometimes find it's more circulation issue than than lactic acid build up? I have found stinging nettle herb great.

Replied by Janet

Grace. First a mag tablet caught my eye. You can reduce it in water. It will become more bio available to the body. If it takes longer than 5 to 8 minutes to break up, chances are it is noy breaking up in your gut. Also you can take your mag oil as supplement. Magnesium chloride, 5 to 6 drops in water provides approx 250mg of mag. 2x a day.

My husband has had some cramps. He depletes all his minerals working 7 days 12 hours in the heat.

These are often impossible to determine why. I have a list of steps I take from this happening.

Serrapeptase, high potency. As a precaution against any blockages.1 capsule on empty stomach in am.

Baking soda. 1 whole lime, 6 to 8 tsp, squeezed in a glass or 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar. Add 1/2 tsp baking soda. Let fizz. Add 1/2 glass of water and drink. 2x a day 1/2 hour after meals 5 days out of 7.

Am. 1/4 tsp of potassium bicarbonate powder added to 1/2 glass of water in am.

Iodine foot painting. 5% lugols iodine painted on foot in 1 inch square on foot before bed. This enriches the iodine in lower body as it often gets little being used up in the rest of the body is a great companion to mag oil.

1/4 tsp of sea salt in water. This provides all the trace minerals in correct amounts to enhance mineral status.

Progesterone cream. Applied 2x a week to help balance hormones. Apply to trunk 1/2 tsp. This was surprising but it worked.

Liquid chlorophyll 1/2 tsp in a liter of water. Add 20 drops liquid phosphorus. Drink 1 oz as needed. This is also a great pain tonic.

20 mule team borax. 1/8 tsp in a liter of water. Drink through the day in beverages. 4 days out of seven. Balance hormones. Replaces fluoride with boron in body.

My daughter applies potassium bicarbonate directly to her leg to stop cramping. She reduces it in water and swipes it on.

I suspect you need a good vitamin d levels test. You may find out you are low. It is foundational to health. Good levels allow for absorption and utilization of all your efforts. My Mom had restless legs that got cramps and painful. Taking d3 and its companions made all the difference. There is a home test too. I have not tried myself. Reading Dr. Michael Holicks book or watching his you tube information and following his dosage chart (google it) will offer great insight into this.

These are all effective on their own. But cramping and heath status can be many things. We have found it takes a day to discover if you are on the right track. 3 days to be well on the way to stopping and real healing.



Table salt..use sea salt only



Foods containing...gmos...commercially grown insecticide sprayed food. Glyphosates..gluten




Bath soak or 1/2 the ingredients for foot soak.

2 cups epsom

1 cup borax

1 cup hydrogen oxygenate the body

1 cap fish tank protect heart from chlorine steam. 20 minutes.


Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 07/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Magnesium is essential for a host of bodily functions. Muscles depend on magnesium a great deal. The modern Western diet mitigates against adequate magnesium balance in the body. The average, modern person lacks enough magnesium and this can often lead to a miriad of problems, the cause of which (inadequate magnesium in some/many cases), is frequently over-looked. Even if our food choices contained adequate magnesium (very doubtful these days because of soil depletion), then we are still left with the problem of the difficulty of the body being able to ABSORB whatever magnesium is available. Magnesium is not easily absorbed internally!! What to do? Well, I have found that Magnesium Chloride is the most easily absorbed and it fixed my severe, leg muscle cramps in a flash! Really ... very quickly. I was so impressed. Other people favour other types such as the Citrate form but for actual severe cramping I would stick with liquid Mag. Chloride as I know it worked for me at least. Having said all of the above, spraying on just a little Mag.Gel to the affected site and giving a QUICK, brief rub will help greatly, as will Epsom Salts 15 minute bathing, as Magnesium is often best absorbed through the skin (trans-dermally).

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, US) on 11/25/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My son woke up the other morning doubled over with severe abdominal pain. He said it reminded him of the pain he had a few years ago that was a suspected appendicitis. We had treated that successfully with charcoal so I immediately began to fix him a charcoal poultice. The pain was rather high, though, just under his ribcage. It seemed more the location of the gall bladder....

Meanwhile, he mentioned having had a leg cramp in the night. Then we recalled that he had been helping someone install some panels on a ceiling and had worked for several hours with his arms in the air a good bit of the time. It made us suspect that he was actually dealing with a muscle cramp. I put 2 teaspoons of Natural Calm (magnesium supplement) into a mug with water. He drank it and was 85% better in less than 5 minutes! I still went ahead and used a charcoal poultice over his abdomen for a while. An hour later he was 100% and off to work.

Magnesium would not normally be my first thought for abdominal pain (unless perhaps the pain was caused by constipation or menstrual cramps.) And I have never heard of a cramp in the location he was experiencing pain, but when we put together all the information, and the fact that magnesium worked, it seems that this pain was indeed a muscle cramp.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Fripfrap
Tennessee, Usa

I've have severe calf cramping and have found Natural Calm works very well. Also Epsom Salts baths. I tried Magnesium supplements in pill form and they did nothing. The absorption through these other delivery systems seem to work much better. I used to have cramps under my breast area which sound similar to your son's. They haven't been around for a while since I've increased my magnesium level.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Flipflap,

Thanks for sharing. That is fascinating! There is something new to learn every day.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Lindainthemountains
Creston, Bc Canada

I cannot tolerate magnesium orally, yet if I don't take it regularly I get brutal leg cramps and restless leg syndrome. I make a magnesium spray of Epsom salts dissolved in hot water and spray it on my thighs and butt after my shower (every two days. ) I put it there because it tends to sting a bit elsewhere. This regime keeps both leg cramps and RLS at bay, but if I miss just one application, the cramps are back in full force that night or the next.

Replied by Diane
Ma., US

Do you keep the Epsom salt spray on over night or do you wash it off after a period of time? Thank you.

Posted by Ruth (Ct.) on 07/27/2014

I have hepatitis c and peripheral neuropathy and have terrible calf cramps...I have been taking magnesium for my cramps and getting hives. Don't understand it. I've tried several types (Chloride-citrate etc.) of magnesium except the one that the woman in Hawaii sells. Her ad sound bogus to me....

Why would I have an allergy unless my magnesium level is full and adding to it causes the hives...Any suggestions or explanations. Thank you very much. I have hives everywhere and it's terrible. Even on the bottom of my feet.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Ruth, have you tried Epsom Salt baths for getting magnesium?

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Greetings Ruth,

About your Hep C and hives and calf cramping...

My guess is that the hives goes back to the Hep C as the cause and not the use of magnesium. I've used Mag for decades with no hives issue. Never heard of one.

I suggest that the neuropathy that you also mention is related to the cramping. Peripheral Neuropathy is being caused by some underlying condition; often sugar issues or myelin sheath damage (MS styled problems). For that, I like to take 2Amino Ethyl Phosphoric Acid (AEP), also called "membrane integrity factor".

It comes in different forms but the most common is Calcium AEP: Read about it "nutrition review calcium AEP"...this is super in dealing with the leg pain issue related to neuropathy.

So: Again my thinking is that the Hep C is causing the hives; that the Peripheral Neuropathy is caused by another underlying problem (could be liver) and the cramping might be helped by AEP.

By the way, have you checked out on this EC site all the posts of "Oscar" on Hep B and C? He uses BHT. You might want to go to EC's "ailments" and scroll to Hep B and Hep C; or to the "remedies" section and see the BHT section.

Replied by Ruth
Ct., US

Hi Dave, Thank you for your reply. I'm quite sure my neuropathy was caused by the antibiotic Cipro. I was talked into taking 2 doses in a row from food poisoning from a restaurant. Lost 20 pounds in 20 days...Then about 1 month later I came down with SEVERE neuropathy. There must be a protocol for reversing neuropathy caused by cipro but I can't find one...I have been taking many, many supplements for neuropathy...

I have also tried BHT but can't take it...Am waiting to get approved for Sovaldi which has been curing over 90% of people with genotype 1a hepatitis c.

Is 2 amino ethyl phosphoric acid the same as Calcium AEP? I have a bottle of Calcium AEP and started to take it and it seemed like my neuropathy got worse...I stopped taking it then tried it again in a month and the same thing happened...

I have been getting phlebotomies once a month-1 pint and my enzymes are going down- one is 56 and the other is 113...I guess getting the iron out of my liver effects the enzymes...

My hives started the next day after I took magnesium...I stopped taking it and they went away...About 10 days later I took magnesium again and the same thing happened...I have tried several types of magnesium and the same thing happens...

Thanks again for your feedback. There is an answer out there.

Replied by Debra
Parma, Ohio

Ruth, in regards to your hep c..i just finished 3 month treatment of olysio and sovaldi and am now CURED of hep c. If you haven't already..see your heptologist.. also, take 4 tsp yellow mustard and cramps in legs go away within 1 min. Take care

Posted by Pinkdamsel (West Orange, Nj) on 05/09/2014

I used get charlie horses in my legs at night, and would have to get up and walk them off. Then I bought a bottle of liquid magnesium, and wiping the liquid on my legs would stop the cramp even before I finished wiping. This was my solution for over a year, and I was very happy, even though the liquid mag is pricey. Then one night I was half asleep and grabbed the wrong bottle from the counter. It wasn't until the next morning that I discovered I had used Milk of Magnesia instead of the magnesium which had been put inside a cupboard - but the result was the same! I've retested both versions of magnesium several times , and both solutions work. Maybe the liquid mag is a bit faster.

Replied by Linda

Hi, will you let us know the brand that works best for you? You say you take a liquid magnesium and it works pretty fast on leg cramps. There are so many kinds it gets confusing. Thanks for a reply!

Replied by Michael
New Zealand

To Linda,

My choice here in NZ is Magnesium Chloride LIQUID by "Clinicians" (that IS the brand name here in New Zealand). Maybe you can't get it in the USA but good luck with a substitute brand if available. "Clinicians" may send their products to you (I have no vested interest in any company-I just like what I know works for me) I wish you well. That one worked a treat for me. It's not often in life you get such quick results really. Apparently if you overdo the dosage it just "loosens you up" a bit!

Replied by Kenneth Paul
Santa Fe City, Tejas State

Give magnesium ascorbate a try for you muscular cramps. It helped mine, and boosted my immune system also.

Replied by Julie
5 out of 5 stars

Liquid magnesium is actually magnesium oil. It works almost instantly when rubbed on a cramp. If you get leg cramps, they often originate in the buttocks, so rub some on there as well. Magnesium oil is far more effective than oral magnesium as it penetrates the muscle itself, releasing a spasm. It is not exactly an oil but magnesium chloride in saturation (with water) which gives it an oily feeling. If it stings your skin, just wet your hand with a little water and rub over the spot. That usually solves the problem.

Posted by Phyllis (Rockhampton, Australia) on 05/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with the pain of cramps for a lot of years now, however as I am getting older & the pain is now so painfully excruciating I am going to make sure I get a cure for this problem, NOW. I bought a bottle of "BIO magnesium" last night & out of three nights cramps I didn't get any cramping even though I can still feel the cramp lying in waiting, & I had 12 hours sleep, WOW, I feel like I need mores sleep now because I have been so badly deprived of sleep from the extremeties of the pain. I also bought ?Mersyndol" which the chemist herself said would help me get some sleep, in which it did. I will post my latest knowledge back here again soon!..

Replied by Azuresea
Singapore, , Singapore
5 out of 5 stars

Magnesium does work. I found that out by accident when I took a cal-mag zinc supplement. Almost immediately, my cramps went away in a matter of hours. In fact, I suggest that one takes magnesium at least once a month as adequate amounts prevents body from absorbing other heavy metals like aluminium, lead, mercury etc.

Replied by Kathryn4

Sometimes it is necessary to take a low dose 50mg of magnesium every night for persistent muscle cramps. Too much can give diarrhea.