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Muscle Cramp Remedies

| Modified on Jun 01, 2024

Treating muscle cramps requires a multi-tiered approach that includes lifestyle changes, dietary changes and nutritional supplements. Regulating the activity level and eating a balanced diet with plenty of water supports effective functioning and eliminates many symptoms of muscle cramping. Additionally, specific supplements deliver important nutrients to the body and prevent cramps.

What is a Muscle Cramp?

A muscle cramp is defined as the sudden, involuntary contraction of one or more of the muscles. This contraction typically renders the muscle useless and can be quite painful. A hard lump of muscle tissue may also develop beneath the skin following a muscle cramp.

Several factors contribute to muscle cramps. Overuse, dehydration, muscle strain and inactivity are several of the primary causes of cramps. Inadequate blood supply, mineral depletion and nerve compression may also contribute to the condition.

Natural Remedies for Muscle Spasms and Cramping

With a variety of causes, muscle cramps also have a variety of treatments. Effective treatment regimens often incorporate increasing or possibly even decreasing exercise, increasing daily water intake and balancing the diet. Additionally, supplements including potassium, magnesium and sodium are also important for regulating cramps.

Critical Electrolytes for Muscle Spasms


Potassium is an important factor in the function of the muscles and nerves. Potassium is an electrolyte that aids in the electrical exchanges in the body. Adding additional potassium to the diet reduces the risk of cramping by facilitating the effective functioning of the muscles.


Magnesium functions in much the same way as potassium. Magnesium is an important electrolyte that helps regulate nerve signals in the body. When taken in the appropriate proportion, magnesium helps prevent and even reduce the risk of cramps.


Sodium is actually the electrolyte of most concern when it comes to muscle cramps. Sodium helps regulate and promote the balance of the body’s natural fluid levels. Taking sodium or adding sodium to the diet helps maintain an appropriate level of fluids in the body and, in turn, prevents cramping.

Muscle cramps range in intensity and can elevate to a medical emergency fairly quickly. As such, maintaining an effective balance that prevents cramping is important. Natural treatments can help establish and preserve this balance.

Blackstrap Molasses

A tablespoon of blackstrap molasses is full of important nutrients and a great natural treatment for muscles cramps. If you experience a muscle cramp and take a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses, you will often experience relief in a short while. If you are prone to waking up at night with a muscle cramp, taking a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses before bed will help to prevent those cramps.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be taken in a glass of water (1 tablespoon per glass of water) for muscle cramps. It can also be massaged into a muscle cramp for fast relief.

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil, found in a spray, can be applied topically to a muscle cramp. The magnesium quickly absorbs into the skin and then muscle. If the oil stings, rinse it off after 20 minutes.  Magnesium oil is not actually an oil. It is magnesium chloride and water, but it feels somewhat oily.


Muscle cramps can come upon you quickly when you are dehydrated. You can get stomach cramps when you have a stomach virus or diarrhea because your body loses so much water and electrolytes during purging. If you are outside in the heat you can also get dehydrated due to excessive sweating. Even if you drink a lot of water, the electrolytes lost in sweating are not replaced with the water you drink. This is why football teams have coolers full of Gatorade to drink. Gatorade is replacing electrolytes and fluids. Oral rehydration solutions, also are better than plain water for severe dehydration.  Coconut water is an excellent natural rehydration drink.

Do you have a natural remedy for muscle cramps? Please send us some feedback!


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Posted by Robert Morris (Durham, NC.) on 03/01/2019

I learned this leg cramp treatment from a chiropractor in 1977. This works every time. Lift the cramping leg into a horizontal position. Press with the first finger of your right hand directly under your nose, where your nose and upper lip are. Press on the upper lip until the cramp goes away.

Replied by Winnie
(Nairobi, Kenya)

Dear Robert, Yesterday I had severe cramping on my right leg and I came here looking for a solution. Yours worked instantly! Thank you so much.

Replied by Nika

Dear Robert Morris, thank you so much! My husband just had terrible muscle cramp. I rushed to Earthclinic and first what I saw was your Accupressure advice. Immediately he tried the exercise and…the pain is gone!!! I have no words to thank you enough.

God bless you and God bless Deirdre, the founder of the Earth Clinic.

(New Zealand)

Nika from Holland,

Might I suggest a glass of water with Magnesium Chloride liquid (a very few drops ) might help with the muscle cramps a lot. I can speak from personal experience with this recommendation. Works for me every time and quickly too. Buy a reputable brand - ask around!

Apart from the muscle cramps, Magnesium helps with so many other tasks in the body and most people are short of it these days. Not very expensive to buy either.

The taste is not too bad if you only put a few drops in a medium-sized glass of water. otherwise it might be a bit off-putting!

You have my permission to claim the credit if it works!

Cheers from Down Under

Replied by Natalia

It works for me, too! 4 days in a row. I'm such a skeptic, still wondering if it's my imagination that a cramp is coming on…, but I'll keep doing this, what a simple solution.

Posted by Carlos (Texas) on 06/11/2018

Rub your stomach in a circular motion (clockwise) with a little pressure for a couple of minutes to help stop the leg cramps...

Posted by Bodulica (Barrie, Ontario) on 09/29/2017

Somebody suggested pressing the spot just under the nose or biting the upper lip to stop leg cramps. It worked!

Posted by Donna (Ontario) on 07/18/2016

For leg cramps - acupressure on the opposite leg, at the same spot as cramp is in affected leg. Always works for me. eg. I will have a cramp in the right calf but no pain in that spot on the unaffected (left) side; but when I find the exact spot, deep, on the left side, it will be very painful to rub there. Left sided pain subsides when rubbed in a minute or two and then the cramp in the right leg subsides shortly thereafter.

Replied by Mary
(Arcadia, California)

Dear Donna, I use 1 tsp of yellow mustard to get rid of cramps anywhere on the body. It works like a charm I just put it in my mouth drink a little water and let it go down. You don't even feel the pain from the cramp on your muscle afterwards. Peace, Mary

Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/05/2010

Cramps in your legs

Crazy time to get cramps.. Usually when I am sleeping..Middle of night or just before dauwn,, thats when I stretch.. Most of the time if i stand up, right away.. they stop. BUT IF I do not. O sh_ _..The Best thing that works is to pinch your upper lip with two fingers, and hold..., Hold for a while even if the lip hurts, You can bite your upper lip that will work also..

I am told another remedy, but never tried it.. Pinch the Opening between your Big toe and the one next to it.. Pinch where the toes go into the foot. Pinch hard and hold.

Health #1,

Replied by Gottasmyl
(Dundee, Scotland Uk)

Acupressure by pressing the bone between your nostrils with your index fingers works to get rid of my leg cramps. I am 27 years old and had never suffered from this problem until about 2 weeks ago when I started a course of antibiotics to get rid of helicobacter pylori. Tried everything I could think of but nothing worked. Someone suggested I press the bone situated between the nostrils with my forefinger and it instantly went away. It's amazing!!!

Replied by Bill
(Calgary, Alberta, canada)

Another acupressure technique is to gently bite your lower lip.

Replied by Judy
(Crystal River, Fl)

The antibiotics they gave me for H. Pylori made me ill. I took mastic gum for two weeks every morning, when tested and it was gone.

(Southern California)
139 posts

The H. Pylori was gone? (I'm reading your post in the section about Muscle Cramps, so not sure what you are referring to.)

EC: Yes, taking mastic gum for 2 weeks appears to have cured her H. Pylori.

ACV, Ginger, Garlic

1 User Review
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Posted by Julie (Seattle) on 11/06/2022

ACV, Ginger, Garlic

3/5 of The Five. I have suffered from debilitating charley-horse type of leg cramps (calves and thighs) that wake me up at night screaming in pain. I have CHF and T2D and it's surely related to one or both of those. I was at my mother's and she gave me StopsLegCramps. Less than a minute and they're gone. I've started taking it at night. Turns out it's 3/5 of The Five for heart problems -- ACV, organic garlic, organic ginger. Miracle as far as I'm concerned.

I'm wondering if adding lime juice and honey to it would work just as well as making The Five myself. It's sometimes difficult to come by the right ingredients to make it, and frankly, I've been too lazy to do it myself, though I know I need to.

Replied by Yves

what is the recipe for the heart, I've had 4 stems and an open heart surgery last year so anything that could help my condition is welcomed.

Thanks for your help!

EC: Here is the heart disease recipe on Earth Clinic:

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Peter (Queensland) on 01/21/2023

Working out the back yard all morning gardening, mowing and making compost. I got dehydrated pretty bad and even had trouble eating my lunch as my mouth was so dry. Headache started and felt a bit sick, so had a shower and a rest. Then the muscle cramps started in my lower legs about mid afternoon and continued on and off into the evening. Took some magnesium powder I found in the cupboard. Was also massaging magnesium cream into my leg muscles as well but nothing was helping.

Knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, so thought I'd better look up what Earth Clinic had to offer.
Top remedy was Apple Cider Vinegar.
I took 2 tablespoons in a glass of water, was pretty strong to what I'm used to.
... instant relief. About an hour ago and no more muscle cramps since. Wow!

Thank you Earth Clinic

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Roger B. (Salisbury, NC) on 03/16/2019

My father had really bad leg cramps. These cramps looked like baseballs on his thigh and calves. He would go down on his knees in pure agony. My grandmaw always gave him about 1/4 cup of ACV which he drank immediately. Within 20-30 seconds the cramps dissapated.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Richard (Canada) on 03/05/2018

I just started taking apple cider vinegar. I had muscle cramps before that and now I don't. It started right away.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Adrienne (Idaho) on 11/20/2016


Posted by Passion4film87 (Elgin, Il) on 08/01/2016

I had radiating pain on the entire left side of my mouth from who-knows-what, and not even Aleve - my go-to painkiller - was helping. Then I remembered - apple cider vinegar! I drank about 2oz. of it (like a shot, LOL) and then swished with a mouthful. My pain was instantly gone. Literally instantly. It hasn't been back, about 24 hours later. WOW!

I just wanted to add that I did that, drank a shot of ACV one night when I got a cramp in my foot, and the cramp stopped instantly, before I even finished the ACV! I'm glad to have read your experience because that was so weird I wasn't sure it was the ACV. I'd love to know why that worked. I had a medium intensity cramp in my foot so I got out of bed, hobbled down the hallway to the kitchen and that did nothing for the cramp. Some say walking helps, and I believe that is true, but it didn't affect this cramp. Then, it took some time to get the vinegar out, find something to pour it into, etc. But it stayed the same until I swallowed the vinegar, and I only did that because I had just read about vinegar for cramps, I.e. I had no expectation that it would work at all. It actually startled me, it was like a small miracle!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gloria (Pgh, Pa.) on 11/04/2016

God bless you all. I jumped up 3am with pain in right foot, and left calf. Finally in between tears I found this forum. The cider w/mother worked miracles like it does for so many other things its worth its weight in gold.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Stan (Las Vegas, Nv) on 10/18/2013

For muscle cramps, I use 2tbls apple cider vinegar (acv), 1/4 tsp baking soda, 2tbls aloe vera and 8 ounces of fresh pressed apple juice. it works every time for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ky Mama (Clinton, Ky) on 02/21/2013

My husband gets leg cramps at night sometimes. Usually he takes Blackstrap molasses and that helps immediately. (1 T. ) Well, he was out of town and dind't have any Blackstrap. He woke up with a cramp. He thought... "Well, my wife would tell me to take Apple Cider Vinegar." So, her drank a glass of water with a T. or so of Apple Cider Vinegar in it. It worked! He wasn't surprised as he has seen how well it works for so many things.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ruthes (Holland, Ma USA) on 02/01/2013

Actually there is no need for drinking cider vinegar to stop acute muscle cramps. You can simly rub the vinegar on the affected muscle and in 5 minutes the cramping stops. I have used it for years and it works. severe calf cramps repsond well and there is no residual pain or achiness in the calf.

Replied by Laura

Thank you for letting me know about just putting apple cider vinegar on the muscle itself. I have a severe shoulder spasm so I just tried that. I also tried drinking it but the taste is pretty repulsive to me and I started coughing and had a sneezing attack afterwards! I'm hoping this works. Thank you so much for the advice!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ben (Albany, New York, Usa) on 05/26/2012

I've been having a pretty nasty back spasm for the past 10 hours, so I figured I would try some ACV. I diluted it with a glass of water and drank it, but nothing happened... Does this just not work for a back spasm, or am I doing something wrong?