Natural Remedies for MS

Dietary Changes, Supplements
Posted by Karen (Raleigh, Nc) on 02/12/2017

I have been following the Swank diet and Terry Wahls diet for about 6 months, and I feel that has helped diminish multiple sclerosis symptoms. Current research has pointed to problems with gut bacteria in ms patients, and lack of nutrients due to this digestive issue. I added a very tiny amount of iodine through kelp supplement, about 50 mcg daily, and felt blood flow to my feet and warm hands and feet, helping blood circulation. (have to be careful taking iodine due to thyroid) I started taking biotin 8 mg daily and that has improved my energy and strength. Also take multi vitamin, vitamin d3, b complex vitamin, magnesium malate and turmeric.

The 9 cups of leafy greens and colorful vegetables and fruits, along with no processed foods, gluten free, low saturated fats and low sugar, per the above diets has helped. I lost 13 lbs on the diet. I was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis previously. I can now drive, as the vertigo and nausea is gone, and my leg strength is better. I have not been to the hospital with breathing problems from "ms hug" since starting the diets. The pain is better. I am currently excited about the biotin, as my energy has improved since taking it. There was a recent study done on biotin which had good results, so neurologists are recommending it and vitamin d3 now. If you take vitamin d3, make sure you take a calcium citrate supplement and magnesium to balance electrolytes.

I drink low sodium V8 juice to get the potassium so it all balances out. I do low salt diet, sea salt only to get the other minerals. Salt was found to aggravate ms, and I found it to be true. I drink a lot of water too, since I believe dehydration was worsening ms. You need about 9 cups water a day for a woman, about 11 cups for a man. I set timer on my phone to remind me to drink glass of water.

Pinching skin on back of hand and raising 1 cm and releasing it, skin should snap back quickly. If skin sinks back slowly, you are dehydrated. I thought I was drinking enough water, but I wasn't! Also take a good probiotic supplement. I still have good and bad days, but the improvement is definitely there!