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Posted by Loo (Boston, Ma) on 10/30/2012
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I went through a very bumpy ride to menopause last summer. After much research I decided to try DIM. After about 2 weeks I noticed a major improvement that I can only attribute to the DIM. I was taking 2x a day last summer and through the fall, but now take 1x a day. Relieves menopause symptoms and has been a life saver.


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Posted by Diane (Palatka, FL)
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I believe there must be a link between exercise and hot flashes. I was plagued by hot flashes day & night, then started riding my horse for 2-3 hours daily, 4-6 times per week, suddenly I noticed I was no longer having them, but then when I got too busy to ride, they immediately returned; started riding again,. . . hot flashes subsided again . . .


Posted by Eagle Of Ny (NY, US) on 03/23/2015

Hello, I am 43 years old, and have 2 years old boy. We want another child but it is not happening. I am having menopause symptoms (my period skips a month in a row, I have night sweats) but I am very healthy.

Can you please help? Best,

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Please read the "What your doctor may not tell you" books by Dr. John Lee ...OBGYN, all about using natural progesterone creams and balancing hormones.

Replied by Isaiah

Hi, I'm 51 years old I recently had my period a week ago. I had relation with my husband and started to menustrate again. Could this be a sign of menupause. Please help me figure this out. Thank you....

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Posted by Loraine (Orlando, FL) on 04/18/2014

Hey EC.....Quick question which I hope someone can answer. I am thinking of using some progesterone since I am approaching menopause to balance out my whacked out hormones. The thing is after checking out different products online, I noticed that on some of the products, it clearly states that in the state of California, progesterone use can cause cancer. Now this scared the heck out of me. I know that one should not mess with their hormones but since mine was low, I figured why not use some to help me out in this transition but I have to say I was quite taken aback with this disclosure. Any help from you great people would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Loraine,

Here is my 2 cents on progesterone cream. I have used it with great results on and off over the last 10-12 years or so. (Mostly off. I have just used it as needed here and there.) I have not noticed any long term side effects. (Nor short term, for that matter.) It has helped with what I needed it for. (Regulating cycles when they were "off.") At the same time, I have read that "natural" progesterone is not really that natural. I know a naturopath who says she wouldn't touch it with rubber gloves. Rachel Weaver, an herbalist whom I have learned much from, recommends it when all else has failed. She considers it to be a "big gun" and not to be used carelessly. Personally, I am comfortable using it when my other options are not working.

Have you tried Evening Primrose Oil or any of the herbs that are commonly recommended during menopause? (i.e. Black Cohosh, Vitex, Damiana, etc?) I know there are some herbal formulas out there for this season of life. However, I am just starting to learn about it myself (I am 47.) so I don't have any hard and fast recommendations. Plus, it seems that everyone is different so there is not likely a one size fits all solution.

Hope I haven't muddied the waters worse than they I said, it is just my 2 cents. Do let us know what you try and what helps!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Loraine
(Orlando, FL)

Thank you so much "Mama to many" for all your wonderful tips on progesterone use. I really do appreciate you taking the time to give me such a detailed explanation/suggestions. Thank you again and God Bless......

Replied by Sunshine

My naturopathic doctor is a hormone top expert and apparently has people fly from outside the country to see her for hormone balancing. I was under her care she put me on plant based bio-identical hormones, and 75 mg progesterone that was dissolvable I took in the evening .

Also, it is worth noting that some menopausal women will have anxiety, uneasiness, which they have never had in the past, progesterone helps with that and increasing 5HTP which will increase serotonin levels. You can ask your doctor for neurotransmitter test, this helps shed light on what is going on. Also B-12 vitamin E and magnesium helps as well, and altering your diet eliminating sugar, gluten and caffeine. Alkalizing two to three times a day helps a lot. I chose the 20 hour fast with 4 hour window to eat strategy daily by Dr. Fung.

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Posted by Zilverb (Seabrook, Tx, United States) on 05/07/2012 16 posts

There is a strong possibility that post menopausal hot flashes and such symptoms are due to adrenal fatigue or a low thyroid or both. The big problem is getting a doctor to help you with it unless we are clever and doctor yourself.

Hemp Oil and Headstands

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Posted by Lilac (Fairfax, VA) on 10/05/2007
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I am 52. In early Sep I was starting to have hot flashes. They lasted for only 3 minutes at a time, but I was concerned that they might get worse. I refuse to take HMT. ' I started standing on my head yoga-style. That seemed to rebalance my metabolism, as my weight normalized. (I looked on the web to find out how to do them. As long as the arms and hands are positioned right, yogic headstands are surprisingly easy to do. I had to start out with my knees bent, but after 2 weeks, I could straighten my legs and maintain the position for 2 minutes. It's now been a month, and I can do a headstand for 12 minutes.) I am now convinced that headstands are great for weight loss, as well as overall circulation. On 20 Sep I started oil pulling. That made my lips fuller and redder, and my eyes seemed less dry. Still I was having hot flashes. I tried one cold shower, but I just couldn't do it again. I stopped taking hot showers, adjusting the temperature to warm instead. In doing a web search on menopause, I realized that I probably was short of vitamin E in my diet. In searching the aisles of the health food section of the grocery store, I noticed that hemp oil was high in vitamin E. On 3 Oct I took a tablespoon of hemp oil. On 4 Oct I realized that I had not had a hot flash. On 5 Oct I realized that the sheets were dry all night and when I woke up. It seems that the nutrients found in hemp oil have cured me of hot flashes. I should mention that I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian, but I eat little dairy and am closer to a vegan. I avoid wheat. I take a capful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water in the morning and at night. Sometimes I have more ACV and water throughout the day. Since I eat no fish, I take an iodine supplement. I also take a calcium supplement. I eat plenty of nuts a soynut butter. Apparently various things combine to help me through menopause, but the 2 most important things I've added seem to be hemp oil and headstands. Hope this info helps someone.

Internal Shaking Symptoms

Posted by Elsa (Hawaii) on 09/20/2013

I have low levels of estrogen and progesterone. They told me I was in the peak of menopause. During this time I have been dealing with internal shaking, sometimes a dull headache behind my right eye, nausea. It is like a moter idleling, or a cell phone was dropped inside your body, a cat purring inside of you, I can go on and on about how it feels. I started BHRT, and that lessoned the sensation, then it came on again. I tried another HRT, with only 1 of the 3 estrogens needed for my body that I was low in. They also found cysts in my overies and a fibroid mass inside my uterus. My question is has anyone found something to help with the with internal shaking, is it due to the menopause? Are they (Doctors) noticing more and more women are having this particular symptom, and looking into it? any answers would be welcomed.

Replied by Nano Writer
(Hotspot, Texas)

Don't know about the shaking, but for cysts and fibroids, try iodine supplementation with Lugol's solution or Iodoral. BEST OF LUCK!

Replied by Lj
(Tacoma, Wa)

Hi Elsa, Regarding the internal shaking - I get this on and off, and a few years ago I had it really bad, but what helped me the most was progesterone cream. I didn't need estrogen, that seemed to make it worse. I just started using 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. of progesterone cream on my inside wrists, and the shaking disappeared. I felt calmer, so much better.

Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by Tammy (Pleasant Grove, Utah) on 06/07/2008
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I have been having the hot flashes from Menopause the last year. I had been taking estroven or similar products, but found that Lugol's Iodine was more helpful and cheaper.

EC: Read more about Iodine Cures here.


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Posted by Bethany (Upstate Ny) on 06/12/2018
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I take maca to help menopause. After a few days, no more hot flashes and less hair loss. I am also losing a few pounds but that have made changes to my diet and am exercising more so I can't say if the maca is aiding weight loss. I will continue!

Posted by Georgia (Eastern, South Dakota) on 05/08/2012
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I started to have hot flashes in January 2012, tried some other remedies but have found Maca extract (liquid) to work the best. I haven' t had a hot flash for a while now. At my worst I was having them every hour and to the point of moisture running down my back. It took awhile for my body to build up with it but I felt improvement every day. I don't go a day without it. It also gives you energy which I greatly needed.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Sophie (Santa Barbara) on 01/14/2018
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I was having insomnia, dry eyes, liver pain, bloated, rash, weight gain of eight pounds hot flashes, cholesterol was high 250, uneasy feeling brain fog, and all of this was which was triggered from hormones, I hired two doctor, ND /MD and a nutritionist. My estrogen was really low. All my hormones were low . My doctor put me on plant-based hormones. Levels were checked a couple times to be sure my hormones were balanced. This stopped the hot flashed in it's tracks.

I started taking flax seed oil, sprinkled milled flax seed sprinkled on my food. I found a good quality multi-vitamin, mineral supplement, a bone, collagen supplements and good probiotics. With probiotics it is good a take a few different kinds. My doctor told me to get blue light filter computer glasses because the computer blue light messes with the body's internal clock the body thinks it is day instead of night which sets off a chemicals in the body.

I stopped eating after dark, because stress hormones are secreted causing blood pressure to not decrease during sleep which should normally happen, but body remains on high alert like it is during the day time instead of relaxing I used to stay up late which messes up your cortisol and hormones and this is what causes weight gain, Now I go to bed at 9:30pm on the dot, this is so important for the body to get adequate deep sleep.

I dropped the eight pounds plus two more pounds so ten pounds altogether. I'm a vegetarian, found that eating more of 85-90% raw vegan diet helped me so much I feel so much better, lighter and more aware. I eat Non Gmo organic foods. I realize everyone is different but for me it is perfect fit. My yoga practice is better, my mind is super clear, feel a deep inner peace. I do rebound 10 minutes. I also do an inversion board ten minutes a day it keeps me young and fresh looking, help my back stay aligned. We all age, it is important to really understand what is happening to the body and give it all the things it needs to stay healthy, and vital

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anonymous (La, Ca) on 06/29/2013
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Menopause may cause hair loss, tiredness, bloating, dry skin, skin changes , anxiety, mood changes, hot flashes, sweating, night heat, I think it just an overall feeling of being uncomforable... the next symptom is something that surprised me inner shaking and trembling feeling is from low estrogen!

Two ND's and my chinese medicine doctor told me NO soy products, because it is not processed correctly in our country unless you located old style genuine organic tofu maker. Vitamin E (not soy based) magnesuim citrate and vitamins B and D I think for the skin the best product is taking 2 tablespoons flax seed oil a day for week then back dow to 1 tablespoon a day and buy the best quality primrose oil helps 1 tablespoon molasses daily relieves hot flashes!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Charlotte (Charlotte, Nc) on 02/10/2013
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Is there anything else I can do for night sweats, I'm menopausal, I'm taking ACV, MACA, Vitamin E, Omaga3, Soy Isoflavones, I was on meds from my doctor and it worked some what, but I wanted to go all natural, Is there any this else I can use, I have been doing these things for well over a month now and nothing is working, I also do extra cold pressed virgin coconut oil each day, I have also tried other vitamins like calcium with vitamin D, please Help Love Charlotte.

Replied by Neukoln
(Edinburgh, Scotland, Uk)

Charlotte, please try chromium. I am not menopausal, but I did suffer for many years from Bulimia. When you recover from Bulimia (ie stop the bingeing and purging) your body takes a long while to readjust. And during this period your blood sugar goes up and down. One of the symptoms is night sweats, from low blood sugar. Literally the day I started taking the chromium the night sweats stopped. I've never had them since. I also thought that it was hormonal, and I was taking all sorts of things for my female hormones. They did not help. I take it in liquid form. But 200mcg three times a day should be fine. Make sure you take one dose at bedtime. Chromium picolinate should be fine as it's yeast-free.

Replied by Tashimoto
(Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

Hi Charlotte, Sage Tea is an old time herbal remedy for night sweats. In a mug, pour boiled water over a teaspoon of the herb, let sit for 10-15 min. And drink. Good luck!

Replied by Caitlin
(Austin, Tx)

My mom took (still does) 200 I.U. of Vitamin E daily and her night sweats and menapausal symptoms went away after about a week. You might also check your blood glucose. I have found that when I eat in excess of 100 carbs a day, my menapausal symptoms go crazy. You know, like feeling hot and flushed one minute thin cold or fine the next minute. When this happens during the hot Tx summers, Oh Boy! So I stick with the Vitamin E and keeping my carbs down. Works!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Melinda (Tucson, Arizona) on 10/29/2010

Hello everyone,
I am 38, I have posted on the site before, and it is a blessing. Here is some news I wanted to share, in hopes of helping others. I started feeling like I was having early menopause symptoms, because my monthly periods were all out of wack, I felt like I was going crazy on some sort of emotional roller coaster, I was moody, and had other early unpleasant menopause symptoms. Anyway, after some research I went to Wal-Mart and bought a bottle of Spring Valley brand Fish, Flaxseed, Borage Oil, Omega 3, 6, 9(that's exactly what the bottles states on the front too). I also bought a bottle of Natrol brand Menopause Formula(purple bottle with female symbol)This has a large array of ingredients such as calcium, magnesium, soy extract, red raspberry extract, and 11 other herbs. I take the first one(fish oil, etc. ) 2 pills a day when I wake up, and the second one at night before I go to bed(also 2 pills). I have not been taking them quite a week, and have already started feeling better. My mood has improved, I feel ALOT less emotional, and cranky, and I was even able able to stop taking my ant-depressant Zoloft! Also, I was feeling hungry all the time, and so I bought some slim fast as a between meal boost, and have been drinking two a day of those, at the very least I figured the vitamins in it would help, but I have been feeling less hungry. At night, before I go to bed, I also drink alot of water, it helps make me feel fuller, and may possibly be helping me sleep better.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elaine (Cleveland, Georgia) on 10/05/2009
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I am a 49 yr old female going through menopause, and just stopped smoking. I currently have been using bill monroes hydrogen peroxide 3% inhaling about 7 puffs 5 or 6 x's a day and I take 1/4 baking soda, 2 tabls of acv, about a teaspoon of honey with 8 oz of water 3x`s a day. I also take soy protein with milk (one scoop that comes with the soy protein with 8 oz of milk per day) then I drink glucosamine condrotant for arthritis. My mood swings are terrible!! my poor husband is on the receiving end, I also drink coffee and diet cokes..there has to be a happy balance somewhere but I just dont know where...a nybody have any answers? I am so turned off with Dr's they are just pill pushers in my opionion so I am trying to get through this naturally..thanks.

Replied by Rosemary
(White Rock, Bc, Canada)

Hello Elaine. You may have to try a few different therapies... I had to over the last 14 years and almost everything I tried worked for a while. First off I have to confess I smoked for many years so won't get on your case for caffeine and pop... It took a concerted effort and lifestyle change to get on top of all the symptoms... And I had them all in spades. I did alot of research on this subject and tried alot of things just trying to beat it... the mainstream doctors don't have a solution for us so it's something we have to figure out with other women.

I follow the blood type diet method for treatment and regular exercise. I am a blood type B rh neg so depending on your blood type these suggestions may work or not. Black Cohosh (for hot flashes) worked really well (and fast) for 2 years... I took double the dose to kick it off for the first month. When that stopped working I went to Adrenal tissue w/ Vit C and B5 three times daily.. It worked within 4 days and lasted about 14 months. I tried Black Cohosh again without success this time. I ended up with severe depression and gained 25 lbs, had terrible mood swings, memory, insomnia, balance and vertigo issues as well... a horrible time in my life.

I started drinking parsley tea and lemon hot water as a liver cleanser (great for the skin, btw) and that helped me get going again. I was researching menopause and Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, BHRT, and started at 49... It did not help with the hot flashes BUT it was an instant facelift (4 days), and my waist came back (onw week), so that helped with my depression somewhat (I was always slim and youthful looking).

About 2 years ago I started with SAGE TEA 2 cups a day and it's helped with the hot flashes and therefore relieved insomnia somewhat. I started with a top quality Krill Oil last May for my cholesterol (which, along with 60% of women, doubled with menopause)... This has been a godsend!!! My wrinkles and lines started disappearing in 10 days (granted I took 6 pills a day for the first month) AND my horrible mood swings/depression are greatly diminished! .. And yes, my cholesterol dropped 25%. as well as more energy.

The last two things I've done were in these last 2 months and I wish I had taken them years ago... #1 Growth Hormone Release, GHR, and #2 is Boron in the form of BORAX as per this site. The GHR (purchased from swanson's vitamins) has given me my sleep back while also helping with anti-aging. The Borax solution of 1/8th tsp in a liter of water per day has helped with a number of issues (now down to 1/16th tsp 4 x's a week), but noticebly in the bones/nails (I had terrible nails until now. It helps the body make estrogen and testoserone! .. (you get your Libido back), excrete far less calcium which helps in so many calcium related areas like nails, moods, arthritis, skin problems, osteoperosis, memory (brain fog), etc.

As well, 2 years ago I started with ACV with BS (which is great for the skin and helped with some aches and pains but did nothing for my menopause symptoms), and molasses, brewers yeast (great for energy/good mood, hair, skin and nails), lecithin for brain food, CoQ10 for the heart... And more... I make a point of eating very healthy and exercising daily and my metabolism is way up again and I've slimmed right down.

I started with peri-menopause at age 42, finished with periods at 46 and now at 56 feel perfectly healthy... BUT can honestly say I wouldn't wish what I went through with menopause on anyone. You are are not going crazy and you will survive this.

Good luck with finding things that work for you.

ps: although soy products never worked for me they may make a difference with you.

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