Menopause Remedies

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Posted by Sophie (Santa Barbara) on 01/14/2018
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I was having insomnia, dry eyes, liver pain, bloated, rash, weight gain of eight pounds hot flashes, cholesterol was high 250, uneasy feeling brain fog, and all of this was which was triggered from hormones, I hired two doctor, ND /MD and a nutritionist. My estrogen was really low. All my hormones were low . My doctor put me on plant-based hormones. Levels were checked a couple times to be sure my hormones were balanced. This stopped the hot flashed in it's tracks.

I started taking flax seed oil, sprinkled milled flax seed sprinkled on my food. I found a good quality multi-vitamin, mineral supplement, a bone, collagen supplements and good probiotics. With probiotics it is good a take a few different kinds. My doctor told me to get blue light filter computer glasses because the computer blue light messes with the body's internal clock the body thinks it is day instead of night which sets off a chemicals in the body.

I stopped eating after dark, because stress hormones are secreted causing blood pressure to not decrease during sleep which should normally happen, but body remains on high alert like it is during the day time instead of relaxing I used to stay up late which messes up your cortisol and hormones and this is what causes weight gain, Now I go to bed at 9:30pm on the dot, this is so important for the body to get adequate deep sleep.

I dropped the eight pounds plus two more pounds so ten pounds altogether. I'm a vegetarian, found that eating more of 85-90% raw vegan diet helped me so much I feel so much better, lighter and more aware. I eat Non Gmo organic foods. I realize everyone is different but for me it is perfect fit. My yoga practice is better, my mind is super clear, feel a deep inner peace. I do rebound 10 minutes. I also do an inversion board ten minutes a day it keeps me young and fresh looking, help my back stay aligned. We all age, it is important to really understand what is happening to the body and give it all the things it needs to stay healthy, and vital

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anonymous (La, Ca) on 06/29/2013
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Menopause may cause hair loss, tiredness, bloating, dry skin, skin changes , anxiety, mood changes, hot flashes, sweating, night heat, I think it just an overall feeling of being uncomforable... the next symptom is something that surprised me inner shaking and trembling feeling is from low estrogen!

Two ND's and my chinese medicine doctor told me NO soy products, because it is not processed correctly in our country unless you located old style genuine organic tofu maker. Vitamin E (not soy based) magnesuim citrate and vitamins B and D I think for the skin the best product is taking 2 tablespoons flax seed oil a day for week then back dow to 1 tablespoon a day and buy the best quality primrose oil helps 1 tablespoon molasses daily relieves hot flashes!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jo (Hemet, Ca) on 03/25/2009
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A few weeks ago my body simply gave out. The all over pain was excrutiating. I was laid off months ago and lost my insurance coverage and to be honest I cannot think of a time where the medical community has actually HELPED me. After a few days I finally braved sitting upright so I could research what my problem was online. I have been a big fan of Earth Clinic for a few years now, so it was the first place I went.

Current history:

47 year old female
hypothyroidism-taking .175 mg Levothyroxine daily
fairly good health-slightly overweight
Healthy eating


Brain fog
Body aches
Severe nausea
Memory loss
fluctuating temperature-high fever/chills-extreme coldness in extremities
ear infections
Night sweats-extreme
Heart palpitations

From this site I was able to determine:

1. Menopause had set in and the extreme hormonal imbalance had basically knocked out all benefits of my thyroid other was NOT working.

2. The extreme body aches were actually my system shutting down due to the menopause and hypothyroidism shutting down my organs one by one.

So....I bought a multi-vitamin, Natural vitamin E 400IU (d, no L), epsom salt, evening primrose oil, baking soda and ACV. (had to go with what they sold-did not have the energy to go anywhere else)

Now I have 2 lemon trees, so I picked a bunch of lemons when I got home. I started by upping my Levoythyroxine to about .200 mg. (Many of the symptoms were reminiscent of those times when I was unable to secure a prescription and went without this med) First thing I did was the oil pulling-used olive oil. Then I used the Lemon juice and baking soda cure. 2 Tbls Lemon juice with 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. Took it on an empty stomach right after my thyroid meds. Next...ate breakfast-oatmeal-couldn't stomach anything else. Later in the afternoon- ACV and baking soda-same measurements. Lunch-then vitamins. I even drank the epsom salts dissolved in about 4 oz of water-that was nasty. Could not stomach anything for dinner and went to bed about 11:30 pm.

I awoke the next morning about 8am without being drowned in sweat. I got up...and was able to sit upright without having to cry from the pain. I managed to get myself up, and followed the same regimen as the day before. It took roughly 3 days, but I was able to actually move around in a somewhat normal manner with virtually no pain, tinnitus on only one side of my head, memory coming back, brain fog gone and energy on the upswing.

Residual symptoms-nausea (vomiting), vertigo, ear infections...ears plugged.

After about 2 weeks-I still was unable to overcome these symptoms. Back to Earth Clinic. Eventually, what I thought was an UTI was actually now what I believe kidney stones. The pain was located on my left side, just under my rib cage and burned down to my groin area (left side only). A burning unlike anything I ever experienced. In too much pain to get on the computer at 3am...I drank some cranberry juice along with 2 aspirin and tried to get back to sleep. My Earth Clinic research the next day alerted me to the Lemon juice/olive oil cure. 2oz Lemon juice and 2 oz olive oil. That worked almost immediately. I had originally scoffed at the posters saying that they could actually feel the stone stupid was I? I felt it almost immediately. Really strange.

The kidney stones were obviously the source of the nausea-as that was yesterday that I did the cure and I am fine today. I slept like a baby, by the way.

I have come to the conclusion that the ear infection-which is constant and plugging up my ears, also causing the tinnitus, is actually a sinus infection. I tried inhaling the steam from ACV this morning, which seemed to alleviate some of the pressure. I believe it is actually the oil pulling that is causing the mucus to come up....but still have this awful block of something in my head. It is affecting my eyesight...seeing stars type of thing, giving me a head ache, and still blocking my ears. I have put Hydrogen Peroxide in my ears and have had some success...

All in all...After breaking down my symptoms and curing them one by one with the wonderful community here on Earth Clinic...I think I have had GREAT success. I was even able to go outside today and pull weeds! I can't thank Earth Clinic posters enough for the difference your input has made in my life. Seriously, from near death to on my way to recouping the energy that I have always been so proud of....Thank you all!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Christa (Vancouver, Canada) on 01/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am so gratefull for this site. Thank you everyone for the time and effort it takes to do this. I went into menapause about 1.5 years ago. I developed an overgrowth of yeast that ended up breaking out all over my body in different rashes at different times. Nothing would make it go away. I tried silver. I tried creams . I went on 2 week cleanses and nothing worked untill I tried ACV. I read that this would kill yeast so I started to bathe in with a cup of it in my bathwater and i started to take 2 Tbs with 1/2 tbs, Baking soda with a little hot water and a dash of pure apple juice 3 times a day . Within a week, my rash's had cleared up. One more sore broke out the next week but I have been rash free for almost 3 weeks now and I am so gratefull. I then took Teds advise and took 250 ml of Magnesium Citrate, liquid for w 400 iu of Natural Vitamin E.Capsules and as he said, my body is cooling down. I barely have hot flashes anymore. All this incouraged me and I have totaly illiminated white floor & Sugar from my diet. I find myself giggleing now and feel so much lighter...Thank you so much...