Swollen Lymph Nodes - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Swollen Lymph Nodes. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil

Posted by Tainowoman (TX) on 08/03/2021

I've had swollen lymph nodes from time to time and read about the castor oil remedy. Having used it for other healing, I decided to give it a try.

I took about a Tablespoon of castor oil and added a drop of peppermint oil. I rubbed this mix onto the lymph nodes and that's it! I read about this in the evening so I did it before bed. Next morning it was all gone.

Just one application has worked for me the 2-3 times I have needed it.

DMSO, Lugol's Iodine

Posted by Beverly S. (United States) on 10/24/2019

I had a lower molar implant about 20 years ago. Now, every once in a while, the lymph gland below it ( under my jaw) swells a little. It is more annoying than painful but I paint it with a mixture of DMSO and Lugol's iodine and the lymph goes back to normal very quickly.

Shake Arms and Legs Method

Posted by Nataliya (Ireland) on 03/28/2018

I decided to add my five cents to this great community. A few years ago my knee was sore and swollen on the backside. Of course, I went to the doctor who referred me to the physiologist. While I was waiting for the appointment (couple months), I was told about this simple exercise specifically for lymph nodes problems.

Every night in bed before falling asleep and every morning before getting up, I was on my back with my legs and arms up in the air, like a puppy when you rub its tummy ;) Relax and shake both arms and legs at the same time about 30 seconds (I count till 40), have a few seconds break if you need and shake again for another 30 seconds.

It took me only three-four days and all soreness and swelling were gone. By the time the invitation for the physio appointment arrived, I forgot why I needed it! I use this simple exercise every time the nodes are sore and it works like a miracle, and each time I am amazed.

Just two days ago I had some viral infection and lymph node in my armpit was sore, I did this simple exercise last night in bed and this morning the problem was gone again. I thought I should share it here. The theory behind this exercise is it helps the lymph actively move around and clear the nodes. Give it a go, you might solve the problem yourself while waiting for the doctor's appointment, like me :)

Epsom Salt

Posted by Anita (Minnesota) on 11/01/2017

My swollen glands were gone in one week with Epsom salt.

I've had swollen Lymph nodes most of my life. Drs have been no help. Every one of them telling me it's normal for some people ... what?. It was a C Pnuemonea infection not nothing.

The fastest way I've gotten rid of them is Epsom Salt. A daily very warm bath with 2 cups Epsom Salt (I also add 2 drops organic 100% Lavendar oil). Most important, I get in the bath and then take a handful of it close my hand and submege it just enough to get the Epsom Salt damp. Put it directly on the swollen gland. One was behind my ear. When I've done it I could feel a pulling sensation into my, ear canal, nasal cavity and gums. On the 3rd day I also put it on my face in my nasal cavity area and other lymph nodes. I can breath freely for the first time in more years than I can remember and my ear stopped hurting.

Also my skin is baby soft.

Castor Oil

Posted by May All Be Blessed (Singapore) on 06/04/2016

I have been sick for around 2 months. It started with a cold then progress to severe cough and ended with lymph node infection. My ear and throat was in pain even when I talk and no matter what I do, it just doesn't heal completely. I was getting worried as it seems to take too long to heal. So I started to search for natural remedies for swollen lymph nodes and came across castor oil application. I did not do the whole protocol. I simply apply castor oil to the area behind my ears and around my neck where the lymph nodes are. After doing this for 3 consecutive nights, I purged out a lot of mucus and I was about 90% healed. One more time of application and I was healed 100%. The pain which has been plaguing me for 2 months was completely gone in 4 castor oil application! Amazing!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Lisa (Orlando, Fl) on 07/17/2013

I have two stories. First, when I was 16 I had swollen glands at neck and groin for years. The Dr. had me return bi-weekly and be subjected to pelvic exams - then after 6 months of my objections - my parents could not longer get me to go after many missed visits - (Dr. recommended by Dad's sister, a nurse, so only Dr. considered). At the final visit - Dr. declared me a hypochondriac. Three years later, in college went to student health center with a female interning Dr. She immediately told me I had an inguinal hernia, and would have to get a referral for a surgeon from a Dr. Was brought back to same Dr. to get the referral - he didn't believe females could get inguinal hernias - pressed so deeply into my swollen gland that my eyes saw a curtain of black as my legs gave out with extreme pain - he let go at last second to check his medical books - came back after leaving me standing in an area with no chairs - about 15 or so minutes - and gave a referral. In this case swollen glands indicated an inguinal hernia.

Second story - 8 years after a hit and run rear-end crash - herniated discs - whiplash - pinched occipital nerve (discovered 2 years later after being unsuccessfully treated for "migraines" for 2 years) - still having symptoms of lethargy - weight gain - inability to walk without pain in knees, ankles and feet - growing pain in jaw and neck - hormonal induced swelling and pain in neck jaw and head area. Finally found an osteopath who does gentle adjustment - in one visit - imbalance in legs went away, including knee, ankle and most of hip, allowing me to work on painful callus that had formed on feet. So, I decided to go on a ketogenic diet to speed metabolism, knowing many toxins will be released, deciding not to take NSAIDS. Hormones came and horrible pain in side of head and neck. (no longer down to feet, just mid-back now). By the third day could no longer take it - Osteopath had mentioned lymph may be affected when jaw became affected - as this happened at 6 years with no further trauma - and said jaw pain is bodies last physical line of defense.

Now, recognizing and able to focus on upper pains, realized the lymph on left back of head was cause of the swelling, could not lean back on a chair, hours to get to sleep, neck and jaw pain too much to sleep on my preferred left side. I read this forum and took a spoon of ACV - with an ounce of water, and 3 days of pain - fighting myself not to take NSAIDS - and RELIEF! I read hot water throughout day also helps, and cut up fresh ginger in it to keep lymph circulating. Read sleeping on left side, or lying on left side for 10 minutes after meals - puts organs in natural position to move lymph and bile to help digestion and lymph flow.

I also took what essential oils I had: wintergreen, thyme and rosemary into some avacado oil, and rubbed into swollen glands and around neck. The ACV and oil worked immediately, and as the day went by the hot ginger tea seemed to give gentle relief. Last night I was able to sleep on my left side - first time in many years. Today, all but some sore swollen areas in the back of my neck and under throat, are gone, and discomfort is not considerable. Someone mentioned the ACV also will help jaw pain - my jaw clicked less than usual - though hormonally I usually have a few good days during this time period - and I will continue the ACV for the lymph and jaw. Was hesitant about taking my iodine lugols, but now am taking it without hesitation.

Thank-you, this forum saved me from spiralling back into a circle of pain, swelling, drug relief and weight gain. Now I can continue my ketosis diet, and rid my body of the fat stored toxins use the ACV and these methods to naturally allow my body to heal itself without unbearable discomfort to my mind and body.

Thanks so much people of this earthclinic forum!

Peppermint or Castor Oils

Posted by Ky Mama (Clinton, Ky) on 04/07/2013

20 years ago I had several lymph glands that were swollen for at least 6 months. All tests were normal and so was a biopsy. I still get swollen glands sometimes and there are a few things that help. One is peppermint essential oil. I massage it into the gland. (Avoid contact with mouth or eyes. ) Another thing that helps is castor oil. Massage the oil into the swollen gland a couple of times a day. You could alternate with peppermint oil.

One time when I was sick, a gland in my neck was very sore and swollen. I made an herb poultice and kept it on overnight. It helped so much. I mixed 1 part red raspberry leaf and 1 part plantain leaf. I moistened them with hot water and wrapped them in a piece of flannel. I used a bandana or something to attach it to my face. I didn't know about peppermint or castor oil then.

Had I known about these remedies twenty years ago I would have saved myself surgery.

Daily exercise is helpful to keep lymph flowing and so is plenty of water. (Water with Apple Cider Vinegar would kill two birds with one stone there.)

Hope you get some relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by J (Seattle, Wa) on 06/20/2012

Hello all, I hope someday my story will help someone who has gone through what I have.

For over a year, the glands on both sides of my neck, and also on the back of my head have been swollen, which made me scared that something was wrong. I had blood work done and also saw a healer, nothing came back as serious, but still, your glands swell up only because your body is fighting something.

I bought organic Apple cider vinegar. I take a shot in the morning, and have only been doing this for two days. The glands are no longer swollen! Within two days, the ACV has worked a miracle and I no longer have swollen glands!


Posted by Mia (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 11/22/2009

In late July 2009 @ age 64 I began generously & daily painting my nine lymph nodes with iodine soaked qtip in all four quadrants of my body, covering them with 7% iodine as an experimental treatment for newly diagnosed Stage III non Hodgkins lymphoma (indolent) & the enlarged lymph nodes that go with the territory. I have had NO orthodox cancer treatment, NO invasive diagnosis, just blood tests & ultra sound, no enlarged liver or spleen. Flow cytometry determined the genetic markers for the type of cancer. ALL nodes, regardless of original size, have shrunk by approximately 3/4 of each original size in a four month period. All have stopped feeling "rooted" and are now moveable. I really like thinking of cancer as an infection that is beatable. This lymph node reversal & shrinkage seems to fit with certain iodine 4 health innovative theories I found out there, particularly about the suspected fungal/viral/bacterial nature of cancer. The oncologist is mute, albeit professionally non committal, but clearly stumped. Alternative TCM doc is delighted, fascinated. About to get updated blood panel done. Will keep anyone interested posted. P.S. Admittedly, much more recently "raw family" type green smoothies, Fl-essence anti cancer tea, became part of this program, along with daily ACV, mega green tea caps, selenium, Vit E, & multi enzymes, like serapeptase, etc., plus rebounder, all said to assist cancer cell death. However, node shrinkage was radical before I did much else. I feel & look better than I have in MANY years. ENERGY TO SPARE.