Swollen Lymph Nodes Natural Remedies

Epsom Salt  

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Posted by Anita (Minnesota) on 11/01/2017
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My swollen glands were gone in one week with Epsom salt.

I've had swollen Lymph nodes most of my life. Drs have been no help. Every one of them telling me it's normal for some people ... what?. It was a C Pnuemonea infection not nothing.

The fastest way I've gotten rid of them is Epsom Salt. A daily very warm bath with 2 cups Epsom Salt (I also add 2 drops organic 100% Lavendar oil). Most important, I get in the bath and then take a handful of it close my hand and submege it just enough to get the Epsom Salt damp. Put it directly on the swollen gland. One was behind my ear. When I've done it I could feel a pulling sensation into my, ear canal, nasal cavity and gums. On the 3rd day I also put it on my face in my nasal cavity area and other lymph nodes. I can breath freely for the first time in more years than I can remember and my ear stopped hurting.

Also my skin is baby soft.

General Feedback  

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/25/2013

I pinch the skin on the inside of the elbow and feel small bumps. I am wondering if this is normal? There are larger bumps in the abdomen area. Is this blocked lymph system?

Replied by Anon

Hi, I think you just need to exfoliate your skin a few times a week with sea salt in a mixture of coconut oil - it will go then.

Posted by Lotusqi (Hongkong) on 10/23/2011

Hi Ted,

I need to ask you an important question. I've been taking lemon juice (1 whole lemon squeezed) 1/4 teaspoon baking soda for a week to help my neck glands to subside. But the lump is still there. I've also been taking the zinc supplement once a day.

What should I do? Is my formula correct? What other diet or food that I must stay away or take more? How long must I stick to this alkaline drink before I can see result? I've to visit my EarNoseThroat (ENT) Specialist this weekend already!! Please advise.

Thanks so much for your time. God bless.

Replied by Majik

Boil half cup of water and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda, drink u'll be fine. U might have to do this for a while until u no longer feel pain.

Posted by Ron (Toronto, Canada) on 10/06/2011


I have problem with lymph node behind left ear. First my right lymph node behind ear got swollen and painful. I went to doctor and he prescribed amoxycylin (3 pills daily). He told me it's an ear infection (bacteria).

Few days later right lymph node started to decrease in size, but then lymph node behind left ear showed up and increased. When I finished with antibiotic (after one week) my right lymph node completely disappeared. Left one also decreased in size but was still there so doctor gave me a prescription - topical antibiotic Fuzidin.

I used it on the node as well as Tea Tree Oil. So my left lymph node became even smaller but still didn't disappear completely. Already one and a half month passed and it's very small but still there. When I touch it there is no pain at all. I am wondering if there is any problem with it? When would it disappear completely? Should I visit doctor again?

Thank you!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
2113 posts

Ron, I have had excelent results with Lapico or Pau-Da arco for swollen lymph. Message with vit E oil w/ lemon or cold liver oil to drain and strengthen. I also have good results with magnets for swollen, painful lymph nodes. I have also used small vibrator to help the lymph. It also looks like your body needs detoxing. I hot epsom salt bath plus Dr.Christopher's herbal "red colver combination" would make your immune system happy. good luck.

Replied by John
Sligo, West / Ireland

I have swollen glands under my left armpit. It is like a lump/ball. My doctor said it was a swollen lymph node and subscribed 500 mg of fuicillin. This reduced to lump. However when I finished my dose it came back. I have ised vitamin e since 400 iu and this has helped somewhat. I'm trying to find a remedy as I'm hesitant and worried I'll have to get it cut out. I do not like being knocked out by general anesthetic.. Thanks

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
2113 posts

John, the Cayce recommended Castor Oil pack would surely help. In my few cases of enlarged lymph nodes, I used Pau de Arco capsules or tea, and message the gland or even use vibrator to help drainage. I have also had very good results with magnet therapy on the swollen lymph.

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

If the lymph node is black, it sounds like its congested with blood. They are there to act as a barrier to any infection, some times they just swell up. Try Arnica applied topically, or just wait for it to return to normal.

Replied by Kat
Comox, Canada

I had a lumpectomy in May of last year and the margin were close and not as clear as the surgeon would have liked to see, I chose no chemo or radiation, do you think this was a big mistake??? After my reading and research I was so unclear as to what to do. I focuesd mainly on alternative medicine, diet , Ph levels, and sugar levels.

As of October, a new sudden large hard moveable lump has formed in my arnpit 2-3 cm, the ultrasound report called it a " lobular mass lesion", What does this really mean ??? The ultrsound report is very vague, although the breast part where surgery was done with the scar is all fine- seems clear acording to the scan.

Treatment options please!!!! To help shrink, dissolve. Can and will this hard lump go down without surgery, and time , what would be the risks and benniftes of surgery ? I have been doing castor oil packs with blood root, am on various chinese herbs , along with Vit- E, baking soda and Molasses, supplements. Is Mistetoe something that is recommended ? I heard of magnet therapy- where would I get this and how to use?? Should I be doing lugols daily?

Hopefully I did not scatter too much. This is really scary for me. My last visit with the surgeon I was told if I do nothing I will be dead in 6 months. WOW, trying to stay positive, I did manage to find a new MD Doctor that does think outside the box and seems more positive which I really need and believes in alternative medicine. I was told get focused, find something, believe in it and go with it, harder than I would ever imagined. I also need some good advice on meditation, cancer really plays tricks on the mind. I keep saying it's just cells and a word, get over it, not as easy as one would think. Thanks in advance for reading this, Kat


Try Frankincense pure therapeutic grade essential oil both topically and internally under the tongue.

Replied by Natalie
North Royalton, Oh

Research Gerson therapy. Go to Gerson.org Also watch videos on youtube.com about Gerson therapy. Gerson therapy is when you do coffee enemas, juice veggies, eat lots of potassium rich foods to help your body get rid of toxins and cure yourself of cancer. My mom is doing that right now for breast cancer. Look into it and read the book: Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson. Good luck.

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

There is a Yahoo Iodine Group that you can join and they can tell you the exact iodine protocol and point you to the iodine for breast cancer site specifically. It may not be the only element in your protocol, but from what I have read, it seems to be important.

Replied by Kat
Comox, Canada

This is such a trying time breast cancer, I too had a lumpectomy done and now I have a large hard mass in my lymph node about 2-3 cm, I opted out of chemo and radiation for now, I am also doing whatever naturally I can do, from baking soda and molasses, to Chinese herbs, I have watched the gerson therapy protocol- it looks amazing I am doing my best to keep my Ph level above 7 at all times , and am reducing myself to a close vegan diet , I am not sure how much lugols iodine to do daily if daily so anything you can share would be so great as well. My heart goes out to your Mom- how is she doing? Kat

Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa

Please read the book 'Knockout' by Suzanne Somers who has managed to pull together a host of doctors who with alternative treatments are curing folks of their cancer.

I just finished reading the book and a MUST read for anyone who is suffering from or aiding someone with cancer, or for anyone who proactively wants to take steps in their life to keep it at bay.

Replied by Mainsail06
Katy, Tx

You could try applying castor oil packs to the mass every day for 60 minutes per session (Edgar Cayce), and jumping on a mini trampolin several times a day to get your lymphatic fluids flowing.

Replied by Lisa
Rabat, Morocco

Kat, good for you for choosing not to do chemo. I think it is only asking for more cancer down the road. Look into using Lugol's/Iodoral for your tumors. I believe it is recommeded to take from 50-300 mg daily, the more the better, plus there are supporting supplements that you need to take with it. I would second the recommendation to join the iodine Yahoo group. There are many wonderful and supportive people and you will find lots of good information. Iodine is an important part in your health, but not the only one. Best of health to you.

Replied by Natalie
North Royalton, Oh

Hi, Also I'd like to add that you cannot have any contact with fluoride. My mom is doing Gerson therapy and they are very specific about not even showering in fluoride treated water. So my mom buys distilled water and cooks food with it, washes dishes with it and warms it up and washes herself with it. Its very difficult but fluoride is a big no, no on Gerson therapy. She started the therapy about 3 weeks ago and shes still trying to get used to it. Not only do you do coffee enemas but you also take castor oil enemas. Its a grueling process to detox, detox, and more detox. She drinks 13 juices a day and does 5 enemas a day. She also takes the Gerson specific supplements to help kill the tumor. If you read the book that I mentioned previously, it will explain everything. My mom had done the DMSO intravenously and then she moved on to drinking it for about 2 years, but her tumor still grew. She also did b17, laetrile, and artemisisnin, but nothing helped and the tumor kept growing. So we decided to do Gerson therapy. Hopefully, it will be the one that works :) Good luck on your research and finding the right path for you.


Hows your mom doing would love to know is she doing better

Replied by Cameron
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Hey Kat, Look at the Cancer replies on this site, they all apply for you.

Hydrogen Peroxide injected into the mass kills it or you can dilute it and drink the diluted mix. Look online for Black Salve, if the lump is close to the surface it will draw it out, this is very painful for large lumps and you will need pain medication and your co-operative GP/MD for pain medication.

Go to cancertutor.com

Spirulina and Chlorella. Paw Paw Leaf tea. Organic Juice Diet. B17 found in Apricot Kernels, Red Grape seeds. Colloidal Silver. I will start posting now about H E M P oil, the spacing is so the F e d s do not snoop the post, sorry about that. Amazing cure for hundreds of conditions including Cancers.

If it were me I would not have a biopsy as that makes a neat little hole for any Cancer Cells to escape and make new homes somewhere else and make any further treatment hundreds of times harder and lower your odds of survival dramatically.

Stay fit, stay happy and keep positive.

The people I see survive always stay positive and follow their treatment exactly.

Best of luck to you. BTW Chemo always destroys parts of your brain affecting logic and memory. I would never ever have Chemo.

Replied by Kat
Comox, Bc

Thanks for all your info, and suggestions greatly appreicated, dealing with cancer is not a easy space place to be, everyday I thank the Lord that I am still hear and have two legs and heart beat, I am learning so much , has anyone out there used poke root and blood root , I do externally but not sure about the saftey internally , if so how much do I take daily, I hear and had read this is a really herb tintcure as well as good for tumors as well, the tumor in armpit is really sore not sure is this a bad sign or good- could this be a sign healing as well, ???? It seems inflamed a bit more than usual, I am doing rebounding and silver and castor oil packs as well, I think I will start mistletoe as well. I figure the more the better chance I have , is taking large dose vit C the same as doing the IV treatment vit C? Can it be effective? Has any one heard of IPT therapy its a insulin low dose chemo therapy, I really need to learn relaxation, vision therapy, meditation, seems so hard when Cancer is with me daily and my day is just taking, mixing, reading interneting and taking care of ME, I feel so absorbed on most days and out of control. Once again thanks for being out there and understanding. Keep the postive post coming it's a time I really need them, Kat

Replied by Lalaboo
Navotas, Manila, Philippines

Hi! I'm a 32 year old female and amother of 2 wonderful kids. It's been 12 years since I had my first excision biopsy in my left collar bone. and it's been 6 years since I was first diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma.

the wound fromy first operation is (the result according to my first doctor was non specific lymph adenitis) still swollen have hole and there's still fluid coming out of it. The second was done july 2006 on my right shoulder. The wound healed after 3 days. But the result was devastating! I was positive for hodgkins lymphoma. I underwent chemo for 7 months for 14 sessions and 1 month radiation. all the mass shrinked its big sizes, but theres still a few left in my neck and in my left underarm.

3 years after, I got a miracle from heaven. I got pregnant again which I didn't expect anymore because my doctors said that I can't be pregnant again. But I did. and thankful for my healthy baby boy even though I had gone hysterectomy after giving birth to my 2nd child.

i thought everything is going good, even though I still have my wound in my neck that sometimes heals but most of the time is open and secretioning fluid (like right now).. Until I decided to have it removed again january of 2010. The result was like the 2nd result to my biopsy. I got my hodgkins lymphoma back again. I undergo with chemo again, but this time just for 6 months and 6 sessions only.

My wound in the neck closed during and after the chemo but march last year it was open again. And the lymph node in my underarm grew even bigger. And I got new mass again the middle of the collar bone, even in my left breast. I still haven't gone to a doctor since last year. I have my kids to feed first through the help of my mom because I couldn't find a job because of my scary looking neck.

I'm afraid my doctor would tell me to go through chemo again. I don't think I still can make it anymore. Right now I am taking herbal medicines but I think they don't work for me anymore. I just think they're all making all it even worse.

Reading all your feedback/comments makes me really wonder. You're still all lucky you didn't go through what I've been going through. Be happy and be thankful. I am thankful still. Because god gave me 3rd life, a daughter and a baby boy and a supportive family and friends. I still feel good because of my love for them. I don't want to let them down.

I will fight cancer until the end. And while I am having a battle with it, I'll just smile and still give thanks to the lord. God bless everyone! : )

Replied by Raw
Uniontown, OH

I am so sorry to hear that the cancer has returned. Please see if you can get some low dose naltrexone and take 4. 5 mg. of it each night. It helps many people with cancer, along with alkalizing the body with lemon and baking soda, twice a day. Take good care and know that the prayers of many are with you. Maybe you could find Bill in the Phillipines to help you?

Replied by Louisa
Wichita Falls, Texas

You may try Castor oil packs, it should cleanse the lymphatic system. Also look into IC VALVE sometimes it's open or close and that can cause a lot of problems. A good chiropractor can help you, it's rubbing motion on the right side. The IC VALVE, between the belly button and the right hip bone, draw an imaginary line, and half way go down 2 inches and there is where the IC VALVE is. GOOGLE it. Hope this helps. It really helped me, I had clear liquid coming from my belly button and had a lot of issues with my health, two day later when I adjusted my IC valve my belly button completely cleared up, but I had to Detox several times, because I was Toxic. By the way I'll be 65 and I don't take any medicine only supplement, teas , clay, castor oil, ACV, baking soda and I sometime Fast.

Replied by Patricia
Knoxville, Tn, Usa

Lalaboo, I once did these things when I was quite ill as did a friend who was as ill as you. That was just over 20 years ago and we are both well. Eat totally organic, and eat no red meat, no white flour, and no sugar. Take high doses of vit C and take pancreatic enzymes. Eat green and drink green drinks. Drink a tea called Essiac. It has four herbs that aid in killing off the bad guys in your body and it also helps in the de-toxing of your body.

You are de-toxing and rebuilding your immune system. Stay away from chemicals in the home and on the body. That means the fingernails as well.

Clean the colon with high enemas or colonics often. Research with books to know what to replenish as I can not tell you everything here. When I became seriously ill, I read many books and found a doctor who helped me with all labs. If you are vit D3 deficient, a doctor can tell with blood work and guide you on the amt to take. Vit D3 is important for the immune system just like vit C. My thoughts are with you. Read books on this!

Replied by Patricia
Knoxville, Tn, Usa

Lalaboo, So unsatisfied with my first note and I am not sure it was even acceptable. I have never written on a forum before. Please find the books to read on curing the body of cancer. You must go at it 100% which means no cheating even for one cup of coffee or a glass of wine. One must become total in the journey of adding no more toxins to the body. James F. Balch's book has needed information for you on coffee enemas for example. (organic only, of course) Some things have to be replaced in your system and this book will guide and educate you. He has an M. D. And nutritional background. There are many other good books as well.

Read Ascorbic Acid Flush in his book and Blood Purifier drinks as well. Drink only pure water. Our problem with tap water here is chlorine and fluoride. Again, High doses of vit C and pancreatic enzymes as directed. Brew and drink essiac tea morning and evening. Do not get confused with all the information out there and become overwhelmed. Do the major basics and help your body heal itself. I did 20, 000 vit C a day and it did not come out in my urine. My body used all of it. When it started appearing in my urine, I cut back. I was recovering at that time and after a year, my blood work showed normal. I do 3, 000 a day now per Linus Pauling's research.

De-tox, rebuild immune system, and eat only pure food with no red meats. Macrobiotic food is good for the healing of the body. Do colonics if available.

Think of chemicals, where they are and do not use them. Nothing on your nails ever. I was ill with this disease (breast) and a friend of mine was stage 4. She did what I did and we are here and well and it was over 20 years ago for us. She did surgery and chemo once and I did neither. We both denied radiation.

Coconut oil (unrefined and organic) can be used on your skin and nails. I also put it on my veggies and I give 1 T to my 70 lb. Dog on his food twice a day. (per my vet) Blessings to you.

Replied by Patricia
Knoxville, Tn Usa

Lalaboo, Please go to www.cancertutor.com and read, read, read. Start nourishing your body with the cancer diet, de-toxing quickly by cleansing the colon, and drinking the essiac tea morn and eve. This web site will help you and if you could find a holistic Dr. or other experienced practictioner for guidance, that could help you move quickly. If not, move forward yourself and do not waver.

These wonderful web sites are linked. I found this cancertutor.com because of earth clinic. You are on the right track! When you heal your body of cancer, your open wounds will also heal. ( I'm sure you know this... ) Could you let us hear from you again?

Replied by Suzanne
Pittsburgh, Pa, Usa

Thanks for recommending the cancertutor.com site-----I will check it out. I have to mention that I tried the essiac tea and it tasted so horrible that I couldn't continue with it.

Replied by Patricia
Knoxville, Tn

Suzanne, I used organic (of course) essiac. I just wonder if you had these directions. You have prepared a large amount refrigerated. Each time shake it to mix well. Add 2oz to 2oz of fresh spring water. Drink daily on an empty stomach before bedtime. I did it morning and bedtime. It would be too bitter full strength. Some say 2-4 oz added to equal amts water. I did the 2-2 ratio as did my friend who had stage 4 breast cancer.

Replied by Mary L.

Hi there. How are you doing now? I have your same issue and prognosis from my oncologist 3 months ago. I went on full gerson therapy and it seems to work.

Posted by Phil (Pittsburgh,pa, Pa/usa) on 09/28/2011

I was out mowing the lawn three days ago and I just got stung by two bees or wasps. I got stung on my right arm and also on my left ear. there were no stingers present, but there was pain and itching. There was a slight rash on my right arm but I treated it with baking soda and the itch is gone.

But two days after I was stung, I felt a slight lump on the right side of my neck. It's painless, but I was wondering if it is a swollen lymph node or just a reaction from the stings. After reading the posts on this site on swollen lymph nodes, I just started taking apple cider vinegar. I wonder if it is going to work or should do something else with it?

Posted by Suzanne (Quebec, Canada) on 05/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a serious case of caseous tonsillitis for the last 8 months and have one particularly painful swollen lymph node on the side of the neck which is most affected. I tried Ted's remedy two night in a row with wonderful results. After about 45 minutes of discomfort and swelling, two bacterial sacks broke the first night and one on the second night (this evening). Thank you Ted! I was getting desperate, but have hopes that I may be able to get rid of the infection using your remedy. I'll keep you posted. Suzanne

Replied by Amanda
Tucson, Az

This sounds like me. I have had tonsilitis since I got mono which was about a year ago, and now I have a swollen lymph node on one side that wont go away! The drs are telling me I need to go to the hospital and possibly have my tonsils removed. I really hope this Apple Cider Vinegar thing helps for me cuz that doesn't sound like fun.

Posted by Dave (Philadelphia, Pa) on 10/13/2009

I noticed I didn't start having swollen glands or sinus infections until I had my wisdom teeth pulled out. Did anyone else notice this? Would there be any connection?

Replied by Josh
Washington Dc, Washington Dc

In responce to the person who had sinus infections only after he got her wisdom teeth pulled.... The same thing happened to my best friend she got her wisdom teeth removed and the root was so long that before the surgery, it was the root of the tooth that blocked the sinus cavity off. Once the tooth was removed the cavity was no longer blocked and was susceptable to infection.

Replied by Ann
Akron, Oh

I too had a wisdom tooth pulled. It was impacted and then I got what they call a dry socket. Due to many infections, they cauterized it and I still have problems. For many reasons, I have lost faith in physicians and instead always now look for a natural cure if possible. But, I truly believe this was all caused by that wisdom tooth. Right now, the gland is swollen and even my cheek is swollen on that side. This is the worst I have had it so I am search for "natural cures".

Replied by Steven

I have read that infection is usually left behind when you have your wisdom teeth pulled. It is not usually cleaned out properly, most assume your body will fight it off. To get the infection out you need a dental cavitation is a procedure where they open the site and again an sterilize, laser and clean it out. It is a low grade infection otherwise, in some people it ends up causing many serious health issues. Find a reputable holistic dentist,

A book that sheds light on this is Root Canal Coverup.

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Sondra (North Mankato, Minnesota) on 09/28/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Swollen Lymph Nodes

I was diagnosed with Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma back in May 2009 after a doctor found a enlarged lymph node in my right armpit and did a biopsy. I went through 3 different types of chemotherapy treatments and did not respond to any of the treatments, however, my body became more and more toxic due to the chemotherapy drugs I was given. In the mean time my lymph nodes in my neck, armpits, and groin area continued to get larger and larger. I had read an article on Hydrogen Peroxide in a book that I had purchased and I decided to try their recommendation. After 5 days of taking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with distilled water I started seeing a decrease in the size of my lymph nodes. I started taking this mixture the latter part of August 2009 and have continued to take it and currently my lymph nodes are still decreasing. I am wondering now if I really do have cancer or if I had a infection to cause my lymph nodes to swell? Sondra

Replied by Tavora
Brooklyn, Ny

Sondra - you should also consider supplementing your H2O2 therapy w/ the lemon (or) lime baking soda mixture. It helps to alkalize the system quickly and aids in cleaning out the nodes. Though I'm not a fan of drinking it - it does work. I have had slightly enlarged nodes for almost a year now (submandibular and around the base of neck and ear) and have been able to keep them at bay (until I get more solid answers) by either rebounding (mini-trampoline) and/or eating more raw foods. I never heard of rebounding until several months ago but it is superb for cleaning out the lymphatic system! Since the lymph system has no internal pumping mechanism like the heart - it has to be "moved" or drained out with the assistance of exercise. The up/down motion of jumping on the trampoline allows for the valves in the system to open up - which in turn allows for the fluid (or lymph) to be shaken up and "ushered" out towards the kidneys where it will be disposed of through the urine. You should consider it...I think it will be very effective in helping to cleanse, strenghthen and heal your body/immune system.....

You are in my prayers.....

Replied by Dolphy
Johannesburg (south Africa), South Africa

I tested hiv in 2006 October and in november i started developing Lymph nodes, the clinics say that they are unable to help reduce the swelling yet they havent tried any treatment...this is really affecting my social life please help me

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
512 posts

Hello Dolphy from Johannesburg,

Do some research on Urine therapy. In the book "Your Own Perfect Medicine" there was alleged cures of multiple problems, including AIDS. It won't hurt anything to paint the skin over the swollen glands with iodine (or SSKI or Lugol's solution, both of which are potassium iodide solutions). It also won't hurt to take L-lysine & vitamin C 1 gram of each every hour while awake (up to l0 grams per day).

Replied by Mia
Vancouver, British Columbia

Who says cancer isn't a deadly infection? Imagine the collapse of the industry if that became well known?

Imagine if bacteria and fungi and viruses could morph from one to the next, if they were pleomorphic.

Well, medicine only now has begun to arrive at full circle and to discover that indeed this is the case, that the Pasteur world view is incomplete, at best.

Pasteur's perspective was that ALL bad diseases originate from outside the body, act as invaders, and must be denied entry.

In the world of medicine, Pasteur trumped Bechamp and rendered his subtle, insightful theories obscure, by successfully asserting that all infections gain entry from outside, acting like foreign incursions.

Bechamp, on the other hand, argued that we all live with good and not good bacteria, that fungi, bacteria and viruses are merely different stages, held in check, or not, that they are part of a singular progression and that it is internal imbalance within which allows these bacteria, fungi and viruses to morph, that they are in fact pleomorphic.

Pasteur won. And his views prevailed. Hence pasteurization.

Next, imagine using munitions grade mustard gas and deadly radiation (which killed discoverer Madame Curie) to tackle a deadly infection called cancer.

Completely illogical.

This is why antimicrobials such as aloe vera and iodine kill off cancer. Cancer blood slides are often indistinguishable from the fungi of extreme candida slides.

Replied by Kera
3 posts

Please tell me more about how you are doing. I have similar swollen nodes, I'm not going to the doctor I don't want them scaring me. Thanks!!!


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Posted by Mia (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 11/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

In late July 2009 @ age 64 I began generously & daily painting my nine lymph nodes with iodine soaked qtip in all four quadrants of my body, covering them with 7% iodine as an experimental treatment for newly diagnosed Stage III non Hodgkins lymphoma (indolent) & the enlarged lymph nodes that go with the territory. I have had NO orthodox cancer treatment, NO invasive diagnosis, just blood tests & ultra sound, no enlarged liver or spleen. Flow cytometry determined the genetic markers for the type of cancer. ALL nodes, regardless of original size, have shrunk by approximately 3/4 of each original size in a four month period. All have stopped feeling "rooted" and are now moveable. I really like thinking of cancer as an infection that is beatable. This lymph node reversal & shrinkage seems to fit with certain iodine 4 health innovative theories I found out there, particularly about the suspected fungal/viral/bacterial nature of cancer. The oncologist is mute, albeit professionally non committal, but clearly stumped. Alternative TCM doc is delighted, fascinated. About to get updated blood panel done. Will keep anyone interested posted. P.S. Admittedly, much more recently "raw family" type green smoothies, Fl-essence anti cancer tea, became part of this program, along with daily ACV, mega green tea caps, selenium, Vit E, & multi enzymes, like serapeptase, etc., plus rebounder, all said to assist cancer cell death. However, node shrinkage was radical before I did much else. I feel & look better than I have in MANY years. ENERGY TO SPARE.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, USA
120 posts

Mia, That is a wonderful report, I would love more detail, what iodine did you use, do you continually feel stronger, are you sleeping better, can you tell if the iodine has changed anything else in your body or emotions. I will be doing a post myself in a day or so for a 'yea' for Logol's iodine. Merryanne in Fl

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

Thanks Mia, for your thorough post! Interesting & hopeful. When you say four quadrants is that both sides of the neck (behind the ears) and groin area?

Vancouver, British Columbia

The body is divided by Western medicine into four quadrants.

The waist is considered to be the horizontal dividing line. the mid point or centre line from the middle of the top of the head to the middle of the groin is the vertical division line. I had nodes in all four "quadrants".

Since then the Truth About Cancer Gl;obal Quest has explored so much of this.

Nature is SO bountiful with cures, one need only be open to safe easy ways to be well.

Replied by Mia Nony
Vancouver, B.c., Canada

Dear Maryanne & Rob:

First, send for undiluted 5% strength lugol's from Kripps Pharmacy or Finlandia, both in Vancouver, Canada, I researched this in depth. I checked & iodine has been diluted down to almost useless everywhere. Not a profit maker. I surmise cheap cures for cancer are a major threat 2 the billion dollar "industry". Iodine was long called the miracle cure, 19th century doctors knew this well. If you are a research nut like me go to iodine 4 health dot com. If I support my thyroid master gland, my mood lifts markedly as my hormones balance out. Sleep? I remember nothing til morning. The rebounder offers exercise. More important its G-force releases white cells. Lymph nodes are one way straws minus a pump, there to protect us by containing debris & other threats. There are even "sentinel" lymph nodes. This is why I said NO to slice-&-dice diagnosis & radiation, unintentionally thwarting the oncologist. Rebounders release many white cell soldiers to fight back everywhere, partnering w/ iodine. We all need a bit of exercise (least perceived effort, most gain is elliptical) to be fair to ourselves. If you suspect or blood tests reveal your nodes are indolent (silent) lymphoma, it is easy to stage cancer non invasively by palpating by how many quadrants have enlarged nodes. Quadrants are divided by the 2 areas above & below the diaphragm & by right & left sides of the body's centre meridian. I have shrunk nodes on both sides of the neck, groin, rib cage, armpits. Cancer is just like a septic tank! It thrives in an acidic environment, w/ no oxygen & feeds exclusively on fast sugars. If you oxygenate, cut out ALL sugar, ALL ASPARTAME, all toxins, & alkalinize, you starve cancer to death, (poor thing). Multi enzymes, mega strength ECGC green tea caps of any brand, grapeseed extract cause rapid cancer cell death, as does selenium, Vit E, which work synergistically together. Side benefits of the iodine (& smoothies diet) & the rest? Lost 27 lbs in 3.5 months & now my face complexion is excellent instead of pale! Shoot, I am wearing clothes that have come full circle & are now back in style from 20 years ago! I am winning this war, & so can you.

Replied by San
Tampa, Fl

I just wanted to say that what you are doing is very similar to my chosen method of killing my cancer. I had breast cancer in one breast, had it removed and have been doing treatment with supplements and nutrition only. No chemo or radiation at all and I'm feeling and looking great, 4 months now after initial surgery. Am interested to hear more about what you take and would love to share what I am taking. Iodine (sea kelp) is one of them.

Replied by Bella Jones
San Diego, Ca

Hi Mia,
Question, did you drink the Iodine, or paint on your lymph nodes? I've been drinking it and feeling better... It's been a month but I don't see much improvement. Was dx with CLL about two months ago.... I asked Santa for a rebounder for Christmas. Thanks, Chris

Replied by Kat
Campbell River, Bc, Canada

I am so glad to have found this site, I had a lumpectomy done in May, a large cancerous lump was removed. I also did not do treatments and rely on nature as much as I can, I have developed a sudden large hard moveable lump in my armpit, same side left breast. I am so glad to have finally found someone I can talk with with the same values, I also live in bc, on vancovuer Island. I have been searching the internet for ladies in my shoes and avoiding chemo and radiation, thank goodness for this site.

I just had a ultra sound done should have the results back thrusday, finding a Dr who will perform blood work and added tests is not easy, they are trained to think allopathic. I feel all alone also very careful who I talk with about my choices. I am hoping for the best, also have a rebounder and do have to get busy daily, I was running 2k per day and that seems to bring the life back and happy feeling. I have iodine was not aware you could drink this with water- thanks. Also the hydrogen proxide story, where do you get 35% food grade from, I have been doing the baking soda and sea salt as well as ACV just have to be really religious with all the treatments. I also see a TCM and get remedies, so I am really trying to do whatever works on a natural level. I find myself thinking about this all the time. The only time I can let go is when I am busy with grandchildren or running.

I am 54, married, 4 children and 3 grandchildren , so much to live for... I just don't want to become sick for the allopathic treatments, my saying is I have two legs and a heartbeat, I can either get on with living or dying. I chose the living, I am so so sure I can also beat this with diet/ food/ and exercise. Hope I haven't bored you, kat

Replied by Kat
Comox, Bc

Hello to all and Mia form Vancouver,

I am really hoping to find you well and I am on Vancouver Island, also have breast cancer with the lump removed no chemo or radiation or scans yet. Now I have a large moveable lump in my arm pit. I could sure use a friend that is going through the same thing to chat with. I really am trying to stay calm and positive through this in spite of the Doctors remarks. Are you finding any Dr.. S who will support you, and willing to do blood work under the bc medical? I am not. If you are getting blood work done who is doing it??? I too am going to see a TMC and any blood work that he has asked for they refuse, they claim it is of no value.. SO their only solution to this is to go and redo surgery, remove more tissue and remove the lymph nodes and many I am told, also then do Chemo and radiation. Been told by the nurse ( Dec 23) not nice!!!! That if I do not do treatment I will die in 6 months really!!!! wow wow!

So far I feel ok to great some days (not today though ) I try to run 2- k a day, when I can, weather permitted of course in the rain forest. So, I need someone who is going through the same thing, any ideas and remedies that are working. I also know attitutde is a big part of healing. I am using Iodine it is call lugols paint- is this the same as what you are talking about? I am also doing tumeric and honey with castor oil. I also heard blood root and poke root are very good. Not sure yet on how to use these remedies as they can be toxic. Thanks for listening to whoever reads this. Merry Christmas

Replied by Kat
Comox, Bc

Thanks for the Iodine info, Mia- you sound amazing. How much did you take and how much did you paint on your self? thanks Kat, comox, What else did you do??? Was your oncologist ok with you not doing standard treament. Still worked with you, did he/she- what blood work was performed I am am going through lymph node cancer myself no testing or chemo/ or biopsy thanks Kat

Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Kat: So sorry, did not revisit this site until now, hope you stood up to them.

Using fear for profit is despicable. The thing that kills is fear. When the body feels fear it begins to behave as if under extreme threat. It cannot heal while under threat. Do not let "authorities" instill fear in you. The body knows best. And so do you.

Negotiate with the cancer. Invite it to leave. Do not think in terms of a "fight" against cancer or even using any aggression. Be clear that this is a negotiation. The mind has enormous power to make you sick - or well. Of course you need to help it along. And of course you have to want to live. Sounds simple but many people are conflicted about surviving. Be your own friend in this matter. Claim yourself back from the system.

For the very best kind of truly healing meditation go to chilel.com

The best thing a fine GP doctor ever told me was this: It is YOUR body, it is YOUR choice, and you are the driver, not the passenger.

If you say NO to a bone marrow extract, to removal of your nodes, (like killing off your soldiers), to biopsies, to a CAT scan which is up to 1200 x-rays in one go, bear in mind that all of this is an employment scheme, and all of it is predicated on the assumption that of course you will submit to chemo, radiation.

If not, what stage does it matter that you are at? this is an ecological question, not a medical one.

Change the terrain and the cancer cannot survive. It is fear of change that holds people back from wellness. It is fear of how powerful the mind is to cure the body that gets in the way of wellness. Yet people make themselves sick all the time, same mind, different use.

Starve cancer and it will move on.

Cancer cells are very simple, they need sugar to survive. Cut off the quick release sugars and slow down all carbs with fat, butter, sweet organic butter is fine, it is exempt from the "no dairy" rule.

How invasively they treat you, that is YOUR choice. They do not call it "nuclear" medicine for nothing. It causes cancer. Chemo is derived from mustard gas used to kill soldiers, a chemical invented by a munitions company, and it causes cancer. Check Lancet and New England medicine sites, they admit this in many white papers. X-rays, too, the same thing. the "treatment" causes cancer, additional secondary cancers, the spread of cancer.

You are worth more than that. Refuse to be a medical masochist.

Replied by Denise

Kat, I see it has been sime time since you have posted and hope all is well with you. I have exactly the same thing going on with me. I am the same age as you with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I had my left breast removed 4 months ago and have a huge lump under my left arm. I have done zero conventional treatments, only natural. Some have been very pricey and I am forced to do some cheaper treatments. I have not tried ACV as of yet. I take iodine but have never applied it directly to the lump. I will try these things. I would love to talk with you and share our experiences. I am sure we can learn from each other!


Replied by Mia
Vancouver, British Columbia

Seven years after "diagnosis" of incurable stage three B cell follicular NHL (Non Hodgkins Lymphoma):

Info update for Iodine, meaning solely potable iodine, specifically Lugol's potable iodine.

A compound pharmacist compounded for me a solution of 12%.

I used 5 drops daily in an ounce of George's debittered aloe vera, to which I added 8 Lumina oxygen drops.

Since that time there have been crack downs on compounding pharmacists, since this cheap cure interferes with the profit margin of the trillion dollar cancer industry.

Now the maximum compounded permitted here is Lugol's 5% strength iodine.

Adjust the dose accordingly. The correct number of drops to equal 12%

Always take a day or two a week to "rest" from iodine.

There is no limit to how much can be painted on nodes externally. Try not to use cotton or Q tips as it contains toxins. Toilet paper contain formaldehyde. Why? Go figure.

Natural alternatives to iodine which are easy to obtain:

There is no limit to how much Nori Sushi type dried Seaweed one can take daily, a perfectly legitimate source of iodine.

Cut out all processed foods, expecially all sugar, dairy, all things "white". Most processed foods and all bread are loaded with bromine which is an antagonist to iodine absorption.

The Iodine Group - Iodine Research
The website iodine4health.com is one part of that group.... website concentrates on iodine research. The Iodine Group emphasizes how to use iodine for health.

EC: Mia, thank you so very much for providing an update after 7 years - wow!

Posted by Lisa (Coto de Caza, CA) on 11/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I've have swollen & tender lymph nodes under my jaw for a few years and the Dr.'s ignore it. Found the Iodine cure on this website while looking for something else. I painted Potassium iodide on the lymph nodes and the swelling went down within a few hours, as well as the tenderness. Had to paint on again next morning. I've heard Lugol's works better but it hasn't arrived in the mail yet.

Also, took 4 drops in a glass of water on an empty stomach for the stomach flu ( kids have it) and feel better after about an hour. My fingers are crossed.

Replied by Lisa
Coto de Caza, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

I wrote in earlier about the potassium iodide (painted on) and that brought the swelling down after a few days. Well I got Lugol's iodine in the mail and within 2 days my lymph glands are not swollen. First time in a few years! No pain or tenderness. I started with 4-6 drops in a glass of water on on empty stomach. From what I read, I can work up to several more drops if needed.

Replied by John
Houston, Texas

I have had swollen lymph nodes for2 years under my ear right behind my jaw line . Nothing has worked for me at all. Where can I find this Logul's potassium iodide ? I really need help. My face is starting to look deformed. Please help.

EC: More info on our iodine page.

Potassium Iodide, also called SSKI, available in good health food stores. Lugol's solution is sold online.

Replied by Amk1976
Frisco , Tx

I have a question, when you say painted on, do you mean on your skin? Just over the area that is swollen? Sorry, I hope that isn't a dumb question lol. I have a swollen lymph node, no insurance, so I'm wanting to try the iodine out!

EC: Yes, here are a few posts on the subject!

Replied by Jassem
Al Hasa

Good morning. Have inflammation in the lymph glands under the armpits and in the neck and under the jaw and above the thigh.. I do not know these swollen glands. I went to the hospital and they did not know why.. I hope you can tell me how to prepare the treatment of iodine as well as other treatments.. I used castor oil, did not give the result.

Replied by Timh
2113 posts

Jassem: It seems like you have been exposed to some toxic chemical. Take hot full body baths w/ 1/4 cup Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) and 1/4 cup Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) while gently massaging the nodes. Take the herb Pau De Arco as it cleanses the lymph. Vit-C 500mg 3x daily will also help. Apply Cod Liver Oil directly over the swollen nodes and gently massage.

Replied by Jazz
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I'll take some more Lugol's Solution (am flaring a bit so in obvious pain) and see if that reduces it. My rheumatologist thinks I have UTCD but my naturopath thinks I have Hashimoto's as I have weight gain while eating healthy and swollen nodes in my neck. She also has me on Selenium, Omega 3D and Vitamin D.

Iodine, Peppermint Oil  

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Posted by Tassi (Berkeley, Ca) on 12/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

3 nights ago, I noticed that a hard round lump had sprung up behind my right ear, just below the edge of the skull, and it was somewhat painful. Within a couple of hours it seemed bigger and not able to be ignored. I also noted that the soft glands below my chin were swollen (not painful -- and my glands there have been noticeably puffy for the last 40 years, but this was a size increase) and my eyelid on the right side was puffy.

I came to Earth Clinic and looked for ideas -- I have Lugol's 5% iodine and organic peppermint essential oil, so I tried those. I got a tiny pinch of cotton (from some vitamin bottle) and put enough drops of iodine on it to lightly saturate it and bent forward and applied the cotton to the sore lymph node. After getting as much iodine out of the cotton as would squeeze out (it was not soaked enough to trickle out), I took it and rubbed it over the swollen glands under my chin, which painted them brownish.

An hour or so later I got the peppermint oil and a tiny piece of scrunched up paper towel and put a drop or so on that and held it on the lymph node for awhile, moving it around in a bit of a massage, plus running it all around the bottom edge of the skull, and then rubbing the iodine-painted glands below my chin. I did this a couple of times (hours apart) and by the next morning the glands and the hard node were MUCH reduced. Over the next day and a half I repeated about three more times, and now things are pretty much back to normal, at this moment at least. The node behind my ear is still palpable but very tiny and not painful.

Thanks, Earthclinic!

Replied by Tassi
Berkeley, Ca

Weeks later, I am still wrestling with this problem, although it is usually not too bad. Recommended by an acupuncturist, I have been drinking about a quart of strong dandelion-leaf tea a day (missed some days or had less) to strengthen the immune system. Also recommended was hot-compresses on the affected area, which I think is possibly the best thing I have tried so far. When I am bothered by the nodes-area stiffness etc, I spend about half an hour with a couple of washrags, a small pot of simmering water and a large fork to pull the rag out of the hot water, then wave it around till it is touchable, then wring it out, fold it up and apply, while hot but not burning, to the lumps or stiff area. Keep rotating the rags till the half hour is up.

Lavender Essential Oil  

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Posted by Lovelyrita (Arvada, Co, Usa) on 07/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My lymph nodes have been very swollen and tender recently, with a burning sensation. Blood tests have all been normal and doctors aren't quite sure what it is yet. To get relief, however, I have been applying topically Lavender Essential oil and rubbing it into my skin over the swollen areas with vaseline. It has really worked to relieve the pain! I'll apply some vaseline, then add 3-4 drops of Lavender oil and begin massaging the area. After a minute, I just feel so much relief. It feels like it has a real calming effect. It works incredibly well if you do this, and then apply mild heat to the area with a heating pad. This has saved me from so much pain while trying to heal my condition!


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Posted by Mybodywasmyprison (New Haven, Ct) on 06/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Okay, I have to start by saying that I am not hawking wares or trying to get anyone to sign up for anything. Just the opposite, in fact.

I am flatfooted, and have had some pain since I was little because of this. There were a number of injuries in my youth that never really healed. To make a long story shorter, the pain stepped up during puberty and I have not taken anything yet that alleviates it much at all. Basically, after 15 years of severe full body pain, frequent illness, and what was thought to be obesity and all the shame and scorn that comes with it, frustration and research lead me to attempt to drain my lymphatic system through very gentle massage.

Two weeks later, I have lost 12-15 inches in circumference without changing my diet or activity level... because my lymph nodes were clogged and the lymphatic fluid built up and stagnated (also known as cellulite).

It takes only a light touch and remembering to massage in counter-clockwise circles from the feet up, or head down, toward the heart, which is a main site of drainage.

I still have more to go and there were a number of other physical problems that developed since this all happened while I was growing, but the difference is so huge it's really absurd. I had no idea how contorted my body had become. It's been real torture -- my arms, shoulders and left leg essentially pinned in stress positions at all times. People who've seen me in the past couple weeks are stunned. I'm stunned.

And angry.

Labeled as fat for most of my life, I didn't get the help I needed because no one would believe that the problem could be anything but a character flaw. These processed foods are immunosuppressant, and I wonder if they haven't been the main cause for the spike in obesity, diabetes, cancer rates, as well as the increasing number of cases of autoimmune disease. Why would the body know what to do with this junk we find in the store?

Anyway, give it a try on your lymph nodes. I feel better than I have since I was a little girl. My eustachian tubes are opening up, all of my senses are enlivened, and I have more energy as my body is cleansed.

I noticed a change within minutes. You ought to be able to feel the cellulite transform from semi-solid to fluid, and an unblocked lymph node will suck it right up.

I hope this helps some people. I've been massaging obsessively since I learned this, which explains the quick results. I think. But really. Obsessively.

If you can have someone help you with your back, do -- it's better if you can relax. Let's see... oh, and it can't hurt to give it a shot because the worst case scenario is that your body gets a little tlc.

Replied by Kay
In The Valley, Ca

Very interesting, can you tell us how you learned of this message and how it is performed? Is there a website that shows a demonstration or gives an explanation? I would be very interested in learning how to do it. Thanks for sharing.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Another method to clear the lymphs is by using a rebounder. It's very effective.

Replied by Donna
Drexel Hill, Pa

Hi Lisa, just wanted to know how long you use the rebounder? Do you use it everyday, and for how many minutes. Thanks for all your great advice, I always enjoy reading your posts.

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa

Hi - I would like Lisa to post more on this also, as she knows more than I do on the subject....

I am up to 26 mins a day now, and believe me, it has taken while to work up to that! When I began, I thought I would never make it up to ten mins. Lol. I think when I started 3 mns or so was my limit.

It is fun though, you just do what your body feels up to doing, and try to add a couple of mins a week to it.

I have a datebook posted on my wall - I write my daily mins down on it - so I can see my progress. I have done back-slides a couple of times, but hey, if you are not feeling it, don't do it!

Now am working towards 30 mins.... Every weekday. I am usually too busy on weekends to do it. I figure 5 days on, 2 off is pretty good.

Web search it, and read all of the benefits.

Advice: Buy a cheapo rebounder until you know you will actually like it - then buy a better one - totally WORTH it. My first rebounder was from Wally World Online for about 35 dollars delivered... Then I stepped up to a 200 dollar rebounder (bungee cords, not springs) and it is AMAZING.... Well worth the money. I am so happy I broke down and spent the big bucks. (I am a pretty cheap person normally ;)).

I really love rebounding, and suggest everyone try it! :-)

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Carly, I probably don't know much more than you! I used to distribute them because I would train some of my dancers on them but also ice skaters. It is fantastic to build stamina and leg strength. I know they're quite effective for clearing the lymphatic system. It's also great if you can't do a whole lot because you can do "the health bounce" which is just as effective. We have a trampoline in our yard but the rebounder is great for people who don't have a lot of room. My husband uses it quite a bit.

I now have access to a Turbosonic machine which is quite advanced technologically so I have been using that. It only takes 10 minutes for amazing benefits. Also, I have hip issues so the rebounder can be hard on them. The turbosonic actually helps them.

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Nicholas (Stamford, CT) on 08/01/2013
1 out of 5 stars

Hello. I have multiple swollen lymph nodes with one on the side of my head and one on my forehead. I tried some of the remedies such as using apple cider vinegar but it made my lymph nodes swell up more. However when I tried having vitamin c but it has a minimal effect on the healing process with it sometimes not working at all. I also tried changing my diet with exercise but it seems to have a small effect as well on the healing process. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or forgot to do? Is there another method or remedy for getting rid of my swollen lymph nodes?

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Nicholas, I am wondering if the things you are doing is increasing the lymph flow (that is good--you want the lymph to flow) and it is increasing congestion in the nodes... We had something similar happen just last night. My 9 year old daughter, who has several health problems and she does get swollen lymph nodes. Well, we got a rebounder (mini-trampoline) and she jumped on it for a long time yesterday. Her lymph nodes had not been swollen but by evening, they were! I would have expected the opposite effect. It made me suspect that the jumping did the the lymph flowing and it got clogged or whatever. I had her put castor oil on the swollen glands as that has helped her in the past. This morning her glands were better. All that to say that what you are doing may be helping to some degree.

We have also used peppermint essential oil (straight or diluted with another oil) for swollen lymph nodes.

One time, when I was sick a node in my neck swelled up terribly. I made a poultice of plantain leaves and red raspberry leaves (both had been dried. ) I put them in a mug, poured boiling water over them to rehydrate them. Then I put them in a cloth and used a bandana to hold it against my swollen glands overnight. It helped immensely.

Hope you find a solution, soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Tamara

I have read several postings, and I am wondering how you apply the castor oil. I need to apply it to my pelvic area and groin... Could somebody describe it in detail? Thank you all!

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Tamara,

When I have used castor oil for swollen lymph nodes, I put a few drops onto my fingers and massage it into the skin, gently, over the lymph nodes that are swollen, a couple of times a day.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Jared (Sherman, Tx, Usa) on 12/01/2010
1 out of 5 stars

I recently came across this site looking for some answers. I had a huge knot rising up under my jawbone. I recently quit smoking, so everything I was reading seemed to fall right into place. I started with the ACV, sea salt, baking soda mixtures immediately with the feeling of elation, as if I had just found a miracle cure. In my situation, the knot had started as a tiny little bump, that had developed into the size of a golf ball within three days. The pain I felt was from the swelling and pressure it was placing on the muscles in my neck and not so much from the knot itself, although the swollen area was tender to the touch. After two days of following every little tip I could find on this site, the golf ball had turned into a lemon, and I now had a massive headache, dizzyness and total body fatigue setting in.

I broke down and went to the doctor. Doctor 1 looked at my neck and drew blood to do a white cell count. He concluded, that it was not a swollen lymph node, but instead, an abscess that needed to be drained. Being that it was located where it was, I needed to immediately go see an ear nose and throat specialist to do this procedure. At this point, I was not really happy about the fact that someone was going to stick a needle into my neck, but the relief I was going to get was well worth any misery that it may cause. Little did I know, this procedure would never take place.

I went to the specialist, who came in and read over the referring doctor's paperwork and then looked at my neck, and told me that I needed to just calm down, and don't worry about anything. He told me that it was not an abcess. It was indeed a swollen lymph node, in the beginning. The lymph node had swollen up, and blocked the salivary gland behind it. The huge knot under my neck was the salivary gland swelling up because it was blocked. I was prescribed a four day steriod pack and sour hard candy to stimulate the salivary gland. I am now on day three and the knot is down to the size of a dime. I feel pretty certain that it will be gone by the end of the day. Sometimes, we do just need to breakdown and go to the doctor.

Replied by Nikita
5 out of 5 stars

This worked for me -

Followed this twice a day (at morning and night) for 2 days:

- Applied turmeric paste (turmeric powder mixed with few drops of water) to the affected area
- Applied warm compress for 15 mins once above paste got dried

Also did following -
- Massaged the area slowly with my fingers
- Rinsed my mouth with warm salt water twice a day
- Avoided sour and cold food items for a week

Good luck! :)