Natural Remedies for a Lung Infection


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Posted by sumner (renfrew, pa.) on 03/14/2023
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After an asbestos exposure 18 years ago I was afraid I might never be 100% well. However, Faith without works is dead and Jesus directed me to many Earth Clinic cures! I am SO THANKFUL for this site! Nonetheless, it is shocking to me that iodine receives little widespread respect. This was such a famous remedy for many decades that physicians had a rhyme for it, "If ye don't know where, what, and why. Prescribe ye then K and I. (potassium iodide).

Start low. There can be a detox of (dangerous) halides. Maybe just 2 mgs to start. But this is nearly a supernatural remedy. The change in 6 weeks can be staggering. I don't say that lightly, I am 64 and very in tune with my body.

I have gone from years-long infection to freedom. I am currently at about 75mgs/daily. That sounds like a lot, but prior to antibiotics, extreme cases ie. syphilis/cancer got up to 2000mgs.

I wish I could make a nicer post about this but I feel it is important to post this now for someone to hear.

Lynne Farrow's book The Iodine Crisis brings much liberty. There is much disinformation out there.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 06/12/2010

The Thyroid, Iodine and Asthma

Here is an article which might help people suffering with lung problems in general. This interesting article is by Dr David Berry who specializes in the use of dessicated thyroid and lugol's iodine with respect to asthma and lung problems and whose research, experience and advice in this area is extensive and is, perhaps, a good illustration as to why adequate amounts of iodine are so necessary and important in our diets.

Here is what he has to say:

"In the mid 1980s I had a chronic asthma patient who developed an inflammation of his thyroid. After consultation with an endocrinologist he was put on Eltroxine (T4). One day when the patient came in later he mentioned that the thyroid treatment improved his asthma considerably. At the same time, my office receptionist had severe asthma since the age 12 requiring constant medications and multiple hospital visits. She knew about the results on this patient, she asked if she could try thyroid as well. I started her on 180 mg of desiccated thyroid and within a month raised her to 250 mg. This was in about 1986. She has been free of asthma symptoms since then. She still takes some medication occasionally but has not been in hospital for asthma since.

Encouraged by these results, I proceeded to work my way through all of my chronic asthma patients. At the time there were 22 severe asthmatics who came into my office on a regular basis for asthma attacks. Some came into the office once a month (or more often when in trouble) and some twice a year. Over about a 2-3 year period I gradually put all of them on desiccated thyroid. All patients improved tremendously. I would not say all of them were completely cured but the improvement was striking. Two things followed from this. By 1990 all asthma patients were on thyroid and thus from 1990 to 2002, I did not see another acute asthma attack in my office and none of these 22 patients came in for their asthma. The other slightly embarrassing problem was for a few months my waiting room became quite slow because of the absence of these asthma patients. From there I went on to learn what other benefits thyroid medication might have.

So it is my impression asthma is a low thyroid problem which can be better controlled and dealt with by thyroid treatment. Two patients who have been on these doses of thyroid for more than 15 years have had bone density tests show their bone density was completely normal. Prednisone (cortisone) used for acute severe asthma attacks has more serious potential for causing bone problems. Thyroid treatment, especially with supplementary iodine (Lugol's one drop daily) does not alter bone density short term or long term.

The only literature I can find on asthma and thyroid hormone was from the early part of the last century when many physicians found thyroid improved asthma. One 1911 study in a large Paris asthma clinic found thyroid treatment effective treatment for asthma.(1) However, adrenaline was discovered at the same time. Consequently all severe asthma patients went on daily injections of adrenaline for many years. The potential for using thyroid to help asthma was gradually forgotten. There was a study in 1968 in which they used growth hormone and thyroid to treat asthmatic children. They attributed the improvement to the growth hormone not the thyroid. (2) It has been noted repeatedly that asthma incidence is increasing in all age groups. I feel this is the result of a lower intake of iodine occurring in many families from decrease consumption of table salt. (3-6) The lower intake of iodine tends to make thyroid glands work poorly and cause hypothyroidism and thus increase the chances of asthma in those who are susceptible.

We know that by tracing radioactive thyroid hormone injected into animals shows the hormone concentrates in the aveoli of the lungs. These are the lower air sacs that we have to exchange oxygen with. Also for a good 100 years iodine preparations have been used on chronic chest problems and asthmatics. Iodine is excreted in the lung mucus. In fact iodine in excreted in all mucous secretions such as the mouth(saliva) stomach, bowels, cervix, and lungs. The iodine in the mucous likely helps to kill any bacteria or viruses. Thus both iodine and thyroid hormone are involved in lung physiology. For example most, if not all, sleep apnea patients are fixed with adequate doses of thyroid. Chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) also is helped by thyroid hormone treatment.

The amount of iodine in the lung mucus possibly explains the paradox that the Japanese who are amongst the heaviest smokers in the world also have one the lowest lung cancer rates. It is likely the high levels of iodine in their blood is excreted in the lung mucus. This iodine then by apoptosis (natural cell death)could be killing off any abnormal cells as they develop that are caused by the cigarette carcinogens. In addition iodine reacts directly with carcinogens and chemical to render them inactive. (7) The Japanese have had an average dietary iodine intake of about 10 mg for many centuries. If the level of iodine intake is above 2-3 mg daily then the thyroid gland becomes saturated within two weeks and does not take iodine up anymore. Thus the most of the iodine can then go to the other parts of the body to carry out iodine's mulitple important functions. The most important of these is relataed to killing off of pre-cancerous abnormal cells. Our intake of iodine as laid down by the WHO is around 15-200 micrograms. This is about one tenth the needed dose to saturate the thyroid gland. So most iodine or a large part of the dietary iodine in Westerners goes to the thyroid gland. This leaves less than optimal amounts going to the rest of the body."

Extract from

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, Usa)
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Thank you Bill,, The iodine article is VERY informative and useful, thank you,,I hope you are doing well.

Replied by Dana
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Just something I figured out b/c I was looking for more information to accompany this info to share with a friend - the doctor's last name, from what I could find via google seems to be Derry, not Berry. I'm sure it was a mis-type, but it was helpful to me to find that out.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

It's also useful to also understand that there are several other specific beneficial effects of both iodine and thyroid hormones on the human lung area.

From research it is known now that T3 and T4 as well as iodine have a tendency to collect and accumulate in the lungs. Add to this that iodine has significant anti-histamine properties (inhibits conversion of histidine to histamine) and is also secreted from all the mucus glands in the throat, nose and lungs and you have a high degree of protection against infection and inflammation. In the old days, high dose lugol's iodine was a regular and successful therapy for chronic forms of emphysema, bronchitis and asthma. Add to this that the Japanese are one of the heaviest smoking groups in Asia and the world. Yet they also have one of the lowest rates of lung cancer (and low rates of breast and prostate cancers) in the world because they have such a large daily iodine intake in their diets. Iodine is anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic(anti-cancer). Iodine also kills 95% of all known pathogens and yet is beneficial and very necessary for our bodies.

So if you are a smoker or have weak or asthmatic lungs, supplementing lugol's iodine on a regular basis would certainly help you.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Here in Europe, in an obscure chemical dispensing store, I found a "Lugol's Liquid" that has:

Potassium Iodide 0. 66 gr.
Iodine 0. 4 gr.
Water 100 ml.

Is this a "normal" Lugol's or is it 1/10th of the "normal" Lugol's strength??

Replied by Serlche
(Roxas City, Capiz Philippines)

Bill, where can I buy iodine in the Philippines?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Regarding your questions on Lugol's Iodine:

Reply to Mmsg from Somewhere: --

The original 5% lugol's iodine consisted of 44 gms of iodine dissolved in 88 gms of potassium iodide(KI) all mixed in 1 litre of water.

So, 4.4 gms of iodine dissolved in 8.8 gms of KI would give the same 5% LI strength in only 100 mls of water.

Therefore your iodine -- which consists of 0.44 gm iodine in 0.66 gm KI in 100 mls of water is about 0.5% LI strength very approximately because the additives are approx 1/10 the quantity of those in the last paragraph in the same 100 mls of water.

Reply to Seriche from Roxas City: --

You can buy Lugol's from...

1039 Banawe st, Manressa Quezon City
tel (632) 3622024; (632) 4758212; (63) 908 4599829
They sell 5% Lugols Iodine

San Francisco
930-G Del Monte Ave,
1104 Quezon City,

Tel: 632-4116692
They sell 2% Lugols Iodine

I have successfully bought Lugol's from the Wellness Center -- but if you buy from this source do not tell them you are using it orally. They nearly refused to sell LI to me when I told them I was using it orally.

These are the only sources I know about because I live on Luzon. This probably wont help you much because you live on Capiz in the south. You can also buy off the internet from sulit(dot)com or classifiedads(dot)ph but this is generally much more expensive than buying from a shop. If you need Iodine badly for a thyroid disorder, the other option you have would be to eat seaweed mixed in with rice and soup at mealtimes like the Japanese do it. I can buy a kilo of seaweed from the market where I live for only 20 pesos (50 cents American). This is buy far the cheapest way to naturally supplement larger amounts of iodide/iodine.

Replied by Serlche
(Roxas City, Philippines)

Dear Bill, Thank you so much for replying my query at once. I'l try to contact them tomorrow. I saw what reads like providen iodine somewhere in one of the groceries oil section here in our place? Is this one the same with the one you're mentioning? Thank you so much- you're such a big help to filipinos looking for natural remedies!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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I have recently been experiencing good results for the strengthening of the lungs w/ merely 1 cap Schizandra Berry per day. I was taking S for liver health and noticed the improvement in lungs. I also supplement Iodine.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Seriche... No you must not take povidone iodine or Betadine internally. It's OK to use these topically on the skin or as a vaginal wash or as a mouthwash though. Povidone iodine is an iodophore -- where the iodine is bound to polymers. So this form of iodine, if you like, is "plastic iodine" which would not be internally beneficial to your body. Stick to just 5% Lugols Iodine -- this has been proved to be the safest, most effective and best-balanced form of iodine for the body by the Iodine Investigation Project and it is one of the cheaper forms for iodide/iodine suplementation. But the tough part is finding a seller-source in the Philippines.

Replied by Serlche
(Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines)

Thanks a lot for the imformation Bill. I'm sure you know also where I could purchase Lysine. Another thing I would like to inquire is about squalene claiming that the oil came from the shark. As far as I know shark fishing is prohibited in the Phil. Are the squalene fish oil produced in our country authentic or possibly just taken from any fish that has bigger sizes of liver? I just wanted to hear your opinion as I've trusted you on the basis of your thorough knowledge and research on natural remedies. I am afraid it might contain mercury which is very dangerous to health especially the kidney. Thank you so much and I hope you won't get tired of responding to my quiries. I also engage myself into research but I believe it's more helpful if I could seek the opinion of others.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Serlche... You can buy Lysine at GNC and Healthy Options stores in the SM Malls in Cebu, Davao and Iloilo. GNC tends to be unnecessarily expensive but Healthy Options tends to be cheaper, their quality is good and their range of nutrients and supplements is much greater than GNC. If you have no SM in Roxas City, then you might be able to find a good health shop in the Gaisano Malls there.

I have never used squalene because it is also difficult to get and because it is so expensive.

It would also perhaps be a help if you told us why you want to take supplements like lugol's iodine and squalene. It's only a suggestion but if you explained your problem or symptoms then the EC community could possibly all put their heads together to help you even more to resolve any problems that you might have. I also tend to recommend wonderful and effective herbs like Chanca Piedra(Sampa-sampalukan), Heavenly Elixir(Makabuhay), Tumeric (Dilaw), Graviola (Guyabano), Neem (Nim) and Bashful Mimosa(Makahiya) etc which are all profuse and grow for free in the Philippines lowlands. But I cannot recommend any herbs for you unless you let me know what your problems and symptoms are in this respect. To help you further -- here is a very good source of useful Filipino herbs, with photos and packed with useful information, which might interest you:

Ionic Air Filters and Ionic Blow Dryers, Etc

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Posted by K (Glendale, Az) on 07/24/2008
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"Ion Ozone is toxic: Ion electrostatic precipitators release small doses of ozone as a byproduct, ozone is toxic and can eat away at the tissue of your lungs."

So, the question remains, how much is 'small dosage' and how much can each individual handle?

I owned the Sharper Image's (I know product names are not supposed to be used, but I am adamant about people knowing about this company as there is a class action suit against them with regards to its unhealthy ozone emissions) Ionic Breeze air purifier. Over the course of 4 years, my families health deteriorated. It was slow, unnoticeable and very damaging. We finally are on the road back to recovery, but not completely out of the woods.

Also beware of work environments that use this type of air purification as well.

All in all, if you were like me (my family) and you have a host of ailments that numerous Dr's. are not able to pin point or help, and you own/use any ionic type devices, stop. Give it at least a month, and if your symptoms don't subside, at least you will know it has nothing to do with the ozone being emitted by these ionic type devices. You'll have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

FYI- A parent of one of my son's teammates is a RN at a well known hospital here in the Valley, and I told her about the Ionic Breeze and how harmful it has been on myself and my family and she immediately replied "Oh yeah, you can't use those...they can cause lung cancer, we see it all the time."

Replied by Suzi
(Missoula, MT)
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I have been using an ionic air-dryer for several years now, and have been getting bronchitis and wheezing...could this be causing it? Can they really precipitate lung cancer?

Replied by Rebekka
(South Africa)

We have been using a desk ozone generator with an ioniser for 4 years now. Our health has improved and we tend to forget to use it ... But pick it up again whenever someone gets slightly ill

Lemon Juice and Baking Soda for Lung Nodules

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Posted by Homeopathic Junkie (California) on 12/24/2017
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Greetings everyone. I hope you and your families are well! I HATE DRUGS, PERIOD!!! I was told last year that I had 5/6 nodules in my lungs after a cat scan. I used to be so tired and would even fall asleep behind the wheel. Sometimes I used to exit the highway and close my eyes 15,20 or whatever time I needed to be back on the road. I refused all meds and resulting to praying to GOD, THE ALMIGHTY!!! GOD helped me discovered that lemon and baking so is 1000 times safer and much better, much quicker than chemotherapy.

I took 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 8 oz cup of organic lemon juice.

This I took on an empty stomach and waited 40 minutes before eating fruits in the morning.

I did this for 30 days and when the doctors thought that it was safe again to perform another cat scan, they did. The results were great!!! No more cysts or nodules in my lungs, thanks to GOD THE ALMIGHTY!!! I pray my post will help!!! I love this site, thanks a lot!!!

Replied by Beatrice
(Palm Harbor, Fl)

I had Colon Cancer in 2016 went they surgerys and chemo I just had a cat scan showing a lung Nodule was at 4mm and now at 7mmalso showing a 5 mm and 6 mm in other lung I am hoping that the lemon and baking soda will dissolve the nodules or at least shrink them goi g back for a pet scan in March will be trying the lemon and baking soda starting tomarrow praying it works because I am getting pretty scared should I just do it in the morning or more than once? Can you advise me. Thank You

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Hello Beatrice,

Ted has recommended his baking soda protocol should be taken three times per day, however understood that due to ease, people were more likely to do twice a day. You can do the extra one an hour after lunch. If this protocol brings adverse reaction, such as feeling of burning, then you are too acidic and are to take the baking soda and water only for a day or two, to build up your bicarbonate supply, then try again with the lemon. You may also want to look into the benefits of Essiac tea.

Replied by Robyn

Can you please clarify. You mentioned 1 teaspoon of banking soda and 1 8 oz of organic lemon juice. Do you mean 8oz of undiluted lemon juice or is this 8 oz of lemon juice with water?

Replied by Linda

Did u use lemon juice and water or a full cup of lemon juice?

Replied by Francine

8 oz of lemon juice is a lot! How many lemons make 8 ounces?

Mama to Many

This morning I juiced a lemon and it gave 2 ounces of juice.


MSM and Colloidal Silver Nebulizer Treatment

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Posted by Bill D. (Usa) on 10/31/2015
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Reduce lung infections from alpha 0ne antitrypsin deficiency:

My history has been 3-4 lung infections per year, all my life. Antibiotics were my only salvations for infections. I now use a small pinch of organic MSM and a couple of sprays of colloidal silver in my inhalation treatments every other day with no infections for over a year.The projected life span for a AATD is about 55 years if you're a non smoker. I am now 70. We discovered I had AATD about 8 years ago. I have incorporated several herbs since then trying to keep me going with fair results. If anyone is interested in my system, contact me.

Replied by Chad
(New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada)

I just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago. I have a hole in my upper right lung n the hole was full of infection n with the help of antibiotics it went away but since yesterday I think the infection is starting up again because of the hissing n coughing of a yellowessh flem I'm coughing up again.

Replied by Bill

I have a lot of lung phlegm. I was around a moldy house I'm gone from there now. I still have a lot of phlegm in my lungs how do I get it out? Can you tell me some of your systems and herbs you used?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Bill, try h2o2 inhalation as per Bill Munro.

Replied by Rene
2 posts

I am interested in your regime. I would also like to know how you use your nebulizer. Thank you.

Replied by Ramona
(Revere, MA)

Hi, there. My lymph node on my collar bone is swollen and Dr. Google tells me that in 90% of those cases in people over 40 has an upper body/lung infection. I'd love to know as much as you can share. I do plan on calling my doctor first thing Monday morning (it's now Sat eve). Appreciate your help.


Mycoplasma Lung Infection Remedies

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Posted by Timh (KY) on 03/11/2015 2072 posts
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If you perchance have a mycoplasma infection in your lungs then H2O2 therapy may help; and as for general "cleansing" Nebulized H2O2 will help.

As for "healing" lungs that are not infected, here is a list of nutrients that will help and maybe cure.

1. Zinc & Vit-A are very important for the integrity and repair of Lungs

2. Quercetin reduces the inflammation that prevents healing.

3. Raw Lung Glandular hastens repair.

4. Comfrey herb is very effective in regeneration of epithelial tissue such as lungs, but is somewhat toxic so caution is advised in it's use. Solaray has a lung formula called "Comfree" that may help.

5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EFA's) like Fish or Krill Oil, Chia and Flaxseed Oil, are very important for reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

6. Chlorella Extract is a good cleanser and has it's own growth factors that may help.

7. Boosting natural levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) will help. HGH is converted into IGF-1 in the liver so supplements like Deer Antler Velvet have therapeutic IGF-1.


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Posted by Joseph (Stockton, CA) on 06/30/2021 75 posts
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I recommended NAC (Nacetylcysteine) 7 months ago to a friend who has Bronchiectasis, only yesterday after contacting her did she reply that it really helped at dosages of 600mg 2X daily. I was disappointed that she did not mention 1 word to me about it, anyway she replied that she has lots of stomach acid reflux, can't consume spicy food. I am now asking for replies to her painful stomach acid reflux. I replied eat 1 red apple until I receive a reply here. Thank you. The apple was not a joke, but I hear it can dissolve her acid.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, USA)
401 posts

Acid is a matter of hydration. Your friend is dehydrated. 2 glasses of plain water will fix it. After that, I suggest setting the timer on one's phone to go off every 2 waking hours and to drink 8 oz of plain water every time it goes off. Also, to avoid hot showers and baths.

I don't often mention it as everyone I know uses sea salt, and plenty of it, in their food but if not, then one needs some salt with that sort of trace mineral content. Whether naturally harvested sea salt or "Real Salt" or some form of unrefined salt - like pink Himalayan salt - to get and keep one's electrolytes sorted out.

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Jimmy (Dallas, Texas) on 05/17/2008
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I have pulmonary fibosis a lung disease that HAS no cure.Yet, since I have been on Sunflower Oil (cold pressed & Unrefined) my lungs within 4 days begain to have a healing effect that even the Doctor's don't quite understand?! What this oil is doing for my Lungs is or has brought back my Breathing as I have never expected. I had Cancer in my right lung and this oil has completely healed it completely... Amen! If you are interested in the healing of your lungs... please go to the health store and purchase one (1) bottle of this oil and place it within your mouth and swish it around until it turns white; spit it out and then brush your teeth and wash your mouth with tooth paste... As well look on the Net for: "Oil Pulling Cure" and learn what it will do for you... Jimmy.

EC: Read all about Oil Pulling here:

Oil Pulling with Magnesium

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Posted by Caitlin (Austin Texas) on 02/21/2014
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I just finished an oil-pulling session after about 2 months not doing so. Miserable with the Texas flu (TWICE), left me tired and unwilling to oil pull. Although 13 minutes is all I could manage, a copious amount of flu mucus spilled from my lungs. Something told me to do it again. But this time, I added a spray of magnesium oil to a teaspoon of Virgin Ccoconut Oil. Whoa! I only pulled 5 minutes before I had to spit out even more, thicker mucus and had a definite feeling that something old was finally released from my lungs. My lungs feel NEW and I am taking deeper breaths. I feel a great sense of peace, not anxiety. I plan to oil pull every day again as there are just too many positive results and plain stupid to not do so. Perhaps I would not have caught this flu twice if I had not stopped. One thing I have observed in the past with oil-pulling over time is that the initial sore jaws results in a leaner and tighter face -- a facelift of sorts. Anyone else notice this? CAT

Replied by Ja
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Yes to the face lift! When I was being consistent with oil pulling my face really seemed to thin out and it still looked that much better that people were asking me what I had been doing. Then I ran into face yoga (I think that's why it's called) and it clicked as to why the op-ing would act as a face lift. Thanks for the input can't wait to get back to it with added magnesium! : )

Replied by Anna
(Gold Coast)

Can this help with bronchiactasis, need help .


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Posted by Paula (Tulsa, Oklahoma) on 01/06/2013
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I came down suddenly with an upper respiratory type of infection. My lungs felt like they were full of fluid and I couldn't seem to get a whole breath of air without coughing hard and wheezing loud. By day 3 my urine had turned dark and cloudy and I decided it must be time to seek medical help. It was Sunday so I came to this Earth Clinic site to find relief for a day till I could go see a regular doctor on a week day. I saw a post on cutting the ends off an onion and placing it near were I was resting. All I wanted to do was sleep for the last few days. I woke up after two hours and felt so much better and my urine was bright but still a little cloudy. I fell back to sleep and awoke in 5 more hours to have zero couging, no more dripping nose, no wheezing and my urine clear. I did have wet hair from sweating but I feel wonderful and completly good now. I want to post this right away because an onion doesn't cost much and its really scary when you can't breath right. I would never have believed this could have helped if I had not seen it for myself.

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Gina65 (Searcy, Ar, Us) on 11/26/2012
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I have Cystic Fibrosis and have some bad bacteria in my lungs. I have did good with my CF till the bacteria came along. The Burkholderia Cepacia is relentless, and the MRSA isnt far behind. If I get tired at the end of the day or dont get enough sleep I get a fever. So I avoid crowded places and sick people. But lately I have had some major sinus drainage and that makes for more mucus in my lungs. I cant take antihistamines to dry up the drainage because it also drys out my lungs. And then I cant get the mucus out at all. This time I suffered thru all the drainage (5 long days and nights) without taking anything.

I started taking oil of oregano the 2nd day. I couldnt believe how it is breaking up the mucus in my sinus and my lungs. I have been coughing a lot but it wasnt drainage it was all the infection I have had for a year building up. I have been on Bactrim 800 mg every time I get sick , but this time the dr said the bacteria was resistant to it. And that was my last option. There are 2 iv antibiodics for the Cepacia but I am allergic to it. So the oil of oregano has it work cut out. Does anyone know if you can take too much of it? I am taking around 800 a day. And is better to take with food or with warm water in between meals like the bottle says. I have severe GERDS so I have to be careful to not get the stuff coming up and into my lungs. I want to take it where it is most affective but I don't want to get reflux from it. I am taking the Supercritical CO2 Extract of oregano.

Pleurisy Root

Posted by Shannon (Hattiesburg, Ms) on 12/21/2010

Hi, I have been using this site for about a year. I have a question and didn't find anything on the site about it. I have pleurisy, and have had it for about three weeks now. The cough is much better, but the pain is still bad when breathing. I read about something called pleurisy root, but it has some funky side effects. Does anyone know anything about pleurisy root or any safe remedies for the pain associated with pleurisy. I would be very grateful for anything. Thank you so much. Happy Holidays to all!

Replied by Lisa
(Waynesboro, Virginia)

I had the same problem; I couldn't find anything on pleurisy. I found out later that it was an ulcer. So make sure that is what you have (x-ray). I found that colloidal silver has helped every infection I have had, so try that using immunogenics brand. It's great.

Replied by Lori

I have had great success with Cramp Bark tincture for the pain associated with Pleurisy. Not only does it help the pain, it is also good for respiratory problems in general.

Severe Lung Congestion Remedies

Posted by Linda (St Amans De Pellagal, France) on 06/29/2013

Please can someone help. I have badly congested lungs, I am a smoker and will address this once I feel physically somewhat better - I have thyroid problems too which affect your mental state, motivation and so on. I have a nebuliser and have used FGHP and colloidal silver, neither of which has made any difference at all. I have bought some DMSO but have no idea whatsoever how to use it and I am also a bit worried about the smell. Will this help? Is there anything else I can try? I now have a cold which is making it worse.

I am at the end of my tether. Please can someone suggest something. Linda

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

You have probably got a lung infection. Ask your doctor for a course of amoxicilin. Then when it's finished, take cayenne and garlic. Then reduce the smoking down to 5 a day.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Linda, You'd use the DMSO the same as the colloidal silver which you say did not help. Put DMSO... A tablespoon... In a cup and add purified water, same amount. Place in nebulizer. Deeply breath in steam for a minute. Don't overdo the first time while you evaluate the effect. DMSO on skin can cause irritation so that is why you dilute it. If no irritation, hours later do the same thing but inhale deeply for a few minutes. Increase only as you are convinced that you are not irritating your lungs with usage.

Now, you said the colloidal silver did not work. I have used my homemade cs successfully seven or eight times with lung infections. Not all silvers are created equally. Some silvers are VERY low ppm. And I have found many silvers are just not effective. So, I'd recommend you try a different silver.

I am presuming, by the way, that you have been checked for tumors and you are clear. Some cronic smokers are non stop hackers which may seem to be an infection but is in fact cronic irritation. The use of watermellon (a three day exercise where the system is cleansed of toxins) has been used to stop addictions. You might try that to break the smoking habit. You eat watermellon only for three days.

Replied by Linda
(St Amans De Pellagal, France)

Thanks, no there are no tumours and I think that probably normally there is no infection as anything I cough up is clear. I will try cayenne, and give the DMSO a go.

Replied by Sharon

Had Covid pneumonia and still have fluid on the lungs. What is the best remedy?


Try Garlic Salve. Reapply it every 3 hours until better. Here is the recipe:

Severe Lung Infection Remedies

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Posted by Ana (London, UK) on 05/29/2019

Hi, I been having recurrent lung infection bouts (yellow phlem with blood, sweats, extreme tiredness, increased heartbeat and shortbreath ) almost every month, now weekly.

They seem to appear when I am not getting enough sleep or I drink alcohol! I had pheumonia several years ago ( 8) but the docs said it was just a cold. However after that episode, I kept having same symptoms twice a year, however this year is happening monthly, now weekly and getting worse when I am on my period. I am 42 yrs old and my daughter who is 18 has the same. Can anyone help? We are fed up taking antibiotics, that seems the only solution they can offer in the UK .

Replied by Gee

Hi there, I have a face steamer and I put a couple of drops of anti microbial oils (tea tree or oil of oregano) with the water and then inhale through my mouth deeply and hold for a couple of seconds diminishes the infection, but I don't have. Make sure you don't have mold in the house if so use ozone machine to kill all the mould, other wise it will never go away.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Replied by Kay Alina
(United States)

Lomatium tincture.

I use Herb Pharm liquid extract. Here's a bit of information regarding it.

Replied by elna
(south africa)

make sure your home doesnt have a mold infestation...

Severe Lung Infection Remedies
Posted by Apurva (India) on 05/18/2019

Hello, I have a severe bacterial lung infection caused by streptococcus pyogenes. Please suggest some good remedy. I am dying slowly. Antibiotics are not working and the bacteria has become resistant to allopathy. Thanks a lot 🙏🙏

Replied by mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Apurva, I would start with Bill Monroe's h2o2 inhalation.


Thank you. I will try it out.

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