How to Make Jack's Famous Mullein Lung Healing Tea

| Modified on Apr 07, 2023
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In 2006, Jack from Toledo, Ohio, introduced his herbal remedy for emphysema and lung health through two initial posts on Earth Clinic. These early posts, posted below, sparked enormous interest in the healing properties of his unique herbal blend. However, the original text might be difficult for some readers to follow. To make it easier for you, we have provided a clear and concise set of instructions below to help you prepare Jack's famous Mullein Lung Healing Tea with ease.

Posted by Jack (Toledo, OH) on 05/18/2006
5 out of 5 stars

just thought you may like to know, the day I made the batch of omega-ur I strained the roughage off the tea into a 1- gallon bottle, and put the roughage into 2 or 3 small bottles, and was about to leave on my run (I drove long haul semi-truck) and my inner voice told me not to throw it away. so i put it into the truck, drove nearly 1,000 miles to marion ark. and stopped for fuel, while in the restaurant i noticed the manager, Margret Booth would get upset each time the phone rang! being nosy as i am i asked her about it, she said her husband willard had emphysema, really bad, and "all of a sudden " there it was!! and I told her "you're the one! ".... she said what?? And I told her I had something for her to give Willard.!!... she said from who?..... I guess the "holy spirit told me to give it to you for him"! ..... I instructed her to take the "bottles home and boil it in a half gallon of water until it turned black, then strain, and sweeten with honey, "I saw her a few days later on my way back from the west coast and she said the second day he used it, he started spitting up large tea leafed sized objects from his lungs!!

A month or so went by and I stopped by their home and made 2 gallons more for him, 3 or 4 months later he put his oxygen bottle aside......!! he could breathe just fine..... (just a little side note, Margret would take a quart ball jar of the tea to work for the older ladies who worked in the kitchen cuz it gave them energy and the younger girls who she said were lazy.... she'd give them a tablespoon when they complained of menstrual cramps and in a few minutes she said they'd be running around like rabbits!)

Posted by Jack (Toledo, OH) on 05/15/2006

5 out of 5 stars

here's the formula I used for curing a bad case of emphysema for Willard Booth of Marion, ARK 12 yrs ago. Into a gallon pot, put the seed pods (tops) of 6 "great mullein" plant, bring to a boil, add 3 tbls of powered "lobelia" and also "hyssop" 1 oz of white apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of powdered cayenne red pepper. keep boiling until about a pint of water has boiled off (it will turn dark or reddish like coffee). Let cool until you can strain (I used a nylon stocking). Sweeten with sugar or honey to taste this will keep in the frig for a week or more ( look up "great mullein," and you'll be surprised at what all it can do!). Hyssop and lobelia are great expectorants!! I had Willard take 3 pop bottle caps a day but you can take more it won't hurt you, and you can also use a heating pad on chest and do a number of "vigorous exhales" for about 15 minutes after taking .... good luck and god bless...

Recipe for Jack's Herbal Lung Healing Tea 

Due to the challenges some people face in finding mullein seed pods, this revised recipe uses mullein leaves instead, which are easier to obtain, affordable, and have been used by herbalists for centuries to heal lungs.


  • 1 cup mullein leaf
  • ¼ cup hyssop leaf
  • 1 tablespoon lobelia leaf
  • 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper


  1. Combine the herbal powders and store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
  2. To prepare the tea, pour 3 cups of warm water over 1 tablespoon of the herb mixture and let it steep for an hour.
  3. Strain the tea through a coffee filter to remove any mullein leaf hairs, which can cause irritation.
  4. Add 1 tablespoon (or less) of raw honey and 1 teaspoon of raw, organic apple cider vinegar to the tea.
  5. Consume 1 cup of tea in the morning, another cup in the afternoon, and a final cup in the evening.

Important Notes

  • Lobelia should never be boiled.
  • It is recommended to use organic herbs from a trusted source. Buying in bulk and storing them properly will ensure you have enough herbs for a long time.
  • Regular use of lobelia can deter smoking, and lobelia capsules are sometimes taken by smokers to help them quit.
  • Hyssop and lobelia should not be used by pregnant women. However, the remaining ingredients still provide lung-healing benefits.
  • If the tea causes discomfort, reduce the amount you drink, take a break, or stop using it altogether.
  • If the tea works well for you, there is no harm in increasing the amount you drink, as long as it is suitable for your specific health situation.
  • If the tea is too spicy, reduce the amount of cayenne pepper.

How Jack's Herbal Formula Helps Lung Issues

Mullein Leaf

Mullein has been used for centuries by herbalists for its lung-healing properties. It is known to soothe irritated lung tissue, reduce inflammation, and help loosen and expel mucus. This makes it an ideal herb for treating emphysema and other lung issues, as it can help improve lung function and alleviate respiratory symptoms.

Hyssop Leaf 

Hyssop is a powerful expectorant that helps remove mucus from the lungs and airways. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties, effectively treating respiratory infections. By clearing mucus and combating infections, hyssop can improve lung health and relieve emphysema sufferers.

Lobelia Leaf 

Lobelia is known to relax the muscles in the bronchial tubes, allowing for easier breathing. It also acts as an expectorant, helping to clear mucus from the lungs. Additionally, lobelia can help deter smoking, which is beneficial for those with emphysema as it reduces exposure to harmful tobacco smoke.

Cayenne Pepper 

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. In lung health, cayenne can help improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation in the respiratory system, and stimulate mucus clearance. Doing so supports lung function and can provide relief for those with emphysema and other respiratory issues.

We would love to hear about your experiences with Jack's herbal combination for emphysema. Share your feedback and read on about other users' experiences with this remedy!

25 User Reviews

Posted by Tish (Toronto, Ontario) on 10/08/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I've been following Jack's lung tea with Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne.

Husband is reluctant to take it, but trust me it's good sent! Good breathing had improved and wheezing doesn't bother me at night(I usually can hear the wheezing in the quiet of night).

Please stick to it, trust me it works🙏

Replied by Annemarie

Where to get the herbs needed for Jacks's tea please?

Mama to Many

Dear Annemarie,

I believe you should be able to get all the ingredients from amazon. Frontier Herbs are high quality and they do have mullein leaf and hyssop. (Mullein pods is what Jack recommends in his recipe, but those are hard to find and the leaf has similar properties. I use the leaf for cough.) Frontier also makes cayenne. Raw apple cider vinegar is widely available. Braggs is a good brand. Eden is my favorite brand of apple cider vinegar though.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Linda
(Fort Lauderdale Florida)

Where to buy this tea?

Replied by Rob
5 out of 5 stars

Herbal Teas for the Lungs:

Here are two recipes from my notes.

Wet or Productive Cough:

  • 1 Tbs peppermint leave – loosens mucus. 2 tsp mullein leaves – expectorant.
  • 1 tsp hyssop leaves – anti-spasmodic and loosens mucus.
  • 1 – 2 tsp elderberries – high in vitamin c and anthocyanins to help inflammation.
  • 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar w/mother – to help sinus drainage, loosens mucus, vitamins and minerals.

Add to a cup of boiling water and cover for 5 minutes. Drink this frequently throughout the day for continual relief.

Dry or Irritated Cough:

  • 1 Tbs nettle leave – anti-inflammatory to help sinuses and allergies.
  • 1 inch ginger root – anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial to soothe throat.
  • 1 tsp *licorice root – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial.
  • 1 slice lemon – vitamin c, astringent and anti-microbial.
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper – soothes irritation and pain, loosens mucus.
  • 1 tsp honey – anti-microbial, soothing.

Add to a cup of boiling water and cover for 5 minutes. Drink this frequently throughout the day for continual relief.

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Donw (Pennsylvania) on 04/02/2017 1 posts
5 out of 5 stars


I found this website purely by accident by doing a search for emphysema. Three years ago my wife suffered a bad cold which in turn became bronchitis and then pneumonia. She was treated with antibiotics for about a month but her health was never the same. She developed allergies and then the symptoms of asthma. She was put on various steroid medications along with inhalers. Sent from one doctor to another until finally told that she suffering from Emphysema. How could a once healthy runner who rarely caught a cold develop into Emphysema? I didn't buy it and questioned each doctor. Believe me they do not take lightly that you question them. Each time I was told that the symptoms are there and that we will treat the systems. Telling us that nothing else can be done other then medication.There is no cure plain and simple. Here I am searching the internet for any information that can find. I come across Earth Clinic and find this thread with Jack's recipe. This is something I want to explore. I ordered the herbs all in powdered form except for mullein. They didn't have it in powdered so I purchased it in herb form.

Made it as per the instructions. Put all the herbs into a nylon stocking and boiled until about a pint had evaporated. This was my first time making this so I didn't know what to expect. The mixture was a dark reddish brown. There was a large amount of fines in the pot which needed to be filtered. I used a funnel and cheese cloth to filter. The cheese cloth takes out a great deal but some of the fines manage to pass through. As you get to the bottom of the pot the process does get slower since most of the fines are on the bottom. The mixture was still cloudy so I decided to use unbleached coffee filters. At first the flow is quick but begins to slow down as it picks up the fines. Change the filter and continue until complete. When I was finished I had two full pints and one three quarters full. The final color was a dark red brown which was clear. One thing you need to know is when buying cayenne red pepper. There is a heat value that you need to take into consideration. I purchased 30,000IU which is about the lowest heat unit. And that still is quite hot since Tabasco sauce is 5,000IU. I was lucky since I had no idea what the IU meant before I had purchased it. Another thing is that I am debating as to whether I should have purchased in herb form verses powdered. I am still waiting on information or email on some questions that I have from who I had purchased this from. They have two products that can be used for placing the herbs in while boiling. One is called a Muslin herb bag and is washable and reusable. It also comes in several sizes. The other is called Press N brew bags which are similar to tea bags. This also comes in different sizes. Using these would cut down on the amount of fines. At the moment I just started giving the Jack's formula to my wife. I do have some high hopes that she will have some improvements. Hopefully I made everything correctly.

I purchased everything from Monterey Spice.

Last but not least I want to thank Jack for so kind and considerate for posting this recipe.

Don W.

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Ella (Pine Grove, Pa) on 03/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Yes this is truly amazing. My sis makes the recipe for a friend who was house bound. He now is traveling and helping with missions through his church. He is in his 70's. I use the recipe for myself as well. Worked in a knitting mill and developed a cough. Ended up quitting because of it. Ready to whip up another batch this week. Its a must have..........

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Ann (Colorado) on 01/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I tried Jack's recipe and guessed that since it called for a gallon pot to make the tea, that I should add close to a gallon of water. The resulting tea has helped my husband a lot.

Thanks! Ann

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Dendei (Bayugan, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines) on 02/03/2012
4 out of 5 stars

I'm so thankful to all the members of who shared their experience how to cured their illnesses by using medicinal herb plants. My Dad has emphysema and can barely walk and eat. I found Jack's formula about the mullein leaf or seed, hyssop and Cayenne pepper. This is his 4th day drinking the tea process from that said plants. On the 2nd day of drinking this tea my dad throwing-up some mucus and we are guessing that's the lymph node found on his lung x-ray. after that happen I asked my dad how's he feeling right now, he told me he can sleep and breathe well since he drink that tea.

We will keep you informed on Dad's progress...

Replied by Laura
(Braselton Ga.)

My COPD has gotten worse. Humidity & Pollen in Ga has been bad. Need some help!!

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Dr. Mom (Reinholds, Pa) on 10/23/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Mullein, as Jack says is truly invaluable.

I was selling mullein at a small stand when an elderly man came up to me and told me to keep it up. "That is great stuff. I had serious emphysema and was on oxygen all the time. I got to the place where I could hardly leave the house. Then someone told me that I should drink 3- 4 cups of mullein leaf tea daily. I thought it was too good to be true, that after all my years of doctoring and herbs one little leaf tea could help me, but I was desperate. I did it faithfully and very soon, I was off my oxygen able to get around again. It was a God-sent blessing to me. "

This was just the leaf that he used and not the tops. But each part of the mullein is helpful.

So if you cannot find the tops, try a quart of the leaf tea daily. I would add peppermint to make it taste nicer. Use 1/4 cup of mullein leaf and 2 bags of peppermint to a quart of boiling water. Turn off the heat and let it steep, covered for 15- 20 minutes. Strain and sweeten and add ice or drink hot. I would also take cayenne capsules 2 with each meal to increase circulation and help the mullein to work better.

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Gwen (Denver, Colorado) on 03/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I'd been going through bad infection since the end of this past January. Started with a very bad abscessed tooth that blew up my face. Took 2 weeks treating holistically to get it down. Got about a week break, then it moved to the other side of my face. Took only 4-5 days to get that controlled. Finally went to the dentist & he put me on antibiotics before he'll pull my teeth. Started that & went into sinusitis, a virus? I'm 60 years old & Wednesday night I had some kind of full blown asthma/bronchitis attack? Never happened before. My neighbor was thankfully there & hit me with an inhaler. I thought I was going to die. It was very scary. My lungs completely shut down! Today my chest was so tight I could hardly move, wasn't sure what to do but pray. Holy Spirit had me remember your recipe I had once read on EC. I had all the herbs, including the Mullein tops I harvested last summer. I whipped up a batch & I am completely cleared up tonight & have the strength to write to let you & everyone know, It Worked! Opens the lungs right up!

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU Jack for passing this's a big ol' hug & lots of love coming your way :)


Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Brianna (Dublin, Ireland) on 02/07/2010
5 out of 5 stars

i have only taken the herbs 4 times and i can feel an improvement already. i cant thank this man enough for all his help i just wish there were more people like him in the world.i have been very ill for the past 8 years with emphysema i have tryed a lot of remedys including hydrogen peroxide homeopathy and chinese herbs and conventional medicine nothing worked i have been a prisoner in my own home for the past 18 months unable to walk more than ten or fiftheen steps and have to stop to catch my breathe but since friday i can walk about 30 steps and i can feel myself getting stronger every earth clinic can you please put this post on your website and let people know that there is hope out there for them and thank you earth clinic you are doing a wonderful job on your site please dont ever stop god bless ..brianna

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Jamie (Adrian, MI) on 06/21/2009

Hi, I am having a very hard time finding Mullein seed pods for Jack's Emphysema cure. I tried emailing Jack, but he never responded. I found the leaves, but not the seed pods. Does anyone know where I can buy them, or if I can use the crushed leaves in the tea, and how much I would use? Please help me, my father-in-law has really bad Emphysema.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn.)
509 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Jamie,

I think the mullein plant grows quite rampantly in most of the United States, so why don't you either get you a good book on identifying herbal plants or go on line to see if you can't find a picture of it.

You can usually spot it at roadsides as you drive along the rural areas roads. Just learn to identify them by the roadside, but take a short hike in the woodland areas to pick those seed pods which should be ready to pick in the next couple of months. The reason to not gather them from the roadside, is you don't want all the pollution they absorb from the automobile exhausts fumes. Seed pods mean exactly what it says. It is the pods containing the seeds and these will be found on the mullein plant on the tall stalk from the central part of the plant that bloomed and forms the seeds after the blooms.

Replied by Jack
(Toledo, Ohio)
5 out of 5 stars


The "seeds" are not the part of the plant used "IT'S THE ENTIRE "SEED POD" OR "TOPS OF THE GREAT MULLEIN PLANT, which in the latter fall and winter months looks like a long black stick along highways or RR tracks,usually the leave's at the bottom will be dried and brown and at times you'll see some mint green leaves at the bottom of the plant which feels fuzzy like velvet,the seeds them selves can be transplanted most anywhere but they like well drained areas, and they only blossom in the 2nd season.They then grow anywhere from 3-6 feet or even more in some states,. and the seeds are about this size Jami ( . )

Just look up "pictures of Great Mullein plants" I break off the "SEED PODS" or just under the area where the flowers started growing and use the "ENTIRE POD OR TOP OF THE PLANT WHERE THE FLOWERS "HAD BEEN"

When the terrible outbreak of Tuberculosis in Ireland around 1900, Great Mullein was the primary way they used to clear the lungs of "TB" made into a tea,"But I've added more to it, and it "WORKS EXCEEDINGLY WELL, JUST ASK SHARON S FROM CONN.

She started taking my formula in June of 2008, I believe. She told me her Dr.told her, "Your lungs are clear, and your breathing is fine "!!

Replied by Jack
(Toledo, Ohio)
5 out of 5 stars

Please accept my apologies for not being more active on this site. I'd Just Like to let you know the title of "Jack's healing formula" is for real and I can and will help all those I can!

I put up the complete formula on because I felt they would not try to capitalize on peoples health problems. And I was correct!

Replied by Robert H.

I would like to know if Jack's tea must be ground to a powder, or can it be measured out and used as a regular tea. I do have Mullein seeds and the plant in my area. Also should the seeds be fresh green ones or just the aged brown stalk seeds?

Thank you Jack for all your help, I have Emphysema, and am 71.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
235 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Robert, after seeing confusion from his recipe, Jack clarified he used the whole top of the plant, the flowering stalks where the seeds are. He described them also as the dark stalk, so yes you can use whatever state the plant is around your area. Many have used the leaf when they couldn't get the pods. The hyssop and lobelia he used were powdered, if you have fresh or crushed then I would just increase the amount like in cooking you use much less herb if it is dried compared to fresh. And if you don't have all the ingredients I wouldn't worry, start with what you do have, obviously the main ingredient is mullein, you will get benefit, then add in the others as you acquire them.

Hope this helps.

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Myles (New York, New York) on 05/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I almost completely ruined my lungs from years of smoking. Jack sent me his packet and it gave good and immediate symptom relief. Unfortunately he was unable to send more (a few months back), but I can tell you that the formula really did help.

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Jack (USA) on 11/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Look over these pics of great mullein. I've gone back to driving truck over the road again so its difficult to contact people during the week, i do get home on weekends so i don't have as much time to do much.

God bless .......JACK

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Jim (Orange, CAL) on 01/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Where to Buy:

Seeds for lobelia, hyssop and mullein can be purchased at

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by G (USA) on 11/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, I recieved that package and it is working mom has 94% of her oxygen back. She was put in the hospital right before it came they wanted to do a trach but Thank God that Didn't Happen. She is now bathing by herself and she couldn't do that before. She is Cleaning house and cooking now. Dad has done as you have said and told me he can breathe much Better than before. Thank You so much for everything you've done. Only one problem everyone else here wants this stuff now so they can do it to.... alot of people here with either blacklung or the smokers diseases... Than you again made me Happy and mom is laughing now.

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Christine (Philadelphia, PA) on 06/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Jack!... First of all let me tell you that for getting up mucus and what seems like cleaning the lungs (I think) your formula cannot be beat!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could breathe all the way down to my feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels wonderful.I started walking without getting out of breath and now I can walk forever! I tried jogging (a VERY short distance) and was pleased with the results. Problem with jogging is I am just not up to working that hard yet...but I am off to a good start. As far as a cure....I am not too sure. Healing is one thing and cure is another. On days when humidity is high I feel the old shortness of breath coming back again so I am still working on that one.... Radiant Blessings, Chris

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Jack (Toledo, OH) on 01/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

When I was driving over the road I would stop at an assortment of truck stops and I remember one in particular, "Wheeling, WV." an elderly lady was being helped to a table and looked like she couldn't breathe, I asked her about it and she told me she was on "27different meds", I told her about my tea and asked if she would like to try it?? she replied she would like to do so, so I went to my truck and returned with a 8oz bottle of it, i first asked her to take a deep breath and tell me how deep she could feel the air go into her lungs she did and indicated not quite half way down, she then took some of the tea and repeated the deep breathing, this time she indicated nearly all the way but not quite all the way, this was all within a matter of 5 to 10 minutes, she volunteered "I haven't been able to breathe like this in years" ( I had those i gave it to take the cap off a plastic pop bottle and use it as a measure, then take one capfull straight down the second, hold in the mouth for a minute or so and swallow slowly, then the same with a third, but after swallowing breathe in with the mouth then out through the " nose" ) let me reinterate " I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be"! I simply instructed people and made the tea according to what my inner voice told me to"!.

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