Natural Lung Infection Treatments: Herbal & Homeopathic Guide

Oregano Oil
Posted by Gina65 (Searcy, Ar, Us) on 11/26/2012

I have Cystic Fibrosis and have some bad bacteria in my lungs. I have did good with my CF till the bacteria came along. The Burkholderia Cepacia is relentless, and the MRSA isnt far behind. If I get tired at the end of the day or dont get enough sleep I get a fever. So I avoid crowded places and sick people. But lately I have had some major sinus drainage and that makes for more mucus in my lungs. I cant take antihistamines to dry up the drainage because it also drys out my lungs. And then I cant get the mucus out at all. This time I suffered thru all the drainage (5 long days and nights) without taking anything.

I started taking oil of oregano the 2nd day. I couldnt believe how it is breaking up the mucus in my sinus and my lungs. I have been coughing a lot but it wasnt drainage it was all the infection I have had for a year building up. I have been on Bactrim 800 mg every time I get sick , but this time the dr said the bacteria was resistant to it. And that was my last option. There are 2 iv antibiodics for the Cepacia but I am allergic to it. So the oil of oregano has it work cut out. Does anyone know if you can take too much of it? I am taking around 800 a day. And is better to take with food or with warm water in between meals like the bottle says. I have severe GERDS so I have to be careful to not get the stuff coming up and into my lungs. I want to take it where it is most affective but I don't want to get reflux from it. I am taking the Supercritical CO2 Extract of oregano.