Home Remedies for Lipomas (Fat Deposits)

Salt and Spit Remedy

Posted by Amy (Riverside, California) on 09/20/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Spit and salt made my dad's fatty tumor disappear! (Use the suffers saliva only)

My dad had a fatty tumor on his back and he had gone to an elderly lady's house that was known for her home remedy treatments. My mother had stomach problems and a friend of my mother's knew this lady that would massage the stomach area in case food was stuck in the intestines. This lady had saved the friend's nephew's life from food stuck in his intestines as he was dying from the problem and doctors could not help him! The man was so sick he could not eat! The lady was able to dislodge the food with massage therapy and the young man got well and could eat again!

Anyway, while at the lady's house my dad told the lady about a fatty tumor on his back and she looked at the fatty tumor and advised him to every day place spit with salt on the fatty tumor and it would get well. My dad did this every day, his own spit with salt on the fatty tumor every day, and to our surprise the fatty tumor disappeared! She didn't even charge him for this knowledge! But it worked for him! Mind you it was not a cancerous tumor but a fatty tumor.

You use only the saliva from the person that has the fatty tumor, saliva and salt and place this on the fatty tumor every day.

Salt and Spit Remedy
Posted by Offthegridgirl (Kentucky) on 06/29/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Salt & Spit works GREAT!

I had a sizable lump on my breast. I took AVC with water 3 times daily, drank fresh green juices and cleaned the lump with peroxide then did the salt & spit solution. I would also put organic coconut oil on it.

I wore a tight bra and it started to hurt, it drew the toxins up to the surface of the skin the burst and drained over one week. It hurt a bit, but, all better. While it drained I continued using peroxided to clean and then more spit et salt.

It's all gone and no scar. People, we can heal ourselves. Now, I'm vegan and eating clean and workingout. Good luck.

Salt and Spit Remedy
Posted by Jeri (California) on 09/22/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am sharing this story because it is true and very strange!

A friend of mine knew of a Mexican woman that was into massage therapy and she also used natural herbal remedies to help people. My friend raved about this woman because the Mexican healer saved the life of her nephew that was actually dying of a stomach ailment. The Veteran's doctors could not help him. Since no one could help him and they were desperate my friend took her nephew to the Mexican healer lady. The Mexican woman told her that her Nephew had food stuck in his intestines. The healer used baby oil on the skin on his abdomen and massaged it a certain way. Well whatever she did worked! She dislodged the food from the man's intestines and the man was able to eat when he got home as he had stopped eating! His aunt told me that he was actually dying! This therapy saved his life!

Anyway I took my husband to this healer because he had a fatty tumor on his back (An American doctor examined the tumor and said it was a fatty tumor) This sound ridicules but it worked! The healer told my husband to place saliva on his hand along with salt and place this spit and salt on the tumor every day! And he followed her instructions!

Well guess what? The fatty tumor went away! We could not get over it! I don't know if this works on pets but it worked on my husband! His back is now smooth and clear! It sounds ridiculous but it worked!