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Low Oxalates Diet

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Posted by Sandra (Ottawa, Ontario) on 04/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had LS for a year now. I went on the Low Oxalate diet in September and noticed that the itching immediately began to subside (a HUGE relief considereing I was returning to work and hadn't been able to wear pants for the past 4 months). I had also been experiencing extreem fatigue and digestive issues, which went away within a matter of days. After about a month I was at a confrence and cheated by eating a sandwich and cookie. I was exhausted.

I switched up the low oxalate diet for a gluten free diet and found that the fatigue and digestive symptoms went away, the LS became gradually less itchy, and the white patches started to disappear. I have not had to use steroid cream for months and I have been able to resume a normal sex life. After a significant improvement I realized that while the dietary change was helping it was not the only answer. I had also noticed that the itching would be the worst when I was lying down or sitting for long periods of time so I started jogging. I started off with 2km and have worked up to 6km 3 times a week. I think that the extra blood flow may be what is helping, because I did do regular excercise before, but it was yoga which was much lower impact and much less demanding to the cardio-vascular system. I would like to mention that I have also not had athsma for months since changing my diet. Trying the low oxalate diet an was the best thing did for my LS.

Replied by Nickie
(London Uk)

Until you have figured out the cause maybe you could use a homeopathic cream such as Hypericum and Urtica. This is extremely mild and soothing and can be used for burns and stings etc, if it doesn't help, it certainly won't hurt.

Replied by Jane
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I READ YOUR INFO AND WENT ON A GLUTEN AND LOW OXALATE DIET. I was told I had Lichen S.Thank you to everyone that shared their advice about going on a low Oxalate diet and gluten free. It works, I no longer suffer with this condition.

I did use a steroid cream for several weeks. But I am all clear, skin is normal color now, my gp advice is to continue doing what I am doing.

Replied by Tanya

Please, tell me more about the low-oxalate diet. I have not been diagnosed with Licen Sclerosus but I have all the symptoms and they are getting worse. My life has become terrible with my husband, I lost sleep from itching and pain, the obgyns ignore me. Only now I found out what I have.

I need all the help to diminish my agony.

(Corvallis, Or)

Have you heard of sitting in a bath with borax and baking soda? Look up the borax conspiracy.

Replied by Terry

I have had it for 3 years. For intense itching I use desitin maximum strength, wear white cotton panties with unscented panty liners, and drink organic apple cider vinegar all natural drink, ( found at health food stores and festival food store) 8 ounces 3 times a week. Also when I followed a gluten free diet and no artificial sweeteners my LS was gone. Now I restarted the gluten free diet and no aspartame.

Replied by Margaret
(United Kingdom)

I have had lichen sclerosis for years, it got so bad I went to a Specialist at a Nuffield hospital, finally I found out the name of it. I'm 79 and 3/4!

I tried the "Emuaid" cream, it came from America and was nearly 68 dollars!!! I found out later that it's on "E-bay" much cheaper, it only lasted me a week but it was so good! So soothing, but I can't afford it!

I'm going to try the "Gluten free and Low Oxalates diet, I have done a lot of research on line, my ls is particularly bad at the moment. Wish me luck!! Margaret.

Replied by Candice
(Kansas, Mo)

Please help on this diet and how long till see results?

Replied by Danise

Try 4 tablespoons castor oil....Organic 2 drops essential Lavender oil, 1 drop essential lemongrass oil......that's it. Bought mine from herbal store...supposed to work. anyway they say dont use more drops than what ingredients call for. Just diagnosed....comes and goes...flare ups are soap, just rinse warm water....began wearing boxers or mens underwear soft cotton equipo boxers.

Low Oxalates Diet
Posted by Healthygirl110 (Sacramento, Ca) on 02/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I've been able to reverse Lichen Sclerosis by going on a Low Oxalates diet. Steroid creams do not work. After being on a low oxalates diet within a month my LS has reversed by 50% and still healing everyday! I hope this others -- I never thought in a million years I could reverse LS but it's possible. You can also check out Vulvar Pain Foundation online with similar resources. Good Luck!

LS - Hyperthyroid Connection

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Posted by Seeker (East Sussex) on 04/05/2015

I have a theory about lichen sclerosus and wondered if it applies to anyone else. I heard that girls born to women with an overactive thyroid whilst pregnant have a high chance of developing LS. This applies to me, does anyone else have a mother with LS and who had it whilst pregnant?

Replied by Karen
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Definitely. My sister read anything she could find on LS and our mother had thyroid problems, thyroid removal and in later life developed chronic crohns disease. Poor immune system.

Replied by Justine

My mother had a thyroid operation when I was very young. I think she had it removed and subsequently was told that it was underactive as she gained weight. She developed LS of the vulva in her 50s and now has scleroderma in her fingers. I have never had any health problems but at the age of 43 I developed LS of the vulva. Could be an interesting line of enquiry to see if there is a connection.

LS and Hypothyroidism Connection

Posted by Wendy (Canada) on 05/27/2014

Hello everyone.....I am sorry that a lot of you are suffering with LS!

I've had LS for at least 7 years now....diagnosed for 5 years.(I am 55) I have tried so many lotions, potions, treatments, etc....I've been reading your posts and will try some of these! I eat organically, eat pasture fed meat and eggs, drink Reverse Osmosis water and exercise.I eat healthy. I am going to try the gluten free diet and see if that helps. I take all kinds of vitamins, etc...a lot of these were mentioned in your posts. I have been using steroid cream....but it has stopped working about 10 months ago....I hated using it anyways......but kept me from going mad. I was using organic, bio-identical progesterone cream..(Natpro).....I didn't think the cream was working, and thought maybe that I didn't use a high enough dosage, but after discontinuing the cream my LS became much worse. I was also under a lot of stress since about that I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not. I belong to an online support group and some of the women on there say they have had remarkable success using concentrated cannabis oil (topically). Makes one think. I know my doctor would never give me a prescription for it. :( They rarely give people here prescriptions for medical cannabis...let alone the oil. Makes one want to break the law! A lot of the LS treatments are just that.....treating the horrible symptoms that we get....never getting at the cause. It definitely has something to do with hormonal imbalance. Almost everyone that has LS has hypothyroidism...and I think the ones that don't have hypothyroidism just haven't been diagnosed with it yet. It makes me think that maybe we should be finding something that cures hypothyroidism which in turn would cure the LS. I am going to start researching into the thyroid issue. I've been rather down about my LS lately. I hate the horrible itching, the pain, the atrophy.....and especially how it effects my sex life and relationship with my husband. I usually try to be positive and up beat about things......but lately it's been bad.

Replied by Lynn
(Phoenix, AZ)

I feel like I could have written your posting........ ;(

Replied by Cyn
(Wa State)


I have had LS for about 15 years. Your post concerns me because you fail to consider that this is a progressive disease.You are in the early or mid stages, and I assure you there is no going backwards. I urge you to arrest the progression before you have irreparable damage. By the symptoms you are reporting, the disease is marching forward. This is not good..

There are stages to the disease that are much worse than you are experiencing now. I urge you to seriously educate yourself on this disease. I know a great resource!!

I belong to a wonderful LS support group, well over 10,000 women and men are members, discussing what is working.. Please get ahold of the LS before it progresses much further.

Here it is:


Sincerely, Cyn

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld. Australia)

Wendy, have you read Dr Brownstein's book re iodine and followed up with the Iodine protocol as mentioned on Earth Clinic; and, whether this has cured the LS?

Replied by Nancy

I had hyperparathyroidism, had parathyroid removed, which fixed that, but have lichens acutely. Used clobatasol and premarin cream for years and cannot get rid of it. It even hurts to urinate.

Replied by Alison
(Vancouver, Bc)

What group are you on where they talk about using cannabis oil? I'm in Vancouver, Canada and that sort of thing is pretty available, with prescription of course. It's something I'd like to look into so if I can connect with those talking about it, it would be ideal. Thank you.

Replied by Kat

I have LS and hypo/hyperthyroidism depending on thyroid med dosage :) It fluctuates all the time. I currently started using Ashwagandah for thyroid and adjust it according to hypo/hyperthyroid symptoms (Now using three a week - Mon, Wed, Fri). Seems to be a good fit for me. Haven't had a blood test since starting it almost a year ago; but according to the symptoms it is working well. It is good for many other medical issues too.

Didn't know LS and thyroid were linked. This is interesting. I use various combos of essential oils in emu oil topically for the LS ... the itching of LS is less with ashwagandah, but the rash and patches are still there.

Replied by Queenie

This comment is a little harsh, judgey and might not be true.

It is a very emotional thing, having LS and knowing that stress makes it worse. In fact there is "a going back". There is. I am not there yet, I have just discovered it. But hundreds of women that I have read from in the past week have said that they are experiencing NO symptoms and taking wheat sugar and processed foods out of their diet did the trick. No, I won't say cure- as that would cause an argument. But no symptoms. So there is a "over the rainbow" place for many women. We can't be so harsh online- every single body is different, and some heals faster then others.

LS Connection to Lyme Disease

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Posted by Lisa (New York ) on 08/19/2018
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My acupuncturist has seen a connection between Lichens Sclerosus and latent undiagnosed Lyme disease.

Replied by Bl
35 posts

I am Lyme positive and have systemic Candida. I would think the Lichen Sclerosis if from Candida which most people with Lyme have. I have all three conditions. Yet my symptoms came on after antibiotics for ear infections. A nasal swab has proven they are fungal.

Lyme Disease Connection

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Posted by Lora (Dc) on 04/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have recently learned that Lyme disease can also be a cause because of its autoimmune properties

Replied by Tonya

Lora, can you tell me where you read about the connection to Lyme's diesase?

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

If you do a search for Borrelia and Lichen Sclerosus, you will find articles making the connection.

Manuka Honey

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Posted by Luckylucy (Nh) on 08/04/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I have had LS for many years and tried Protopic, steroids and none of that really helped. Seroviral HGH made it fade quite a bit. I recently tried sandlewood oil and royal jelly which faded it about 80 percent.

I have for 3 days been using manuka honey and am trying 10+ umf on one side of my chest and 18+ on the other side to see if one works better. LS is now 95 percent flat and nearly all the white is gone. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this finally does the trick. None of the doctors have been particularly useful over the years in finding a useful remedy (but at least they could diagnose it) not even those at the best Boston hospitals... Does it seem that they have far more interest in Lyme disease than helping us women with this sometimes embarrassing ailment?


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Posted by Rita Jean (Texas) on 02/11/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Researched for over a year as to the cause of LS. Tried all of the noted protocols on the web. What helped was Perrin Naturals and also ozonated extra virgin olive oil. These worked for different phases of the out breaks. Ended up going back to my old faithful calendula ointment and witch hazel for immediate relief of the itching and burning. Breaks outs always appeared after eating acidic foods. When I researched the bottled water I was using, the test results also showed acidic. Changed to a much higher PH bottled water and continued my calendula and witch hazel protocol. Still searching for the cause is when I found MMS. Drank MMS for 8 days and also did the MMS sitz baths for 8 days. No more lesions, itching, cuts and burning. It took a long time to find this cure for me but thought I would share it as it may help others.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) - I started with one drop for a couple of days and moved up to 2 drops. With the sitz bath I used 5 drops MMS and soaked for 20 minutes in hot water. By the eight day I wasn't using and witch hazel for the itching and calendula ointment.

Replied by Mary

Just ordered MMS for a different condition, then was wondering if this would also help a daughter with LS. Saw your post. Are you still in recovery? Thanks!


Replied by Jackie

I will be having biopsy tomorrow but Dr said all my symptoms point to Lichen sclerosus, I have taken MMS in the past, but this pain has caught me off guard, it's like my inmune system has gone haywire, so I will start doing dlsitz baths with MMS, the new version protocol is CDS or Chlorine Dioxide, protocol on how to make it is on YouTube, Dr Andreas kalcker shows step by step how to make it in its purest form. There's also a spray protocol to dilute and use on skin like bacterial vaginitis, so I did do a sitz bath to nite with baking soda, warm water, helped a lot, the creams I'm still researching which to use, organic coconut oil is my go to cream, but needed one like a barrier to help while sitting, I tried Vaseline with Shea butter and it works pretty good, the only thing is gotta reapply after each pee, washing thoroughly, but I'm hopeful that MMS will cure it completely, it got rid of my pollen allergies a while back and helped me with the covid virus back last March.


Posted by Lynn (Seattle, Wa) on 02/07/2015

I'm wondering if anyone has explored the use of Monolaurin for lichen sclerosis? indicates it is helpful with yeast, infections, MRSA (even) as well as Herpes and more. Would you mind letting me know your thoughts? thank you

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Unknown (Ny, Ny) on 05/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to share some of the things I have found to greatly improve (don't want to say heal...yet) my LS. I read all these forums looking for things that help so wanted to share what has greatly helped me.

I use boric acid vaginal suppositories. I definitely think there is a candida link here. I had a yeast infection and my doctor prescribed it. You can just get it on amazon though. This is something I do fairly frequently and was a life changer.

Also I've done the O-shot three times. It is pretty expensive, but worth it. Find someone trained regarding LS. The link below lists providers. After the first one, my doctor said I improved by 30%. The third time I got it, there was almost no signs.

The other thing I think is helping is Borax.

Replied by Dorern

I don't see a link for the providers - can you send it to me please or post it- thanks

Replied by Jackie

Can I also get a link to o shot providers? Thank you.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Susan (Los Angeles) on 02/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I first had LS 10 years ago at the beginning of menopause. Someone once mentioned, what is the relation between a child getting this and an adult. All I could think of was I worked in the dirt and garden, which is the same as a kid playing in the dirt also. So I read about Perrins creme, tried that for a while, but found out about two capsules to try from talking to Perrins. For 5 years I have been taking Life Extension Super Bio-Curcumin and Red Clover capsule once a day. The skin acted better where the ripping open was almost gone and the itch had practically stopped. But a couple months ago I was still itching overnight, so I read your wonderful posts to figure out what can I add to this. ( Also a year ago I added Ultimate Flora probiotic and I regularly take 6 drops of colloidal silver 500ppm in 2 oz. of water once daily.) So I added a soft gel cap of Essiac Tonic twice a day on an empty stomach. I also have added ozonated olive oil creme once a day applied after my shower. Since Christmas I have NOT itched AT ALL!! That nighttime itch was awful! A month and a half of being itch free I wanted to tell everyone.Now, I am still working on un-fusing the sensitive skin. I will write updates if any changes take place. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck everybody, we will figure this out before any doctor does.

Replied by Lani
(South Africa)

Hi, that you are in LA, have you heard of Stem Cell Lift by Dr Nathan. I have been googling this treatment and people with LS have had success.

Aloha Granny
(Maui, Hawaii)

I have an appointment at Coyle Institute with Dr. Coyle. Having the Tulip treatment. Similar to O-s but supposedly better.

Replied by Melissa
(Louisville, TN)

Is it still working and any changes in the fusing?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Moira (Long Island, Ny) on 11/04/2013
4 out of 5 stars

Hello, thanks to all of you for the many comments and helpful suggestions re. L.C. I am 60 yrs old and have been diagnosed 3 years ago with L.C.

I read and re-read many of your suggestions and for the last 4 days I have had some relief with the following suggestions: 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup white vinegar in bath and soak for 15min. It has cut down on itching and I'm less inflammed.

Zinc oxide seems to work on decreasing redness and itching ( applying 2x a day) However is it OK to use continually on vaginal tissue?

Also applying cold water after each time I urinate. Started Essiac tea but too soon to access.Thanks, Moira, N.Y.

Replied by Betty
(North Dakota)
4 out of 5 stars

I was just recently diagnosed with Lichen Schlerosus. Fortunately, caught it very early because I was itching for a couple of weeks, thought it was a yeast infection and treated it that way but still made an appointment with my OBGYN. He immediately diagnosed it as LS. I was surprised because nothing had changed in my life, not even my soap, but he said it happens often post-menopausal because of a general thinning of the tissues around the vaginal area due to drop in estrogen, etc. (Of course, this doesn't explain those who have it pre-menopause). However, this list has served me greatly because I believe in tackling the symptoms somewhat aggressively early with a little western medicine (the steroid cream) and then figuring out how to holistically stop the cause internally. Based upon this list (thank you very much) I drink red clover tea twice a day (which supplements the immune system and provides a little estrogen to the post-menopausal body), eliminated sugar and dairy (which I had started to do anyway prior to this event), take Black Seed Oil (which supports the immune system and provides a whole host of other amazing benefits, take a probiotic to replenish the good bacteria, take a teaspoon of Carlsson's lemon-flavored Cod Liver Oil (also a host of amazing benefits for women) and eating whole organic foods (no processed foods). I also use organic coconut oil as a regular lubricant in between the steroid treatments and take a daily sitz bath infused with organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother). I have been feeling much better and it's just been the third day. In addition, I got rid of my regular panty liners and got organic chlorine and plastic free cotton ones from the health food store. I believe we are subjecting our bodies to so many chemicals in an unregulated some point the body is going to rebel. While the OBGYN said this condition is relatively common, you have to ask yourself why? It makes no sense to me but I'm going to treat the symptoms and my system and have faith it will clear up. At the end of the day, the body tells us we have an issue with what we are doing. If we listen and address both the symptoms and the suspected cause we are only going to benefit ourselves in the long run.


Have you or anyone else tried comfrey skin cream for Lichen. And I am looking for a good Red clover cream or salve to apply to the vaginal area...any suggestions please. My lichen has now begun under the hood of my clitoris and I am desperately trying to save it from closing over. Thank you to all!

Replied by Carrie

Itched for months and finally was diagnosed with LS. I used steroid cream to get the itch, sores and bruising down. Now I'm just using zinc oxide diaper cream every few days and have not had to use the steroid cream again. I'm also squatting far forward to urinate straight down without it touching my genitals, as a precaution.

I am going to start using legal CBD oil as I read LS could be autoimmune and CBD is being used in autoimmune issues. Also, after reading here, I'm going to start gluten-free too.

I'm doing well with just the zinc oxide for now, but I really don't want this to get worse as I've already had some fusion and scarring and I'm pre-menaposal (45 years old). I'm with a wonderful supportive guy, so anything I can try, I'm going to give it a whirl! Will check in on CBD and gluten-free process as I experiment.

Replied by Te Ao Marie
(New Zealand)

I have had this condition for years since I was a young girl - I was also a molested child and went on to become a raped teenager, I have been given every medical treatment under the sun and nothing has worked for me I am in my early fifties now. I have been experimenting with Kawakawa, batheing in it and T-tree oil both have been useful in soothing the area, my itch drives me crazy at night, . I see I need to change my diet, which am going to do right now, thats the sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy. I have only recently started using apple cider vinegar in my bath water, gosh this sight is a dream come true for me... thanks so much for this information.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dee (Utica, Mi) on 07/23/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I have had symptoms of LS for 2 years now and have finally found a way to keep it under control. The symptoms started after menopause with extreme vaginal dryness. Then the vulvar skin breaking, bruising and vaginal atrophy began. I work for a GYN doctor so I knew what was happening to me. I did try Perrins cream which helped a little in the beginning. I vas very reluctant to use any prescription medication, but after suffering for so long I finally tried a very small dose of Estrace cream vaginally once or twice a week which has helped alot. (I did not want to use Steroids). I also apply pure vitamin E oil (found at Target for $5.00) to the vaginal/rectal area everyday after bathing/soaking. I use only natural soap very gently in that area, no bleach on underwear, avoid any perfumes or strong dryer sheets that irritate, no underwear when at home and only lightly blot when using toilet paper. These things have helped me tremendously. Avoiding sugar and taking high potency probiotics do also help. I hope and pray that a natural cure can be found and that the cause of this awful condition will soon be discovered. I have been doing my own research and taking note of the similarities in women who have this condition. Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Kim
(Effingham, Usa)

Hello, I too work in the medical field, have you had any success with new insights from MD? Do you visit Pubmed frequently? They have found the tissues to be abnormally deficiet of antioxidants. When I use them (above) it really does decrease the symptoms. Lycine works too.

Mine stopped reacting, skin was pinking up with oral intake of vinegar - the very same reaction with MS and vinegar. MS is an autoimmune disease. Vinegar inhibits a reaction of the autoimmune.

Western medicine has found that some of the medication used for anti rejection for organ donors are working but not resolving it.

Does the Estrace stop the progress of the disease?

For research purposes do you have Estrogen dominance? Thyroid link?

I was hoping Ted would comment, maybe he has something to offer.

Replied by Ana
(Toogoolawah, Queensland Australia)

I have what my doctor described as 'Extreme LS' this is where I have LOST most of my vulva and all that remains is the opening ( very small) and part of my clit which is not very painful to. The lenght of my vagina has shrunk to just 2 inches from top to end and if I lose the remainder of my clit I will have to have some sort of mobile tubes to incert when I need to pee.

I have tried everything, cremes lotions ACV, oils, you name it I have tried it including Perrins offerings, even used steroid cremes. Nothing worked. Todate there is NO cure and may not be one in my life time (I am 67) but there is some trials been done in Sweden or Denmark where they are trying out natural Progesterone creme. , available only by script in Australia ( big Pharm dictates here, so Aussie and NZ have to buy from USA). You also have to be careful using Progesterone if you are postmem, which I found to my cost, on 2 seperate days after two small dabs I was in agony with miscarriage/labor pains and the need to bare down, this lasted over 1/2 an hour till I had a show of blood. It turns out that I have a medium fibroid in on the back wall of my womb and the Progesserone acted a prelude to esterone which fed the fibroid and caused it to grow and as a postmenopausal woman that made my body think I was pregnant and it had to go. Thats what my last gyno said, but there again she said I had vaginitis when I first visited her for the itch and dryness 2 years ago. My GP has now got me on DermAid 0.5% which is not so harsh and it helps with the itch, I also sit in a baby bath of warm water with 1/4 cup ACV 1/4 cup Bicarb soda, and 1 cup Magneesium Chloride which I buy from food ingredient suppliers and I find this is works as well as anything I have tried so far and all 3 are good for the body anyway. I will try Argan oil in the blend next for the dryness.

Replied by Kim
(Effingham, Illinois)
4 out of 5 stars

Wanted to let everyone know... I started using Niacinamide and Lycine (mixed it in a small bottle of pure water) spraying it on the LS and then applying Argan oil, my symptoms have decreased by 60%. I also quit drinking coffee and the skin on the backs of my arms and legs cleared up. Not sure if this was an allergy and LS is connected but am not ruling it out.

This is such an awful disease. Hang in there.

Replied by Cindy
(Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, Usa)


My symptoms occured exactly like Dee's. I don't have itching or any white spots. But I do have some atrophy, white thinning skin in the folds, some past bleeding. I'm really upset that my atrophy will never grow back. This will prevent normal, painfree sex.

I was given potent steroids to apply topically everyday for one month, and then down to 2-3 times per week. After six weeks, my skin looks whiter than ever and I think it's gotten worse.

I took myself off the steroids, but needed something else to replace it. I wanted to do an all natural solution, so I searched this website as well as many others. After much research looking for women with my similar symtoms, I decided to try using Red Clover infusion/tea drinks. Everyone has recommended one quart per day. It has many anti-inflamatory properties as well as healing properties. Research has also showed that LS may be helped by megadoses of antioxidants. So, I went to the heath food store and bought the strongest antioxidant powder mix I could find (they work better, absored more than tablets). That's what I take internally.

As for what to use externally in the vulva area, I decided to use Neem cream followed by Organic Coconut oil (comes in a large jar, very soft and melts in your hand). Both have amazing healing properites, and the coconut oil replaces the essential fatty acids that the skin in this area desperately needs. I use coconut oil in place of everything I would have used butter or oil for, for example, use it for cooking eggs, baking, etc. It also can be used on the skin. I put it all over my body after the shower as a moisturizer. It is awesome! My nutritionist raves about it and uses it for everything also. It's a superfood!

I have used these drinks and creams for two days now, and my skin is already pinker! I still have some white skin in the fold area, but I am hopeful! Before this, I had an almost totally white vulva! I have also thrown away all my sweeteners with Aspartame, and will use only Stevia. I suggest everyone cut out the sugar, even honey. Sugar is sugar, and it creates an imflammatory reaction in the body.

It's worth a try, anything is better than steroids! Let me know how it works for you.....


Can you please post what kind of neem cream please!

Replied by Lynn
(Kansas City, Kansas)

I, too have heard of the coconut oil and already use it for my omelets and other cooking. I have had LS for 12 years (43 years old now). The labia is fused for the most part on both sides, with pale, thin tissue. The majora has shrunk a little, but is still somewhat pink. In the beginning, I was put on clobetasol, etc. This was not good. My symptoms really didn't get better, and it thinned the tissue more. I had a dermatologist who put me on Metformin crushed in Vaseline that seemed to help a little. She wanted me to take it orally, but my GI sx at the time prevented that. I have started taking Mercola's Krill oil which has all sorts of backing as an anti-flammatory. Hopefully, the combination of making my body not so inflamed inside, and the coconut oil outside will do the trick. I also have Raynaud's. I agree with eliminating nutra sweet, etc. I eat a low-carb diet. I think we now have more auto-immune than ever, and we need to look at the state our bodies are in. I wish everyone the best. Hopefully, there will be a cure someday! Thankfully, my husband is very understanding :)

Replied by Kim
(Effingham, Usa)

Lynn, read your note with interest. This is an awful disease.. I wonder if like the bee's our immune systems have been crippled by the pesticides... Food for thought. What I found strange.. I didn't have these problems until I moved to a farming area. I formally lived in the Mtns and drank spring water... I did find that Scar reduction cream (zinc oxide) with the tea extract totally knocks all the itch/thining and any progression of fusion of the tissue. Should have figured this before as this is for overreactive skin tissue. It does not cure it but I don't have to apply every day, just 1 x every 2-3 days. It is strange all of us are getting this....

Replied by Julia
(Indianapolis, In)

I have had LS for 6 years, following severe physical trauma and mental anguish. I am athyroid, a thyroid cancer survivor. Part of my labia is gone, eaten away. The clitoris is covered by fused labia minora. I have been using Clobestiral and hormone cream every other day. I still have outbreaks of red, thin and itchy skin with bleeding. White patches come and go. Now, I am having deep pelvic pain where my ovaries used to be. Had a total hysterectomy for severe endometriosus 30 yrs. ago. I have no orgasmic response, but do get aroused to some extent. I do not eat wheat, drink coffee and avoid sugar. I try to use all natural products. I can't tolerate underwear. I am miserable and the Dr. says "see you in a year."

Replied by Helen


From reading through the entire blog, it seems there is something to coconut oil. I'm going to try it. I'm "frigid" from fear of a bloody show after intercourse, intercourse that is always painful. A certain MD forced me to have a biopsy, it was totally unnecessary, as it turned out. There is another product "Yes" - has anyone tried it or heard of it? Active ingredient is aloe vera. I'll let you know if it works to help the atrophy. I feel so badly that you have suffered so much. Let us know if the coconut oil helps, try a little first near the labia and just see how your skin looks and feels before using more. Blessings, Helen

Replied by Greta

Have you tried coffee enemas? They help with autoimmune diseases and LS is autoimmune. Coffe enemas are also pain relieving and anti-inflammatory. I've been doing one or more a day for two weeks and am experiencing positive results, the condition is slowly improving. I also feel that there is a connection with the disease and the gut, hours before I have a bowel movement, the itching increases. I think that if I improve my digestive health and rebuild my gut flora, this may also heal the skin.

Replied by Laura
(New York City)

It is so awful that we suffer with this. I do find some help with zinc oxide. If it was a testicular problem, answers would be found

Replied by Ingrid

Coconut oil works for me. Very natural.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jen (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 04/20/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I am 28 years old female who was diagnosed with LS in Aug 2010. After 2.5 years of continuing Yeast infection and Strep B bacteria since my honeymoon in Caribbean.

I believe after taking many antibiotics and Diflucan, my body collapsed!

I had a blood test and my natural path informed me that I am Lactose intolerant and I have to avoid Dairy and Gluten. I am taking Probiotic and Fish oil (Omega 3) and L-Glutamine (I guess to clean my liver. ) I have not seen any major changes to LS in my vulvar area. Yet, I can feel less gas (stinky gas), diarrhea, bowel movement and no more Yeast and Strep B bacteria.


Yeast: after unsuccessful 2 years of using Antibiotic, I used Boric acid and soaked my body in Baking soda every day for a few weeks which have been very very helpful. Even my husband did it too. I am free of yeast or bacteria now.

LS: I have been using lower dose of Topical cream which was useful at the beginning but not after 3 months. After the flare up and no sexual intercourse for a while because of the pain and itchiness, doctor gave me another higher dosage of cream, I have been using this for 3 weeks now and it is helping a lot. But I don't want to be dependent on this at all. I am young, still have another 50 years to go, can't use the cream for the rest of my life. I don't have any kids yet either.

My research shows that Omega 3 (fish oil), and probiotic are great to use to balance your body and create healthy skin. Healthy diet is another one, have a test or look at your blood group type and see what is better to eat for your body type. I did a cleanse in summer which helped my body to normalize and of course got rid of the yeast.

Also, I have found that Neem oil, Calendula oil, Emu oil are helpful. I have heard from a few professionals about Neem oil and Calendula, but rarely about Emu oil. So I was reluctant to buy Emu oil for my LS. Apparently, some people used Emu oil and it worked but not many professionals know about it.

Yesterday was the first night I used Neem oil and hoping to be helpful.

If anyone has any other suggestions, Please let me know.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jill (Dallas, Tx) on 12/27/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Lichen Sclerosus is a condition that I self-diagnosed myself with a few years ago, after much internet research and no help from my doctor. This is still such a mysterious condition, with little concrete medical data out there to refer to, but here are some of my observations and some things that have helped me quite a bit.

First, I believe that it is caused by hormone imbalance and/or auto-immune issues. Most people notice their symptoms begin with hormone shifts. For me, it was at the beginning of peri-menopause, and came along with other, more common symptoms of that. Along those same lines, the symptoms are always worse at the end of my cycle (pre-menstrually) and better towards the beginning of the cycle. Also, I notice my symptoms flare up (and have heard others report the same) when my immune system is run down or strained, especially if I'm fighting a virus (cold, etc... ). Interestingly, as several others here have mentioned, I also have a history of adrenal fatigue/chronic fatigue. So seeking natural hormone balance and a healthy, balanced immune system are, in my opinion, key to going into permanent remission.

Topically, I have found the most success with a cream called Perrin's Cream Complete, found on the Perrin's website (you'll find it if you google it). It immediately relieves discomfort and seems to help quite a bit overall with other symptoms. It is a soothing antioxidant cream that is very healing as well. It was originally developed to help prevent and reverse skin cancer, so for a condition with an increased cancer risk associated with it, this cream is a good one to have on hand. Also evening primrose oil has been helpful topically.

I have tried to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet to help with the auto-immune aspect: no sugar (very inflammatory and noticeably worsens LS), fried foods, junk foods, processed foods/fast foods, margarine or shortening. About a month ago I also eliminated gluten (mostly found in wheat) and either it's a coincidence, or that was truly helpful because it's better now than it's been in years. A whole foods diet that is loaded with vegetables and healthy fats and protein (which includes SATURATED fats: coconut oil, eggs, butter and meat from healthy, pastured cows, etc... ), fish, krill, or cod-liver oil, and low on grains (especially wheat). Try to eat more like your great-grandparents ate and you'll be doing much better than if you follow the USDA food pyramid! The Weston A. Price Foundation has great info on healthy traditional diets and how our modern, western diet and food preparation has damaged our health ( Learning about food sensitivities/allergies would also be essential for reducing systematic inflammation. If you can't afford allergy testing, try checking your pulse before and after eating suspected foods. If you notice a marked rise in your pulse after eating a particular food, you are probably sensitive if not allergic to it.

Also avoiding chemicals as much as possible in your environment (cleaning products, unfiltered city water), and food (genetically modified and/or pesticide laden foods) is also important. I know there are lots of supplements that help with inflammation: turmeric, fish oil (or krill or cod liver), vitamin D3 (current recommendations are extremely low, so probably around 5, 000 mg. daily, or better yet, get your levels tested and aim for therapeutic levels--check out for more info on vit. D), and many more.

There are also supplements designed specifically for reducing inflammation. Chinese mushrooms and herbs have been used with incredible success for a variety of inflammatory conditions, so that would sure be worth checking out. Fungi Perfecti has a product line called Host Defense and a product in that line called My Community that looks very intriguing. It's a very reputable company and scores of people with serious immune and/or cancer issues swear by their products. seems to have the best prices. Searching out anti-inflammatory diet and supplements should provide lots of good ideas. Hopefully there's something of use in all that!

If I discover a magic pill, I will certainly share my discovery, but my guess is that it's really about getting your hormonal and immune systems balanced out, which involves a more holistic approach to diet and lifestyle than what one pill can provide.

Replied by Sherry
(Roanoke, Va)

I have had LS for 7 years. I was diagnosed during the 7th month of my first pregnancy. I have tried so much of what is listed here. I also began using the Perrin's Cream about six months ago. It is by far the most helpful thing that I have tried. I am having a flare up now (that is driving me MAD), and I have had to use the steriod cream, BUT what I find is that the Perrin's Cream seems to help restore health to the damaged skin (by the disease and the steroid creams). Healthy diet is crucial. I am a health nut... When I have a flare up, it is usually linked to STRESS! Stress reduction and dealing with it well is crucial. I struggle with this! I will say that since using the Perrin's Cream, I have only had one flare up. Use the CREAM, not the ointment! The ointment is TOO strong and will burn! You are not alone. I am sorry that all of you are dealing with this also.

Replied by Kim
(Effingham, Il Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

Jill from TX:

Your advise is EXCELLENT!! I have done my research and agree with all. I am a LS suffering soul. Perrins cream and your diet recommendations do help.

That being said, I would like to add to this forum some things that have helped me considerably with my LS.

I am certain that mine is associated with the endocrine/immune system. I have enlarged lymph nodes under arm when I have a flare up. I also have hypothyroid too.

In the last year I found a product called I-26 or hyperimmune egg. Started taking this and have had GREAT results, symptoms are greatly reduced. I am planning on continuing this until I find something else. I also came up with a remedy for the pain/itching. Take Lysine in powder form and add to Aloe Vera. Within seconds the pain itching will be gone. I apply this usually 1x a day and it lasts until the evening.

I have had this terrible disease for 8 years and found the lysine trick in a herpes tx. I just tried mixing it in aloe vera and it works like a charm.

I am not sure what caused mine, but it started after I had a hyster and dx hypothyroid.

Again, the hyperimmune egg is worth trying. Just mix it in with OJ, drink down.

God bless, hope this helps some other women.

Replied by Diane
(Nashville, Tn)

Thank you for sharing your remedies. Do you apply the lysine and aloe Vera topically or take it orally?

Replied by Kim
(Effingham, Usa)

For the LS to stop the intense itching... Take the lysine powder and mix it in the Aloe Vera and apply topically. You may need to start doing it 3x/day until it puts the fire out, then you will only have to do it daily. It worked for me. Best and stay blessed. This is an awful disease.

Replied by Gem
(Melbourne, Australia)

Finally.. A website that gives me some hope. I have written down EVERYone's suggestions and may have to give up work just to manage this LS!! (I wish). But, thanks all for sharing the tips.. I about to embark on a gluten & dairy (&sugar) free diet, see a naturapath AND try many of the 'remedies' on this page. My wish is to stop the steroid creams.. that stop itching but not the progression.. And keep enjoying sex!!

Replied by Louise
(Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.k.)

I was diagnosed with LS two years ago. Pure essential lavender oil in the bath has helped me, and also Perrin's cream. Attention to diet, and cutting right back on sugar and yeast products has also helped. I agree that this is a horrible disease, and sometimes I can't believe I have it, but does anyone know how much research is going on to find a cure? What have we all got in common that would trigger this in us?

Replied by Aine
(Monaghan Ireland)

What is hyperimmune egg?

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Aine, If a person has an autoimmune illness, this would overstimulate the system to attack the body even more.

“Hyperimmune egg is an egg from a hen that has been vaccinated against certain infectious diseases. The hen develops specific antibodies that rev up the immune system to fight the specific diseases included in the vaccination. These antibodies pass into the hen's eggs. People harvest the eggs and remove the antibodies. These antibodies are then used to treat diseases in people.”

“How does it work? – Antibodies contained in hyperimmune egg are thought to stimulate the immune system and help the body fight disease.” –

Replied by Sara
(Monterey, Ca)

I have never used the creams or vagisil and I have lichens sclerosis. I do eat primarily organic foods sourced from local farmers markets along with ranch raised eggs dairy and meat.

I find recent stress has aggravated my lichens, that had been in remission. I will go back to the obgyn for evaluation today.

I will seek more prp treatments and one of the topical treatments on this site. I can't tolerate the steroids. The platelette rich plasma treatment has kept the symptoms at bay for over a year. I will keep my hope and faith that it will push it back into remission. I am afraid I will have to change my work out routine as well. It's a life style thing, I'm afraid.

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