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Posted by Susie (Mi) on 12/24/2022

I have suffered from LS for many many years and like all of you tried so many different things somehow, some didn't but what I have found is a definitely boils down to diet when I went to my doctor she said my oxalates were high and she wondered why so she tested my candida it was high and high candida will make high oxalates so needless to say I do a low candida low oxalate diet and I do biocidin!

Within 4 weeks my LS had cleared up by 95%! I was ecstatic it definitely has to do with diet because I know as I fall off my diet and eat the wrong things again that are high and yeast and high in oxalates it comes right back my doctor said I should do it for about 6 months the protocol and I possibly could get rid of it completely for good. Hope this helps you.

Replied by Bliss

Did it work for you?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Robin (United States) on 05/05/2020

Hi All, want to share my story so others may benefit from my struggles.

I had LS for more than 10 maybe 15 years. Saw my gynecologist (no idea of what it was); saw my skin doctor who did help and I can't remember what the ointment was but could only use it for a short amount of time, 2-3 times per week for a limited amount of time. This did take the itching away but the ointment was not healthy to take every. single. day. Which is what I needed to eliminate the itching.

Sooooo, I quit using it and suffered, for years. I tried all the diets, no sugar for more than 5 years, no gluten which I'm still off both these. Sometimes, no sugar/gluten would help but then it would flare up and no help again. I had the paper slits on both sides of my labia, one side was always worse than the other. The itching was INTENSE! Then the pain from the slits or the itching too much would be intense...AARGH.

Ok, so fast forward to today, errr well, 2 months ago. I read about the carnivore diet many years ago and this was one I had never tried. 2 months ago, I tried it...100%. Amazed me. 3 days after starting the carnivore diet, 100%, the itching stopped and has never returned. I still have the paper slits scars but there is no, opps repeat here, NO itching! None, zero, ziltch! And, it's been over 2 months with me being on the carnivore diet with only one minor cheat (hot herbal tea, 2 cups, with 2 hours inbetween) terrible reaction but still...NO itching. The diet is easy but greasy. No food craving...none.

The itching has never returned. My eczema rashes are nearly gone, just discolored skin. They have flared up during this 2 months but I associate that with loss of fat. I've lost 22 #'s and feel great. NO ITCHING! Heaven. I truly hope this helps someone.

Replied by Karen
(Meridian, ID)

Robin, this is amazing! Please share with us a typical day's meals, and update after being on this diet for a longer term. Blessings to you!

(United States)

Hi Karen,

The Carnivore Code written by Dr. Paul Saladino has all the science/know how you could ask for. He also has a website with loads of info. Watch some of Strong.sistas youtube videos. Here is a link to one that describes what they eat in a day on the carnivore diet, .

They are a lot of fun to watch. They have been eating this way lots longer than myself. I'm so new and feel uncomfortable as I am such a beginner. The important thing here is, my crotch is normal now except for the scarring. It feels normal and behaves normal in every way. There are also lots of facebook pages on the carnivore diet; Women Carnivore Tribe, Carnivore for Beginners. I just found Strong.sistas and have learned a lot from them but you can get direct answers to your questions on the facebook pages. Finding out about all the toxins in plants to protect themselves from being preyed upon was an eye opener.

I've been organic and very healthy eating for years, not vegan tho but mostly salads with chicken or some sort of protein and a carb like sweet potato. You'll read a lot of healing stores from people who quit plants and went carnivore. It may not be for everyone but my LS took a quick nose dive and has not returned. My eczema is nearly all gone, just discolered skin. Lots of other subtle healings going on and I intend to stick to this diet, at first, for 3 months to see but the improvements are just great so am sticking to this diet for at least a year.

Good Luck on your journey and if you have LS, I pray you manage to get rid of it!

Replied by B. Latifa

هل ممكن ان تدليني عن هذه الحمية الخالية من اللحم، لاني مريضة منذ 4 سنوات بمرض الحزاز المتصلب وشكرا

Can you tell me about this meat-free diet, because I have been ill with lichen sclerosus for 4 years, and thank you.


It is not a meat free diet but a plant free diet. If it grows on a plant, I don't eat it and if it grows on a tree, I don't eat it. Seafood is good, wild caught fish and all kinds of meat is good. Carnivore diet was a big learning curve for me. The LS disappeared within 3 days of starting. Eating organ meats is where a lot of the minerals and vitamins are. Beef liver, heart etc. I learned that ruminants are the best for me. Single stomach animals not so good and can't explain but did not feel the greatest after eating chicken or pork. I lost 50 lbs. in about 6 months without trying to lose weight. I feel the best I've felt in many years. This is not for everyone. We are all so different and some can handle the toxins plants produce better than others. I have an allergy to dairy which causes my nose to run. I have learned alot about myself and what my body can and does tolerate by eating this way. Best to You!

Replied by Pyper

Robin, I've also been eating Carnivore and I can attest 100% that it does work. IF I go off though (like I did 3 days ago and had 2 glasses of dry red wine - I had an almost immediate terrible reaction, and became inflamed, in pain, and horrible itching. Many people with various autoimmune problems have tried Carnivore and had a lot of success. Basically, you are eating whole, one ingredient foods with none of the garbage that is put into processed foods. There are lots of support/community groups for those who wish to eat Carnivore - there are also three main types of Carnivore. 1) Carnivore where people try to eat as close to zero total carbs per day. 2) Ketovore - this is kind of a combination of the ketogenic diet with Carnivore (keeping carbs under 10 total carbs per day and eating whole foods) - it's more lenient than Carnivore. 3) The Lion Diet (also zero carb) but more strict. Lion Diet is nothing but water, and ruminant meats such as Beef, Bison, Lamb, Goat. I follow Carnivore. I DO allow spices (unless they have sugar/gluton/corn/rice in them) I make my own spice mixes whenever I can if I can't find what I want pre-made. I also discovered from my last flare up - I can NEVER have wine, peanut butter (even sugar-free organic) - and whey protein powder is still in question. Also, after my last flare up- in an effort to quickly calm things down, I fasted for 24 hrs (water only) I would like to incorporate longer fasts into this way of eating too - as occasional fasting can bring a lot of healing according to the research I've done. If anyone wants to try this food protocol - I would suggest using a food diary so that you can list any reactions if you have them.

Replied by Deaanna

Hi Robin, I too am trying the Carnivore diet. So far the changes I have noticed is my knee's don't hurt so bad. I was getting ready for knee replacement but now I am going to keep eating carnivore. The everyday pain and inflamation is gone. I watch Dr. Ken Barry on Youtube and also Dr. Anthony Chaffee. They will tell you all you need to know. They have been on the diet like for 20 years and their vitals are excellent.


Carnivore diet is the best diet. Our military unit tried 3 different diets one year to learn which diet was best for deployment. We divided our unit into 3, and each was given a strict selected diet for 3 months. After which we were all evaluated mentally, physically, had scans, blood work, urine and fecal testing. You name it we had it done. Turns out after the 9 months after all 3 groups had been on all 3 diets for 3 months, the results were tabulated and it was proven that the majority of health benefits, recovery, strength and endurance were on the carni diet. We exhibited better recovery, better injury repair, better energy, more strength, and better mental outlook. As you mentioned, we had a team member with a chronic sore shoulder, and another with chronic hip issues. When each of these members was on the high protein or carni diet, their pains went away. Actually both had returning pain on the vegetarian diet. Since then, our deployment meals have changed. We take a lot of dehydrated beef and turkey now. A lot of our meals have been changed for more protein and fats and less carbs.

Replied by Madelyn

This is incredible information and I wish it were shared more mainstream. I've recently begun learning more about the carnivore diet, so I was happy to read your post.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Carol (Canada) on 02/06/2020

I have found diet extremely important for lichens healing. I eat a vegan diet with salmon, no sugar, alcohol or night shade vegetables, I also use apple cider vinegar and water sprayed on after urinating. I bath in baking soda every second night and I use only natural products for cleaning. Don't scratch. I am healing more everyday and have no itch.

Replied by EB
(So US)

Carol, do you eat wheat or other grains? Are you sure it is LS? Have you had a biopsy? Thanks.

Replied by Jen

Carol, I agree with your statement.

I was diagnosed a little over a year ago, and like many women, I've tried a variety of steroids, creams, potions, lotions, and salves etc.. with little to no relief. After having a severe flare 3.5 weeks ago, I was desperate and refused to go back to my 3rd gyno, who was no help at all. I researched and googled in desperation, and found several forums and Pinterest articles, where patients have treated it as a leaky gut/ and fungal overgrowth.

The remedies were all similar so I tried them! • I started to drink 1-2 tablespoons of Organic apple Cider vinegar with the mother every morning with 12 oz of hot water on empty stomach. • Purchased raw organics vaginal probiotic taken by mouth. • cut out sugars, gluten & diary • increased my vitamin D3 to 4000 ius daily as I was low confirmed by my Gp . • took vitamin K2 with D3 as it helps absorb the D3. • bought Nordics omega 3 supplement • raw juiced mid morning • purchased black African body wash • increased my b12 • drank a non dairy probiotic drink everyday • took 1 500 mg dmannose with cranberry daily. Helps with die off effects of fungus/yeast • applied over the counter clortimazole nightly on the white patches and labia • only used a little Cándula salve on labias and clit for moisture. • started taking collegen powder. • started taking plant digestive enzymes • drank lots of clean purified water After 5 days I got the relief I desired. The white patches are all gone, and the atrophy is much better and my tissue all around looks healthy and pink! I had no idea in my case that yeast/fungus was a factor. Who knew? I was even tested for it in the beginning.

It came back negative! I don't trust doctors. I don't think they are knowledgeable at all about this. I'm so thankful for forums like this.

(The Netherlands)


Wat een verhaal, Mijn ayurvedische kunsten. Heeft me verteld. Na 15 jaar LS-problemen, witte westerse kunstmedicatie en gels DR. medication and gels Nu suiker, Geen industrieel voedsel It goes better, but dificult to follow this diet.


What a story. My ayurvedic arts. Told me. After 15 years of LS problems, western art meds and gels DR. medication and gels Now sugar, No industrial food. It goes better, but dificult to follow this diet.


Hi Jen,

hoping you still have access to this thread. I wondered about your progress, if it was healed ect. also you mentioned the white patches are all gone. did you mean they re- pigmented. Tanks Cat

Dietary Changes
Posted by Theresa (Kentucky) on 06/21/2018

Lichen Sclerosus is a terrible disease but it is manageable. I have zero pain or itching anymore. I would get rid of all processed foods and soft drinks. Take probiotics and drink kombucha tea. I have learned in my case that nightshade vegetables set me on fire. Take a natural hormone. Another thing get some DR Bonners organic peppermint soap. Only use that. I use the liquid. Also dr Bonners peppermint lotion is the biggest relief ever during an eruption. Take colloidal silver too.

Replied by For ever better

Can you please share with us how you take the colloidal silver and which type?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Emily (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/08/2014

All of my Lichen Sclerosus symptoms disappeared within about a week of starting the raw food diet + supplement. I had horrible LS symptoms for 2.5 years and was 12 doctors before being diagnosed. I also have contact dermatitis (skin allergies) and was prone to yeast infections, both of which made it even more inflamed. Anyway, after trying tons of home remedies and not wanting to be on steroids long term I decided to focus on my immune system.

So, I started taking Culturelle and eating a 90% raw food diet (MOSTLY vegetables and SOME fruits). I like to blend them up so the sweetness of the fruit makes it more enjoyable to eat a lot of greens. I recommend watching documentaries like "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" and "Food Matters" to kick start your new diet. Supplements I take are liquid B Complex, Zinc, Fish Oil, and a did a 2 week Essiac tonic detox which is easy and inexpensive. YOUR BODY IS ABLE TO CURE ANY DISEASE OR ILLNESS IF YOU PROVIDE IT WITH THE RIGHT FOODS. You should avoid sugar and minimize animal products (milk, eggs, meat). Less than 6% of Doctors get any nutritional education in school so don't listen to them if they tell you you don't need to make dietary changes like they told me.

Replied by Pan

Hi Emily, Do you mean you are cured? Is it really gone, or 'just' the symptoms? I can prevend the itching by using oil on the white area, but the pain stays. I do not eat/drink: gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, black coffee, black tea. I meditate and sport a lot. My main whish is to get back the soft skin around my clitoris. It is hidden now...and I would love to dare being intimate again, without pain and with more joy!

Replied by Priscilla
(San Mateo, Ca)

Emily, Do you mean you have cured your Lichen Sclerosis by eating a raw food diet? How many weeks of eating the raw vegetables, including the greens, and berries as fruit did it take?

Are you still cured? Do you no longer have 'itch" or 'white patches" in the pubic area?

I bought a book called " LICHEN SCLEROSIS -HEALING THE DISEASE" by Ginny Chandoha...Helping the Body Heal Naturally" ISBN9781836711345, , , how she cured her lichen sclerosis..

Among other things, she used organic, unrefined, coconut oil on her itch and stopped the itch at that moment...etc She eats organically.. Also heard that Dermatologist Doctor prescribed steroid cream DESONOIDE CREAM 0,05% that took itch be used sparingly.

Has anyone read this book or tried this cream? And cured themselves? I just got this book this week. Great ideas in it that helped me a lot.

Priscilla-on March 4,2016

Replied by Ingrid

So strange, what a disease, a hope giving post and then silence. Disapppointing

Replied by Melissa

If you happen to see this, could you post how you did the essiac tonic detox? I drank essiac every day for a year and it made no difference but I didn't change my diet.

Dietary Changes, Essential Oils

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Posted by Cindy (Newberry Fl) on 03/13/2016

I started with Lichen Sclerosis at 56 years old in 2014 with a spot on my breast and white patches starting on the underneath side. This diagnose came shortly after I fell and ended up with a par fracture and bulging disks in my back. I used whatever cream they had giving me along with eating 80/20 alkaline. I completely healed that area and it hasn't come back to this day and it's 2016.

Over the holidays I splurged eating too much of the good stuff and started with it in the vulva area. At first I thought I just scratched myself while wiping. I started getting worse in the next three weeks. Sleepless nights and the scratching and rubbing was getting out of control. I finally called the gyno. I couldn't get in until Monday so that meant go the whole weekend. I faithfully took me essential oils and immediately got off everything that had sugar in it. I was in and out of the tub with a few inches of water and baking soda at least 25 times or more to get relief.

I had called the doctor on call that Saturday morning she told me to use desitin. It helped a little along with the bath. I also took some Benedryl. I finally got a mirror out and looked down there. I knew right away the Lichen Sclerosis had got me. Saw the gyno next day. She wrote the script for a steroid. When I went to pick it up they wanted 250.00 I just about started crying. I have been out of work for almost two years from that fall.

Little did I know at the time this was in my favor. When I looked up the Lichen Sclerosis I read terrible things about what the steroid cream does to you. There was no way I would use that down there. That stuff shouldn't be allowed. What the doctors should do is hook up with a homeopathic doctor and get educated. I couldn't get it so I went home looked up lichen sclerosis vs alkaline and lichen sclerosis vs essential oils. I get them from a reputable company. Find yourself a health coach that knows how to use them.

I stopped all the sugar, flours, fruits and vegetables high in sugar. (No carrot-sweet potato-potato-rice etc.). When I cheat (like have a few organic gmo free chips) I know it because my lichen sclerosis acts up again. I also used a product called emu oil-then switch to emuaid. They helped a lot. I'm running out of emuaid so someone told me her oncologist told her to tell me to use bag balm.

I am using that now. I also got a squirt bottle and rinse every time I pee with water high in PH/alkaline water. Tap water makes it sting. I no longer have any splitting and cracking and my color is back. I barely have any scarring left. You must take care of leaky gut to get this to clear.

Oh by the way I've already been able to have sex again. I am on the road to recovery and feeling better than I have in many years and I've lost some weight and inches too. I also found stress can also add to this problem. From my experience so far I'm finding for me that changing my eating habits is the way to heal and get past this lichen sclerosis.

Replied by Pam

I was using bag balm when I didn't really know what I had, saw a blister...anyway, went to gyno and was diagnosed with LS. I also have IBS so that is a constant issue...Dr told me bag balm though wasn't really effective and may have made it worse. I had a complete hysterectomy last year. I do take estrogen because I was severely depressed. I do believe what you eat is a big factor. Before this diagnosis I lost 23 on WeightWatchers. The dr also said that a low estrogen level and rapid weight loss has also been noted as a cause of LS.

Besides all this, I already have had skin cancer, recently they found a freckle in my eye, this year it is raised so I see a retina specialist to rule out ocular cancer..and my Mother had anal-rectal cancer and a colostomy bag..she was in remission for 7 years but passed away in 2014 of liver cancer. My grandmother had Uterine cancer.

I'm no dr but I'm trying to figure out what things are linked together. I have nerve issues as well and my IBS has been going on since I returned from Desert Storm 27 years ago, we believe we were exposed to chemical agents. Now this LS thing is worrying me that I may get cancer in that area...


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Posted by mauisuzi (Sequim, WA) on 01/03/2023

Lichen Sclerosus History

2000 - 23 yrs ago, first symptoms were itching across lower belly and groin. No diagnosis, was prescribed steroid gel which controlled itching. Symptoms went away after 3-4 years.

Life was very stressful. I had given up my home, furnishings and everything that didn't fit into 10 boxes, to live with my sister on Maui. After 6 weeks, we fought and she dumped me and I was challenged with finding a home and work and knowing only one person.

2005 - New symptoms begin, vaginal itching and burning just like a yeast infection. NP gave me an antibiotic cream and a steroid gel. No diagnosis. The gel controlled the mild itching.

Life Stress Bad as I was in a very toxic relationship that lasted 7 yrs.

2012 - Symptoms escalate. Doc diagnoses as LS and gives me instructions to use a steroid cream, heavily, briefly mentions skin thinning as side affect and warns against any straining during bowel movements.

2020 - I find Earth Clinic and begin experimenting with natural remedies and diet as I am determined not to continue using the poisonous steroid cream (which works well to control my symptoms). Symptoms are the worst ever and disturb my sleep. COVID stress times.

Natural Remedies I've tried:

  • ACV - no help
  • Aloe Vera Gel 99% - soothing, best symptom control, but far from perfect.
  • Baking Soda and Borax - no help.
  • Comfrey calendula healing salve (DIY) - soothing, minimal symptom control.
  • Castor Oil - soothing and better symptom control
  • Tallow Balm (DIY) - soothing, minimal symptom control.
  • Diet - no sugar, less wheat, minimal dairy. My efforts were hit and miss, no affect on symptoms.


Day 1, this almost eliminates symptoms after 4 applications and sleep was good at last.


Put 1/2 tsp aloe Vera in palm of CLEAN hand with 3 or 4 drops of DMSO. Mix with fingers and feel it warming, then apply liberally on CLEAN affected area working it in gently. Let the area dry thoroughly before coming in contact with anything. About 10 - 15 minutes. DMSO is transdermal and will carry anything it touches into your body; toxins from soap or laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dryer sheet toxins, etc. If you are confident you have a toxic free home and laundry, you could put on clean panties after a few minutes and get dressed.

I will continue mixing the DMSO with aloe Vera but eventually, I will mix it with tallow because of tallow's healing qualities for our skin. I render my own tallow from 100% grass fed beef. Tallow balms are sold on Etsy.

References: › collections › dmso

Replied by mauisuzi

Update on DMSO treatment above post:

DMSO was initially effective mixed with aloe vera but it didn't have lasting symptom management.

Next I mixed it with my DIY Tallow Balm and so far this compound is having better results. The DMSO is 99%. The Tallow Balm contains Castor Oil, Tallow and Comfrey Infused Avocado Oil. It's available on Etsy if you don't want to make your own.

(United Kingdom)

Thank you for this update. It's helpful to know of the concentration you are using given there are so many concentrations of DMSO available. That there is a combination with comfrey and castor oil is interesting, too. I don't know about Tallow Balm so will look. I am about to use DMSO to work with herniated discs and adhesions in my neck and wonder if comfrey would be additionally helpful given its effects on bone, flesh and cartilage healing.

Eliminating Artificial Sweeteners

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Posted by Lori7nty7 (Nashville, Tn/usa) on 01/21/2011

For Lichen Sclerosus, eliminate diet drinks, Soda and Crystal Light sweetened with aspartame from your diet. Aspartame is made out of wood alcohol, a toxin. When Aspartame 1st came out many years ago, I had the same symptoms, they now call Lichen Sclerosis. My doctor worked with me eliminating foods and drinks I was ingesting. We found my symptoms would elevate after aspartame drinks. After eliminating aspartame from my diet, I felt relief within a few weeks. Although it took a year to clear up all symptoms. I have been free of all symptoms for many years now. I read all labels, I do not eat or drink anything with aspartame.

Replied by Rita
(United States)

I have noticed a lot of comments about artificial sweeteners being suspect. Not true in my case. I am 45 years old and have always avoided artificial sweeteners due to the controversies. I have found that less sugar, in general, has helped with mine. When I was first diagnosed, I was given Clobetasol. At the time, my vulva had scarring but nothing like it does now. I won't be graphic but I do believe the steroid cream/ointment is what has caused even more narrowing/scarring at my vaginal opening and various other important areas. I also, strongly believe, I have an undiagnosed thyroid issue.

Replied by Lynn

Rita...for scarring: have you ever been offered estrogen cream (estradiol--prescription only in the U.S.) to apply to the scars? I have been reading that many people have seen their scars "break up" with the use of the cream. It doesn't matter what your age..even young children have shown improvement with it's use. It's not enough hormone to be absorbed by the body or change your own hormones. It's just a small amount rubbed into the scarred area. Do a search for Lichen Schlerosus and Estrogen Cream.

Replied by Elizabeth
(New Zealand)

I don't know what the relationship is but I have flare ups if I drink sweet soda whether artificially sweetened or not, organic or the usual. I haven't noticed any other strong correlations.

Eliminating Dairy

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Posted by Kerry (Wenatchee, WA) on 07/23/2009

I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis 4 years ago in genital area and my eye lids. What I found that helps the most is to eliminate dairy from my diet. For a year or more, I had to eliminate all mammal products too. So no dairy, pig, cow, lamb, etc. So first, figure out if you have a food sensitivity. Second, DON'T eat foods that bother you. Gas, diarrhea, bloating, constipation. These are all signs that your body can't tolerate what ever you ate. Symptoms can be fairly immediate to 24 hours later.

Third, take a high quality fish oil. For me, 4,ooo mg seem to do the trick. I don't have any vaginal itching and my eyelids don't stick to my eyeballs at night as long as I unless I indulge in cheesecake on my birthday or forget to take the fish oil.

As a side note, as of two years ago, I have adrenal fatigue too. These measures help with that too.

Replied by Jackie
(Houston, Tx)

Hi Kerry,

I noticed that you mentioned you had this Lichen Sclerosis on your eyelids. Can you describe what the symptoms are on the eye? I believe I have LS in the nether regions but noticed that my eyes have been very dry and itchy. I thought that maybe there is a connection.

Thank you,
Jackie : )

Replied by Paula
(Garrison, Ky)

I have noticed the same thing, all meat, dairy and even sugar acts up my LS horribly. Ive basically went Vegan since the perscribed cream did nothing for me and my dr ran out of options and I was told to "learn to deal with it". I went on an all juice diet thinking it might be linked to my thyroid or something else so I juiced daily, then I noticed I felt great during the 7 days of all juice, when I added in food back in its when I noticed the symptoms back with in minutes of eating certain food. The only time my LS goes away is when Im sick then I have No LS at all until my cold/flu goes away then it comes back with a vengance!!!

Replied by Frannie
(Wilsonville, Or)

Kerry from Winatchee....... I also suffer from both ailments - adrenal fatigue and lichen schlerosis. I had the lichen schlerosis under control with steroids, but now it's back worse than ever a few years later. I'm looking for a better solution. Natural if possible.

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, New York)

Some herbs to address adrenal fatigue are, Ashwaganda, and Rhodiola.... I would add to that a good mushroom formula with Reishi... Or AHCC if you can afford it. Also the B12, B6 and Folic acid to low homocysteine.. You will notice a difference with the above... But most importantly, exercise, (yoga) and meditation (walking, breathing)

Replied by Elizabeth
(New Zealand)

Wow, I hadn't put the two together. My eyes are dry and red when I have the flare ups. Never realized that before this post. Thank you.

Eliminating Wheat

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Posted by Suzzie (Portland, Oregon) on 03/21/2013

Eating Wheat was what was causing my Lichen Sclerosus symptoms. The symptoms I had was shrinking labia minor, horrible drive me crazy itching of my clitoris and the area to the entrance to my vagina was not supple at all and was painfully tight. When I quit eating wheat, the itching completely stopped after about a week. (It may take longer for someone else to experience total relief, as the effects of wheat can stay in the body for 6 months) After a month off Wheat, the tissue in my labia minor has started to plump up again and the entrance to my vagina is now supple and stretches like it should. No more pain!!! Halleluiah!

I encourage everyone to read the book "Wheat Belly" by William Davis MD. Modern Wheat has an inflammatory effect on the body, whether you feel the symptoms or not. There is a myriad of diseases that disappear when wheat is eliminated from the diet. Modern Wheat has more in it than just the gluten that causes allergies and doctors do not test for these. Even whole wheat bread (thought to be healthier than white bread) will raise your blood sugar higher than eating a candy bar! There is an episode of Dr. Oz where they showed this is true. This is true even if the bread is made from organic wheat.

To add to the inflammatory effect on the body of Wheat, here in the United States, 90% of the wheat (including corn, soy and canola) produced is "RoundUp Ready". (Only a few years ago that number was 60%) It has roundup poison molecule inserted into the grain so the fields can be sprayed to kill only the weeds. Then the whole field is sprayed with RoundUp, which is absorbed into the crop adding more poison which is later ingested by animals and people. In the US they do not have to label any food that is GM. Every time it goes to vote the industry uses scare tactics about the cost of food going up as a result of new labeling laws. This is simply not true. Many grocery prices have doubled in the past 5 years regardless. You can't put a price on our health, because the alternative is costly for sure! * * * I believe we are already seeing the health consequences from these genetically modified foods, but we can't yet prove it is due to them. I think we are going to see more illnesses that used to be rare, and see new unexplained illnesses due to GM RoundUp ready foods.

Replied by Effingham

Well, it is 2013... Just wanted to let everyone know, I have managed this disease very well with the "Curezone". After careful research and self experiments... I must agree with Suzzie from Oregon. I have read Wheat Belly, but realized this before the release of the book. Found out that eating GMO chips (corn) would send my LS through the roof. I also noticed other products - milk, breads.. They all have in common the GMO.. Round up toxified stuff. I made an honest effort to stop all these and my symptoms clear up. I rarely use the curezone, unless I eat these poisonous foods. Check out all the research on "hyperimmune" and "autoimmune" also "genetic transfer" of the altered DNA in GMO's.. Which could cause permanent changes in our DNA in turn which constantly triggers above responses. Stop the insanity of this food. Why is it that other countries outlaw it but not the USA. This has to be the culprit like the "immune" issues the Bee's are presenting with... Food for thought. Peace.

Replied by Cindy

Did you just go wheat free and sugar free, or grain free? Due to my jst flashes, insomnia, my nutrtionist said I should give up all grains which I did for almost two months and things were getting better but not quite perfect, I think nightshades and dairy are culprits... It was just so expensive eating organic, buying all my vitamins, etc that I. Ould to keep it up. I ended up going on bioidentical hormones which mostly work. I believe I have had LS for over ten years and just now my Dr did a biopsy for it. I'm using cortisone but it's only been two weeks and things are a bit better but far from perfect. I have raw areas around my opening that aren't healing much, I have not been able to have intercourse for six months. Wondering what to do. I will try wheat free and sugar free and go from there I guess.

Replied by Elizabeth
(New Zealand)

Fairly irrelevant but no, 90% of the wheat is not roundup ready. It is desiccated before harvest with round up but GMO wheat, though it exists is not approved for planting. What is out there is an accidental escape from test plots. I highly recommend avoiding any contact with RoundUp if you have any autoimmune issues at all, ever, under any circumstances. But, if Monsanto asks, I didn't say that.

Emu Oil

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Posted by Relief At Last (Toronto, On) on 02/11/2012

Hello, I have had LS for about 5 months now. It went from a patch of white skin to scaling skin in very quick order. As I did not want to use steroid creams I researched the internet for alternate solutions. I have added a probiotic to my diet, drink more water, and generally try to keep all sugars and processed foods out of my diet. After trying a few alternate solutions that only temporarily stopped itching, I ordered some Pure Emu oil and although I have only been using for a week I am pleasantly surprised. No itching, the skin seems to be returning right back to normal-texturewise. I will have to wait to see if the white patch returns to its natural colour.

I plan to check in here in a few weeks to update on my condition.

Good Luck to all. This is a horrid thing to live with.

Replied by Peter
(Auckland, Newzealand)

Ostrich oil seems to work as well, it could be that the oil from other birds may work as well.

Emu Oil
Posted by Carolyn (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 11/26/2011

When diagnosed with LS I was prescribed a steroid cream. The cream instructed to discontinue use after 2 weeks which concerned me so I went looking for another solution. The Doctor said it is one of those conditions that the medical field simply doesn't have an answer for... No one knows how you get it or how to cure it and I have found the same on the internet. The Purple emu oil is great. It is an anti-inflamatory and highly moisturizing which deals with 2 of the symptoms. It really keeps the LS symptoms to a minimum. I will also use it on blemishes, dry skin, and I rub some on my nails before bed time which keeps moisturized and nice.

Emu Oil
Posted by Misha (Binghamton, New York, USA) on 01/26/2009

For LS, I have been trying purple emu oil with good results. As they say this condition is related to autoimmunity problems, I have also been taken probiotics, which they say are good for calming an overactive immune system. I will keep the earth clinic community posted on my progress.

Emu Oil, Red Clover

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Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 01/02/2016 88 posts

I began having 'cranky crotch' about 4 years ago. I went to about 6 doctors to find out what 'the dry patch' was outside my vag was as well as 'the hot spot' back near by butt was. I also had splitting skin near the bends of my legs, as well as something that looked like diaper rash. All of these issues were not concurrent but pretty much ongoing and varied. I see from reading about LS that break outs can be very different from one person to another. I also feel my vagina is smaller in the sense that some positions cause discomfort. I am 60 and highly sexual so LS is a bit of a problem to say the least. I finally got sent to a 7th doctor (gyno specialist) and had biopsies done. LS!

I find that something will work for a week or two and then my body does not use it as well as it had earlier. That might be just 'me' specific, I am not sure.

But so far I have found using Emu oil is the best oil thus far. I got mine at Vitamin Shoppe for about $20 for 4 oz. I do put coconut oil in me internally, esp as lube.

Itching is an issue esp on my mound area. Today I tried Oblas oil gently dabbed on and wiped off took care of that... TODAY.

I have also used some organic non hexene Castor oil topically and that has helped too, but so far the Emu seems to seep into my skin the best of all.

I take Red Clover pills- 3 in the am and 3 in the pm. That has seemed to help the area calm down A LOT. I have also ordered Red Clover ointment. Pricey at about $22 for a few ounces. I haven't received it yet, but I am thinking if the Red Clover is helpful internally it will be soothing externally too.

Here is a good yahoo blog to check out. A lot of the folks use traditional doctor stuff but there are also a lot of alternative applications.

It is a good community with much helpful information.

I hope this helps a few folks out. Best wishes!!


Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

The Red Clover ointment (@$25) did not work for me-- maybe it will be ok for me to use in the future. Red Clover 6 pills a day works the best so far. I also dab on very very diluted (1 drop to 8 oz of water) Methylene Blue that was mentioned in Ted's Q&A (but mostly for Lichen Planus I believe)- nonetheless... I haven't had a flare in about a month or so.

Epsom Salt Baths, Vitamin E

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Posted by Anastasia (Or) on 02/11/2018

My LS is superimposed on atrophic vaginitis brought on by menopause. I relate to the intense nerve jangling initiated by any washing/drying of the vulvar area, which has shriveled and appears as if all the blood has drained out.

As a remedy, I have been taking daily, 20-minute sits baths with 2 handfuls of epsom salts. Very soothing and relaxing. Then, carefully pat dry the external area only, so as not to start the nerve reaction, or tear the thin sensitive vulvar skin, or cause bleeding. Then, I follow with Vitamin E oil to lubricate and aid in healing the labia, vulvar skin.

This leaves the area feeling cool and calm...

Hoping for long-term relief and healing!

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