Joint Pain: Top Natural Remedies

Fresh Grapefruit Juice
Posted by Denise (Redlands, California, United States) on 04/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering greatly from whiplash and joint pain in my arms. I thought it was a result of doing certain excercises. I could not stand the pain and have been in this condition for over a year. My suffering was great! I even wore a neck brace for relief. My husband rubbed me out but the pain would remain. I didn't go to a doctor because I was afraid I might get worse.

3 days ago I was thirsty and my husband had bought grapefruit. I took two grapefruit and cut them in half and used them in my citrus juicer.

I received about 2 glasses of juice from the two grapefruit. I drank them down and in awhile I could feel weird sensation in my intestines! Like a cleansing! I'll admit it felt strange but after it was over I felt really good. And in a few hours I felt the pain had left my neck and arm joints! Hispanics believe that food can get stuck in the intestines! I'm wondering if I had "empachado"? It means food is stuck in the intestines? Anyway I feel great having that awful pain gone. It worked for me anyway. I believe something was stuck in my intestines. The natural grapefruit juice got rid of it!