Joint Pain: Top Natural Remedies

Chia Seeds
Posted by Jennie (Fort Wayne, In) on 03/14/2013

Hydrated chia seeds for joint pain: Taking 3 or 4 tablespoons of hydrated chia seed gel every morning has greatly reduced my joint pain. I buy black or white seeds - either one works equally well, and put 2 tablespoons of the seeds in two cups of filtered water. Stir them up a couple times and then again after several hours. There may be clumps on the bottom, stirring with a fork breaks them up. I keep the seeds and water in a sealed container in the fridge

Chia holds 10 times its weight in water and when hydrated creates a gel. It has almost no taste and can be mixed with just about anything, I put it in my morning juice. Chia has the highest amount of Omega-3 of any plant source!