Joint Pain: Top Natural Remedies

Posted by Mike (Des Moines, IA) on 10/31/2021
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I have been taking Borax 5 days on 2 days off from 10/1/2020 till now for 13 months for joint pain. My condition has been improved, but no cure and still have a lot of pain. Should I continue with borax, or stop? I like to ask your opinion and advise, specially Art Sobrig.



Posted by Cpn (Somewhere Usa) on 08/19/2020
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Hello Team Earthclinic,

I have had pain in my left big toe for many years now. I have looked at the most common causes and honestly can not figure out what it might be. It hurts in the top knuckle of the toe and then down to the tip. Think about if you balled up your hand to make a fist the knuckle down to the tip.

It always felt like it needed to pop but no matter how hard it was pulled on it just would not pop. I have been taking a good bit of Borax in my morning coffee and a few weeks ago I was able to get that knuckle to pop. It hurt so bad and actually left a small bruise above the knuckle. Some days it hurts really bad and some days I hardly notice it.

It has begin recently to pop on its on and does not hurt as bad as it did the first time it popped. It mostly pops once after I wake and I stretch.

Just wondering if maybe the Borax is finally loose in up what ever is wrong with it. I have an x-ray scheduled but am avoiding hospitals at this time. I also take Black Strap Molasses on that cup of coffee and some coconut oil.

If it's gout or arthritis it sure has taken the Borax a long time to work. I am thinking it is an old injury such as turf toe or broken toe or the Hallux Rigidus. It does stay swollen in that knuckle and the bone falls slightly protruded up.

But the popping that it is doing now seems like it might work it's way back to normal.