Jock Itch Remedies

| Modified on Jul 29, 2021

Posted by Joel R. (Philadelphia, Pa) on 01/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I've tried nearly every cure for jock itch so far (except rubbing alcohol). MMS just made it terribly worse. Coconut oil was doing nothing. Vinegar worked for some hours but burned like hell. Lemongrass oil worked longer but burned even worse.

Then I tried topical Borax. Not only is it extremely effective, but it doesn't burn at all! Why on earth are pharmacies selling all these lame antifungal creams that barely do anything, when Borax is the real solution? What is wrong with the way knowledge is spread in this world?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Thewind777 (Mesa, Az) on 02/02/2015

Well, there are so many crackpots in the world. Sad enough, the biggest crackpots are conventional doctors.

Years ago doctors seemed to be following a scientific regimen. They weren't, but at least they seemed they were.

Over time, chemical companies took over - putting profit as the main driving force. We allowed 'side effects' to be part of the process. The 'side effects' got worse, and worse.

The concept of doctors, now-a-days, is give some horrible drug that has 16 known side effects (usually including psychotic behavior, thoughts of suicide or death) and don't think that's an insane thing to do?

Scientific studies show that when you combine drugs, side effects multiply, not add. So, take two drugs that have 16 side effects, each, you get 256 side effects.

Most old people now take 10 drugs, and they're oftentimes forced to take the drugs (because it makes it easier for the orderlies to 'handle' them). "Did we force-feed you your evil chemicals today?" is the question they SHOULD ask the person.

The thing they don't tell you is, oftentimes half of those also encourage Candida growth. Steroids, the Pill, others. And, 'Wide Spectrum' antibiotics basically means 'So strong it is next to getting chemotherapy as far as how it kills your intestinal flora'.

Couple that up with the fact that doctors tend to be SOOOOOO arrogant. Can't imagine why; because they are SOOOOOO wrong most of the time.

Sad that most things in the world can be handled by using simple things. Skin rashes, ringworm, athlete's feet, yeast, even bacteria growth... all should be handled with such things as bleach (look up 'Dakin's Solution'), Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother, 5% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Sore throats? Salt water gargle.

Pneumonia or bad phlegm? Water, lots of water and mustard plasters (learn how to do them. Better than anything.)

You recommended colloidal silver. It has to be remembered that silver is a heavy metal. Heavy metals kill bacteria and keep killing bacteria (the reason it 'works'. However, colloidal silver tends to stay in the body (look up 'silver people'). And once there? Very hard to remove it. Much better to use other things besides an antibacterial heavy metal to kill things (both inside and out).

Garlic, just chew on the clove. Eat one-per-day.

Gerd: 2 Tablespoons ACV with Mother (NEVER USE FILTERED clear Vinegar. Should be brown and cloudy. Shake before use) to 1/4 teaspoon baking soda to 1 second of squirting honey.

Turpentine, just a little of it in your lungs, causes what is called 'Chemical Pneumonia' (which it is very hard to get over). One should never gulp turpentine because of this.

I always say, if it is food - that is what you should take.

Exceptions to that? Hydrogen Peroxide (don't drink it, as some suggest, as it is the mother of all free radicals. That is it's purpose, you might say. Glutathione Peroxidase is going to have a heyday and run out of power trying to remove it from your body). But, on the outside? Good stuff, because all it is is pure oxygen. Oxygen is a deadly poison (even to us, that is why the body shuts down oxygen the more we gasp it in.) The thing it kills best, of course, is anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that needs no oxygen to survive). If it smells like a sewer, it is anaerobic bacteria. Gangrene is an anaerobic bacteria.

Moral of the story... conventional doctors are getting worse, and worse. Never take their chemical poisons unless you absolutely have to. And realize that they're almost always wrong.

I am 62 years old and last weekend I hiked ABOVE Massacre Falls in the Superstition Mountains. I've been cross-country by bicycle twice, have both a kayak on top of my SUV and a bike rack on the back. One should NEVER stop moving. I hike 5 miles a day. Yesterday I hiked up to some huge rocks on the East side of the Superstitions.

Use food to heal yourself. Use simple things to kill bacteria such as garlic, oregano oil, tea tree oil, kaolic deodorized aged garlic, salt water, bleach, 91% alcohol, iodine... the things people have used for years.

I've been to a doctor's about 3 times in my life.

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Alex (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/08/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had Jock Itch for years. It was horrible. I had tried many of the over the counter jock itch treatments, but they did not work. At times, I wondered whether they actually made the problem worse. Because topical treatments failed to work, my doctor recommended an oral medication, but I was a bit reluctant to take it (having read about potential side effects). I had decided that I would try some of the remedies on this website before taking an oral medication.

At first, I tried Oil of Oreganol. I applied it to the area. It was very painful! For about an hour after applying it, I was in quite a large amount of pain. It was manageable, but definitely quite painful. Nonetheless, it did seem to work. The Jock Itch was subsiding. After using Oil of Oreganol for about a month, the Jock Itch had cleared up by roughly 67%. However, it was not fully gone and I wasn't sure whether the Oil of Oreganol would completely get rid of it.

I noticed that rubbing alcohol had the highest number of successful posts on this website. I also read Gene Keyes story, described above. Therefore, I decided to give it a try. I felt a brief, sharp pain when I applied the rubbing alcohol, but the pain subsided in less than a minute. It was much better than being in pain for an hour with Oil of Oreganol. Furthermore, the rubbing alcohol cleared up the Jock Itch. Within just a few days, the Jock Itch completely cleared up.

It has been gone for two months now.

As described in Gene Keyes' post, daily application of rubbing alcohol (after I shower) does seem to be necessary to keep the Jock Itch away. I run a lot and the Jock Itch seems to come back (a little bit) if I have been sweating during a run or if it is a particularly hot day. But after showering and applying the rubbing alcohol, the Jock Itch quickly retreats again. Thus, rubbing alcohol does seem to be a foolproof preventer of Jock Itch, but not a complete cure, as described in Gene Keyes article (linked above).

But I do not care! Having struggled with Jock Itch for years, I have finally gotten rid of it. It was an embarassing, discomforting situation. It caused me a lot of emotional frustration, as I am sure anyone who has suffered from this condition can understand. But daily application of rubbing alcohol keeps the Jock Itch away. I feel so happy to finally be rid of this skin condition. And even if it does require daily application of rubbing alcohol to keep it away, I couldn't care less. I am so happy that rubbing alcohol works.

To those of you who are out there struggling with this condition, I encourage you to try rubbing alcohol to see whether it works. I am still amazed that rubbing alcohol -- an item sold in the pharmacy just a few feet from the conventional Jock Itch / Athlete's Foot ointments that have failed so many people -- is effective at getting rid of Jock Itch. Equally surprising is that few people are even aware that Rubbing Alcohol can be effective at eliminating Jock Itch (i. E. , there's no mention of rubbing alcohol as a treatment for Jock Itch on the Mayo Clinic website.)

In any case, rubbing alcohol worked for me. I am thrilled to finally be rid of this embarrassing skin condition! I hope that my story helps others deal with this condition.

Baking Soda
Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, Fl) on 07/04/2018 45 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Baking soda for jock itch and all fungal infections:

I have had jock itch on various occasions and have been able to easily and quickly resolve the fungal infection with sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda. I either pour a mixture of water and baking soda on the affected area or paste some powder directly on the area. In order to prevent a recurrence I eat yoghurt or supplement with probiotics. I also would drink some baking soda and/or acv.

Baking soda is a very powerful antifungal and can take care of all fungus including athletes foot and yeast infections. It is also used to fight fungus associated with cancer. Dr. Simoncini from Italy cured many cancers with just sodium bicarbonate.

Since many people suffer from fungal infection after being treated with antibiotics, it is important to regrow the beneficial bacteria in your gut with probiotics.

Benzoyl Peroxide Cream
Posted by Ed (Houston, Tx) on 06/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Jock Itch Cure...??

I have used all the over the counter antifungals to no avail. I know H202 was a good astringent for Jock Itch. However, I used Benzoyl Peroxide 10% cream (acne treatment) and within 2 days my severe rash was diminishing quickly. The Itch and smell was just about gone. At 6 days it was evident that this was the best treatment. At $2.60 a tube (generic brand) I can walk again!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dan-o (Santa Rosa, Ca) on 01/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

After 12 years of ineffectively dealing with athlete's foot fungus, it migrated to my crotch and so I made a full commitment to getting rid of it. It took two more years after trying many cures including ones on this excellent blog and also prescribed Lamisil taken internally.

The high points of my cure are:

- soak in a whirlpool bath that has a regulated anti-fungal solution (chlorine level monitored and maintained) for at least 10 minutes every day until the fungus is killed. If you have had the fungus for as long as I did, it is deeply embedded in your skin so it takes the chlorine a while to be absorbed adequately. You will feel the areas that are infested as they will itch while you are soaking. When the itching stops, the fungus has been killed. Repeat this treatment until the fungus is completely gone. It took around three months for me as it was deeply embedded. Chlorine has the benefit that it can actually kill the fungus and it's spores. Swimming in chlorinated pool suppressed my fungus, but wasn't concentrated enough to kill it off. Most other treatments cause the spores to go into a defensive mode that is very durable and will re-emerge.

- increase the acidity of the infested areas by applying a citric acid solution. Use a strength level of 1 teaspoon per cup of water. This acid is what is used for food products, can be ingested, is very effective and doesn't burn nearly as much as other options. This will keep spores from re-producing between whirlpool treatments. There are spores everywhere in your home if you've been infested for a while.

- wash your socks and underwear in very hot water for an extended cycle. Normal hot water washing didn't kill the spores of the fungus I had.

- toss shoes that are infested. If you have a really nice pair of shoes you'd like to salvage, you can lightly soak your socks and wear them in the infested shoes for a day. If this doesn't work, toss.

- clean your bathroom floors/shower/tub with a bleach solution to kill spores. This won't get them all as some will remain in bedroom carpets, etc. but this will get rid of most of them.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Serj (London) on 07/22/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with this for years tried all sort of creams from doctors, specialists etc none worked I do cycle and walk a lot, whilst on Holiday in Armenia very hot country and sight seeing etc I was extremely uncomfortable went to a local chemist she told me to use apple vinegar, I just tried it first time it was burning for 20 second and the painful irritation just Disappeared like magic have been using it for three days now the dry skin has gone no more stinging as I put on I am so amazed wanted to share this with everyone. Also had dry skin and rash on two of my fingers that has gone too.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Andeng (Philippines) on 09/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had a recurring problem with jock itch in my inguinals for almost 20 years now esp. During my menstrual period. Even with proper hygiene, it didn't stop from bothering every now and then. I went to a dermatologist and I tried over the counter ointments like Quadriderm but it only gave me relief for as long as I apply it. I found out eventually that the STEROIDS present in those types of ointments were causing my skin to be ADDICTED to it as I buy tube after tube (for short relief) but once I stopped using the ointment, the jock itch came back to its original state. I came across this site a few years back since I wanted to try a cure and not a RELIEVER and preferably NATURAL this time. I first tried rubbing alcohol on the area but only experienced a burning sensation causing the area to have a watery discharge so I stopped. I tried applying raw garlic but also felt a burning sensation and eventually suffered a discoloration/patch on the area. I stopped and then tried an anti-dandruff shampoo, the effect was a cooling sensation but nothing really changed. I tried applying Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water 3x daily and felt a relief however, I wasn't fond of the faint sour smell and the fact that I had to dry it out before I wear any underwear, the itch would never cease to irritate me even at night making it difficult for me to sleep. While I was trying out the aforementioned remedies, I also made sure that I cut down on sugary food and drinks since fungus apparently thrive on sugary diet. The soreness would stop for a short while only then I had to reapply the ACV which I find tedious and smelly. I was on the brink of hopelessness.

Finally, as one had suggested on this site, pure Virgin Coconut Oil... I bought an Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO), the one that has no preservatives and had not undergone any procedure, from the nearest organic store in our area. And instead of taking it as instructed, I applied the oil generously on the area 3x daily. It wasn't smelly like ACV and I noticed the oil soothed my skin and that I don't even have to dry it out. The soreness had lessened gradually esp. At night and being happy with the results, I continued dabbing it on the area and incredibly after 3 weeks, it was totally gone! The rough scaly patch of dark skin that was caused by the different remedies I've tried recently had turned smooth. I still continued to apply the EVCO even though the area was completely healed as I believe in the wonders of Coconut on our skin. Miraculously, I've been jock itch free ever since! The dark skin slowly lightened. I believe the healing process could have been faster if I had also taken 1 Tbsp of EVCO at the same time that I was externally applying it on the area. I also believe that even if the EVCO effect wasn't as immediate as the other natural remedies that some have claimed, EVCO certainly was working slowly but SURELY on my skin making sure the root cause of the fungus would be eradicated. It has been 6 months since I started using EVCO and now I am also taking a Tbsp. before meals to boost my immune system. I also use it as my face and body oil for moisturizing. I think it really helps to have patience in healing ourselves, healthy diet and trust that Mother Nature works best in healing us-even before pharmaceutical companies had ever come into existence. I share this great healing experience to those in dire need of hope just as I was before I found this site.

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Terry (Florida) on 08/06/2018

Hey man, I read your post and you said your jock itch isn't completely cured w the alcohol. Here's the thing, fungus stays on your underwear and clothing bleach won't irradicate it completely. I recommend that you let any clothing that has or could be exposed to your jock itch to be sanitized in this manner:

First use boiling hot water then add a cap of lysol laundry disinfectant to the washing machine. Let it soak (after) its run through the wash cycle for 15 minutes. After 15 to 20 minutes turn your machine back on. When the machine goes through the final rinse cycle use the lysol again in the final rinse, like the lysol instructions say. The heat itself may kill the fungus but it seems the added lysol has prevented flare ups from exposure to contaminated underwear and clothing for me.

91% alcohol will then be enough to completely kill off your genital fungus. Thing is we reinfect ourselves with towels, underwear, even paints that have come into contact with your fungus groin. If in doubt poor a little extra 91% on your groin to wear your clothing that's going to come in contact with you soaks up the excess. Again I've found that clothing and towels will reinfect you very easily. Fungus is hard to kill off for this reason.

Posted by Joel (Pa) on 10/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

DMSO diluted 1:3 or so in water cured my terrible jock itch. I tried every remedy on Earthclinic but only DMSO cured it. With just one or two applications it was gone. No burn or pain either. Not sure why nobody else knows about this. I actually put some magnesium chloride in my mixture but pretty sure that was not the reason it worked.

Just soak your area in the dmso water, rub it in real well... leave it on like that at least 5 minutes before rinsing off.

Ammonium Chloride
Posted by Zbaev (Bulgaria) on 09/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Ammonium Chloride for Jock Itch:

Dear readers, since I've got a lot of help on this web site, I'd like to share my success story with getting rid of this nasty and persistent fungus for good. This is actually a cure not just a treatment. I've tryied pretty much everything that's listed here plus many more. I've tried whatever I heard might help with jock itch. Had it for several years and anybody how's been in that situation knows how annoing it is. Hence the reason I am writing this to help others. The only thing that actually cured my jock itch was ammonium chloride. Dissolve one leveled tea spoon of ammonium chloride in about 50ml of water, put in a spray bottle and spray the affected area liberally twice a day. Don't dry it up. Let it dry by itself. Do it until simptoms disappear usually a few days to a week it depends how bad your condition is and continue for a couple of week afterwards. That's it. This will cure your jock itch, not just temporary releaf. And its widely available and it costs 50 cents. Good luck and God bless you all.

EC: For those wishing to learn more about the use of ammonium chloride in medicine:

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jj (Rhode Island) on 03/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I tried rubbing alcohol and it worked -- eliminated jock itch that I had been experiencing for years. However, I still had to apply it regularly, once a day or once every two days, to keep it gone.

That said, for other, unrelated reasons, I switched to a whole foods plant based diet. After making this switch, the jock itch went away completely. It leads me to believe that either (1) something I was eating (eggs, dairy, etc.) was causing it or (2) something I was not eating but now eat on a regular basis (legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts) has prevented the jock itch from returning. I recommend this strongly for anyone who has been struggling with jock itch.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Carlos (Barcelona) on 01/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars


Hello, I'm reporting this just in case it can help anybody. 3 years ago I developed what is called Jock itch or tinea cruris a day after having unprotected sex.

My initial reaction was of panic, I tried to wash it over and over again with hydrogen peroxide and just about everything I had at home. Nothing worked. I went to emergency and without any test they gave me an antibiotic pomade. Months later it came back. I went to another doctor that took a look with a lens saying that it was a fungi infection. He prescribed lamisil pomade and pills.For months.It got rid of the problem but I could feel it was still there, my private area kept smelling with that yeasty cheesy smell that made me feel depressed.

When the summer came it came back very strong. I researched again and I found out that it improved when I stopped using soap.I guess it was killing the good bacteria too. I also found out that yeast likes hot dark moist paces, so I would only wash my skin with warm water, and then cold water right before leaving the shower and dry it carefully first with a towel, later with toilet paper.

The jock itch was under control but I still had that smell I hate.

AGAIN I went to the internet.i was already drinking homemade milk kefir. I saw improvement by applying kefir grains to my jock itch.

I also want to add that up til that moment I didn't know what candida was and that it was related to my jock itch.

For years I've been battling rosacea in my face, and I started to see an improvement when I mixed milk kefir with turmeric and black I started to see the connection between my digestive system, my rosacea, probiotics and the jock itch.

I always have loved sweets. Last year I stopped eating anything with sugar but I kept my fruit smoothies honey and molasses.

After some research I found out about caprylic acid and that coconut oil has tons of it.I also learned about the candida diet, how candida feeds of sugar and alcohol, and learned about natural spices that help with candida like ginger turmeric and cinnamon.

So I decided to stop feeding my candida after Christmas. My symptoms where itchy skin in bed, jock itch, rosacea and sweaty underarms, redness in my eyes..I was tired and lack of energy.

So I ordered coconut oil, but I went for the cheap coconut oil not extra virgin. It was deodorized coconut oil, but not bleached. I have read that refined coconut oil keeps the fatty acids lauric acid caprylic acid benefits cause coconut oil can resist high temperatures.The antioxidant and some antibacterial antimicrobial antioxidant properties are lost, but I'm not rich so I bought that kind. I stopped eating fruits and any glucose, I stopped drinking milk kefir cause of the lactose in milk feeding my candida, so I learned how to do coconut kefir from canned coconut milk, using milk kefir grains.You can look up for tutorials in youtube.

So what was my regimen?

First day I took 3 or 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, I felt very depressed, and nausea for 2 or 3 days. It wasn't that uncomfortable but I suggest you to do it on Friday or holidays. I was having basically one meal a day. I didn't pay attention to that meal, it could have carbs, but I didn't have any carbs on breakfast or dinner. I would wake up and eat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. I would eat spinachs with tuna around 12am or a smoothie of spinach lemon and ginger. I would eat another 2 tablespoons of coconut oil after my daily meal. And I would have a glass of coconut kefir with turmeric cinnamon and black pepper at night and more coconut oil in the evening and right before bed up to 6 or 8 tablespoons a day. I usually don't drink much water so I didn't drink a lot.There was some point when I felt I needed to drink water to detox. By the 4 or 5th day I would have some light diarrea but nothing big to mention.

I did some cheating to my diet, I started Friday and next Wednesday I went to a club drank a gin tonic and ate a slice of pizza. I also drank a shot of liquor some days. I tried to apply the refined coconut oil to the jock itch and it made things worst, for the moist I guess. So I stopped applying it. I kept with my original regimen of washing without soap with warm water, rinsing with cold water and carefully dry it. And my plan of one meal a day(its been years I don't eat bread) so the carbs were potato or rice or none at all. Coconut kefir morning and night and coconut oil tablespoons or teaspoon upon waking up after meal right before bed and whenever a felt like it.

So after ten days, now I take a shower and for the first time in years I don't have that yeasty cheesy smell that made me depressed, my rosacea is more under control and I feel my underarms are not as sweaty even if I don't get a shower daily, and not smell at all. The depression vanished after the first days and led to a feeling of well being that I didn't feel since my young days. It reminded me of a colon cleanse I did last year that gave me that feeling and reduced my rosacea.

If you can afford it go for virgin coconut oil, I'm going to buy it when I finish the refined coconut oil. I just want to share this cause I felt very miserable and I didn't felt comfortable in intimate situations, I felt dirty 24/7.

Remember, avoid diary, avoid fruits or any kind of sugar. eat coconut oil spread around the day, and learn how to do coconut milk kefir, so you introduce healthy bacteria to your gut.

I forgot to mention around day 4 I drank a glass of water with a teaspoon of bentonite clay cause I read it helps get rid of the candida die off.

People advise to start slow with coconut oil and increase your way up as days go by, from 1 tablespoons but I was so angry with these candida that I grabbed the bottle the first day and ate 4 tablespoons to hit hard from the beginning.Then I slowed it down and I took it spread over the day.

Good luck to everybody. God bless coconut oil the Tree of Life

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Flower's Mom (Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm) on 08/09/2018

After washing sheets, towels, underwear, etc. I always hang them outside and let the sun dry them. The sun will kill will kill any remaining fungus and/or germs, that remain after washing. It is wonderful how Mother Nature has provided us with this resource. Best of healing and health to you. Flower's Mom

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ning (Springfield, Missouri) on 01/01/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My husband had jock itch not very long ago and it looked real bad, it was very red and burning he said, he tried all the cream for jock itch, but anyway, I research here on earthclinic and I read Apple Cider Vinegar so I told my husband to give it a try, so after he shower he used about one half cup Apple Cider Vinegar and alum power ( 3x a day)and u know what after 2 days of treatment before he knew it was completely gone, Apple Cider Vinegar do wonders.. He is jock itch free for 2 days now. thanks again earthclinic...

Swimming in a Chlorinated Pool
Posted by Goodtimecharlie (Miami, Fl) on 08/06/2009

Could you kindly let us know where you went for your treatment? So we can stay away from that pool!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by JenCO (Birmingham, UK) on 05/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My husband used 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide (35 per cent food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted 1:10 with filtered water) sprayed onto his groin area, then left to dry, morning and evening. The spray did not sting in any way. The jock itch soon went away, and has never come back. This is an effective and cheap remedy.

Lemongrass Oil
Posted by Joel R. (Philadelphia, Pa) on 03/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Jock Itch:

What worked for me was lemongrass essential oil diluted into a carrier oil (best is squalane but maybe any will work). How dilute to make it depends on how sensitive your skin is, which partly depends on how bad the fungus is. At first, make it pretty dilute, like maybe only 20% lemongrass oil. As your fungus goes away you will be able to increase to 60% or even 70% lemongrass oil.

Apply it 4 times daily or more. If it burns like hell then dilute it more. It should burn just a little bit if your fungus is bad.

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Anonymous (Toronto) on 11/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had jock itch for over 6 years. tried everything. the itching is crazy. tried listerine, tried creams, tried pills. doctors couldnt help.

Finally I came across some information on the web about rubbing alcohol and jock itch

I tried it and it works. It burns like hell the first few times but afterwards you immedialty feel the itching has dissapeared. Do it after you take a shower. dry yourself well with a towel and a blow dryer. then apply some rubbing alcohol. Wait for it to dry. Then put your pants on.

Haven't had any itch in 3 years. Sometimes just as preventive I still use it, it doesnt burn anymore I guess I got used to it.