Jock Itch Remedies

Swimming Pool

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Posted by Cormac (Dublin, Ireland) on 09/25/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've suffered from relapses of jock itch (aka ring worm, athlete's foot - it's the same fungal infection) for many years now. Here are the various remedies I've tried over the years with their results.

Anti-Fungal cream from the pharmacy (Daktarin was one of them). This is dreadful, it only exacerbates the problem. As it's a moisturizer, it causes it to flare up and spread. Fungus needs moisture and darkness to thrive, so this is a joke. Pharmaceutical companies can be like snake oil salesmen. 0 out of 10

Natural remedies like Tea Tree Oil, Crushed Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar. These did nothing for me at all. Although I've given them a couple of marks as they're certainly better than pharmaceutical ointments and creams. 3 out of 10

Cardiospermum Halicacabum. I was skeptical when a pharmacist in Spain gave me this, as it had the dreaded "homeopathic" on the label. It's a non-moisturizing pomade with extracts of the cardiospermum plant. This works! I can't find it in Dublin, but you can get it online. Try it if you can get it. It's odourless, non-toxic and cheap. 8 out of 10

Swimming in a chlorinated pool. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the kryptonite for jock rash. Go for a swim, don't shower afterwards. By the next day you'll see that nasty rash dying before your very eyes. I did this last night (after 3 weeks of horrible rashes on my inner thighs) and it's almost gone now. 10 out of 10

Note - If it's a bit stubborn I will have a bleach bath tomorrow, putting half a cup (125ml) of un-perfumed thin household bleach (less than 5% sodium hypochlorite) in a full warm bath. Don't use any other soaps or shampoos or salts in the bleach bath. There's a handy guide on youtube (for treating kids' eczema) with input from a dematologist - check it out.

Apart from that, and to prevent reinfection, eat lots of garlic, avoid beer (booo!!! ) and carbs during flare ups, change your bedsheets regularly and underwear obviously. Put your socks on before your underwear - socks before jocks!

Don't get yourself down about jock rash, just go for a swim!

Tea Tree and Emu Oils

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Posted by Dizpo (Peace River, Ab, Canada) on 07/09/2014
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Re: Jock Itch

Rubbing alcohol (75% isopropyl alcohol) worked just great, but since moisture is BAD you may as well 99% isopropyl alcohol, if available. I used this with major burning during the first few days. Alcohol messes with your skin pH so I followed up with white vinegar. When dry, I followed this up with a 50/50 mix of emu oil (a natural carrier that actually penetrates the skin) with coconut oil (a natural antifungal agent). I did this treatment twice a day. Symptoms were gone in 8 days. I kept it up 30 days for good measure, though for the last 10-days I substituted tea tree oil for coconut oil - it's a stronger antifungal. Again, 50/50 tea tree and emu oils. No trace of this irritating nightmare remains.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Crosel (Toronto, On) on 11/21/2013
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I used a drop of tea tree oil on my jock itch and I was really impressed. I felt a burn and an immediate change in the condition of the jock itch. As soon as I stopped feeling the burn I reapplied more tea tree oil. As a result, my jock itch is less severe but it's bigger than before. I would give it a YEA, BUT NOT CURED. OR YEA BUT MADE IT WORSE.

Lastly, I would advise anyone using this stuff to use it sparingly and just wait it out. That's what I'm doing now. Hopefully I'll get back to normal!

Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg South Africa)

Hi Crosel, Best remedy for your problem is to apply your own urine & problem solved in 1 day.

Replied by Tiffany
(Sydney, NSW)
1 out of 5 stars

This happened to me exactly, took itch away so I thought it was getting better, but made it much worse.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Mel (Austin, Texas, USA) on 12/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Jock Itch: I have purchased numerous remedies over the years but the tea tree oil is all I found that worked, and incredibly fast. I used it for maybe two weeks, once a day, and the problem was gone. I had previously tried the colloidal silver alone, but with no significant results. This was a maybe 6 months ago and have had no recurrences.

Peace and Liberty, Mel

Replied by Drew
(Atlanta, Ga)
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Be careful about using tea tree oil for jock itch, it actually made my condition worse. Maybe give it a try with a small area after a week or so of no improvement please discontinue use.

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales Uk)

Hi drew x jock strap is a very common ailment which effects males, even baby boys. I do belive its caused by a fungus called lichenus plantus, this is caused by sweating around your scrotum area. Anyway, the best thing you can do without going pharmacutical, give your downstairs department is

1. Give those panty baseballs as much air as possible x

2. dust them babies with sodium bicarbanate to keep them dry, don't use talc, its just powdered aluminium. Wear only cottton underpants and if you have a shower, use that rather than a bath hope this helps you andrea c X X X X

Replied by Thenewguyintown
(Westwood, New Jersey, Usa)

After many years of suffering on and off with jock itch AND athletes foot, I have found a good technique for minimizing the occurrences. Its quite simple and also helps with "butt zits" too. The trick to minimizing all of the above is to completely dry the problem areas prior to the use of clothing. Therefore, when you are finished bathing or showering, take few minutes and use a blow dryer to help ensure ALL the moisture is gone. Since employing this technique I have cut my occurrences down by 98%! As the saying goes ~ Sometimes its the simple things that work the best.

Replied by Tom
(Toronto, Ontario)

I agree Newguy... I will add that switching to lose fitting boxer shorts instead of the tighter fitting underwear has made a difference for me as well.

Replied by Jen
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Seems to be working when combine with some OTC meds, pour the tea tree oil on the affected skin few times a day and felt it really burns. Oh the pain.

Tried Miconazole creams generic Antifungal tablets for over a week not working. Even tried briefly Tolnaftate creams.

What seems to be working is Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Garlic Pills, Selsun Blue Shampoo, Lamisil, Sporanox. The combo isn't cheap but after 3 days of this the affected skins are peeling off. Anybody can tell me how long it takes to get my light skin color back on those areas? Now those areas are dark pink colored?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Jen... I had extensive dark red welts from front to back when I had jock itch some years ago. What got rid of it for me was simple Milk of Magnesia. I would have my last shower of the evening before bed, then topically spread the MoM completely around the jock itch area and let it dry to a whitish powder and go to bed. When applied, the MoM feels cool and soothing and does not cause pain. The next morning, wash off the MoM with another shower, put on some coco butter cream(or whatever you like) and then repeat this treatment again in the evening. Took only two days to clear up my own jock itch problem -- and normal coloured skin again.

MoM is powerful because it has an alkaline pH of 10 which will kill any microbe or fungus. MoM is also hydrophobic -- drives water away and sucks water out of microbes and kills them that way as well. And MoM is so cheap and easy to use.

Replied by Lovelyrita
(Arvada, Co, Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

[YEA] After looking at the Earth Clinic stories with my boyfriend for his jock itch, we decided to try a Selsun Blue wash and Tea Tree Oil. It worked great. He used the Selsun Blue in the shower as a wash, then applied tea tree oil (full strength even though I had recommended he dilute it) to his area, and did not wash it off. He said it felt like menthol on his area, and had a cooling sensation. He did this two days consecutively. It was burning him a little the second day, but the third day his itchy area began drying up and started PEELING because of the tea tree. By the 4th day, the superficial layer of his skin had peeled off and completely rid his skin of his jock itch/fungal infection.

A dilution of 2/3 tea tree and 1/3 vaseline may prevent the burning discomfort, but as far as we are concerned, it was worth it to get rid of his jock itch and had no negative side effects--unlie some of those crazy anti-fungal creams out there. I was not going to let him use one and worsen the situation by becoming resistant. The tea tree oil had the effect of an intense skin peel.

We also thoroghly washed and bleached his jock strap, setting it out in the sun to dry. The jock itch hasn't returned. We did buy a bottle of Gold Bond, only used it once, and didn't seem to have a curative effect but may certainly be good for prevention.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)

Hope this does not come out rude and crude, but it has worked for me for 40 years. When a person sweats some of it passes into the crack of your buttocks and into your crotch. Naturally this liquid is laden with lots of bacteria and such. To avoid this I add a pad of toilet tissue to absorb the sweat. It is there night and day. I no longer have the Jock Itch. One day I forgot to remove the pad before being examined by a doctor. Wow, I was speechless and he laughed.

Cure your problem , try this and maybe it won't come back.

Replied by Yeastman
(Poway, Ca, Usa)
4 out of 5 stars

Applied liberally with a paper towel before sleeping for 2-3 weeks. Almost immediately dried out my moist, itchy red gonads and helped alleviate some of the symptoms of jock itch. However, it did not cure my case of jock itch so I continued to try other remedies.

Also, tea tree oil has an incredibly strong and long lasting odor. It may not be practical to use this during the day.

On the plus side, it has anti-bacterial properties so will help clear up any accompanying bacterial infection. This and its drying ability also makes it great for clearing up acne.

Replied by 1sttimejockitch
(Toronto, Canada)

After reading the suggestion on the sight I decided give the Tea Tree Oil 100% a go. I bought it from a local grocery store. I applied it to the affected area (inside of thighs and scrotem) in its full strenght. This thing burned like nothing I have felt before. I left it on as long as I could take it, approximately 10 mins, then washed it off and applied coconut oil.

The next morning my scrotem looked like it was roasted on an open fire. But by the evening, after numerous applications of coconut oil, the skin started peeling and itching subsided drastically.

Day 2 morning shower I washed off most of the peeling skin with wash cloth. Skin was quite tender but for the rest of the day I was not itching very much.

Day 3 4 I used 3% hydrogen proxide solution in a spray bottle and soaked the area 5 minutes before showering both morning and night. This caused the rest of the peeling skin to come off. I applied coconut oil after each shower liberally.

Day 5 I diluted the Tea Trea Oil with coconut oil in 1 to 4 ratio. I drop of TTO for every 4 drops of CO. This worked best for me as there was only a tingling sensation instead of out right burning.

I'm only 5 days in and this is my first time suffering from this condition. The itching is almost none existant. The rash on my inner thigh has peeled and is barely noticeable but it is still there however. I will continue this regiment until gone completely.

I will update in a week or so, hope this helps!

Replied by Jimmaya
(Sebastopol, California)
1 out of 5 stars


Please be careful when using this on severe jock itch, I just used it full strength and it burned like hell for about the 20 minutes I could bare the pain, before I hastily washed it off. However, I hope the pain is a sign its killing the infection. ;)

Replied by Joseph
(Toledo, Oh)
5 out of 5 stars

I used this remedy successfully to clear my jock itch within 3 days. I saturated a cotton applicator pad with pure tea tree oil and applied it up to 3 times a day in the affected area (I did not dilute the oil). I made sure to rub it in really well. After day one I noticed improvement; after 2 days I was virtually symptom free; on day three I did it just as a precaution to make sure it was all gone. Worked great!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jamie (Cebu, Philippines) on 10/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

It's a miracle i must say. Been suffering from jock itch for years. Tried oral meds, ointment, soap it but nothing had worked.The itching go away for some time then it keeps' coming back.Feeling so hopeless i just accepted the fact that this cannot be cured until i encounter this website.I tried Tea Tree oil and applied on the infected area...with only ONE application..WOW no more itch...I cant believe that theres still hope for jock itch case.More power to this website...i love this website.

Replied by Paranoi17
(Glendale Heights , Il)

so i have a question..... i used tea tree oil to get rid of jock itch but i noticed that it dried out the infected area. is that normal? if so, how long does it took for you get rid of your jock itch? please reply fast this thing is killing me...

Replied by Dr G
(Victor Harbour, Australia)

Try using eucalyptus oil, won't burn, but will dry skin a bit and takes 1-2 days to work and very cheap. It is completely safe to use this product.

Replied by Nolson
(Kasson, Mn)

After treating skin infected for jock itch using tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and/or isopropryl alcohol, then spray the crotch area of your under garments with diluted hydrogen peroxide 35 and soak in vinegar prior to washing them to get rid of the fungus in the clothing.

Replied by Trudyg
(Waynesboro, Va, Usa)

Read my post on Oxine. They put it under tonail fungus, but this stuff says it kills fungi, mold, bacteria, virus--just about everything. You could mix up some of this to run your contaminated clothing thru, that would kill anything on the clothing and not harm the fabric as bleach does. It says its 200 times as powerful as bleach as a disinfectant. is a list of what it kills and the kill rate.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Sally (Washington, USA) on 04/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Well, let's see if I can describe this without being too unladylike. I had some kind of terrible itching "down there" which I think first started out as the result of an abrasion that wasn't healing properly, and then got worse because of a reaction to the ultra cheap toilet paper at work. This was getting worse over the course of several weeks.

I got some relief from colloidal silver applied topically. I did that for a couple of days and it was helping. Then I mixed some colloidal silver and some tea tree oil with some aloe vera gel, and applied that, it was way too strong, but even though it had a warm sensation and I wanted to rinse most of it off right away it gave immediate and lasting relief from the itching. The next day I took some of the too-strong mixture and diluted it in some unscented lotion (Nature's Gate brand, very mild). I have been using that for a couple of days after showering and it is amazing how effective it is. No more itching and everything is healing nicely. Worked great. Hope this helps someone, I sure love this web site, trying to tell others about it too. Thanks!

Replied by Peter
(Sydney, Australia)
4 out of 5 stars

Tea Tree Oil does not cure my jock itch. However it does provide relief from the itch for about 4 hours. It's great if the itch wakes me in the night and it settles down the itch so I can sleep without scratching. How degrading is this? Why haven't the (expletive deleted) health professionals found a cure for such a seeming simple problem? The specialist I went to had no (expletive deleted) idea.


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Posted by Joel (United States) on 04/26/2019
4 out of 5 stars

I've tried all kinds of remedies for Jock itch. Only thing I haven't yet tried is the Benzoyl peroxide. That looks like a good idea. What I have found is that many things work for a while (for this stubborn fungus I got, not the common type I had before)... but then the fungus adapts. Anyway, I discovered that fresh urine instantly takes away the itch and the relief lasts for hours. The more I soak my area in fresh urine, the longer the relief seems to last.

Replied by Joel
(United States)

Update: I tried the Benzoyl peroxide. It did not work.

Vitamins and Turmeric

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Posted by Robert (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 04/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Was having numerous outbreaks of boils last year. It started after neglecting a bout of heat rash which turned in to a jock itch, then the boils started coming. My stress level was high and felt my immune system getting low due to long hours at work and little sleep and poor nutrition. Was looking for info on boils and came across this site and turmeric. Had some turmeric in the spice cabinet and tried some. Could tell it was doing something because of feeling flushed after a few minutes. Liked it so much started to use it in capsule form. Did not get any boils since then. It's been since December. Also joint pain in my finger has greatly diminished. Started taking my vitamins and supplements again and after a couple of months started feeling normal again. Also,two days after starting on my vitamins and turmeric, my jock disappeared never to return so far. And I used about five cans of the Jock Itch Spray during a couple months trying to get rid of it. But still have a little problem with a planter wart on my heel. Due to long hours standing, seemed to turn the heel a little discolored. Looked around for info on heel getting discolored but have not found anything. Been soaking it in a Tea Tree Oil bath with a little improvement. Also been using tea tree oil as a shampoo and been noticing new hair growth on my head after a few days. Good product. Thanks Ted for all the great info you share with everyone. Mahalo from Hawaii

Replied by Gurgi
(Glen Burnie, Maryland)

I have had Jock itch off and on for 20 years. After going swimming with my daughter at the local pool two to three times a week I noticed my issues went away completely. They stayed gone even after we stopped swimming. After four months of not swimming it slowly came back. So I have taken to bathing in the tub with a half cup of bleach water two to three times a week and had an amazingly fast results.

I have used over the counter, vasoline, gold bond many, many times over the years and nothing works as well as bleach in water.

When I was suntanning in tanning beds ten years ago I had decent reductions in jock itch then also.

Replied by Yeastman
(Poway, Ca, Usa)

Took 2 pills of 100mg of Lactobacillus acidophilus pills daily. Did not prevent reoccurrence of jock itch symptoms.

Replied by Itchyguy
(Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Swimming pool gets my vote. Have been fighting jock itch for a couple years now ever since moving to the tropics. Well it is hot season now and 2 weeks ago I jumped in the pool, rarely ever use it like most people that own one. Well lo and behold I sat in the pool for a couple hours and the next day the jock itch was gone. I should mention mine was never really bad, just red and flaky skin, no itching at all.

Replied by Ep
(Reno, Nv, Us)

All of these well intended cures are pretty much the equivalent of urban legends. That said, out of desperation I've still tried them all. Most don't work; perhaps because people and the symptoms can be so different. You may or may not have crotch rot: It could be something different.

Without making you read all of this, I'll get to the point first: I have used a combination of rubbing alcohol 2-3 times a day and Gold Bond Friction Defense. That combination (after trying everything else) worked. Symptoms reduced in 1-2 days. All symptoms gone inside of 3 days. My guess is that the alcohol simply super dries the area and breaks down fungus if present. The Gold Bond removes the friction component which for my money is why some get close but don't quite cure this.

What I learned in the process:

Keep your crotch dry and clean. Change underwear every day and often during symptoms. Change your towel every day. Try to be aware of what is going on as this condition crops up: track your underwear-you may be latex allergic, there may be stitches that rub you wrong or your underwear may simply be too tight; rubbing you continually- You have to de-stress the area .

Know where you are in the continuum of this (i. e. If you are in a full blown infection, you need to see a Dr. If it is just starting, fix it early. If you're near the end, be more gentle with the treatment as you need your skin to recover-you don't want to nuke your skin.)

Make sure to track and treat athletes foot also (alcohol helps this a great deal too, but use anti fungal also). Make sure not to cross contaminate yourself (i. E. If you have athletes foot, don't touch that area and then touch your crotch or vice versa). Dry yourself in one direction-top of head down. Don't go back up after you've touched areas. Wear only cotton underwear that fits you properly.

This stuff is a nightmare when it gets out of control but it is typically not serious and the treament can be simple and effective. Be careful to not go crazy and injure yourself in tyring to get rid of this. Use good sense. Hope this helps.


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Posted by Stingerrray (Fleming Island, FL) on 08/13/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I feel compelled to post my cure for Jock Itch. There were two big oval red patches on the inner sides of each of my thighs. Everything I saw on the web pointed to Fungal Jock Itch. I suffered with it for the last 6 years and finally stumbled upon success a few months ago. I tried most everything here on earth clinic and many other sites as well as OTC medicines to no avail. This cure may not work for you, if it helps just one person this post will be worth it.

First off I had a long standing bout with this about 10 years ago. At that time I tried everything. As bad luck would have it (Or as far as Jock Itch is concerned Good Luck), in 2004 I was hit by a Stingray's Barb. I was admitted to the hospital for just one day and they treated me with high powered antibiotics to fight off possible infection. At the time I was battling a terrible flare up of Jock Itch. A strange thing happened after a couple of days after this antibiotic treatment. The "Jock Itch" dried up and began to flake away, it was gone at last. I enjoyed a few years Jock itch free.

Once again it came back after being with the same partner that I had been with many years earlier (about 10). I went to my doctor and he took one look and said, "Hmm, Jock Itch" and prescribed the normal ointments available OTC. After this did not work I was desperate and begin to search out on the web for answers. I tried everything, I mean everything. I remembered the antibiotics I had been given many years earlier. The antibiotics had an effect. I searched out the term "Bacterial Jock Itch" and the results I saw mirrored regular Fungal Jock Itch. This made a bell go off in my head that this must be what I am suffering from.

As luck would have it one of the first few pages I read suggested a time tested remedy, Whitfield's Ointment. This Ointment is not available from within the USA. I was able to find it in many other countries, however, that would ship to USA. I ordered one small jar, after 2 days I was Jock Itch Free. It has not returned in 4 months. It is labeled as an anti fungal and antibacterial ointment that contains benzoic acid and salicylic acid. It was a multi purpose skin cure from the late 1800's. Given what I know now I would have had a Dermatologist take a skin scraping to determine what was on my skin. I was amazed at how this gave me the relief I had searched for for so many years. Again I hope this helps just one person.


Replied by Brian

Thank you so much about the Whitflield's Oil treatment - I ordered a small amount of this myself just now.

Previously, I did something that cured jock itch for 4 months in one day. First I sprayed apple cider vinegar on the rash. When the vinegar had dried out slightly, I covered the whole area with coconut oil. The result was a burn that lasted one hour. The next day the rash looked like it had been bombed, with the classic signs of a bomb crater. My leg also hurt slightly in the area, but recovered completely in a few days.

However, this method is hard to duplicate because the apple cider vinegar needs to be at a perfect level of dryness so that it is not pushed off the rash by the coconut oil.


Replied by Thewind777
(Mesa, Az)
5 out of 5 stars

Some final comments that might help.

This can work for almost any skin ailment, anywhere on your body. It might work particularly well with bed sores (not sure if the alcohol in a huge open bed sore would be a great idea, but...)

After a rugged regimen has been done, and it might be cracked or even an open sore (I'm talking about the spot just above my butt)... Lets say you did something really severe and really blasted the area with 10 coats of iodine per-day to completely obliterate a deep-set candida area, bed sore, skin eruption, or even skin cancer... which has left it feeling raw with peeling skin and a burned feel, or even cracked skin.

This is how to do a final fix:

I wash with 91% Isopropyl and a Q-Tip, let dry. This could hurt a bit if it is an open sore; but just deal with it for a few days until it has healed.

Next, I use a liquid which can be excellent at killing things, even though it is touted as an 'analgesic' (to deaden pain).

Use one teeny drop of "White Flower Analgesic Balm" and spread it in. I certainly would not use that on my balls as it contains such things as Camphor, Menthol and Wintergreen. Liniments such as this, put on the balls, will cause you to go through the roof. That would be equivalent to putting Heat in someone's jock strap. But, for the butt crack, works great.

I then use a tiny fingertip of Coconut Oil and spread it around, then take about 1/8 teaspoon of Turmeric powder and work it in to the oil until it is dry.

Then I go to bed with it that way.

After about a week, it should be healed. To finish with the healing, I clean with 91% alcohol and a Q-tip again, then one drop of the White Flower Analgesic Balm.

Finally, to seal it off from all moisture, I use a tiny dab of Sulfa Derm Skin Formula. This is made from volcanic ash and is high in sulphur.

And I just keep doing that for another week.

The skin should be extremely smooth now, and itch free.

To maintain it, just use one drop of White Flower and one dab of Sulfa Derm.

That's it.

Replied by Thewind777
(Mesa, Az)

Sorry... Since both of those things aren't easy to find, and because there seem to be a large number of items which come up with you type 'Sulfa Derm'; the particular ones I got are this version which is a combination of only Zinc Oxide and Sulfur (ash):

It costs a whomping $29.95; but it is perfect for cutting out all moisture, and encouraging a completely candida-free and bacteria-free seal. You use the teeniest little bit. I don't even cover the end of my finger with it.

The White Flower Analgesic Balm can be found up-to $18... but I found the teeny bottle on Amazon for as little as $9 with free shipping.

It comes in this little glass bottle that you have to hold upside-down for a very long time (20 seconds). I touch it to my finger before a full drop exits, so it's probably about half-a-drop I use.

It lasts forever as long as you don't make the mistake of putting it your pack. The cover leaks and half the bottle can seep out without you knowing if you do that. Keep the bottle upright at all times.

Replied by Thewind777
(Mesa, Az)

As for both of those being a particular product... both are completely unique products that I don't think anybody else makes.

The first is strange because it is pure volcanic ash from an area where the volcanic ash has a very high sulfur content. The Zinc Oxide forms a perfect waterproof bond.

The other is also a completely unique blend of Wintergreen (40%), Menthol (13%), Camphor (8%). It is a liniment-type analgesic, designed to cut pain. However, all three are the active ingredients in Gold Bond Powder... that's why I like it. Seems to act as a perfect barrier that doesn't dry the area out too much; yet doesn't encourage moisture.

Also mixes well with coconut oil if you're adding turmeric to it as a binder (a great way of sealing an open bed sore, or sore, and acting as a wadding that kills everything).

Just a disclaimer as to why I'm giving particular product names. There just is no such thing made by anybody else, that I saw, that have those exact attributes.

Replied by Thewind777

If anybody uses turmeric, realize that turmeric STAINS BADLY. If you put it on your butt, then sit on a chair without putting a towel down first - you will ruin your chair. If you sleep in your bed and don't put a sheet on that you don't like, you will ruin your sheet! You will get to see just how much you toss and turn. Works great for bedsores, open sores and candida that won't go away. Doesn't work well for your wardrobe, chairs or bed linen.

I would just like to add details of why I probably have problems with fungi and yeasts... When I was a child, our doctor would prescribe penicillin for everything imaginable.

When I was 28, I went on a ten month cross-country bicycle trip. Every night I slept in the same tight, confining, sleeping bag. When I was 34, I went on a 6 month cross-country bicycle trip, crossed the Continental Divide 6 times and it rained for 3 out of those 6 months. We would have to sleep in damp bags, half the time.

I continue to camp out even though I am now 62 years old. I go swimming in little pools of algae-filled water out in the desert to dry off. Therefore, I have to have an arsenal. I bring a small jar of ACV with me when I camp. Bring the White Flower Analgesic Balm because it weighs nothing.

Bring a small ziplock of honey just in case I cut myself. Bring cayenne pepper in case I cut myself really deep or have a heart attack or stroke while I'm out there. Also works as an emergency after-swim powder if I have nothing else.

Bring a small bottle of iodine with me for drinking water and skin application. I bring all of that just for any regular hike.

I am probably allergic to aspergillus, just because I've breathed it in through closed sleeping bags. I get all dizzy when I breath their spores, that's how I know.

Moral of the story... if you sweat, and you're out in nature, and you sleep in sleeping bags that get wet, you're probably going to have the problem. "Swamp Rot" some call it.

Replied by Thewind777

Sorry for so many E-Mails... but I want to make sure that people never hurt themselves with any suggestions I might recommend.

Realize that any suggestions I might make which concern essential oils (such as the White Flower Balm) should all be administered very carefully. Of all things I've tried, over the years, essential oils are the most caustic of all things I've used (besides maybe 10:1 bleach as a disinfectant).

If you ever overdo, you'll know it because you'll get a burn that is much like when you get sunburned.

However, that also has its purposes. Because, oftentimes, the reason that fungus won't go away is because it takes deep root under the lower skin layers. So, if you burn off the outer layers, that means only new fresh skin is underneath.

It means two things, it means that if you aren't careful, the fungus has access to lower skin areas because you just exposed the lower skin areas and it means that, just possibly, the lower skin areas which used to have the fungus spores in them are now gone.

What I do when that happens is, I take baths in 1/2 cup of bleach to 6" deep - 8" deep of water.

Once it starts to heal and the underneath skin is shiny and new, before taking a bleach bath I sometimes, first, administer a solution diluted 1 Tablespoon of bleach to 10 - 14 Tablespoons of distilled water put on the skin and let stand for 10 minutes before going into the bleach bath.

I then scrub the dead skin off using the bleach bath. This drives the bleach deep inside any layer that is peeling-off and which might still be on the surface of the newly-hatched skin. Rinse well.

This treatment is probably the best thing that can be done for any rash which is based on some sort of organism such as tinea (athlete's feet, jock itch), fungus such as ringworm, or yeast infections such as red rashes that spread on your thighs, butt cheeks, etc.

Repeat the bleach baths at least 3 times-per-week. Any problem which doesn't go away by other means, try this method and it will almost always go away.

Things which can be used to intentionally make the skin peel: multiple coatings of iodine (ten-per-day, essential oils mixed at least 50/50 with olive oil as they are too acidic otherwise such as oregano, thyme, eucalyptus or tea tree. I would recommend only using a drop of those oils to either coconut or olive oil - never use them at such strong strengths.

Even White Flower Analgesic Balm might cause skin irritation, so watch very carefully, particularly if you are using it near any mucal membranes.

NEVER put any oil that contains any mint or menthol on your pubic area, period such as Peppermint, Spearmint or Wintergreen - all of which have medicinal value. One drop put in a couple teaspoons of coconut oil would be the amount I would generally recommend.

Replied by Alabam
(Alabama, US)

I'm curious as to why not to use mint items in pubic area. I use vicks vaporub for my hemi's and labial itch every day, usually twice/day. At first it burned but let me tell you, the burn is nothing compared to that itch! . Now I can tell it's there, but no burn unless I miss a time and scratch the itch to break the skin. I carry my vicks with me everywhere now.

Replied by Thewind777
(Mesa, Az)

Well, if you put anything with a high degree of menthol, wintergreen, or wintergreen on your balls... it's about the same as if someone just kicked you there.

It starts off low, then it GROWS BIGGER, then it GROWS TO BE UNBEARABLE... you then run for a shower and try washing it off; which doesn't work much. You then just sit there for about 10 minutes in excrutiating pain that's beyond what you can take.

Besides, why go through that if there are ways that work that have no pain associated with it at all. And, you don't want to set-up an inflammatory condition if you don't have to. Inflammation is at the root of every disease.

I would always recommend bleach first. Strange enough, as long as you dilute it - it hurts not one bit and doesn't cause either pain or irritation.

1/4 - 1/2 cup of bleach to 1/3 tub of water. Soak for ten minutes, three times-per-week.

This method, done for 1 week, generally is all that is needed for 4 months.

In my experience (and I've tried just about everything on the planet over the past 25 years), essential oils are caustic. All of them.

And, yes, I think sometimes it is necessary to do a chemical peel to get down to the healthy underlying skin; however, only ONCE. And, the thing I think works best is iodine, regular 2% from the supermarket, applied 5 times-per-day.

Labia is a completely different thing from balls.

With Labia, you don't want to disturb the flora inside. For labia I wouldn't recommend using any topical thing as it might go inside and kill the healthy bacteria.

In that case I would recommend going to Amazon and trying Luvena Prebiotic Vaginal Moisturizer and Lubricant. I would also suggest purchasing Lactobacillus Acidophilus that inserts up inside. Next, I would recommend taking Florastor for two weeks. This balances out the yeast, and sets up a proper environment.

Finally, apply Witch Hazel on the outside. This is cooling, and is an astringent that will help on the surface without disturbing the flora.

If one still has a problem, get some blank capsules and some powdered Boric Acid (NOT BORAX DETERGENT). Fill them all the way full and insert. This will set up a proper pH. Some are afraid of Boric Acid because it is used to kill cockroaches, but it is no more poisonous than Baking Soda is.

In fact, the best place to purchase it is as a 100% powder for Cockroaches. Research it.

Replied by Thewind777
(Mesa, Az)

But, I really wouldn't screw around with the bacteria balance in the vagina directly. If you do, it can be a difficult thing to get it balanced again. Generally, if a woman is having problems 'down there'... it is an indicator that Candida is a problem in your colon and should be dealt with there, instead.

It usually means that one has to cut out white flour - which means no spaghetti, no white bread, etc. Next, one takes a good enteric-coated multi-dophillus with 16 different strains that is refrigerated at a Health Food store through the mouth. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop steroid use, if possible. Start taking things which inhibit candida (coconut oil, 1 T twice - 3 times per-day, increase garlic consumption). Read about Candida and eliminating it from your diet.

If you determine that your vagina is already having severe problems, one thing many people do is take one whole garlic clove, put it into a mesh bag and put it up there overnight. Since acidophilus has been getting along with garlic forever, it won't die - but Candida will. Garlic can burn, however. That's why you put it in a mesh bag. You can use a green tea bag, take the tea out. Some take a needle and pierce it once or twice, then do it.

The other one that people tend to do is Boric Acid put into gelcaps and inserted one-per-day for 14 days. However, there are those who warn about it being a poison. Women have been using it for that purpose for a very long time, however, and it never has caused anybody a problem that I know of.

Topically? It is very easy to dry out the labia, and essential oils tend to suck every bit of moisture from skin. That is way too harsh. Witch Hazel works by tannin, yet it is gentle and effective for the surface of the labia.

Olive oil, on the surface or inserted, also has anti-candida properties, as does Coconut oil (the Caprylic Adid content); plus, it lubricates.


If it is really jock itch (tinea fungus), then again, getting a fungal infection anywhere on your body generally means your body has been imbalanced by too much antibiotic use over time. Get Candida under control and that will help the tinea.

Washing the surface area with Pau-d'Arco Tea, is another gentle one. Let it steep in the hot water for a half-hour. Make sure the water has cooled to wrist temperature before you put it on. Tannins kill fungus.

So, what I would recommend for men, I wouldn't recommend for women as much because of fears of imbalancing the vagina flora. It is best to treat it from inside your colon rather than inside the vagina, if possible; and deal with it topically in gentle ways which don't dry out the skin.

Taking a good, refrigerated and enteric-coated Multi-dophilus that has 16 different strains by mouth is what I would suggest, coupled with an Anti-fungal diet. The vagina is closely associated with the colon. There's just a thin mucal membrane separating the two, you might say. Generally treating the colon treats the vagina.

Oh, and the reason I suggested Luvina is... even though it is designed to lubricate the vagina, it seems to set up the proper pH and adds a 'pre-biotic' which is sort of like a pro-biotic, which sometimes helps with the problem. Setting up a proper environment is essential.

As always, all that I say - take it with a grain of salt and do your own research. I am not a doctor, nor can anything I say be termed doctor's advice. When dealing with your vagina it is always best to ask your gynecologist.

But it seems like I am more careful in that respect than you are. So my suggestions would probably be more gentle than what you've already been doing. Do put any acidophilus up your vagina, only do one capsule. Any gel cap will dissolve.

And, when I said, "1/4 - 1/2 cup of bleach to 1/3 tub of water." I meant a bathtub, not some small tub of water. I add water until the water starts running out the overflow drain.

Most bathtubs have an overflow drain which works to keep tubs from flowing-over. When you get into the tub. I fill the tub until it's about 1 1/2" below this overflow hole; once you get in, the water should completely cover you, if possible.

Replied by Thewind777
(Mesa, Az)
5 out of 5 stars

I have mentioned that, after killing extensively on the skin, it should be repopulated with probiotics just like your colon is. It should also be acid, not alkaline.

The way I do that is...

1. I use ACV with Mother for a few days after any bleach soak, then dry with a hair drier.

2. To repopulate, I mix about 1 Tablespoon of Organic Coconut Oil in a little empty cold cream jar (buy an aloe-vera cream at the dollar store, then throw out the contents) with Nature's Way Primadophilus - Optima. Then I just dab the end of my finger in it and wipe it over my balls and butt crack.

Do this every day. You'll find that any remaining itchiness will go away. Oftentimes the reason one is feeling itchy after a bleach soak is the extreme dryness that occurs after alcohol or bleach has been used. The coconut oil acts as both an anti-candida/anti-fungal AND carries the probiotics to the area.

Do probiotics that are supposed to live in the colon live there afterwards? Seems like some do, or at least the time period that they do live seems to help the situation. I think way too little is still known about probiotics to really know. I think they like to think that these bacteria don't ever live outside the colon - when many of them just might.

It definitely seems to help, that I will have to say. Is it scientifically sound? I don't have a clue how many live, and how long they live outside the colon, or even if they survive the coconut oil; maybe it is the powder base that they pack the stuff in encourages the right sort of bacteria to regrow on your skin.

Anyways, I would suggest it as a final treatment after you have done all the killing and possible alkaline treatments which imbalance both the pH and healthy bacteria levels in your pores and on your skin.

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(Mesa, Az)
1 out of 5 stars

Gold Bond Powder and Baby Powder.

For those who don't know, or realize... talc causes lung problems (very similar to black lung disease - also called silicosis, it is termed 'Talc pneumoconiosis') when you breathe it in. "Talc pneumoconiosis also can lead to lung fibrosis."

As for the risk of cancer from the use of talcum powders.

"It is not clear if consumer products containing talcum powder increase cancer risk. Studies of personal use of talcum powder have had mixed results, although there is some suggestion of a possible increase in ovarian cancer risk. There is very little evidence at this time that any other forms of cancer are linked with consumer use of talcum powder."

In the past it was the amount of asbestos found in talc that was warned-of; and any studies of talc workers is probably related to that. Talc used in commercial products has had the asbestos removed.

However, overall... I would never recommend the constant, daily or continued use of Gold Bond or Baby Powder because of the concerns it raises (particularly the breathing-in of talc. It is hard not to breathe in talc, it being powdered all over the room in a fine mist whenever it is used).

Replied by Thewind777
(Mesa, Az)

Saltwater. I've mentioned saltwater as a cure for sore throats... but I haven't mentioned its use, yet, with these kinds of problems. Very concentrated salt kills everything; look at the Dead Sea, Salt Lake, etc. Nothing whatsoever lives in them.

So, if you put a poultice of salt with water on something, it will kill whatever is there - without burning one bit.

"Bathing with salt water is one of the simplest ways to solve the Jock itch problem. To cure the condition with salt water, fill the bathtub with warm water and generously add salt to it. You can use iodized salt, bath salt or Epsom salt. Soak in this solution for twenty to thirty minutes. Repeat the procedure for several days, twice each day for better results. Salt contains properties that will help the infection heal quickly as well as control fungus growth."


So, how much is 'A Large Amount of Salt', then?

You can use a sitz bath tub. That way you don't have to lie in salt for a long time. Remember that salt sucks water out of your body by a process called miosis so drink lots of water as you soak.

"... add salt generously to the tub while it is filling up

  • Soak yourself for twenty to thirty minutes. You should do this two times a day such as when you get up and before you go to bed."

"Generously" generally implies the use of as much as 1-2 cups of regular or Epsom salt to the bathwater.

You can also mix up a quart of water to 1/4 cup of sea salt and dab it on with a cotton swab, letting it sit for 5 - 10 minutes. If it is up your butt crack, just stuff the soaked cotton ball up there and do what you normally do for 10 minutes. Repeat three times-per-day.

Moral of the story is, it should be 'very salty' (at least as salty as the ocean). If you live near the ocean, take daily dunks in the ocean three-times-per-day.

Replied by Thewind777
(Mesa, Az)

So, for topical application of salt I would recommend a 1:16 ratio. If you're making just a small amount I would recommend 1 teaspoon sea salt to 5 Tablespoons of distilled water.

Just so you know, the ocean is 3-4% salt, Salt Lake has varied from 5% - 27% salt and the Dead Sea is 29% salt.

So, 16% saltwater is about half-way between the ocean and the Dead Sea, as far as saltiness goes.

If you wish it to be more the consistency of the Dead Sea, then, mix 1 Tablespoon of sea salt to 3 - 4 Tablespoons of water.