Itchy Skin Cures

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Luvjoypc (Beaverton, Oregon) on 02/05/2012
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Borax, Hydrogen peroxide!

Whew. What a relief! I have been perplexed as to me and my children's ailment for over a month now. Started with intense itching after getting into bed one night. Then my children started exhibiting signs. Took them to dr first, as my dermatologist was booked until Feb 7. Their doctor said "folliculitis" and then took daughter again for a cough, doctor said "impetigo. " Then when I showed her my hand, she said "could it be fleas or scabies?" I freaked out! I really hoped it wasn't. To make a long story short, checked house and cleaned for fleas. No response with a home remedy check for fleas. Tonight while researching, found this info. Kids are asleep, but I mixed borax with hy. Peroxide. Mixed in a bowl and poured over body. Total relief. I have also been using tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil for a few weeks now, so I think that's why it wasn't getting worse, but wasn't getting better either! Tomorrow, my kids get the bath and we will continue to do mounds of laundry! Can't wait for this to be over!!!! There is relief in site for those of you looking. All the best!

General Feedback
Posted by Deborah (Newark, New Jersey Usa) on 03/13/2013

I wanted to comment on intense itching all over. If you are experiensing this, please check what kinds of medications and over-the-counter medicines you are putting into your body. I went through a period of about 2 years (maybe more) of CRAZY itching all over my body without being able to get a doctor to tell me what was wrong with me (the diagnosis was eczema, which just means your skin itches--duh). I developed a secondary staph infection on my shins and nipples. After arguing with doctors about the cause of this mystery eczema I finally decided to insist that they take me off a bunch of oral meds I had been prescribed for blood pressure and an assortment of issues associated with kidney disease. I was taking TEKTURNA, AZOR, AND SENSIPAR. I, I, I finally determined that I was ALLERGIC to all this crap I was being made to take. None of my doctors would say that I was allegic. I have to be the one to tell them that I am allergic, being evidenced that I get the hives. If I don't remind them that I am allergic to these medications, they would precribe them to me all over again. The biggest point I am trying to make is that you must be an advocate for your own health. Not saying that doctors don't care, but they have so many things on their minds; you're not their only patient. Please inform yourself as best as you can so that YOU are the one telling your doctors what you are going to allow them to do to you.

Hot Water
Posted by Cleveland_boy (Kelowna, British Columbia) on 08/11/2010

If anyone is looking to relieve an annoying itch I have the solution. When the itch is really intolerable, put it under hot HOT water from the sink tap or bath tub depending where infection area is, start with warm and gradually turn the tap hotter and hotter, the feeling is incredible. A million times better than actually relieving the itch by nail scratching, you actually get goose bumps from the relief.

Krill Oil
Posted by Lily (Brisbane, Australia) on 08/04/2010

Hi, Shary, I had this same rash and found out it was caused by soy. On study I found that soy was in just about all processed foods, even bread. I am still learning what to eat. I hope you find the cause of the rash and maybe you can try (hard to do) to eliminate soy and see if that is the problem. My rash was also around the middle and only on the torso. Good luck with this. Lily.

Krill Oil
Posted by Priya (Beaverton, Or) on 06/21/2012

My one and a half year old baby has the same problem, itchy skin. Even myself and my husband has this itchy skin which started around 2 or 3 months back. The only thing that works for us is homeopathic calendula lotion. It does wonders for us. We bought it at new seasons store and it is made by a homeopathic company called Boiron. My childs itching seems to have reduced a lot. I did a bit of research on calendula and it seems like it is the best soothing stuff ever, good for every thing, last day I accidently got a cut on my finger, applied calendula and it healed so quickly. now I use it for any cuts wounds and burns and find it so soothing, cant do without it honestly.

Grandmother Guffy Remedy
Posted by Sharon (Salt Lake City) on 12/06/2021

I love that story. I have been using Dr Bronners baby soap and I add Grapefruit seed extract, Tea Tree oil because I had MRSA three times on my face and am so afraid of getting it again so I wash my face with it twice a day. And I then follow with Aloe gel and my own face cream. I make my aloe gel stripped from my own aloe plant. But my face gets itchy and I get worried so I keep using it. But it causes dryness which I know is part of the itchy. Thank you. S

Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes, Acidophilus
Posted by Deb (Washington, Dc) on 12/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you. Your site helped me. I used an application of apple cider vinegar to reduce skin inflammation, and my rash 1) stopped itching, 2) shed skin in the healing process 3) reduced inflammation and redness 4) started to grow new skin. I improved my diet, took acidophilus and ate more leafy green veggies. My skin has been itchy for months. I did not realize how tired the itchiness was making me. I was not able to sleep through the night due to the itchiness. Although, I'm still in the healing process, I can tell I'm going to get 100% better as long as I continue to eat well. It's wonderful to feel good again.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Clara (Georgia ) on 06/17/2017

Mix half white vinegar half alcohol and apply it to the itching.

General Feedback
Posted by Libby (Pleasanton, CA) on 03/18/2009

Someone said to use soap only on your "privates" but this is actually a very bad idea. These areas are even MORE sensitive than the rest of your body and several sources say not to use any soap at all unless you already know that it doesn't irritate you (you've been using it without a problem for years). It sounds weird but usually warm water and a washcloth is sufficient as long as you do it every day, obviously. Most "feminine" products actually have chemicals in them that can be very harsh and irritating. Personally I won't use anything that isn't 100% natural because I am so ridiculously careful about it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jennifer (Sevierville, Tn) on 11/21/2015

Yikes my arms are just as your sound but have been on and off flare ups for 10 years. Currently using prednisone but not working. Read tonight all the body pain and tight chest I am experiencing could be a side effect of it. I plan to stop prednisone tommorrow and give this a try. This itching runs my life and I would and have tried so many things in hoping to resolve it. Thank you for the post. Jen

Fabric Softener or Hair Conditioner
Posted by libby (pleasanton, ca) on 03/18/2009
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Both of these products can contain very allergenic chemicals so be careful. a lot of people's skin might be way too sensitive even if they are watered down.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 02/26/2012

I was allergic to Omeprazole too. I believe it was red dye in the medication (a known carcinogen).

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Karin (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands) on 03/11/2011
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Hi, Ive had exzema for years and use cortisol lots.. Im a Lab technician. Cortisol works for a bit but it always comes back. I was feeling really tired my neck muscles where stiff, exzema vlammed up and even a bit down. I typed in exzema cure on u tube there was this boy talking about EC. I went there and start reading. He sounded so serious and honest. After reading all the notes, ive buyed a bottle organic ACV and jar of coconut oil. Started drinking according to the receipt 2 spoons on a glass of water with a bit of honey. I feel like I just took a redbull..! My face is glowy and my neck stiffness seems almost gone! My head feels clear and my mind too! I will continue to drink and see how I feel and if my skin get better. whith these 2 ''new'' old remedies.

I already used tea tree 100% from chi to keep the bacteria/yeast/fungus away from my itchy red patches in my elbows. Its cooling, kills bacteria and anti iching. Will try ACV too (diluted)

I am dutch can anyone tell me where to get baking soda in our stores? Or what the product name is in the netherlands?

TYVM EC for providing this info!!

Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Vinny (Atlanta, GA) on 03/04/2007
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I have tried Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil. I find that Tea Tree Oil is best if placed first, and then about a few hrs later, the application of ACV should relieve it. Give it about 3 days, and there ought to be no itch. I love ACV!!!!

White Vinegar
Posted by cpix (Houston, TX) on 12/11/2006
5 out of 5 stars

For decades, I have had periods of severe itching and I have tried everything to relieve it. Finally, by accident, I applied some white vinegar to an area for another purpose and found that the itching stopped there for at least 24 hours. Now before I take my regular evening shower, I take a white vinegar shower to stop the itching. I leave the vinegar there for several minutes before taking my regular shower with soap. After my regular shower most of the vinegar odor is gone. Anyway, what is a slight odor compared to severe itching?

Anti-Chlorine Itch Spray
Posted by Michelle (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/31/2015

Hello, I need some help with mixing vitamins and minerals. I would like to make some home made 'swim spray' by mixing vitamin c powder with water for spraying on the body after swimming in a chlorine pool. I'm hoping this will help my daughter (7) to not be so itchy after her swimming lessons. I was wondering if also adding some magnesium oil to the Spray would cause any problems? My daughter thrives after an Epsom salt bath so I hope it would be like an extra boost for her. Would there be any problems mixing the two? Thank you for your advise. I love this site so much. It's been so helpful!

Anti-Chlorine Itch Spray
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/31/2015 2073 posts

M: The best place to start for skin health is Vit-A & Vit-E and the mineral Selenium works well w/ both, so maybe a very good children's multivitamin/mineral supplement will suffice. As for Vit-C, I would recommend a "C Complex" is C plus citrus bioflavonoids for maximum benefit (taken orally).

Hurray on the Epsom Salts which would probably proof something of the equivalent of Magnesium Oil for topical app.

As for the sensitivity to Chlorine, this could be a sign of Iodine deficiency. Be sure to use Iodized Sea Salt in the kitchen, and also consider supplementing Kelp tablets. Adequate or more than adequate Iodine levels provides a barrier against Chlorine and Bromine found in drinking water and public swimming pools all of which is disastrous on Thyroid function.

As for a topical spray for removing Chlorine, the best solution would be mixing some Sodium Thiosulfate in the water bottle. You can buy ST at fish or aquarium shops as it is sold for "de-chlorination" in water environment. Be careful to make the mix weak to start as ST also can be absorbed into the skin and reduce the good Iodine. Hopefully you will not need this ST spray with these previous suggestions.

Anti-Chlorine Itch Spray
Posted by Tony (Alberta, Canada) on 04/08/2016

I get woken at night with ferocious itching around the ankles and shins. I've tried different approaches, but I found that rubbing a bit of peppermint oil on it would let me go back to sleep.

Anti-Chlorine Itch Spray
Posted by Susan (Citrus Heights, Ca) on 07/20/2017

I itch at night, too, but I itch on my breasts and my armpits. On the other hand I've stopped eating and drinking any dairy and I eat 100% Raw Food. The itching is keeping me up at night. Any suggestions?

Cayenne Pepper
Posted by Mario (Dallas Tx) on 06/13/2014
5 out of 5 stars

To Vitoria from San Diego who posted in the ACV section:

07/15/2009: Victoria from San Diego, CA: "I've had what I think is brachial radial pruritus for about 6 years. I first noticed while living in Thailand during my pregnancy. It is extremely itchy, especially at night and has some relationship with heat and/or humidity and may be related to problems with the cervical disk..."

I have similar itching like you, the only thing that work temporarily is get cayenne pepper powder, the strongest you can get, over 100 H.U "HOT UNITS". You can find this on the internet... with a little water, make a paste, and apply locally. Sometimes you have to repeat the next day or hours but it eliminates the itching. I find relief for a year now.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
Posted by Karen (Calgary Alberta, CA) on 06/05/2014

I tried everything under the sun for an extremely itchy skin condition that started out in what appeared to be hives. Suffered 6 months until a skin specialist in a retail health/ beauty store told me that I should use Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil on the affected areas. She said it would also fade the scars over time. She said they would fade naturally anyway in 1-2 yrs. This is what finally helped me. The itchiness started to be relieved right away. She said that I can also mix some of the seed oil with another oil or with skin cream to make it last longer. Also safe for kids. Can be used internally. Good for all types of skin conditions like rosacea, dermatitis etc. This has been a lifesaver. Important: Make sure to use the sea buckthorn SEED OIL for skin conditions. NOT the sea buckthorn fruit oil.

Check for Soap Allergies
Posted by Chris (California ) on 05/28/2014

Any one have weird itchy or rashes on skin? Under arms, on sides, around legs where socks are? Try looking into your laundry soap and body soap. The more smells n colors, the more likely the irritation. I use almost everything that is perfume n dye free it has helped..not completely though. I have to switch my body soap to different brands and also my laundry soap as well. Definitely no fabric softener because it is added at rinse cycle n is designed to stay in the clothing, make loads smaller that way they rinse well. I use my wife's deodorant..powder scented n. anti-perspirant.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Drcbartley (Denver, Co) on 01/29/2014

What formulation between the two products, peroxide/borax solution? Want to try this wash. Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree has had no effect. Thank you.

Problem: GSD has been scratching and chewing and now is licking at feet. Condition improved dramatically with elimination of chicken (already gluten free and on raw diet) and addition of sea meal, enzymes, omega 3s and pre/probiotics. Been over 1 month on above. Never stopped scratching completely. Coat and skin not dry and looks great. Previously treated for mites even though no evidence. She is 2.5 years old.

Vitamin C
Posted by Melanie (Grand Chenier, La) on 02/09/2015

I have a similar problem. I have been getting rashes for over 6 months now. It started above my knees and eventually spread to other parts of my body. Now it is full blown and I itch constantly. I have done so many testing for different types of autoimmune disease, a complete blood panel and no answer to why this is happening. I am seeing a dermatologist on Feb 23rd. After reading about Candida I am wondering if I have an over growth.

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies
Posted by Kumar_pp123 (Kerala, India) on 12/06/2013 9 posts

Hi, I have Hep B since 2009, I was taken so many treatment not to the control the virus replicate but finally I got one doctor no from Earth clinic, H advice to take BHT, I am taking since last three month it is quit egood and my viral load are completely came down and the ALT, AST seems to good, but I hve the itching in whole body and it is mange to terrible the doctor said to take BORAX with baking soda it not to control fully the itching is running the hole body and I having the brain fog also any one can suggest the medicine for this would be appreciate.please. Regards, Ranjith

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Feelinhopeless (Fernley Nv) on 11/12/2013

Please give me any advice you believe will help. I acquired a new Chihuahua 4 months ago and to make the very long story short. She had deep scratches on her face which attributed to heat, but after treatment with oral prednisone and antibiotics the scratches looked better but the itching and scratching never stopped and soon spread to my other dogs and then myself.

I have tried pyrethrin shampoos, one dog was treated with oral ivermectrin, I have used frontline plus on them. I got a prescription for permethrin creme for myself and I showered using the pyrethrins dog shampoo on myself. Nothing worked.

Then I tried diatomaceous earth, and neem oil inside and out and on me and my dogs. I treated my yard, house, driveway, furniture, curtains, everything with insecticide, did nothing to stop the itching.

I spread cedar shaving and pine shaving everywhere. I've bleached everything possible, even spraying some on myself one day.

I've dipped the dogs in apple cider vinegar, which seemed to relieve the itching for a couple of hours. I soap up and shower every night followed by spraying diluted apple cider vinegar on me keeping it on for a few minutes, then rinsing it off. Then I rub skin so soft all over me, followed with antifungal cream or powder. In the mornings I put on more skin so soft and antifungal medication. Nothing really works this just enables me to sleep a little while (if I take a sleeping pill).

Hydrocortizone creams, antifungal creams, menthol lotions all seem to help temporarily, but nothing gets rid of this.

I soak the clothing that can not be bleached in peppermint oil. I've showered with several differnt kinds of antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial soaps, tea tree shampoos.

I sprayed myself, my dogs, my house twice now with cedarcide 4 days apart. The first spraying seemed to help, so I was pretty assured that this would work, so I tried it again. before I could even finish applying the second round the itching was increasing on me and my dogs, my heart sank.

I am desperate. I am on disability and so money is a real problem getting any treatment along with the embarrassment of hearing my doctor and my vet calling it parsitetosis. I raise Chihuahuas, like all my dogs have parasitetosis also.

So my son suggested your site but I am very confused which treatment will work for me. I have itching, burning constantly. I feel pin prick bites. My skin feels like fiberglass is rubbing against it. No bugs of any sort have been found on me or the dogs. My vet has done a black light inspection of my dogs, a deep skin scraping, and checked the skin flaking under the microscope. I have no visible bite marks. My skin feels constantly irritated, everywhere. I mean absolutely everywhere, no part of my body is itch frre. I feel the itchy burning sensations from my privates to inside my nostrils. Ther only place that is not affected as much is my scalp. I figure that is due to hairspray, which must stop it a little. Oh even my eyes itch, the eyelids and eyeballs.

I no longer have the orginal Chihuahua that started all this. I sent her back thinking she may be a carrier of something...that did no good, the bug is still here. I am the only one who itches. My eldest son stays with me alot and he has no itching.

So I am lost as to what to try next. I have used borax in my laundry, but I didn't use it with peroxide and I am confused as to how much borax and how much peroxide to use and do I use it in how water with detergent and bleach?

Please help I am feeling so hopeless. Thank you so much for listening to me and thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Caitlin (Austin, Tx) on 11/13/2013

Wow! I can sooooo relate to the itching. First things first, have you checked your diet? Have you added anything to your and your dogs diet that your son does not eat. I found that grains, and eating high carbs make me itch. I itched so badly at one time, that I scratched all night; couldn't sit down without itching from my scalp to my toes. Dropping milk and all grains relieved that problem as well as bad periods. One thing about grains, they increase fungus and mold, so, I'd stop eating them. 2nd thing that helped was coconut oil. I use it for mite relief and this could be what you have as you say the hair spray keeps your scalp from itiching. My daughter and her friends melt virgin coconut oil and smear it into the skin of their pets after washing them down in ACV. Coconut oil is great for fungus, extreme dry flaking skin conditions but, you must be persistant about applying. I would stop using any soap and wipe down with VCO everyday; then lay in a tub of baking soda (1 box per tub -- it is cheap) or use only baking soda to wash with. I so hope you get better! Knowing how excruciating this can feel, I'll be sending a whole lot of prayers your way. CAT

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Feelinhopeless (Fernley Nv) on 11/20/2013

I'd like to say a very special thanks to Mama to many and Mike 62 and Caitlin from Austin for replying to me. Your thoughtfulness and time are so very much appreciated. It is so nice to hear from people with empathy and understanding and have a desire to help others. It is so refreshing and inspiring. I will try every bit of advice I received from each one of you. This letter is just to keep you posted and to let you know I have read your advice and I thank you all. And I will post to let you of my progress.

P.S. I know what a pathogen is, I just can't imagine what kind of pathogen may have caused all this itching and scratching. I guess it doesn't matter what kind of pathogen, but it has me curious and a little nervous. Any thoughts on this?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jake (Canada) on 12/05/2015

For invisible pin prick bites etc, try jojoba oil and orange oil. Found it going through some of Teds remedies.

Also, stop using permethrin. I think that's what made everything worse with the bites. Was using it for Fleas. Ended up getting the endless "itchies"/ "bites". Only have had success with Orange oil/Jojoba oil, baking soda, and Vicks.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jake (Canada) on 12/05/2015

Also, stop using permethrin. I think that's what made everything worse with the bites. Was using it for Fleas. Ended up getting the endless "itchies"/ "bites". Only have had success with Orange oil/Jojoba oil, baking soda, and Vicks.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sunshine (Malibu) on 06/01/2017

I believe Ted, remedy for mites is borax bath soak in it and get a spray bottle fill it with hydrogen peroxide then stand up and spray your body with hydrogen peroxide this will kill them and if your do this repeatedly it should draw them all out . Take 1000 to 2000 mg of vitamin C every hour to bowel tolerance this should stop the itching it is tracks

Essential Oils
Posted by Mamie (Huntsville, Al) on 07/22/2013

I am getting eaten up by something at my work--don't know if it's fleas or not, but itchy bites that then get a blister (yes, I scratch). I use tea tree oil and/or lavender oil at home, but I work with a strange bunch who say they can't take the smell (one of this bunch just got a puppy, so I'm thinking fleas). They are the boss's favorites, so I'm on my own. Will spray insecticide just before I leave today, but my poor legs and feet hurt and itch so bad I can't describe it. Any thoughts?

Essential Oils
Posted by Mama To Many (Middle, Tennessee, Usa) on 07/22/2013

Dear Mamie, Turmeric and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar might help the itching a lot. It has dramatically reduced the misery from tick bites for my family this summer. 2 turmeric capsules 2-3 times a day, internally. Externally, use a cotton ball to apply the vinegar to the bites 2-3 times a day.

I have heard that garlic (internally) will discourage fleas from biting, but if they don't like lavender and tea tree at work I doubt they will want you to smell like garlic. :( Brewer's Yeast, taken internally, I think is suppose to make you less desirable to biting insects.

Hope you get relief soon!

~Mama to Many~

Essential Oils
Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 07/23/2013

First treat with hydrogen peroxide in case of infection , then put some activated charcoal over the peroxide and cover with a bandaid on each bite.... Charcoal is very messy stuff, use a q tip to apply to each bite, works wonders!

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies
Posted by Angel (City Of Lights, Rainbow State) on 04/25/2013

There's a test called MELISA to establish titanium allergy according to a site called titanium exposed. This a blood in vitro test used to diagnose delayed hypersensitvity to metals.

Hope this information will help you so you can sleep, rest and recover.

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 04/26/2013 2073 posts

Beth: For strong and healthy skin you will need to supplement Zinc/Vit-A and Vit-E. This should help.

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies
Posted by Rosanne (Toronto, Canada) on 04/26/2013

My mom went through an awful time of intensely itchy skin for no apparent reason. Long story short- when she got her thyroid tested and began to take appropriate medicine to correct the imbalance, her skin condition cured up quickly, never to return. Perhaps you could get that checked out.

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies
Posted by Beth (Lexington, Ky) on 04/26/2013

I was never tested for metal allergies. Sarah, did you get a joint replacement? I already take magnesium. I may add vitamins A and E. TimH, will these vitamins help itching? I have always had nice skin, but after all this who knows. I just know that I'm miserable and my quality of life has went down hill.

I checked out the Melisa website and its impressive impressive, maybe my body is slowly being poisoned. I feel that my dermatologist will think I'm crazy" but seeing a different one in May.

I have to take charge of my own health and see about getting this test done asap. I already called Melisa and someone should be calling back. It may not be this, if it is it will be terrifying but I will know and can fix it. If its not all hope is gone for me. Thanks everyone, you are all great.

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 04/27/2013 2073 posts

Beth: The antioxidants I recommended will greatly strengthen the epithelial and dermal tissues, which should, by reason, at least help with the itching.

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies
Posted by Sl (Ky) on 08/02/2013

For Beth from Lexington. There is a wonderful naturopathic doctor in your city. Dr. Perkins. She is amazing. Try her.

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies
Posted by Grace (La) on 12/03/2013

Many MD'S are not educated in heavy metal poisoning or testing ...find a specialist that knows about heavy metal testing. or just have the test sent to you and take it. Never wait around for a doctor to figure it out, it could take centuries... There was just a case recently with a famous actor that had titanium fillings every time he would lay down to go to sleep he would have a migraine, well his doctor was baffled, Well I believe he asked his fans if they had ideas of the cause and BINGO the answer came! The metals gives off energy like a battery the dentist said the titanium filling was like a lightening rod going through his head! He had the filling removed and all the migraines vanished. There are several studies about human reactions to having metals under the skin.

Severely Itchy Skin Remedies
Posted by Allison (New York) on 11/09/2016

Do you have any metals in your body from your surgery? You can have an allergic reaction.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Watcher (Digby, Nova Scotia) on 09/25/2012 8 posts

How much borax to how much H2O2 ?

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 03/02/2013

I used about a cup of each (borax and h202). Seabucktorn oil is good for the scalp (although, I don't have scabies, something similar). Pycnogenol cream on the face works great. Rinse scalp with ACV diluted 1 part ACV to 4 parts water.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Janice (Toronto, On Canada) on 01/06/2014

I'd like to try this Borax with Water and Hydrogen Peroxide all over the body, but a few years back, I bought Borax to rid of ants, there was a few small lines by the door opposite of my bedroom, and at 3am I had to vacuum it up as it was burning my would you still recommend this? It didn't burn your eyes??

Tonight I sprayed myself with Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%, and after I spray with a combo of 50% Club Soda, 25% Vodka and 25% White Vinegar (also makes a good air freshener and cleaner for mirrors, just put in any essential oils you like), but after this because I was itching non-stop constantly the last 17 hours I squeezed a Clementine on my forearms, elbows and hands, haven't itched since, and it's very cooling and soothing.

Krill Oil
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 03/02/2013

Dr. Mercola at tells what kind of Krill oil is the best to buy. He also does videos on Youtube.

General Feedback
Posted by Scratchitch (Houston, Tx) on 09/18/2011

I'm not sure if I finally have this under control but I'm hoping with all my might that it's finally going away.

Back in May I visited a friend and we went to her lake house. When I came back home I started getting these "bites" on my torso. At first I thought they were chiggers as we were out in a woody area but as time went on these little bites started moving around my torso. It wasn't very itchy but I was worried about bugs so I went to my dermatologist's PA who didn't think it was chiggers but gave me Peremthrin just in case. I applied one application and didn't think much about it. Slowly the itchiness increased and spread from my torso to my arms. And I didn't think much about it until one morning I started feeling itchy on the skin around my pubic bone. The next day my vagina was swollen and was incredibly itchy along with my anus. I had a few yeast infections before and recognize the feeling and knew this could not be a yeast infection.

I saw my gynecologist who also didn't think it was a yeast infection but took a culture just in case. That came back negative. The husband and I started researching what it could be and feared scabies pinworms given that the itch was worse at night. My GP prescribed Abendazole for the pinworms (at my request) and Prednisone to help alleviate the itching. Prednisone temporarily relieved the itching but I started taking more than one tablet a day (as prescribed) because the itching began to return faster.

I saw another dermatologist who determined it was scabies and gave me more Permethrin. My husband and I both applied it that night. For one evening I didn't itch and assumed it was scabies (gross). The next day the itch came back with a vengeance. At this point, I'm losing sleep and my mind trying to fight the intense urge to itch.

I found this site: and began reading about how others have the same symptoms and their holistic remedies. I started to bathe in Borax, hydrogen peroxide, clove oil, orange oil and eucalyptus oil. After getting out I would mix clove oil with a carrier oil and apply it to my skin. It burned in areas where I scratched my skin raw but the burn was a nice departure from the urge to itch. Anytime the intense urge came back I would apply more clove oil mixture as a preventative to scratch. I began to cone myself like a dog by wrapping plastic food wrap around my arms and torso so I couldn't unconsciously scratch my skin at night. At this time I thought I was treating scabies and every night it was a fight to not tear my skin off.

I'm a home maker (thank goodness because I don't think I could go to work with this sort of miserable itching) and spent all day cleaning my house and washing sheets in fear that I might have an infestation of mites. One night it was so bad I scheduled a internal medicine doctor, 3rd dermatologist and return GP appointment the next day. I was prescribed Atarax by my GP, more Atarax and Prednisone by my Internal Medicine doctor and Hydroxyzine and Allegra by my 3rd Dermatologist. Both my Internal Medicine and dermatologist ordered a battery of lab work. All came back normal. So frustrated at this point. But my 3rd dermatologist, a former army doctor, said that he saw scabies all the time in the army and what I had was not scabies. He gave me the Allegra and Hydroxyzine to treat the symptoms of itching and asked me to come back in three weeks. I only took the medicine that he prescribed however the relief was so temporary I scheduled an appointment with an allergist - determined to find out a cause or a solution to this problem. The allergist was thorough in asking about the timeline, doctors I saw, symptoms I felt and a wide arrange of questions to really understand my problem. He said he would have ordered the same lab work as what my dermatologist and internal medicine doctor ordered. He prescribed Zyrtec to take in the morning and a double dose of Hydroxyzine at night. I asked him what could cause this and he suspects it might be the "scratch-itch cycle" (my GP also thought it might be this at the time of my second visit). I hoped the drugs would be enough but I still felt strong urges to itch and was still miserable. I hoped that given enough days maybe this would finally work but when every minute feels like days it doesn't take long for you to get really frustrated with waiting.

I started looking back at my planner and seeing what was going on around the time this started. Last November I had jaw surgery and had my mouth wired shut for six weeks. At that time I could not take Levoxyl and afterward forgot to resume to take it. So this April I returned to my Endocrinologist because I was feeling horrible again and she tested my blood and confirmed my thyroid was working overtime. I went back on Levoxyl 50 mcg and started feeling so much better. But then a month later the "bites" started. I then Googled "Levoxyl" and "itching" and found if you take more than you should people started feeling bad symptoms including itching around their labia. I know I shouldn't go off medication without consulting my doctor but I had to test the theory if Levoxyl was causing this - so I stopped taking it five days ago. I'm not 100% back to normal but the intense urge to itch ha been reduced to a mild nuisance of tingling. I prefer this over the former. Today I'm feeling so much better but I'm not entire sure as to what it can be attributed to. Either it's (1) I'm off Levoxyl (2) I'm taking Prednisone now (3) it's finally rained after months of drought in Houston and maybe it was something in the dry air that was agitating my skin or (4) the high dose of Turmeric I took - a natural anti-inflammatory. I just want this done and over with. If it is scratch-itch cycle I hope to break it soon because this itch is debilitating. Good luck everyone else and I hope you find the relief/solution to your discomfort.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cathyw (Encino, Ca) on 06/25/2011

Hi Linda, I have the same problem for the last 2 months and immediatly took one of my mothers probiotics. I also saw a message that mentioned apple cider vinegar, honey in water. Figured I have nothing to lose and drank that as well. If this works I will be forever grateful to the two of you. Thanks Cathy W

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Presouz (CA) on 12/03/2021

Do you know what, if it's been in one spot and it's been there for a long time it could be a Candida rash. You might need to look up oral yeast Removal supplements. I finally got rid of mine after trying everything with some 1% steroid cream from the doctor and some yeast removal powder from the doctor. good luck I know they're not home remedies but sometimes you just have to use big Pharma unfortunately.

Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile Lotion
Posted by Lisa (S. California, Ca, Usa) on 04/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I sometimes get really itchy to the point I have trouble sleeping at night. Dr's gave me a prescription that makes me sleepy so I can't take during the day.

I found a tea tree oil & chamomile itch relief lotion from iherb that works great. This is the only lotion that has ever worked. Sometimes I have to put on twice a day and the other downside is that is very strong smelling. But who cares when you're itching so bad.

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