Itchy Skin Cures

Posted by Sheila (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 05/12/2011

What I'm experiencing right now could be contact dermatitis, a reaction to ACV or iodine/dide, detoxing results, or a diamine oxidase deficiency/food allergy/histamine intolerance. A ER doctor Dx'ed my skin condition as being contact dermatitis of unknown origin or cause, so I listed the other possibilities of my dry, itchy skin. I'm currently on the tail-end of my symptoms. I'm also trying to stick to natural remedies, staying off any Rx.

What has worked so far for itchiness is eating an apple. I've done this thrice now and each time has eased my itching so that I don't have the urge to scratch for several hours. The organic, red delicious apple has definitely helped the skin on my eyelids and my neck and chest. I only buy organic produce due to pesticides -- I definitely have reactions to pesticide-treated fruits. (for the diamine oixidase/histamine intolerance, I've started a eating journal and eating low histamine foods)