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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Karin (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands) on 03/11/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, Ive had exzema for years and use cortisol lots.. Im a Lab technician. Cortisol works for a bit but it always comes back. I was feeling really tired my neck muscles where stiff, exzema vlammed up and even a bit down. I typed in exzema cure on u tube there was this boy talking about EC. I went there and start reading. He sounded so serious and honest. After reading all the notes, ive buyed a bottle organic ACV and jar of coconut oil. Started drinking according to the receipt 2 spoons on a glass of water with a bit of honey. I feel like I just took a redbull..! My face is glowy and my neck stiffness seems almost gone! My head feels clear and my mind too! I will continue to drink and see how I feel and if my skin get better. whith these 2 ''new'' old remedies.

I already used tea tree 100% from chi to keep the bacteria/yeast/fungus away from my itchy red patches in my elbows. Its cooling, kills bacteria and anti iching. Will try ACV too (diluted)

I am dutch can anyone tell me where to get baking soda in our stores? Or what the product name is in the netherlands?

TYVM EC for providing this info!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Victoria (San Diego, CA) on 07/15/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I've had what I think is brachial radial pruritus for about 6 years. I first noticed while living in Thailand during my pregnancy. It is extremely itchy, especially at night and has some relationship with heat and/or humidity and may be related to problems with the cervical disk. The itch is followed by small red bumps on the upper arms and shoulders. No amount of scratching helps and the itch seems to be deep inside the nerves. It is the worst itch ever and will keep you up all night and in tears trying to find relief. The bumps become unsightly and painful from picking and get pin prick like painful impulses going through them when the situation is really inflamed. I tried every product imaginable and the only relief I eventually found was by using ice packs to numb my arms at night until I passed out. In the winter it goes away. Recently I tried ACV as the weather was getting hotter and I could feel it coming on. I don't believe it is curing it, but I think the ACV is helping to minimize the itching and symptoms so that I am not scratching uncontrollably.

I hope to find a cure eventually, but in the meantime this is helping.