Itchy Skin Cures

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sharon (Nickerson, Ks) on 06/19/2011
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I have a question... I have had a place on the back of my right arm and around my neck that have itched for quite awhile... At least 2 yrs or better. Sometimes it worse than other times. I have tried meds from several different drs. With nothing really helping. Lately it's been really bad all day & nite. Will wake me up at nite itching. I scratch until I have little welts or pimple like things. I have tried taking Organic apple cider vinegar internally at least 3x's a day in RO water as well as splashing it on the area, which burns quite a bit. I am looking for some type of home remedy that actually works. I really can't see that the vinegar has helped any. I also use a lotion that a dermatologist perscribed that can be bought over the counter. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Desperate for some relief. Been taking the vinegar for atleast 3 wks. Thanks