Natural Remedies for Gray Hair

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Wruku (Irving ,texas) on 03/25/2014

I would like to ask Ted about recipe for reversing grey hair with BSM, wheat grass, vitc and some asorbic acid.

Replied by Wruku
(Irving, Texas)

I have been emailing third time in the past 30 days without any reply. Does anybody replies for the question? Is this real site or fake site?

EC: Dear Wruku,

Ted rarely has time to look at posts on Earth Clinic these days. He's too busy treating people in Bangkok. You can try emailing him: [email protected].

Replied by Mike62

Wruku: I am sorry we did not reply. Please let me give you folk medicine 101 so that you can be aware. The Dalai Lama wears glasses. He has not been able to reverse his condition despite taking the best remedies all of his life. His body and brain are good but not his eyes. Many people have successfully treated greying hair with a variety of remedies. Many people have not been successful despite taking those exact same remedies. I have tried many remedies to regrow the hair I lost. I have not been successful. I have not lost any more hair and do not have grey hair. My two cousins are almost bald and have white hair. We are the same age. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything alright but I can not. Folk medicine requires studying and experimenting.

Replied by K
(Indianapolis, IN)

It's said that lack of Tyrosine is one cause of graying in humans and cats. I have a cat that used to have only one spot of gray on his tail tip and is now patched w/gray. Just started giving him various amino acids so have no proof of this.

I take Tyrosine and have no gray hair, of course that may not be why.

Replied by Cher

As far as growing new hair, I understand stem cell injections into the scalp can work. They take your fat cells from other places and somehow reprogram them to tell them to grow hair. No idea of cost or other details.


Posted by Qw (Hudson, Wi Usa) on 09/17/2010

Help! I have been using Turmeric for MRSA for about 3 months. Now my silver hair has turned dark and I do not like it as I am nearly 70. How can I get the silver back? Anyone know? Thanks, W

Replied by Bali
(London, Uk)

That will be great for others. Can you please tell us how are you taking the turmeric?

Replied by Nara

Please write how did you used turmeric for turn grey hair?

EC: Hi Nara,

Since the post your are inquiring about was written in 2010, you probably won't get a response. We're guessing she either took turmeric (curcumin) capsules or took 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of water once or twice a day. Look up turmeric for MRSA and Staph and you will find some dosages.


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Posted by Charlane (San Antonio, TX) on 12/24/2006

Granny was spot on with the apple cider vinegar. She was pH balancing. You can get the same effect but eating an orange or drinking lemonade everyday. You can supplement with 500 - 1000 mg. of vitamin C but this will work to counteract all of that acidic coffee, chocolate, sausage, etc. that we eat regularly. Yes, citrus is acidic but it ALKALINIZES the blood. If you pH is at least 7, you will never get cancer or a fever or a cold either. It works. Just do a search on the internet for pH diet and check out the lists of foods. BTW, I use honey everyday. In addition to being a perfect food, local honey keeps you from getting allergies with bees being kind enough to collect pollen from all of the nearby plants. I never get sick anymore either.

Vitamin B Complex

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Posted by Lynne (Anchorage, Alaska)

I came upon my grey hair remedy purely by accident! Am 49 and have been gray since 17. For the past 30 years have dyed my hair but finally got tired of it. Let it go. Was shocked at how gray I had become!

About 2 months ago, my husband was told his red blood cells were of low count, so I went to _____and bought him some ______B Complex. We both started taking it.

A few weeks later, he said the sides of my hair were turning brown. I hadn't noticed, as I only look in the mirror to comb my hair really quick. Sure enough, I saw brown hair at the roots!

So, I'm wondering if some people like myself have been living with a Vitamin B deficiency our whole lives. I remember being a kid and having to go to the doctor for B complex shots because I was so tired all the time (at the age of about 11).

Maybe this will help someone. In another couple of weeks, I'm going to have a haircut and will report back what appears after that!

Replied by Hiltonsister
(Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

An american MD writing as "Adele Davis" refers to a case where a lady whose medical condition required her to eat liver found her hair's natural colour returning overnight. Of cors, liver is an excellent source of the B group. I have taken a multi vitamin almost every day for 30 years and am only now, at 59, beginning to turn grey at the temples. I cook liver only occasionally, so now I'm going to get into the B12 supplement. Wholegrain foods are also a staple for me. I wouldn't mind turning grey if it suited me. But it looks frightful!

Replied by Tyra
(Los Angeles, California)

Hi Lynne, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on using ________Vitamin B Complex for reversing pre-mature gray hair....

I am 26 years old and started to gray 2-3 years back... I am so shocked to see how rapidly my grays have started increasing... and have to keeping colouring my hair to cover the grays.... This has started to worry me terribly now... I have been taking the _________Vitamin B Complex since a week after reading your post... Hoping that this works for me as well...

Would really appreciate if you could tell me as to approximately how much time did it take for your hair to start growin back to it's natural colour after taking these pills... Any other advice/suggestions are welcome... Thanks....

Replied by Habibi L'amour
(Alexandria, Egypt)

The hair becoming coloured from eating liver is probably due to catalase being present in liver - catalase deficiency is the cause of grey hair.

Vitamin B, Folic Acid

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Posted by David (Titusville, FL) on 06/07/2007

I just turned 60 and I still have my brown hair. I attribute this to taking B vitamins in a 50 mg. complex (50 mg. of each B vitamin in one capsule), and two or three 800 mcg. of folic acid tablets. The B vitamins are known to be a stress reliever. Remember the old saying how kids can give you gray hairs? It's true! Stress can make the gray come in! The B vitamins inositol and choline are important for the color of your hair. Did you know that some wool companies deliberately make their sheep deficient in these two B vitamins so that the wool will be much whiter?! Folic Acid also helps with hair growth and had been named after the word Folicule, meaning hair! Looking younger than your age and knowing that you didn't dye your hair to look younger makes people ask if you found the fountain of youth! Try the B vitamins and folic acid for at least 6 months and you make notice a great change!

Vitamin C

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Posted by Anne S. (Singapore) on 11/02/2021

My dad had whole head of whites, when my dad was having issues relating to failing kidneys, I put him on high dose vitamin c and some other supplements like beef liver powder etc. What I noticed was after about couple of weeks, his hair turned dark from the crown area.


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Posted by Deb (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/29/2010

The best remedy for gray hair I have found is wheatgrass (juice or powder). When I started taking a combination of the juice and powder, I was shocked after a couple of weeks that I had large patches of dark hair growing. In about three months I could see the dark hair moving from the back of my head slowly to the front. Interestingly I found that the strands went dark from the roots to where my hair dye had grown out. There was no gray and then the dark started growing. I believe that the hair is like a piece of chalk you place in a glass of ink. When you drop it in the ink the whole thing turns dark. A strand of hair when given the proper nutrients also fill up. I gave my sister wheatgrass juice and powder and the same happened to her. It was more noticeable as she had more gray. Within a week you could see dark hair peppered all over her scalp. Wheatgrass contains so many nutrients including copper, so it is fantastic to take every day. There is much information on it on the web. I had fantastic blood results by taking wheatgrass.

Replied by Sue
(Virginia, Usa)

Did you buy it in powdered form, or in capsules?
Also, a question for some of you biochemists out there: I read that oils can remove pigment from hair, which makes sense given the many people who report that oil-pulling removes stains from teeth --maybe oil lifts pigment from surfaces. But oil is also used as a conditioner, and at least one reader mentions using castor oil on eye lashes to darken them. Does anyone know more about oil/pigment etc? Or do various oils do different things?

Replied by Deb
(Melbourne , Australia)

Sue, I buy it in capsules because it is easier to take. I take about 10 capsules per day (5 in morning and 5 in evening). You have to keep it up because I stopped the wheatgrass and started on the Super Greens and my gray hair returned. I am now back on the wheatgrass capsules. It also keeps your body alkaline.

Replied by Juju
(Los Angeles, Ca, Usa)

Deb you take powder and capsules? What brand? Or what does the brand begin with? There are so many out there and I read some work and some don't but not sure which brands work. Wheat grass supplements aren't cheap so I want to make sure. Thanks.

Replied by Deb
(Melbourne , Australia)

Juju, I only take the capsules because I don't like the taste much in powder form. I also sometimes buy drink fresh wheatgrass juice (in a shot glass from a juice outlet). The capsules I buy are a brand from New Zealand which says "Certified Organic. A Guaranteed Shot of Authentic Sun Grown Wheat Grass". I am not sure I can tell you the brand on this website. They also sell the powder. You could probably google them. Cheers Deb

Replied by Frances
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Hi Deb

I believe I have purchased the same brand of wheat grass that you have been using... New Zealand brand with the words “"Certified Organic. A Guaranteed Shot of Authentic Sun Grown Wheat Grass". The jar I have states that you should take a maximum of 4 a day which is the equivalent of 2.5 grams. I note however that you were/are taking 10 tablets a day. Can you advise how many grams that is equivalent to? Or alternatively advise how many grams are in your whole jar and how many tablets are in the jar?

Replied by Amar
(Delhi, India)

I hav been taking organic wheatgrass capsules (3-3 in d morning nd evening after food ) for about 2 months now. But still my grey hair are not reversing. My beard is lot white too and its still increasing!!! Can any1 help me. I have got 3 more bottles left.

Replied by Man

There may have been a misunderstanding on the issue of gray hair, Amar. To my knowledge there is no instantaneous cure to convert gray hair back to normal, but if there were and it involved Wheat grass then it would involve Living Wheat grass juice. That means you have to grow this stuff in your kitchen and juice it and drink it while it is fresh. Wheat grass juice is a living drink. I can say from experience that Wheatgrass juice will help you but it is not a drug, and it does not work in a week, in two weeks. When I did this it was a daily commitment for three months. It worked so well that I continued to grow and juice wheatgrass for over a year after I noticed my issue had disappeared. (Mine was Acid Reflux). So the first issue is time. Even with the dry product which you bought may have some positive affect, but it is not going to work over night. This isn't magic we are talking about. Consider this word-image: The general direction of a man's health is like a two hundred tonne Ocean liner going in a direction. if the captain of the ship decides to change directions, he turns the rudder. But the ship does not immediately go in the direction that he turned the rudder. It takes time for the body to respond to proper nutrition. I have seen God Almighty heal people instantly. I have witnessed crippled men jump and walk perfectly who for years have been in excruciating and debilitating pain. So I don't discount instantaneous healing, I am a man of Trust/faith in the operation of the Law of God. But for most people time and proper nutrition is the solution.

Replied by Linda

You can buy wheat grass juice powder and it will do the same. You do not have to grow it yourself. I used wheat grass juice powder and have noticed that my hair is coming in dark instead of gray. It does take time. It will not happen over night.

Replied by Jerry
(Miramar, Florida)

Will the pills have the same effect... like the juice powder...?

Replied by Ben
(Bremerton, Wa)

About restoring natural hair color - Boron deficiency can cause that so supplement with borax (the mineral source of boron) as it helps restore hair color. Tried it myself and noticed a big difference in about 2 months.



How much borax did you take per day during those 2 months?

White Potatoes

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Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, Usa) on 09/03/2010

Gray Hair Remedies

If you make a Tea out of the peelings of old white potatoes then strain it, and add any seasonings to make it taste better - that will make your hair turn back to its natural color. The way to do it is to get an atlas mason jar and put the peelings into it and then close it loosely and put it in a pot lined with a towel to keep it from breaking. Boil it for about an hour to get all the potatoes vitamin properties. Then carefully open it with another towel and strain it. Then add your seasonings. Do it 1-2 times a day for as long as it takes to get your hair back to it's natural color. You can use the potato that you don't use to shred it and make a poultice for your eyes with it. It is great for the eyes!!

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Do you add water to the potato peels, Brook? And won't we be getting much of the chemicals the potatoes are treated with as well? What is the benefit for the eyes?

EC: Yes, add water.

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

I'm a little confused about this remedy. Does the skin need to be peeled very thin without flesh, or can some of the potato be attached? Do you need to make a fresh batch of potato skin tea each time you drink it, or can you make it and use it for a couple of days or even just the same day? What is the ratio of skin to water, is it like the skin of one potato (maybe 1/4 cup) to a cup of water? And, lastly, what exactly do you mean by an OLD potato, is that growing eyes, shriveled up, etc. ? Sorry for so many questions, I just don't know where to start. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us.

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx)

Sorry Kay - I will give you some direct quotes from the Edgar Cayce Readings -

(Q) What can I do, if anything, about my hair turning gray so prematurely?
(A) With those shocks to the nervous system there has been changed a great deal of the pigment, or the flow of the activities. If you would prevent the hair from turning gray, let at least two meals each day be taken of the peeling of Irish potatoes - it'll turn it to its normal color again! They may be cooked, yes. 32.

(Q) What is lacking in my system that is causing my hair to gray, and what can I do to prevent it?
(A) Eat more potatoes; that is, the skins of same, and we will find it'll change the color back more. The PEEL, not the pulp! 33.

(Q) What is best to use on my hair at this time?
(A) Any of those influences or forces that we have indicated are well for same. Nothing better than White Vaseline and a WEAK solution of alcohol; but grain alcohol, NOT that which has been denatured. 34.

(Q) How should the potatoes be cooked with the peelings?
(A) Either baked or boiled. The Readings have continually recommended the addition to the diet of the juice made from Irish potato peelings. Stew the peels of three or four potatoes in a little water and drink the juice, about twice a week.
Cayce Quotes on Potato

The peelings of potatoes don't of themselves make hair grow if everything else is done to prevent it! But it tends to stimulate, to keep the activities in such a manner as to be beneficial. For this body, or any other body - if it desires to use it - though it's rather late for this body to undertake to grow back hair, when it might have followed this procedure some twenty years ago and prevented the loss of the hair; but for most bodies, about an ounce of the potato peeling juice taken every few days is beneficial. It also carries the salts that are helpful in stimulating an activity for better assimilating forces in the body. For it tends to keep a balance. But remember, much depends upon the manner in which such potatoes are used, - where and how they are grown, and how prepared. But in general, these are beneficial in the manner indicated. 2011-2

(Q) How can I keep my hair from turning gray?
(A) The citrus fruit juices and the regular weekly use of the juice from the Irish potato peel. Peel the potato and make a soup of the peelings, see. Take this weekly. This, with the character of the dressing for the hair, should correct this condition. 3900-1

(Q) Is there any real benefit to be gained from the "gray hair" vitamins?
(A) Upset stomach is usually gained! If you desire to prevent gray hair, drink at least once each week half a pint of juice prepared from Irish potato peelings. Just the peelings, not the bulk of the potato. This will aid in keeping the correct color in hair. 5197-1

(Q) How can I improve texture of hair?
(A) Better be glad that you have it, but the peelings of Irish potato boiled and taken once a day will improve the texture of the hair. This will require a long period of about six months. Two ounces of this fresh juice a day. 774-2

While there are those conditions that still disturb the body with the manner in which there is the inflammation in the eye, or in the lids and the iris, these - as we find - are somewhat on the improve. We would use the potato poultice, scraped old Irish potato - not new; put the scraped potato in a gauze and place on the eye (with it closed); not the potato directly to the eye in this particular case, but in a gauze, and sufficient quantity of it to fill the whole socket space. Let this remain as the body rests, for an hour to an hour and a half; then take off. It will be found that considerable amount of inflammation will be drawn out. Do this for two to three days, or two or three evenings; then rest by leaving it off for two or three days - if it makes for too great an irritation, which at times it would, dependent upon the newness or oldness of the potato, you see, that is used. When the poultice is removed each time, cleanse the eye with a weak solution of boric acid. This will make for a cleansing of the inflammation from these conditions. 5499-1

Do not use the new potato; that is, use the potato of the year previous, and scrape same and lay over the eye of evenings, and cleanse same afterward with a weak solution of Boric Acid. 2638-1

.... We would apply a scraped Irish potato poultice over the eyes; that is, scrape an OLD Irish potato (not new potato) and apply between gauze. Let this remain on the eye for at least thirty to forty minutes. Then bathe off the eyes (when this is removed) with a weak eye lotion

I hope this helps!

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

O. K. , well, I can't really say I'm not still a little confused. I wonder where you would find year old potatoes that are not rotten. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

I would think that any white potato would work. Also get a formula with the following in it : Lactated Pepsin, Black Snake Root Extract, Essence of Wild Ginseng, Atomic Iodine, Extract of Liver, and Grain Alcohol - you can look that up and get it online. I have used it for approx 2 months now and have noticed a HUGE change in my hair - color and thickness!

Replied by Patroce
(Nashua, Nh)

Could you be more specific re this remedy you suggest for gray hair. I've gone thru this entire post and can find no other post preceding yours. Thank you

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

Hello Patroce,
I am not sure of your question - however, I will put it all together for you! Take the peelings of white potatoes and put them in patapar paper (look that up), it is basically wax paper without any wax on it. Put the peelings in the paper and take each side and pull up, making a little "pocket" for the potato peelings and put a rubber band, or tie it up so that it is really tight!! Put that in some water that is boiling already, if you want to add a little water to the peelings, then just add a tsp. , however, I don't add any. This supplies some essential elements that are needed by our bodies for proper thyroid function. Some other things you can add to your diet for proper thyroid activity are - citrus fruit juices; orange juice plus lemon juice or grapefruit juice plus lime juice; carrots; and seafoods.

And avoid fried foods, starches, refined sugars, onions and garlic. Next thing is to have a Pennsylvania Crude oil massage on your scalp from 1/2 hr to 1 hour - depending on the time you have. Followed by a massage with petroleum jelly. The way that I have always done it is I put my petroleum into my crude oil bottle. It takes a while, but I have a thick crude oil that is easy to pour into my hair. (I now have two different crude oil bottles that I use, if you do this, then just take out approx an ounce to 2 ounces of oil and put in an ounce to ounces of Vaseline. Put your other oil into another container and add the same to that. ) I take a little and put it into the cap and then just pour on approx 4-6 caps all over my scalp. Then I take a hand held massager with a cup attachment and go over it for 30min-1hr. I usually do it in the morning before anyone get up!

Next you get into the shower and put some grain alcohol (one drop of grain alcohol to one ounce of water) onto your scalp, this is to close your pores.

Do this one time a week. I also take a mixture of: A simple syrup (sugar) base blended with Elixir of Lactated Pepsin, Liquid Liver Extract, Fluid Extracts of Black Snake Root and Wild American Ginseng, Atomic Iodine and Grain Alcohol. Each 1/2 teaspoon provides. 225mg or 150% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Iodine. So I recommend seeing a Dr before starting this formula, because of the Iodine. And if you are taking any Iodine supplements then you should not take them anymore because of this formula, if you get it. I use a pendulum and kinesiology for taking my formula, so if you can learn how to do that it would be the best. I took it 3x a week the first two weeks and then left it off I think a week, and then I repeated that, and now I only take it one x a day for 5 days and leave it off for 5 days. However, you would need to follow your own intuition for taking it. What works for me, doesn't necessary work for someone else! I also have a "violet ray" which can be very dangerous!! You can NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL on the day you use it. However, I think that the "violet ray" is just a better way to get the circulation up to the scalp. The small vibrator would be enough. I have experimented with my hair forever!!!! (15 years) If you decide to get a "violet ray", then you NEED TO LOOK ON THE INTERNET FOR ALL OF THE WARNINGS!! Then I use the Olive oil shampoos and conditioners for my hair. I have found that my hair doesn't do well with the olive oil conditioner, so I just put the olive oil conditioner onto the scalp part of my hair and then I add my favorite conditioner to the bottom of my long hair! (By the way, I have NEVER had hair past my shoulders that didn't look healthy, and now I do!! )

I hope this clears up some things for you, and every one. It is also the best way to stop the balding process and to regrow balding or even balded hair. The bald head can be regrown this way, only if it is not from a fungus that has attacked the cuticle.

Replied by Lisa`
(Vancouver, Wa)

Be sure U use Organic Potatoes... Potatoes r sprayed with TONS of PESTICIDES!!

Replied by El

How do you line a pot with a towel? And, how is this tea if you're putting the peels in the mason jar without adding water to the mason jar? Smh

Replied by El

Confusing. You boil skins twice a day for an hour each time?!

White Potatoes
Posted by Doug (Phoenix, Airheadzona)

It's an Edgar Cayce remedy and it truly works to cure grey hair. Peel the skins of 2 white potatoes and tie them up in patapar paper. Put them in a pan and let boil (just a slight boil) for 12 to 15 minutes. When done, let it cool for a few minutes and eat the skins. Also, drink the water. I, personally use 3 to 4 cups of water. Do this every other day, and in a few months you will see a tremendous difference. You will notice some difference in a few weeks, but be patient. Good luck.

EC: Patapar Paper is Vegetable Cooking Parchment. Easy to find on the internet, just do a google search.

Replied by Fatima
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

Hi, I have a question, do you keep eating the skin potato for ever ( i mean for all your life ) ? even after u notice a positive result ?

Thank you for all of you, Fatima.

Replied by Doug
(Phoenix, Airheadzona)

Hello Fatima. I sincerely apologize for not getting back sooner. After sending in my remedy I have not been back to the sight. Yes, it is necessary to continue using the white potato remedy, ( maybe just twice a week after getting results ), or your hair will slowly start graying again. I learned this the hard way, lol. However, the skins and juice of the potatoes will improve the skin as well. In fact, I believe that has even been more impressive. Take care. Bless and be blessed.


EC: Thanks for revisiting EC again... Your post must be at least 3 years old, the (g)olden days when we didn't feel it was necessary to have dates on the posts!

Replied by Regina
(Miami Beach, Fl)


How long did you use this remedy before you started seeing results. You mentioned a few months. Can you be a bit more specific? Thanks

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

I would say to eat them until the vitamins turn your hair back to the natural color and then maybe just once a week for maintenance. It all depends on you and your lifestyle.

Replied by Jonimoso
(Fraser, Michigan, Us)

Do you think juicing raw potato skins would have the same effect as boiling them? I consume mostly raw fruits and vegetables and try not to eat cooked food. What are your thoughts?

Replied by Evolution
(Gatineau, Qc Canada)

German Canadian from Gatineau Quebec interjects:

Boiled potato water is fantastic for rough skin , you'll notice instantly, acts quicker than urine, but I am going to try ground up potato just for fun, but since the power seems to be in the skin, I'll try to peel thick and grind that up raw and see. (as green banana peels and their stems for warts and grape skin especilly for rejuvenation), makes me think that I will from now on stop swallowing them and rather chew them really well, e.g. slow food, thanks for all the inspirations!!

Replied by Sola

Thanks for all the posts on this site. Very informative. I just came across this site. I'm in my early 40s and my grey has been a source of concern to me especially because it is increasing lately. Pls I'll like to know what to do with the potato after using the skin. Can I eat the bulk or not, or I should eat only the skin and throw away the bulk? I want to try this remedy and come back with my testimony. I'll appreciate your response. Sola , Nigeria

Replied by Cheech
(New York)

I'm rubbing the peels directly on my mostly gray beard and I've seen some darker color appearing in my beard. Juicing the peels in a fruit juicer would probably work better for covering an entire head of hair.

Replied by El

Why bother putting the skins in the paper if you're just going to eat the skins and drink the water?

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