Hiccup Remedies

The Ole Case of Beer Trick

Posted by Matthew (Raleigh, NC) on 08/25/2007
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I had hiccups forever, and a friend of mine looked straight at me and said, "If you hiccup again, I'll buy you a case of beer!"' They went away ASAP. I've done it with several friends and it works! Try it.

Tilt Head Backwards and Breathe Deeply

Posted by Kevin (Varna, Bulgaria) on 05/07/2011
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Here is what to do:

Either standing or sitting in a chair, lean your head backwards as much as you can, to the maximum. Breathe normally. Count up to 15. Slowly bring your head back to normal position. The hiccups are gone (for a long time).

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Interesting... My husband drinks water from the wrong side of the glass, so in fact he is doing exactly the same thing, lowering his head as far as he can to be able to drink from the other side. Now I know, next time one of us has the hicups we will try without the glass, much easier.


Posted by Joan (Clifton, NJ USA) on 10/22/2008
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I had a bad case of hiccups and a co-worker recommended I take a TUMS. Within 5 minutes the hiccups were gone!


Posted by Joe Mama (Green Bay, WI) on 04/24/2009
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How to cure hiccups 95% of the time. Vinegar, it doesn't matter what kind. The trick is to find the most sour thing you can. Make sure you take a good amount. 1 spoonfull is all you need. If you make a face when taking it, then it will work. Lemon juice, lime juice or anything super sour will work. It's weird because you expect the next hiccup to come and it never does. Guaranteed to work or your money back. lol

Replied by Bob
Memphis, TN

Let me give you my cure for hiccups. I have been using this method for years and have never had it fail to work. Before I found this cure I would sometimes get the hiccups and it would last for hours. I use regular white sugar. Use 1 heaping teaspoon but the key is how you do it. You have to hold your breath and then dump the sugar down your throat all at one time and swallow it and keep on holding your breath for as long as possible. It will not work if you don't hold your breath. It really does work. I know this is a problem for a lot of people so, good luck!

Replied by Nonni
Cleveland, OH

Yes, this is a great remedy for hiccups and my mom used to give this to us kids growing up. One teaspoon always did the trick. I never heard before that there was a special way to take this, but I do know that eating that whole teaspoon of white sugar never failed. Honey would be more nutritious than white sugar, but I don't know if honey would work for hiccups.

Replied by Maureen
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Hi, the cure I use for hiccups is put a stainless steel knife in a glass of water. Drink the water with the handle of the knife touching your temple. In a few minutes your hiccups will be gone.

Replied by Lucky
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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growing up my parents would always give us sugar and vinegar (the vinegar gets rid of the hiccups, and the sugar makes it taste better). all you have to do is get a teaspoon of sugar, pour enough vinegar on top to make the sugar wet, and as soon as you get it down the hiccups are gone

Replied by Kaitlin Rose
Dillon, Co
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I have to say, Apple Cider vinegar works really well for me. Filled a shot glass half full with raw Apple Cider Vinegar and shot it down. Worked instantly

Posted by EL (Chicago, IL) on 07/11/2008
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I had hiccups for two days with my only relief coming when I was asleep. I found the remedy on this site and decided to give it a try, especially since the remedy for tonsilitis worked so well. I took a tbsp of ACV and the effect was immediate relief! The hiccups were gone upon ingestion! Amazing!

Posted by Wendy (Grand Rapids, MI) on 06/04/2007
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Vinegar worked for my hiccups! Had them for over 20 minutes - tried holding my breath and drinking water with no avail. Took one shot of organic ACV and they were gone. I'm amazed! Thanks!!

Posted by Dr Murtaza (Mumbai, India) on 04/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

It's wonderful to know the amazing effects of Vinegar. One man 72 years old had constant hiccups for 2 days and more when he consulted me. I gave him this bit of advice to take 1 tsp of vinegar and his hiccups stopped instantly ... It's almost a month he has never had it again

Posted by Klars (Ottawa, Canada) on 03/31/2007
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The only thing that has ever cured my hiccups has been to take a swig of vinegar. It burns terribly all the way down but instantly that looming hiccup feeling dissipates.

For those with real trouble with hiccups, who can hold their breath until they turn blue while standing on their head drinking water only to resume hiccuping afterwards, I can't recommend the vinegar highly enough. Often I get them when I've eaten too much and drinking water or eating peanut butter seems to just make them worse. I was skeptical, but elated to discover that vinegar works.

Water and the Help of a Friend

Posted by Lucinda (Perth, Australia) on 02/20/2007
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A friend showed me this trick and I have never seen it fail. If some one has hiccups give them a large glass of water, six or seven hundred mls, put you hands over their ears firmly and tell them to drink and keep drinking until you say stop. Let them drink most of the water and then take your hands away. The hiccups will disappear. I get my husband to do this for me and it works every time. Makes a good party trick too.

Replied by Pam
Arlington, TX/United States
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I have a similar remedy for hiccups. It takes water and the help of a friend. Have the person with hiccups drink about 1/2 glass of water (4-6 oz.), breathing normally. While they are drinking, someone else must pull up their earlobes. Works every time. Even on babies. Just hold up their earlobes while they're drinking their bottle.

Replied by G

Weird....try some sugar on a teaspoon...This has worked for me for more than 20 years.

Replied by Ani
Ontario, Canada

Holding breath. The drinking remedies are all related to holding breath because you HAVE to hold your breath as you drink.