Hiccup Remedies

Raw Onions
Posted by Cyndy (Vershire, Vt) on 10/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My hubby had a bad case of hiccups 16 years ago. He was heading out to the car to put our lunch stuff away, carrying an onion in a baggie, he rolled the baggie down and took a bite or two. The hiccups were immediately gone and he didn't get another one for 14 years (seriously). At work one day (about two years ago) he had a hiccup and was getting ready to eat his sandwich, took out some of the onion and chewed it up. The hiccups did not continue. This morning I was making his steak sandwich and hiccuping from the fridge to the table, etc. I decided to take a couple slices of the onion and - voila! Not another hiccup. I'd heard him talk about it for years, but until today I never tried it. I'm a true believer now.