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Drink Upside Down

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Posted by Sara (Bentonville, Arkansas) on 01/30/2013

Another yay! Had a bad case of hiccups I took about three gulps of water out of a cup upside down using a straw (I didnt follow one persons post of upper lip on rim of cup) and worked like a charm. Try it. It works! Sara

Drink Upside Down
Posted by Penny (Columbus, Ohio, USA) on 12/20/2007

I am 56 years old and my grandmother taught me to drink water upside down. It works 100% of the time. As previous posts mentioned you must drink with your upper lip on the rim and drink while bending over and sucking air at the same time. It's weird sounding until you finally figure out that it works every time.

Replied by Bryan
(Port Vue, Pa)

it doesnt matter how you get the liquid in your mouth.
just get a mouthfull of any drink. look down almost like your trying to turn your head upside down.
it will feel like the liquid is gooing to flow into the nasal pasage.
hiccups are gone!!! everytime!!!

Replied by Louise
(Kansas City, Missouri Usa)

I learned this trick when I was 14. I suffer from very frequent and VERY painful hiccups. I just fill my mouth with as much water as it will hold, bend completely over at the waist, and then swallow. Usually I have to do this 3 or 4 times right in a row but it always works! ! !

Replied by Isabelle
(Garden Grove, Ca Usa)

Yea! Hello everybody from our wonderful earth clinic community! It seem to be that the action of swallowing while the diaphragm is compressed and not moving with our breathing stop hiccup after 2 to 5 swallows. Even when I don't have water handy , I just take a deep breath block it , bend and swallow a bit of saliva a few time without breathing and the diaphragm go back to behave normally: no more hiccup! Peace!

Replied by Aria
(Port Huron, Mi, Us)

I too have been drinking water upside down for hiccups since I was 14. It works every time. . . Just remember not to breathe through your nose while bent over with water in your mouth! I have learned that from experience :).

Replied by Joanvirginia
(South Riding, Va)

Wow, that was soooo easy! I had just a tiny sip of water in my mouth (I actually had a large sip before I swallowed half of it), I leaned over, while sitting, with my head between my knees and swallowed. Gone. So cool!

Replied by Selmalami
(Newton, Ma, Usa)

My family have all been using a method I found here for as long as I can remember. It's a variant on the water drinking one. My sister found it after she had hiccups for almost two days!!! I've always been distrustful of hiccup cures but amazingly this one seems to work. Luckily, I've never had it as bad as my sister!! ^_^

Replied by Machelle
(Tucson, Az)

I have been miserable with the hiccups for the last hour. Just tried drinking water upside down and I can't believe it worked! Thank God, I thought my chest was going to explode!

Drink Upside Down
Posted by Anna (Waxahachie, USA) on 10/17/2007

whenever i have hiccups, i just bend over and drink water, it works every time

Replied by Theo
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

This simple remedy really worked: I put some water in my mouth, bent over forward with my head pointed to my toes, and then swallowed. After that, my hiccups were instantly gone!

Drink Upside Down
Posted by Smiles (Fruitland, U.S) on 07/11/2007

re: Drinking up-side-down- hiccups -- My brother taught it to me a few years ago. It has never failed me yet. Just get as much water in your mouth as you can, put your head between your knees, and swallow. Every once in a while you'll have to do it two or three times, but it usually works on your first try.

Replied by Ajeeth
(Toronto, Canada)

This was a great help from earthlink comunity. Swallowing mouthfull of water by bending down immediately stopped my hiccups. Worked like a charm!

Replied by Zuely
(Batavia, Ny)

I can't believe this actually just worked for me!

Drink Upside Down
Posted by Luisa (Boca Raton, FL) on 12/02/2006

Drinking water upside down is the only thing that works for me. It NEVER fails. Just make sure that you bend down at the waist and put your head down, and then drink with the rim of the glass on your upper lip instead of the lower lip, just like the person before me said. I have done this for years and it is the only thing that works. When I tell people to do it they think I am crazy, but when it works they are amazed. :D

Drink Upside Down
Posted by Christina (Silverdale, WA)

I always try holding my breath first, as that is the easiest, but if that doesn't work, I drink upside down. Bend over at the waist and take a drink of water, putting the rim of the cup on your top lip instead of the bottom one. It is important to swallow while still upside down. This has had and almost 100% success rate for me, although it gets me some strange looks :P

Drink Water Through Paper Towel

Posted by Tiffany (Asheville, Nc) on 01/03/2013

To get rid of hiccups: Place water in glass and cover lid of glass with a paper towel. Drink water in glass through the paper towel. No more hiccups.

Replied by Saba
(Mentor, Oh)

Wouldn't you be ingesting all the chemicals that the paper towel is made of? Be safe. Try raising both arms up and hold it there for a minute next time.

Drink Water With Spoon in It

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Posted by Grace (London, Uk) on 10/15/2012

I have had hiccups all day and tried holding my breath, which stopped the hiccups for a while but then they came back. I also tried drinking water upside down which I found hard to do and it did not work.

Thank goodness for your website! I looked up remedies and was sceptical about the one describing drinking water with a spoon in it but I tried it, making sure to use a big tablespoon and keeping the handle next to my cheek the whole time as I chugged down a big glass of water and now my hiccups have completely disappeared!

Thanks again earthclinic community. This site is the best site for finding great home remedies.

Drink Water With Spoon in It
Posted by Jerry (Albany, New York) on 10/23/2008

Hi, Jerry from Albany Ny again..I just wrote to you about my hemorrhoids problem and hopefully you'll email me back with your suggestions. However, I just remembered a cure for Hiccups that an old time waitress gave my friend and I after we were out drinking and stopped for breakfast.

She told my friend (who was hicupping for about half-hr. that she would be right back..She came back with a "Glass" not plastic of water with a spoon in it..She told him to drink the water but you must let the spoon constantly touch your cheek..

Believe it or not, when he finished drinking the glass of water his hiccups stopped and never came back..
I thoght it was just luck, but several wks later at my sister's house she got the hiccups and I told her to do the same and she did and yep, they went away again...Fate, luck or whatever...

I would pass it on...

Replied by Rachel
(Baytown, Tx)

Worked like a charm! My 6yr old had hiccups so we first tried holding his breath, nothing, then tried rubbing his right ear lobe, nope, next we tried the glass with spoon and hiccups stopped immediately!! We were both pretty amazed!

Replied by Peter
(Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff)

Hiccup Remedy:

Hold your breath for as long as you can whilst pinching your right ear hard all the time.

I laughed when I was told this but I tried it and wow, same reaction from everyone I tell but they try it and it's never failed yet. I recall the pinching of the ear releases chemicals, sounds nuts, try it.

Drink Water Without Breathing

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Posted by Dion246 (Central, Sc) on 10/18/2011

While holding your breath, take a drink of any beverage. Soda or sweet tea works great, but I don't think it matters about the beverage. Usually one sip is all it takes.

Drink Water Without Breathing
Posted by C (PDL) on 02/11/2007

The remedy I have used for 20 years: Drink 10 swallows of water straight without breathing. Works every time.

Replied by Javagenie
(Central, Vermont)

This is by far the most affective way to get rid of hiccups. I tell my friends to do this all the time. It has never failed. They are always amazed at how well it works. However, I tell them to take individual sips for as long as they can hold their breath... but at least a minimum of 10 sips of water. Swallow each time.... don't guzzle it. I've been able to stop my own hiccups without water by just holding my breath and swallowing.

Another good thing to add into the remedy is staring. I tell them to concentrate on a single spot in front of them and don't take their eyes off of it. You have to try it... all of the other remedies work sometimes. This one works everytime!

Replied by Natural in NY
(Upstate New York)

I can't believe I only recently learned of this. My mother actually told me about it. I had always tried unsuccessfully to just hold my breath. It never worked well. Now, I take a deep breath and sip water to roughly the count of ten. It has worked perfectly two times now. It is my new favorite remedy for hiccups! I hope this helps someone else.


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Posted by Shurtygee (Hutchinson,kansas) on 12/08/2013

I had hiccups for 4 days an orange or a few grapes would stop them for a few hours. So I starting eating 4 or five grapes as soon as the hiccups would start again after 2 days of eating grapes they stopped. I have been eating a few grapes and an orange most every day for two weeks and they have not come back, I don't want to go through that again, couldn't sleep, had really bad heartburn and was getting sore from strong hiccups.

by the way I tried drinking water upside down, holding breath while drinking etc. Hiccups never even slowed.Hope no one else goes thru hiccups that bad , but if you do I hope this helps.

Posted by Peggy (Maple-Ridge, BC , Canada) on 11/01/2007

Hiccups, Whenever I get a case of the hiccups I usually eat grapes! Red, green, black. It works! Just eat three or four grapes, its gotta be something in the skins!

Holding the Breath Technique

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Posted by Teacheroftheyear (Pennsylvania, US) on 11/05/2014

Contracted a seemingly intractable case of hiccups lasting a few minutes until I tried this remedy. Took a few breaths at first, but didn't hold the final one long enough. Tried the method again, two deep breaths and exhales followed by another deep breath; hold while the diaphragm is inflated. Hold breath until you cannot hold any longer.

A+ Remedy for a quick dispensing of the hiccups.

Holding the Breath Technique
Posted by Nina (Sofia, Bulgaria) on 12/27/2009


holding breath, pinching the nose and swallowing and breathing in more and swallowing again a few times.

Worked 1st time.

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