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Vitamin E

Posted by Christopher (Brooklyn, New York) on 02/26/2013

I have been searching for more information concerning vitamin E and how it enhances the replication of the HCV virus. I found that resveratol also does this. Below is one of the links I found. If there are any others, please let me know.


Kind regards, asianteasets

Vitamins And Hep C

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/16/2013

U of Naples study about vitamins and hepatitis C. Here is a link to this important study:


EC: Thank you, Oscar! We copied it into your previous post as well.

Replied by Susan
(San Francisco, Ca)

I clicked on this link and my computer turned off.

EC: Hi Susan, we just tested the link on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and had no problems. You may need to have Adobe Acrobat installed in order for it to work.

Vitamins B12 and D

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 02/14/2013

An important newly published study from the University of Naples shows vitamin B12 and vitamin D to be of great benefit for HCV infectees. This same study states taking vitamin E enhances the HCV viruses' ability to replicate and should NOT be used as a supplement. Again, do NOT use vitamin E supplements while treating a hepatitis C infection.

Some highlights from this study here:

Significance of this study
What is already known on this subject?

< Less than 50% of individuals infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 clear the infection after treatment with the combination of
pegylated interferon-a and ribavirin.

< The non-structural 3/4A protease inhibitors boceprevir and telaprevir significantly improve the sustained viral response (SVR) rate in
patients with chronic HCV genotype 1 infection naiive to treatment. However, several questions remain about the applicability of these directacting antiviral agents in 'real-life' conditions.

< In vitro, vitamin B12 inhibits HCV translation by directly interacting with the internal ribosomal entry site of HCV-RNA.

What are the new findings?

< In patients with chronic HCV infection naiive to antiviral therapy, vitamin B12 supplementation improves the overall rate of SVR to pegylated interferon-a and ribavirin by 34%. The effect seems to be particularly pronounced in difficultto- treat patientsdnamely, those infected with HCV genotype 1 and with a high baseline viral load.

How might it impact on clinical practice in the foreseeable future?

< The new-generation HCV antiviral drugs, such as direct-acting agents, need careful monitoring and stringent futility rules to prevent the
emergence of multiresistant HCV strains and to avoid overtreatment of patients. Until eligibility criteria are well established, the standard
of care +B12 combination is a safe and inexpensive alternative to improve the rate of SVR in difficult-to-treat patients. This strategy
would be especially useful in those countries where, owing to limited economic means, the new-generation antiviral therapies cannot be
given in routine clinical practice.

A link to this very important study in its entirety here:


Replied by Taram
(Cincinnati, Oh)

Can you please tell me if these cures are effective for Genotype 4 also? My fiance is Egyptian and they have a huge Hep C crisis there but its mostly genotype 4. About 50% of his family is suffering severely. Thank you.

Where to Buy BHT in Nigeria

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 08/13/2014

Hello Nigerians, I found a company that sells BHT to Nigerians. Here is a direct link to buy BHT from them:
Now this is " The Life Extension Foundation ". I spoke with a staff member of LEF. She told me she knows of NO reason why you can not purchase BHT from them. The price for non-members is $ 16.50 US dollars for one hundred 350mg capsules of BHT. Now you will need a credit card to buy it or have a friend who will let you use their credit card.

If you join LEF and become a member you can buy the BHT for $12.38 for the same one hundred 350mg capsules.
Here is some more information about LEF along with a phone number if you have any problems:
Nigeria is not listed on the countries with restrictions http://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements/Shipping/Shipping-Information.htm? Do recall there sometimes being problems with credit cards from that country. If you were informed that they couldn't buy the product from us, you are welcome to contact Customer Service 1 800 678 8989 or http://[email protected] to find out.

So I very much hope this resolves this problem for you Nigerians. I do recommend you start out with 1/2 of a capsule for at least a few days to make sure you have no problem with using BHT. The capsules are easy to pull apart. Then just fold the remainder in a piece of paper for the next dose. Also: I very much advise taking BHT with water only on an empty stomach for best results.
Also: Please report back to the EARTH CLINIC and let me know if this works out for you people. Also: You people need to boil any water you drink to ensure it is safe to drink. The same is true for everyone because so much of the entire world`s water is no loner safe to drink unless it is boiled first....Oscar

Quick follow up to Nigerians: There may be other payment options for buying BHT from Life Extension Foundation. Such as a BANK CHECK or MONEY ORDER if you do not have a valid credit card. You can speak with a customer service representative at: 1-800-678-8989. This is a good company. If you don`t screw them around they will sell the BHT at a good price. I have purchased BHT from them for many years. It is a good product based on my experience with them. So this should solve this problem. I still do not know what the problem was to begin with. There are NO trade restrictions regarding Nigerians buying BHT according to the woman I spoke with. She does state there were problems with Nigerians and credit cards. So if you try and scam or cheat them with invalid credit cards don`t blame me or them. I do know most Nigerians are good people but I have learned there are some Nigerians who try and scam people. The same is true of some Americans so I am NOT judging Nigerians per se. As far as I know there is NO reason you can not buy BHT from LEF. If you want this BHT do NOT try and screw them around with invalid credit card numbers. It is up to you to establish trust with these people by being honest and using valid funds. I went to the trouble to find a retailer for you. Don`t make me live to regret doing so....Oscar

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, OH)

Oscar, You are one decent person! Thank you for all the work you have done to benefit all of us here on Earth Clinic. I just bought some BHT to have on hand for ebola, or who knows what, just in case. My kids think I am a riot for worrying about this stuff. I lost count of how many people whose lives you probably have saved!

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Rsw from Uniontown, OH, Thank you for your kind remarks. They do mean a lot to me. It is worth noting that what BHT can treat it can also prevent. By that I mean taking a moderate daily dose of BHT per day can go a long ways in preventing the many viral infections BHT is effective as a treatment for, from ever establishing themselves in a persons body to begin with. It is much easier to prevent a viral infection that it is to effectively treat one. Infections such as herpes are all to easy to catch. Oral herpes can be contracted from kissing someone with a sore on their mouth for example. And genital herpes can be contracted the obvious way. Your children may wish to consider that. And the different flu viruses and such.

This BHT stuff is for real. It does work when nothing else does. I have explained how at length. It is the right size to penetrate those lipid coatings so many viruses have. It is readily attracted to said lipid coating because of it`s high hydrocarbon content in the same way and for the same reasons oils do not mix with water. But, unlike vegetable oils it does not have a long hydrocarbon tail group and will NOT neatly fit in said lipid coatings the way the lipids that make up vegetable oils of all types do. BHT also has so called hot spots that compel these bulky metabolites of BHT to move about rapidly tearing the lipid coatings apart. I go on about this in hopes of educating people about BHT....Oscar

Replied by Lekan


Thanks for your sincere concern. Please help us out. We still can't get the BHT in Nigeria. All these companies you recommended to us stated it clearly that they won't supply Nigerians without a single reason.

What have we done so bad to have deserved this?

Replied by Ladymars
(Florida, Us)

Hi, perhaps Paypal would be an option for purchasing BHT or other items. I read that it is extending its services to Nigeria, but don't know if it has done so yet.

Paypal Services Extended to Nigeria

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