H1N1 Flu Treatment

Olive Leaf and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Maria (Australia) on 08/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

In 2009, age 66 yrs, I contracted a virus on a short plane flight. It was extremely debilitating and kept changing its symptoms. I was too weak and dizzy to leave the house and so it took me a while to go to my doctor. She said that she could see it attached to the roof of my mouth, but that medicine has nothing yet for a virus. After two months it produced the symptoms of Labrynthitis where if I moved -even my eyeballs-the room would spin and I'd vomit.

When I could not keep water down, I called an ambulance in case of dehydration. One medic checked the back of my hand and said no dehydration then they spoke to me from across the room. When my partner told them that he's been nursing me and hadn't caught it, they replied "not yet". Folks I'm convinced that this was Swine Flu. Finally, a friend in another city hearing about my condition rang and said that she had found a cure for virus and to just do exactly as she directed. It worked, so here it is:

1 teaspoon Olive Leaf Extract and 1 teaspoon Colloidal Silver in half cup of water. Drink it straight down. Do Not Repeat! Then make up a full cup of the same and gargle it (don't swallow) over 24 hours.

Guess what? It killed that thing attached to the roof of my mouth-my doctor verified that it was gone- and I soon felt normal. Word spread and I shared this recipe with a lass in her 20s who had the same symptoms and hers was gone in 24 hrs as well!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Marylistens (Chicago, Il) on 01/09/2010
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I just am getting over H1N1 and I felt like I tried everything. The doctors had my on antibiotics, steriods, inhaler. What I found worked best was oil pulling with coconut oil 2-3 times per day to really get the mucus out. Then I did 2 ear candles because the doctor said I had a lot of fluid in my ears, then I took tons of vitamin C in the powder form (very little sugar) and echinacea, then I tried a green "breathe deep" and "Flu Season" type tea with natural honey and 1/2 a lemon juiced. I kept our heat at 80 and had a small heater next to me to promote a fever to prevent the virus from duplicating. I also inhaled 2 drops of tea tree oil in a face humidifier. I waited until the last week of this 4 week illness to try natural remedies and they worked.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Azg (Toronto, On) on 01/10/2010

I also read somewhere that dramatically increasing your Vitamin D intake really helps to kill the H1N1 virus as well as fermented foods such as Kimchi. If anyone has had success with this, I'd love to hear the feedback!

Posted by Patricia (Sanford, Fl) on 12/11/2009
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My H1N1 experience:

Extremely sore throat---Drank cayenne tea (1/4 teaspoon cayenne in 8 oz. cup of hot water), sore throat was gone within the hour, but I had to drink some more cayenne tea at the end of the day and also in the morning of the second day. After that, the sore throat was gone.

Runny nose/Stuffy nose---Nasal/sinus rinse a few times a day (1/4 teaspoon sea salt dissolved in cup of warm water. My ears had started to plug, but I feel the nasal rinse kept me from getting a full-blown ear infection. If you try this nasal rinse, don't do it before going to bed, because sometimes your nose will drain a bit more a short while after doing the rinse. I would also recommend a daily or twice-daily nasal rinse as a matter of routine, just to keep the passages clear and clean.

Fever---I'm not one to get high fevers, so I didn't take anything for the fever. If it had risen above 102F I would have taken aspirin. The fever lasted about 4 days.

Very bad "wet" cough--After a few days, my lungs were congested, so I drank more cayenne tea. This loosened the congestion and I was able to cough it up. I realize that this symptom could have been very severe, but I think the pneumonia vaccine I got last month may have kept that in control.

By the third day, I also started to eat quite a bit of organic soup, to which I added lots of onion and crushed,fresh garlic. And, as always, I drank plenty of filtered water and green tea.

I missed a week of work, and after ten days from the onset of the first symptoms, the only thing I'm dealing with is a very slight, occasional cough. I didn't really regain my strength until a day or so ago, but I don't know if that's purely because of the severity of the virus or because I also have Lupus. I'm just thankful that I didn't end up in the hospital, as so many others have.

My usual diet is 80% organic and I don't have meat or chicken more than once or twice a week, and that is in small amounts. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, as well as whole grains. Filtered water is a must, as is green tea. I've had very few bouts of illness since I changed to a healthier diet.

Homeopathic Remedy, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Candee (Brownstown, Mi, USA) on 12/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Daughter over H1N1 in 24 hours

My daughter came down with H1N1 yesterday. I gave her oscillococcinum about 4pm. I also gave her about 20 minutes later apple cider vinegar (1 tsp mixed with apple cider and water). Not much change at this point.

She woke up at 5am and then at 5:30am I gave her another dose of oscillococcinum and by 8am her fever broke. About 6am I gave her apple cider vinegar and then some more about 7am. I have been giving the oscillo first and then apple cider vinegar about 30 minutes later each time. She is 4 btw. Then around noon her fever cam back some 99.9, not early as high as earlier. I did end up making a dr appt since the fever was coming back, but it was mostly a waste since by the time 2:30pm of her appt she was not longer with those blood shot glassy eyes and wanting to sleep all the time. Her fever was still fairly low 99.6. Now at 5:30pm she is running around acting like her old self. I have been telling everyone to use this combo for the flu!

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Baldev (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 11/21/2009 189 posts


Of course you are the best judge, I want your opinion on the use of iodine in the circumstances you have explained in this mail. Thanks

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/24/2009 385 posts

Dear Baldev:

Iodine can be used to raise the body's immune system overall, in particular, is sleeping on time (it's like you hit a wall when the time comes), it has the largest effect on the pineal gland and the thyroid, from my observations. Iodine in itself is antiviral, but it is not dramatic as lysine and aspirin in regards to fever, and it's not as dramatic in regards to its effect in reducing overall mucus as sea salt and digestive enzyme.

What it does is raises the body's metabolism and body heat, which can be noticed during your sleep as the body temperature goes up. The reason why iodine isn't so dramatic has a lot to do with the dose I used, which is often low, between 1-10 drops, of a Lugol's solution, which contains both iodine and iodide. It heats up the thyroid in most women, but not men after taking, an indication of low iodine, as most women are usually iodine deficient, as their breast needs iodine too. The best ways to use iodine as in Lugol's solution, I have found to possible remedies, one is just Lugol's solution, 1/4 glass, to be used as a mouthwash, using between 10-20 drops of lugols, enough to do a couple of swishes, and possibly small amounts to drink to help with a sore throat. If in event of a pneumonic plague (hemorrhagic flu), more iodine drops may be needed.

The second remedy is the iodine Lugol's solution with hydrogen peroxide. The mixture is prepared as follows: a 10-20 drops Lugol's solution, plus 2 caps of 3% H2O2, in 1/4 glass of water, which is a very powerful antiseptic. It's used as mouthwash only, but maybe too strong to take small sips, around 1-5 cc, but can be done if a person is not sensitive to them. I am less sensitive so that can be easily done, then perhaps followed by drinking water in a couple of minutes. However the best sore throat remedy that I have tested on a couple of people here to ward off a possible respiratory pneumonic plague is the broad antiviral Humic acid, not fulvic acid, but fulvic acid works, if you just happened to have coumarin, and ethanol alcohol sitting around your room! LOL. The two both works, the first because of the natural traps humic acid on the virus, which works like a cockroach hotel.

The viruses goes in, it doesn't come out. The labyrinthine molecular structure of the humic acid makes it possible to trap nearly every kind of viruses there is. Hence it makes an ideal component as an atomizer or small 15 minutes sips to wash out the virus by trapping them along the throat, esophagus, possibly in a sinus sprayer for the nasal, and possibly for the lungs, in limited amounts to trapping the H1N1. The humic acid may be prepared and may be synergistic with the iodine solution mentioned.

There are two more remedies that come to mind regarding this formula.

The first one is the pure humic acid, roughly 1/4 teaspoon per 500 cc of water well shaken, in a drinking water drank throughout the day at a maximum of 30 minutes interval to prevent it from spreading, reduce the sore throat. It takes effect in reducing some pain in a matter of minutes.

The second one is the iodine Lugol's solution added, which is a bit stronger.

The remedy for that one is 10 drops of Lugol's plus 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid in 500 ccs of water, well shaken. Iodine is well known to be antiviral.

The mistake in the urban legends that people do not know, but is well known in microbiology is that alcohols don't kill virus well, regardless of whether it is HIV, AIDS, swine flu, cold flu, norovirus, etc. They are more effective against bacteria. Hence, the extensive use of alcohol gels does nothing to prevent their spread.

I have never seen condoms made of alcohol gels to prevent AIDS, so condoms manufacture do have some idea.

The best alcohol gel is to use iodine. Because of the problems of discoloration, the best gel is the iodine gel. Sorry, it's not available commercially and by FDA rules, I can't sell them either. It's amazing how they build mazes to prevent a cure. You can't even carry enough liquids carry on to treat yourself - 100 cc. Hence it has to be prepared on an airplane, if you happened to have humic acid with you or iodine into drinking water - that's to get around the restrictions.

A friend of mine was carrying baking soda to treat sore throat and was stripped naked, cavity search, and flight delayed (not to mention he has to buy another plane ticket! just because it was a baking soda. (Anything white powdered is construed by the authorities here as heroin, cocaine, even if you were carrying talcum powder) Since there's nothing I can do about these increasing controls, the best way to get around the problem (maybe) an unopened labeled clearly baking soda, for the sore throat.

Unless of course, the plane has that handy, also unlikely.

The best way to prepare a hand sanitizer is NOT the alcohol gel. It's the iodine solution. To get AROUND the problem of discoloration is to use hydrogen iodide. The way I prepare is simple, primitive, and imperfect. However, it's a solution that resembles clear water.

All I have is to get a bottle of lugol's solution. If I can't get that, then a betadine is fine.

There are two ways I am aware of to prepare hydrogen iodide.

One is to use sodium borohydride, purchased from your local chemical suppliers.

The second way is to get a bottle of hydrazine. Drops are put into the lugols/betadine mixture. In a 500 cc, it may require well over 50 drops with constant stirring until it slowly turns clear. As to sodium borohydride, a small teaspoon is put into the solution, until it becomes clear. The resulting mix is hydrogen iodide.

Of course, there is a much easier way, just purchased a hydrogen iodide from a local chemical supplier. I wasn't able to get them, hence, I had to prepare them myself. This is used as all around antiseptic specifically against the virus. Iodine is the most effective solution against viruses in most research studies I am aware of.

Other ones are just too toxic for general use, e.g. lithium iodide. Iodine is a halogen, just like chlorine, bromine, fluorine, for example. The only differences between an iodine and the halogens is that iodine is the only element that the body needs, in elemental form. The other ones are too toxic. Here in Bangkok I get into all kinds of endless debates regarding MMS and MMS2 use that it is not a chlorine. So let me settle this issue once and for all. Get a chlorine test paper strips. Yes it's available on the internet.

Here is one link:


When you test the MMS, sodium chlorite, it will detect some chlorine. Yes, it's tested positive. Always. The fun begins however when you add citric acid or vinegar to the sodium chloride solution. Then the paper gets really burning it becomes almost black paper. This means there is the presence of FREE CHLORINE, the same ones we find, but in much lower concentrations found in your drinking shower, we all learn to hate.

As to the MMS2, Jim Humble decides that IS A CHLORINE and it's healthy. The same ones we used in swimming pool, calcium hypochlorite. Therefore it smells like chlorine, looks like chlorine, tested positive for chlorine IT IS A CHLORINE. Chlorine, fluorine drives out iodine, and you get hypothyroidism, but it also drives out iodine from your entire body, but breast, ovaries, adrenal, testicles get affected.

Over the long run, it lowers the metabolism causing obesity.

In any event, the claim that chlorine cures malaria, I don't deny that. But all halogens do that. Including iodine. In fact, one of the people who visited Edgar Cayce got cured of malaria using elemental iodine. The ones we see in betadine iodine, or the nascent iodine invented by Edgar Cayce. The man who was cured of malaria was Dr. Bisey which was used to cure malaria too.

The nascent iodine is prepared using electricity. However, chemically you can do the same which is called hydrogen iodide.

To make it more alkaline I would add elemental iodine to the mix, usually hydrogen iodide plus betadine - Ted's iodine for a lack of a better word, as a substitute for the nascent iodine. It has similar properties as Cayce's iodine, only that it's mixed in grain alcohol -which is ethanol alcohol, or a good substitute is just vodka.

This is just general information regarding iodine use in relation to the flu problems we have right now. I believe our society has just dumbed down, go to any CDC website or authoritative website I won't find much information regarding swine flu remedies, treatment, and specific symptoms. Some people told me I have very general information. I may agree, but if you look at any CDC (centers for disease control) it's not any better. The only thing they have going is much larger hits to their website regarding swine flu information. LOL.

More information on a new Mutated virus form (Swine flu) second wave (Ukraine, pneumonic plague). http://targetfreedom.typepad.com/targetfreedom/2009/11/microbiologist-kidnapped-by-fbi-warning-vaccine-is-bioweapon.html

Correctly called pneumonic plague.

Lysine will slow it down but much larger quantities needed.

I prefer to call it Baxter Pharmaceutical Flu. We give credit where credit is due.

Baxter Pharmaceutical Flu. First noted by Jane Burgermeister regarding her filing for lawsuit when Pharmaceutical shipped out swine flu vaccines that had a mutant form of swine flu that is very contagious primarily affecting the respiratory system and works like the pneumonic plague, and sometimes called hemorrhagic flu, killing the patient by eating up the lungs and drowning in their own fluids and dies of suffocation

. It was first noticed when one of the recipient countries tested on weasels or ferrets by inoculating them about and all of them died quickly. In spite of all that, the Baxter division in Ukraine, I believe, continues to release the virus in that country (through spraying from planes) and currently, there is well over 500,000 some say 1 million who have this problem, but there's a media blackout.

I received reports of spitting out blood, and hence the name hemorrhagic fever. It works similarly to chikungunya, only that this virus digests the lungs very quickly. It's commonly spread in other countries, such as here, mostly through hospital infection, because this is where they do the vaccination. The age groups affected are usually young people, primarily because they are the same group of people most easily vaccinated, as same as the Spanish flu.

A microbiologist Moshe, was recently captured by FBI for exposing the Baxter Pharmaceutical for exposing the bioweapons on August 13, 2009 of this year.

It was done through Ukraine as the center point for the spread. Hence, the media will put it kindly as a typical swine flu. It's a mutant form and affects badly the respiratory system eating up the lungs in a matter of days. I have seen this already in Bangkok.

Once we get much larger numbers where the epidemic cannot be controlled should be out in mainstream media next year. The last time I got reports of this year's swine flu as early as April of 2008, and by having limited facilities for testing, the numbers will always be lower then the real numbers, and if the media reports it too late, the epidemic cannot be controlled early, by avoiding the issue. That's why SARS didn't work, the media reported too quickly. So they are learning that it's best to keep the media tight and once spread, it will be too late. At least that's my understanding of how to spread the epidemic.

The remedy to prevent it from FURTHER eating the lungs, if you think I haven't had the remedy yet, I have. It's the lysine. Taken hourly for 24 hours, during sleep time we might take 4 of them at 1000 mg each all at once, so the sleep cycle won't be disturbed. The poor man who got his lungs eaten away from the hospital in 2-3 days is now ok but he needs to take the lysine everyday. It helps build lungs and prevent them further. The other issue is to reduce the mucus. It's the digestive enzyme, the best brand you can get, taken every 2 hours to 4 hours will stop most of that. If that can't be found, a weaker one is the Ganmaoling tablets. Yes I have the remedies all worked out, just in time for the Baxter pharmaceutical flu. It's not the best but at least I kept him out of the ICU and the poor man is o.k. now. It has already spread sometime ago anyway, but it's under the umbrella of the original swine flu. I called this to Deirdre, the Second Wave flu. There is a third one I believe, but I needed to chase those people to find the remedy. LOL.

In case you like to do research there is ANOTHER amino acid that may stave off the flu, it's the L-Threonine.

Humic acid is a natural all around one. Don't expect MMS to work. It doesn't work over the long run as lysine, aspirin or even the digestive enzyme. Weakens the body's immune system in the long run by kicking out the iodine and chlorine is replaced instead in the thyroid. It's just best overall to take a drop of lugol's solution, with the H2O2 drops.

For some who still denies that MMS is a chlorine, please get the Chlorine paper test. It becomes a FREE chlorine AFTER you have added the citric acid, but there is some available chlorine even before the mixing with citric acid.

Here is the link to the chlorine paper test, for some who denies there is such a test... https://www.indigoinstruments.com/test_strips/disinfectants_sanitizers/chlorine_and_iodine/chlorine-test-papers-200ppm-33815.html


P.S. The most depressing news for me is not the flu itself it's the control of selling of supplements which is supposed to go into effect December 31, 2009, under the Codex Alimentarius. Hopefully it won't stop everything immediately such sales! A cure can be found, but the prevention of sales of supplements is something I have trouble getting around the issue. The one positive side is aspirin is the most difficult ones to control which is useful at least for the Swine flu first wave. The second wave of course is the Baxter Pharmaceutical flu.

I have as yet to prove whether that works for the second wave.

You may get the Baxter pharmaceutical near you. It may be found in most swine vaccines today, please check for Jane Burgermeister's lawsuit for details.

or just general info here http://www.theflucase.com/

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Peryn (Kennesaw, Ga) on 11/25/2009

Pneumonic (Baxter) flu

Ted, thank you for all the information provided for this flu. Regarding the use of humic acid delivered by an atomizer- you stated "a weak solution to breathe in". Could you specify: 1) how much humic acid to dissolve in water for this method 2) how much to inhale and 3) best method to inhale (directly or spay in air and then inhale). I also noted that you are not mentioning BHT with this Baxter pneumonic flu-is there any benefit of BHT when treating this Baxter flu?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/01/2009 385 posts

Dear Peryn:

My method for preparing a humic acid delivered temporarily to breathe in to kill the Baxter flu (respiratory type, hemorrhagic flu, mutant swine), is as follows: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of humic acid is dissolved in 500 cc of the container. It is well stirred, and allow it to dissolve completely. Preferably lukewarm water is fine. Decant the soluble portions to a sprayer, and discard the larger debris, which is the precipitate.

Depending on the seriousness of the lung condition, if not serious, indirect spraying is fine. However, once it reaches the respiratory system, then it is sprayed directly. An early signs of the condition before it invades the lungs begins with a severe sore throat. I have tested everything under the sun, and the best one is the humic acid for this particular Baxter pharma flu. Once the sore throat is gone, it can't entire the respiratory system, but may stay as a cough. It is also important to prepare drinking water filled with humic acid.

Personally, I used a 1/4 teaspoon humic acid per 500 cc of water. A wife called me a couple of days ago of a severe sore throat to the point that he couldn't talk. It quickly killed the sore throat, but some minor coughs remain, however, the spread is reduced by the fact that humic acid reduces the viral load, which works more like a birth control so that the system doesn't get overwhelmed.

The drinking water with 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid 500 cc is drunk every 5-10 minutes at least initially and drink a bit less frequently throughout the day should prevent further spread or catching of the flu. Drinking water such as this may be prepared in a thermos bottle to a child, or people going to work so such viruses don't become contagious, or at least it's less possible to catch it.

The humic acid solution in thermos, or drinking water maybe used as a sanitizer, more effectively then an alcohol gel, by traping the viruses. The solution may also be put into a rag to clean tables, desks, kitchen also.

An alcohol gel doesn't kill the viruses, but a humic acid will, and is fairly user-friendly and easier to handle, with exception of carpets, which may stain. It's still a simple solution, but a more elaborate formula is possible by preparing with vodka so the solution will dry quicker when used as handwash, but not as a drinking solution. A drinking solution is only when water and humic acid is used.

As to the BHT, it works within the blood as it is oil-soluble, it won't work on respiratory flu that eats up your lungs, which is the focus of this new strain. A digestive enzyme is also important and rebuilding of lungs (after the damage), is vitamin C, lysine, glycine, and proline. That's the best remedy I can come up with so far.


Swine Flu Pneumonic Plague
Posted by Avignon (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 11/19/2009

Ionized Water Hydrochloric Acid for Swine Flu?

I came across this on a "Ukraine plague" (mutated H1N1 swine flu with receptor binding domain change, D225G -- see info pasted at bottom of this post) related website (ukraineplague.blogspot.com), and I'm wondering if Ted (or any others) can offer their opinions/speculations on the safety, potential effectiveness, and ease of home creation of this remedy:

In South Korea found a new way to fight the epidemic "new" influenza H1N1.

Scientists from Korean universities Ajou (Ajou University) and Yonsei University (Yonsei University) came to the conclusion that one of the most effective in combating the H1N1 virus tool is ozonized water with the addition of small amounts of hydrochloric acid. These outcomes of their research state that ions of chlorine will deactivate the virus, and the water washes away completely from his body. In the course of several experiments was taken 430 thousand virus H1N1, and they all died within five minutes after contact with acid ozonized water (acidic ozone water).

According to researchers, one ton of water to only 22 grams of concentrated hydrochloric acid, and this amount is sufficient to ensure that in the resulting liquid formed a sufficient number of charged chloride ions, which rapidly destroy the virus. In addition, received the acid environment perfect for disinfection of the organism.

"The costs required for manufacturing the funds are negligible compared with the creation of a vaccine - have told the authors of the study, Kwong Lee (Kwang Lee) and Khan Um (Han Uhm) in the pages of authoritative scientific publications Applied Physics Letters. - Moreover, ozonized acidic water can be produced on an industrial scale, fundamentally changing the situation with the spread of the H1N1 virus around the world. "

[additional info from http://www.recombinomics.com/News/11180904/Ukraine_344.html, suggesting that the H1N1 virus has mutated in the Ukraine, leading to a much higher incidence of the cytokine storm which rapidly destroys the lungs and kills: "Included in the sequences from 10 isolates were four HA sequences with the receptor binding domain change, D225G, which was found in the one throat and three lung samples. The change was not found in isolates from nasopharyngeal washes, suggesting D225G may lead to high concentrations of H1N1 in patient's lungs. The high concentration of virus leads to a cytokine storm that destroys the lungs in a few days."]

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Lizzy (Niskayuna, Ny) on 11/17/2009

What does Ted from Bangkok think about this "Swine Flu Pneumonic Plague" going on in the Ukraine now. They say this version affects the lung filling it with blood.

Do you think will also help Lysine, Vitamine C, Vitamine D (possibly BHT) (and adding Ganmaouling Chinese herbal preperation and Methylene blue if there is mucous/breathing problems)?

Swine flu outbreak in Ukraine as virus said to kill dozens

Swine Flu Deaths Hit Ukraine

Please post in "Real-Time Posts" and/or "Swine Flu" so I can find, thanks (:

Oregano Oil
Posted by Janis (Sacramento, Ca) on 11/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had been dealing with sinus issues for years and regularly used a neti pot with salt water to manage it. One of my yoga students is a master herbalist and I asked her for recommendations for building up the immune system of my asthmatic daughter. I had been concerned about her catching the swine flu as it was going through the school. She told me about Wild Oregano Oil being anti-viral,bacterial and anti-fungal. I also did some research online and found a ton of information on the benefits. Make sure it's wild and the high potency.

Not only do I believe it kept my daughter from getting full blown swine flu (she started to come down with the symptoms) but she no longer needs her inhaler. So we all started taking it and normally we all get sick by this time of year but we have managed to keep the funkies at bay with this amazing stuff.

I decided to try one drop in my neti pot against many posts that warned not to because of the heat of the oil. However, I came accross one that said they tried it and it burned no worse than getting a little chlorine in the nose. I decided to try it too and instantly felt relief after the initial slight burning ceased. I have not had an issue with my sinuses since.

FREEDOM for the first time in years! Which is a huge relief as a yoga instructor. It is liquid gold in our house! I truely can't say enough about it.We take one drop under the tounge in the the morning and at night. My kids and I just chase it with water but my husband has to mix it with juice even though he's the only one who can eat wasabi and hot peppers!

Articles of Interest
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 10/31/2009

Swine Flu Cases: CBS reports CDC deception on swine flu cases


Articles of Interest
Posted by Ellen (Denton, Tx) on 04/25/2011

I'm sorry, but I don't see why this should matter to us personally using Earth Clinic. One of my friends was killed at a physics conference by the swine flu. Another of my friends at the university was almost killed by the swine flu by a cytokine storm on his lungs. I developed chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia after the swine flu. It is quite clear to me that it is serious and should be taken seriously and dealt with via NATURAL means such as AHCC, vitamin C, etc. as soon as possible to prevent serious complications, and not pay attention to the political aspects which really don't have any implications for our health.

Swine Flu Remedies for Children
Posted by Trisha (Kearney, Ne) on 10/30/2009

I need help ASAP for my 5 year old daughter. She has all the symptoms of H1N1 and is absolutely miserable. Her fever has not went over 102; but we are giving her Motrin every 6 hours. We are also doing Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C, and are currently trying egg whites on her feet to reduce the fever. She is miserable when I ask her to sit up to take something, she cries and says she can't. Anybody have a quick remedy that would be beneficial for my 5 year old? She is 40lbs.

Swine Flu Remedies for Children
Posted by Celteyes (Pearland, Texas) on 10/30/2009

Re: swine flu in the little one

Get some elderberry liquid and give 1 tsp three times daily. Also Olive leaf extract. This one tastes awful but extremely effective against viral illnesses. You must mix this one with something that will kill the taste.

I have also given my kids homeopathic cold and flu tabs that I have bought at Whole foods. The name begins with an "N". Not sure if I'm suppose to say that or not.

EC: Sure, tell us!

Swine Flu Remedies for Children
Posted by Celteyes (Pearland, Texas) on 10/30/2009

They said it is Ok so the name of the homeopathic cold and flu is Nelsons. I've gotten it at Wholefoods and HEB. I have also used Actonite as soon as I felt the symptoms of flu coming on. Which for some reason has been twice this year uugh. Before this I had the flu once in 20 years!

I also recommend that everyone have an emergency kit always with things you should never be without in case of acute illness or injury. My naturopath gave me this list years ago and I try my best to keep it full and updated. I have that and an emergency kit for each person in my family in case we have to run from something or stay in place for several weeks.

Now a days you never know.

Swine Flu Remedies for Children
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 10/30/2009 509 posts

Hello Trisha,

I would go easy on that Motrin for the fever since they blamed the GB following the flu in the l970's on the aspirin, and aspirin and motrin are both NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and there might be a cross over in reactions. I usually tell people to leave the fever alone as along as it doesn't go above l04 F. The fever is one of the bodies defense mechanisms, so don't kill off your good guys for doing such a good job. If it does go higher, Put some ice in freezer bags, wrap each in a bath cloth or small hand towel so it won't be such a shock to her, and place one icebag under each armpit and one across each side of the groin. This usually drops the fever within 30 minutes and doesn't need to be replaced except for every 3-4 hours.

If you don't have some L-lysine, get some. The adult dose would be 2 grams l-lysine with l gram vitamin C four times a day. For a 40 pound child the dosage would be 40lbs/l50 lbs or about 1/4th of the adult dose so l/4 of 2 grams lysine would be 500 mgm. and for the Vitamin C 250 mgm. 4 times a day. Don't worry if she isn't eating much, but do keep some fluids going frequently. If she has trouble swallowing pills, they can be dissolved in water.

If you have some SSKI, 4 drops in water once a day x 3 days should stop it also but don't try everything at once. The ice for fever is safe to use with anything but I don't like throwing a bunch of medicine down at the same time.

If you have MMS, and want to try it, the dose would be 3 gtts MMS with twice as many drops of fresh lemon juice. You can pull up information of all of the above on internet, but my first choice would be the lysine & Vitamin C for any virus.

L-Lysine, Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Valeriec (Coconut Creek, Fl) on 10/12/2009
4 out of 5 stars

My son is 17 and has had a fever, some congestion and a little bit of cough since yesterday. I gave him 1g L-Lysine and 1 g vit C every hour for about 5 hours, and also 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide in juice (since I had no way of obtaining food-grade HP I used the regular one - tried on myself first, no problems). He won't do the dissolved aspirin or the hp inhalation. The fever went down from 103 to 99.5 but everything else is still the same. I'm thinking it may be bronchitis (he had it before) and just in case I just started giving him garlic, cayenne and oregano oil. The fever is still 99.5, though, and I'm getting really worried. Any thoughts? Thanks!

L-Lysine, Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tina (Dayton, Oh) on 10/24/2009

I am wondering what can be used in children around 8-15 years old for curing swine flu. Most remedies on here refer to adults. Swine is really hitting our area now...Please advice with dosage amounts also. Thank you so much!

L-Lysine, D-3
Posted by Tt (Charleston, Wv) on 10/09/2009
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My son has been coughing a good deal since October 7, 2009. This is not unusual for him this time of year because he has asthma. We were giving him Albuterol and the Pulmicort steriod, this helps some, but very little sometimes. I took him to school late yesterday as we were both up late the night before. I went to work and his school called me within 2 hrs and stated he had a fever of 99.9. I have been reading a lot of Ted's post as well. I became concerned about the Swine Flu, and I purchased D3 and Lysine. Gave him about 4,000 iu of D3 tablets crushed up in water, 500 mg of L-Lysine crushed up in water and 100 mg of V-C as well as his fever was now at 100.1 at 1:00pm.

6:15 500mg Lysine 100.4
6:35 /100.2
6:55/ 101.5
7:03 500 mg Lysine 101.0
8:04 500mg Lysine 102.9 (put him in a cold shower and wife insisted on Tylenol)
8:10/ 102.5
8:20/ 102.0

Also gave Lysine at 9:03, his temp stabilized for awhile but started to go up again. Gave him Advil at 11:00 pm and temp went down again.

*** I thought the L-Lysine was for fevers, and would reduce this fast. It does not semm to have. Was I doing something wrong ? I have also been given him V-C. My son is 9 years old and is 101 lbs. My wife is now at this time buying the D3 in liquid form and the L-Lysine in caps instead of tabs. Any ideas on how it seems that maybe the Lysine did not work, or I did something wrong maybe ? Not sure if he has the Flu though. His nose is not running and there seems to be no congestion. Coughing a lot and fevered. Thanks TT

L-Lysine, D-3
Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, USA) on 10/10/2009 117 posts

I believe you should be giving also asporin about 1000mg with the 1000mg of lysine and if sick with fever this should be given every hour for about 5 hours,,please read Ted's post on flue treatment,,Merryanne

L-Lysine, D-3
Posted by Shelley (North Aurora, Il) on 10/11/2009

Tt from WV,

I will say that if you read Ted's remedies he also says to use Hydrogen Peroxide. Find Ted's remedy on this an go with it. My 7 year old son had the flu on Friday and I did Ted's remedy of H2O2 and L-Lysine and it was the best! Woke up on Saturday morning completely better. His temp was up to 104.0 but it came down and went away by morning. Thank you Ted...we really appreciate all your time and efforts!

Posted by Anon (California) on 10/04/2009

Dear Ted, I really like Earth Clinic and have learned a lot from it that I share with others. Your article about aspirin for the flu really intrigued me, and I want you to know I believe you and that you are sincere, but tonight on Coast to Coast Am some guy was talking and saying that whatever you do don't take aspirin for the bird flu as the doctors during 1918 prescribed it all the time as they really had no cure, and that this caused people to die quicker. But then again they also did not know how to take it. I don't believe this guy but maybe he is just trying to put out false propaganda. I wanted you to know, and if you care to respond to this e-mail Thank You very much for all that you do! I'm in California.

Posted by Tinks (Christchurch, Nz) on 10/04/2009

I just love this site. I am not sure about asprin for treating swine flu. My understanding is that in the flu epidemic it was aspirin that was responsible for many of the deaths. Please do your own research before trying asprin for swine flu.

Posted by Candy (Ofallon, Mo) on 10/09/2009

Why some people put down aspirin is strictly from not understanding anything, nor bothering to read about it. Reyes Syndrome is VERY RARE in people over 18 look it up, read it on the internet. It is pretty much only something that affects the young under 18 .If it was as bad as they say would they be telling adults to take an aspirin a day? Use your head before you repeat something you have heard. The great miracle of the internet is here use it, do research. If you are giving it to a child then think twice it may be dangerous, but for someone who is an adult even research and doctors are not against it.

Posted by Arturo (San Jose, Ca) on 09/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Better, but not cured. My sinuses started draining on Sunday by Monday I felt like I was coming down with something. I did the aspirin remedy on Monday afternoon and felt better the next day. I started feeling crappy again on Wednesday and did the Aspirin remedy again. I felt good for another couple of days, but then it came back again. I did the aspirin remedy a third time, but I felt like the virus moved down to my chest. I was wheezing and coughing up gunk and it scared me so I started taking penicilin that I had picked up in Mexico. I took 1000 mg every four hours and am finally feeling better as of today (10 days into this virus)

My wife had the same symptoms I did and she took the aspirin remedy and it worked well for her. She took the aspirin remedy as soon as she felt the first symptoms and only took it one day.

I think the key to this remedy is starting it as soon as you get the first sign of a cold. I've learned a lot from this board. Thanks

General Feedback
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 09/11/2009 509 posts

First off, I apologize for the fact that what I am going to say is probably going to destroy your peace of mind, but please read on. I gather some may think Ted is off-base on the New World Order thing ("the great conspiracy"). I wish I could agree but I became a believer several years back. I was still fighting against believing it back during the "flesh eating organism" scare several years back. Remember that - you couldn't pick up a newspaper, a magazine or turn on the radio or TV without seeing or hearing something about the flesh eating organism. No mention had been made of a causitive organism until some doctor at Vanderbilt told a reporter that he didn't know why everyone was so scared of this organism. It was the same old streptococcus that had been around at least 40 or 50 years causing problems, only this one was harboring a virus. It was printed in our newspaper (don't remember whether it was The Nasville Tennessean or Nashville Banner- believe we still had both at that time altho the Banner has been defunct for several years now. I had been suspecting that someone had been doing some genetic engineering before, but now I was sure that they had. I remember remarking to a co-worker, "Aha, somebody's been doing some genetic engineering. Now the question is: Did it escape the laboratory accidentally or accidentally on purpose?" All of a sudden, it was like somebody turned off the faucet, I never saw another article on the flesh eating organism or heard another mention of it on radio or TV after that was published. The sudden shut down of any further mention of it in any of the media sources, told me that what ever or who ever had that kind of power must be both large, strong and very wealthy.

The flesh eating organism is still around but it is now being tagged as "necrotizing fascitis". I saw how fast it worked one night at the VA Hospital in Nashville. As my xray tech told me the next night when I went in, "If I hadn't taken both chest xrays myself, no one would ever convince me they were on the same patient". The man came in complaining his right arm was killing him & writhing in agony. Had a heck of a time trying to keep him still enough to get vital signs, EKG and CXR while the doctor was on the way. The only abnormal thing on the first CXR was a very small pocket of empysema in the soft tissue outside the right rib cage. It was so small that both the doctor and I missed it. I didn't have to press my doctor too hard to send him to medical ICU instead of sending him home. I told him that I didn't think the man was acting, was in agony and that I didn't have any idea what was going on with him either but if he was going to err, err in the direction of good medical care for the patient. There was nothing to find on external examination of his right chest/arm either. The second CXR in MICU probably no more than 3 hours past the first one, shortly before the man died. They got the second one because the surgeon called up there to consult told them they had better get a CXR because the patient's entire chest was emphysematous. In this CXR, the small gas pocket had progressed into so much gas formation that both lungs and his heart were pushed over against his left chest wall & you can imagine the compression of these vital organs.

Today I was told that years ago The National Geographic Magazine made an expose report on WHO going all over the world in search of the H1N1 virus that caused the flu epidemic in 1918 & finally found it in flu victims buried in perma frost (in Soviet Russis) and thus remained frozen which preserved the virus for WHO to retrieve. As yet, I have not found that article on line but if you go to Wikipedia and read what is there, you will read that the H1N1 virus was found in the
exhumed flu victims body (soldier) buried in permafrost in Alaska. This confirms that some information is on file somewhere for wikipedia to find it. But where?

Another site I'll refer you to for reading ASAP is "curezone.com/forums/m.asp.?f=3749i=38" re "CDC Lies About Flu Statistics" and the guy refers you to sites that prove it. They have really been working hard at escalating "swine flue" to pandemic and once CDC does that they you can expect us to suddenly be under United Nations and World Health O. rule, probably martial law declared and anyone who rebels against their flu shots or anything else they say you should do can be fined, quarantined, and incarcerated.

These are all little things, but there are so many other little things I haven't mentioned here, but all these little things look like they add up to "the great conspiracy". Another question is why is CDC trying to cause great fear in people? Another one is "What is in those vaccines"?

Natural Solutions Foundation is probably the best site to go to for reading on what has already happened in Europe with this H1N1 flu vaccine. But I have been finding more on other sites this evening.

I think I have told everyone before to get a good supply of vitamin C, L-lysine, MMS, and have a couple bottles of SSKI or Lugol's solution, and a quart or two of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide on hand. Vitamin C boosts the immune system, l-lysine keeps the virus from replicating, and they should already know what SSKI or Lugol's solution and H202 does. The Iodine preparations kill many pathogens (bacterial, viral, molds and parasites) but they also are what will save their thyroid glands if we start seeing any nuclear displays or accidents.

General Feedback
Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, USA) on 09/12/2009 117 posts

To Joyce of Tn. I do agree with you, we need to stock up on the health products we will need, and get as much stocked up each month as you can buy. I am afaird there are going to be so many chages in this country in the next year.

General Feedback
Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, USA) on 09/12/2009 117 posts

Also let me add this for our on studies that we do for our health, if you are like me I can't alway remember everything I read tody, next week I usally look again to be sure I remember correctly,,do you.??? Well I believe the day is coming, and not to far away that we may not have this site or any like it because of government control. I hope I am wrong. But I plan on starting to copy a few general Instructions and putting together in a note book, for my own reference.

General Feedback
Posted by Tricia (Ireland) on 09/12/2009 84 posts

I'm still sitting on the wing as to whether there is a "great conspiracy" or not. I am probobly overly optimistic on this one (my glass is alays half-full not half-empty )but I don' see how, with so many organisations to control that a world scheme could come into operation. However, your belief that the swine flu is a human caused outbreak is most likely to be true. Wasn't the last outbreak of foot and mouth in the U.K. attributed directly to a laboratory near the sites of infection. Although Alaska is a long way from Mexico where the first outbreaks of swine flu were, I think. Only a full OPEN investigation willl tell us the truth and how many of those have we ever heard of.

I have only in recent years been taking note of health issues probobly because I now have kids but every two years there seems to be a new issue giving us major worries. 1st one being all the problems that year 00 would bring then foot and mouth. Next was SARS and now swine flu. I'm convinced that the vast majority of people would never have even heard of these issues for them to create a worry if it wsn't for the Internet and other media sources but I thank my lucky stars for these resources because they also give the give me the means to learn about precautions we can take.

I also thank my stars for people like you whe make us sit up and think - thank you.

BTW - your link to the H1N1 page only goes to the home page, people can use the site search engine to look up H1N1 descendant.

General Feedback
Posted by Janice (Coloma, Mi) on 09/12/2009

I was thinking the same thing!!! Too much great information to lose!

General Feedback
Posted by Tahiti (Monroeville, Pa, united states of america) on 09/13/2009

Merryanne1947, I totally agree with you. We know it is coming and we have been provided with enough information from this earthclinic site to get us through the upcoming 'health holocausts'. It would be a help if earthclinic information could be compiled into some sort of health journal or book. Short of that, it should behoove us to put together as much information that we can from this site, on everything that pertains to H1N1 and any other health problems we could face in the near future! Thanks earthclinic! You'll never know how many lives you have saved and changed...... I am one of them!

General Feedback
Posted by Tricia (Ireland) on 09/14/2009 84 posts

Wha-hey.........you're way ahead of the possie Deirdre. good thinking.

EC: Thanks!

Posted by Cindy (Ch, Wi) on 09/06/2009

Joyce, can l-lysine be taken in the powdered form and how much? thanks

Posted by Lee (New York, New York) on 09/13/2009

I also would be interested in knowing how much lysine to take - as well as any other preventative remedies that are suggested. I do not intend to get the vaccine. Thanks so much. Wonderful website.

Posted by Alyson (Plano, Tx Usa) on 09/12/2009

I have a 19 month old who weighs about 25 lbs, and a 5yo who weighs about 45lbs. How much Lysine should I give them to prevent the flu, swine or otherwise? Im very allergic to aspirin, so we dont have that in our house at all.

Thank you so much for this and for other guidance!! The remedies I have tried here have been AMAZING!!!

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 09/13/2009 509 posts

Remember the adult dosage is figured on 150 pounds, so using Dr. Schultzs' body weight method: put 25/150 for the baby & reduce to lowest fraction=1/6th of adult dose=333mgm

for the 5yo put his 45/150 & reduce to lowest fraction=3/10=600mgm.

Another way to look at the math is to put 2000mgm/150 lbs : Xmgms/25 lbs (read as 2000 mgm is to l50 lbs as Xmgm is to 25 lbs)
easier to see when written as fractions but 150X= 50,000mgm
my keyboard is not geared for scientific or X=333mgm for the baby
or math figures

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 09/14/2009 509 posts

for adults: 2 grams Lysine & 2 grams Vitamin C 4 times a day (meals and bedtime) if having any viral symptoms. However would probably be even better if taking 1 gram of each every 1 -2 hours while awake.

Linus Paulings recommendation for keeping the cardiovascular system healthy was 3 to 6 grams daily of both, of both lysine and vitamin C.

Posted by Laurie (Sudbury, Ontario) on 10/28/2009

Ok I do not understand any of those ingredients in grams or whatever for Lysine, please pleae put it in simple form and explain what it is and how much to give to children under 6-7. like on table half or so on. thanks

How do you give a child Vitamin C , your only supposed to give them their one a days. They dont sell Vitamin C for children so please explain this too, thanks

Posted by Tricia (Ireland) on 10/29/2009 84 posts

My daughter is 4 and less than 3 stone in weight. I base this on Teds advice to use body weight as the divider. . When giving her anything that I am taking myself I divide it by 1/3. In a drink recipe as above I would make as for an adult (water included) then tip 1/3 into a glass and fill again with more water. And give her as much as she will take. For vitamins, I try to buy in capsule form - open the capsule and tip up to 1/3 into her breakfast food or drink. this goes unnoticed by her. If it is a cooked breakfast I wait till it has cooled so as not to damage the actual vitamin through heat.I have put it on sandwiches when I forget to do it in the morning making sure it is well spread out. So as not to wastes the balance of the vitamin put the rest of the capsule/s on a spoon then lower into a heavy cup that won't be knocked over. Leave the capsule on the spoon in the cup for easy retrieval next day. And out of the way from little fingers. I'll post this to the other thread as well to make sure you see it.

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