H1N1 Flu Treatment

L-Lysine, D-3
Posted by Tt (Charleston, Wv) on 10/09/2009
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My son has been coughing a good deal since October 7, 2009. This is not unusual for him this time of year because he has asthma. We were giving him Albuterol and the Pulmicort steriod, this helps some, but very little sometimes. I took him to school late yesterday as we were both up late the night before. I went to work and his school called me within 2 hrs and stated he had a fever of 99.9. I have been reading a lot of Ted's post as well. I became concerned about the Swine Flu, and I purchased D3 and Lysine. Gave him about 4,000 iu of D3 tablets crushed up in water, 500 mg of L-Lysine crushed up in water and 100 mg of V-C as well as his fever was now at 100.1 at 1:00pm.

6:15 500mg Lysine 100.4
6:35 /100.2
6:55/ 101.5
7:03 500 mg Lysine 101.0
8:04 500mg Lysine 102.9 (put him in a cold shower and wife insisted on Tylenol)
8:10/ 102.5
8:20/ 102.0

Also gave Lysine at 9:03, his temp stabilized for awhile but started to go up again. Gave him Advil at 11:00 pm and temp went down again.

*** I thought the L-Lysine was for fevers, and would reduce this fast. It does not semm to have. Was I doing something wrong ? I have also been given him V-C. My son is 9 years old and is 101 lbs. My wife is now at this time buying the D3 in liquid form and the L-Lysine in caps instead of tabs. Any ideas on how it seems that maybe the Lysine did not work, or I did something wrong maybe ? Not sure if he has the Flu though. His nose is not running and there seems to be no congestion. Coughing a lot and fevered. Thanks TT