Effective Natural Remedies for H. Pylori: Herbal and Dietary Solutions

Avoid Pepto Bismol
Posted by Cheryl (USA) on 09/28/2007

Just finished reading a couple of posts regardingcuring H. Pylori....Very interesting. My husband has been suffering for over a year....antibiotics have done nothing. He too was told to add Pepto .....a word to aspirin sensitive folks. Don't do it....We were not aware at the time that Pepto contains so much sodium...about 15% we were told.Caused my husband to spend 48 hours of very painful bloated down time.....This after only 4 doses alongwith his prescribed drugs. I think at this pointwe will try small doses of bicarb of soda and some turmeric on some of his food....along with some of the other spices and see if he gets any relief. The distention of his abdomen and stomach along with the pain are the hardest for him....Very uncomfortable....