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Green Tea

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Posted by Bagpuss (London, U.K.) on 09/30/2012

There are quite a lot of people asking about the green tea method for curing eye bulging with Graves disease. I haven't come across the green tea method but I think I can guess as I have some experience that I would like to share using normal everyday teabags which are made from black tea.

(I have graves disease with multi-nodular non-toxic goitre. ) A couple of years ago, for the first time ever, I developed a stye on my eye. I went to the chemist and got some ointment which did nothing and this stye was getting huge. After maybe two weeks my whole eye was really swollen and red, I started to have a good look around on the internet for remedies as the eye drops weren't doing anything. I came across a lot of feedback about normal black teabags being good for various eye ailments so I can imagine green tea is doing the same - :

Method: Moisten the teabags by pouring on a little hot water on them whilst in a saucer. Let them cool and give them a squeeze so they are fully drenched and the dark tea is coming out of them then gently squeeze some of the excess tea off so it doesn't go everywhere and place the tea bags on the eyes and relax back. Leave on for as long as you want. You want the tea to gently go in the eye so leave enough tea liquid in the bag to do this and pat them into your eyes (your eyes are closed) and you may want to rub the teabag around a bit - don't be scared just get that tea in there:) it doesn't sting at all. I left the bags on for 30 mins the first time and saw immediate redness looked less angry. Carried on doing this all day - maybe about 6 times using same tea bags which I left on the side all day and picked them up and popped them back on when I had a spare 15 mins. Have some tissues handy as the tea drips down your face.

Why I'm telling you this is because the stye came to a head, popped and disappeared in two days and this thing was huge and it was on the rise before the teabags:) So when I had done this for a couple of days, my eyes felt loads better all round - which got me thinking. Normally my eyes are a little bulgy from the graves. They are normally very dry and sandy. Feeling better from the stye situation and feeling like my eyes felt a lot better compared to normal, I carried on every day doing the same with the teabags thinking it may help my graves eye problem. After maybe 2 weeks, my eyes were completely normal. No sandy, gritty feeling, no swollen bags or bulgy, no staring look, free movement of the eyeballs and just felt very good and normal. Amongst this teabag treatment, I did two eye bath washes by bathing my eyes with an eye bath using a solution of mineral water and a little splash of ACV as I had also read somewhere that this helped with eye ailments. I would definately reccommend the combination of the teabags and ACV in an eye bath. The measurements for the ACV wash were a guess when I tried it out so I don't know what to say - maybe one part ACV to ten parts water but I don't think it matter so long as there is some ACV in there. It stings a fair bit so you need it weak but it makes your eyes crystal clear and I really felt like it did them a lot of good. I have never had problems since with my bulgy eyes and if I feel like they are even a little dry, I place my used teabag on my eyes after making a cup of tea:) Or, I may bathe them in the ACV and water for maybe a minute or as long as I can stand it for just to make sure the eye problem doesn't come back but I maybe only do this once in every six months. Make sure it's weak though the ACV - Very important and your eyes will be bloodshot after for a little while but when they clear they look and feel great! Hope this helps and thank you for everyone's contributions. Love.

Replied by Linder
(San Diego, Ca)

What is ACV?

EC: ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar

Replied by Nica

Hi! I know you have posted this 3 years ago, but I hope you will still be able to read my response. I seriously shed some tears after reading your advice. This gives me a lot of hope, and I thank you a lot for sharing your experience! I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2010, and my eyes started to bulge then on. I had RAI in 2012, and I felt better after that. However, it seems that it made my eyes bulge even more. Although my thyroid hormones are normal already based on my blood test, my eyes aren't back to normal yet. I actually thought that I had to just accept it and live with it for the rest of my life. However, the thought of having this pair of bulging eyes forever really makes me feel depressed. I am no longer the same person I was before. Honestly, before being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, people always noticed my eyes because of their rare beauty, but now, people notice them because of their unusual size, and they do not look normal and beautiful at all. This really makes me feel bad. I lost my confidence and self-esteem, and whenever I see myself in ID pictures that are focused on my face and expose my bulging eyes, I see myself very ugly. I always pray that my eyes would be back to normal again, and this site gives me a lot of hope that my prayers will be granted. Thanks to earth clinic and to you and other people who shared how they are able to get rid of their bulging eyes. I am very much excited to try these remedies soon. I will post an update regarding this, but I am really hoping for a positive result. Wish me luck! Thanks again!

God bless all of us!

Replied by Carolyn

Thank you so much for sharing the green tea story! I will definitely try it!

Replied by Miracle
(Detroit, Mi)

So when you did this, did you end up using the regular black tea or did you use the green tea?

Green Tea
Posted by Thankful (Macon, GA) on 01/29/2007

I tried the green tea bag remedy and it worked great for me. I was diagnosed with graves disease and my eyes stuck out for the longest and now after 8 years of looking like a frog my eyes are finally returning to normal.

Replied by Michelle
(Los Angeles, CA)


... I saw it on earthclinic that some of you use green tea tea bags to relieve bulging eyes, I've also tried it but for some reason, it made my eyes crusty the next morning, but I will still continue working on it because it seems that my eyes are a bit better... though I'm not quite sure if that's true. Will keep you posted! Or if anyone has any advice on this... please reply to this post, thanks earthclinic... you've given me some hope! and thanks soooo much for reading~

Replied by Thankful
(Macon, GA)

Michelle, you should also do a heavy metal cleanse and then a liver cleanse. I did this in combination with the oil pulling with coconut oil and you will not believe the amazing results. I used Renew Life cleansing products but you can buy any kind you like. The heavy metal cleanse will give you the most noticable results thats why I did it first. I wish I could send you a picture of how my eyes were and how they are now.

Replied by Regina
(Havre de Grace, Maryland)

Hi, How are you? You said that a heavy metal clease helped you with your eyes. What did your eyes look like before? What symptoms did you have? Hope that you will respond. Thanks

Replied by Mel
(Montreal, Qc Canada)

In response to the green tea bags to help reduce bulging eyes due to graves disease. I was wondering how exactly you did it and how many times a day you did this. My doctors have told me that there is nothing to do about it so I am looking for different alternatives. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
(Chicago, Ill)

My name is Ted and I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in June of 09. I had the Radiation Iodine Treatment done and wish I would have found this site first. How exactly did the green tea bags help? Could you email me at [email protected] and let me know step by step please. Any info would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance. This is for my bulging eyes. Please help.

Replied by Cathy
(Fort Myers, Florida)

How do I use the green tea for bulging eyes? I was treated for Graves over 20 years ago and still have the bulging eyes. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Replied by Selu
(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

how u use the green tea? u put it on ur eyes or u drink it? ps email me how could I use it, I have these grave disease and I'm sick of it my email is shalomab3(at)gmail(dot)com

Replied by Funcheso
(Chicago, Il, Usa)

Hi, I have also been diagnosed with Grave's Disease (20 yrs) and I thought I would just have to live with my "frog eyes" unless and until I decided to opt for surgery. Please tell me how the green tea can help reduce the size of my eyes and how I should take it. Thanks

Replied by Joy
(Dubai, Uae)

I tried using the green tea as I read in this article... For 1week now, I've seen result.. My eyes are starting to return to normal (not so much like the "frog-like eyes" anymore), I used the tea as eye drops.. I want to ask also, if I want to take the apple cider vinegar, how is it possible? thank you!

Replied by Skipie00
(Grand Rapids, Mi, Usa)

Hi, I've had graves disease since I was 15. Im now 26. I have the "bugged eyes" I really need your help. Im not the same person any more and im usually sad. I feel everyone stares at me and I feel sad. How exactually did you do the green tea bags and/or drops? I really want to try this... if anyone has pic of before and after and how long it took to work, please email me at skipie00(at) I also heard of honey eye drops too! Just someone please help me.

Replied by Marcus
(Brooklyn, Ny)

To Thankful, I went on the Renew Life website and looked up the Metal Cleanse. It says if you have hyperthyroidism you should NOT use this product. How did this work for you? Do you think it is harmful to those who have Grave's Disease?

Replied by Momsfourboys
(Wausau, Usa)

Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)

Our son was recently diagnosed with Graves Disease. He also has bulging eyes, already. After much research, and starting the "Graves Disease Parents" Facebook group, through other parents, and other GD groups, I have learned that 200 mcg of Selenium, per day, is highly beneficial to reduce, and even eliminate, the classic bulging eyes that GD patients have. We have just begun using Selenium. And, I am confident, and anxious, to see the results, based on other GD patient's positive results.

Replied by En
(Boston, Ma)

Do you have an update about using the selenium?

Replied by Maria
(Washington, Dc)

Can someone please let me know what the green tea treatment is? I have hyperthyroidism with graves disease... My left eye is bulging and I hate it. I dont see my own face in the mirror anymore coz I know I look different. please email me at nitalini_s(at) Thank you so so much.

Herbal Supplements

Posted by Paloma (Ny, Ny, Usa) on 04/16/2010

Hi everybody. I have severe Graves disease (sweating, weakness, heart palpitations)for almost a year, doctors put me on med methimazole and later on PTU, my liver got damaged. Later on my doc pushed me to take a radioactive iodine, I refused.

I had and still have severe overactive thyroid and bad heart palpitations. I found alternative medicine doc and started to take alternative medications, such as Bugleweed, Melissa. I just started to take all of this a couple days ago, keep you posted... I am really tired of this disease and like all of you want to be cured. God bless all of us

Replied by Norda
(Raleigh, Nc)

Paloma from Ny, please keep me posted on your results. I am on methhimazole also. It was suggested to me as well to take radiocative iodine. Where can get the bugleweed from? What form are you taking (tea or drops) and how much?

Replied by Mary
(Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)

Brazil Nuts for Graves Eye Symptoms!

Try it...! A recent study done in Italy, (May 2011) showed that selenium helps decrease graves eye symptoms.

After reading the study, I ate 2 brazil nuts which have selenium content. My eyes felt much better, not as scratchy or sore! I have been doing this for a week now and am so glad I don't have pain in my eyes anymore. I plan to increase the brazil nuts from 2 to 3 in a week or so, to see if any swelling goes down. The study used 2 daily doses of 100 ug/mcg of selenium daily. I estimated 2 brazil nuts equals about 100 mcg/ug. Therefore 2 brazil nuts taken in a.m. And 2 in p.m. Should roughly equal 200 per day of selenium. Word of caution though. Selenium can be dangerous if taken at high doses, which I think is more than 400 ug/mcg per day.

So start slowly and see if your eyes feel better with just 2 per day. Then increase to 3.

Good luck and let us know if you feel any difference.

Replied by Trish
(Weston Supermare, North Somerset United Kingdom)

Hi I was diagnosed with Graves Hyperthyroidsim in May this year. I was on neomercazole which was reduced too quickly and I had a return of all the symptoms, atrial fib, tremors, etc. I am back on the meds now and settling down (also on half inderal 80mg) My doc also trying to get me to have radio active, which I refuse point blank. I am taking all the supplements listed. My eyes were really sore, scratch, dry and swollen on top lid. I have been taking selenium supplement, I was told to eat brazil nuts which I have been doing for about a month now and now realise that is probably the reason my eyes are feeling so much better. A question though, I see you talk about Apple Cider Vinegar, what does that help with Graves and how much and how do you take it? Thank you for such an informative group. Trish.

Replied by Jenny
(Provo, Utah)

As I have liver problems my dr recommends that I find a more natural sleep remedy, which I'm really not dissapointed about, I like to keep as many toxins out of my body as possible. Has anyone here tried this and knows of any natural sleep aids?


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Posted by Beatriz (Mexico City, Mexico) on 08/19/2007

Honey drops cured my bulging grave's disease eyes; I just put a drop of honey, pasteurized butter in each eye at night after I wash my face. it hurts so much and you will cry but it's worth it, then after 20 minutes I just wash my face not letting water get into eyes and I go to sleep, in morning I apply water of roses concentrate in each eye, two drops, and my eyes are cured almost 70%, I have them like a frog before,now the lids are again defining and below the brow bulgings are almost gone, day by day.

Replied by Alicia
(Rochester, Ny)

Hi I have one bulging painful eye. I've tried the honey drops for about a week. I'm also doing eye excercises and eye stretching the flexibility of my eyes have improved but they are still very painful and the appearance has not improved. Could you share your photos with me, of before and after.

Replied by Rhonda
(Lucasvile, Ohio)

Woo, this sounds wonderful where did you get the rose water at?


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Posted by Doug (Black Diamond, WA) on 02/10/2020

It is my understanding is that Graves can sometimes be caused by a sudden increase in iodine intake. I think mine was. My ND has a theory that organic iodine (as in kelp) could be safe whereas inorganic iodine (lugols) might be a problem. I've taken kelp and while I haven't noticed the improvement that others have, it has not affected me adversely.


Posted by Wendy (Maryland, US) on 02/21/2015

I have had Graves disease for almost two years. I had no eye or eye lid swelling until a couple of weeks after getting botox for frown muscles above my eyes, but over my eyelids. What a mistake. Apparently, my immune system then started attacking my eye tissue after it attacked the botox toxin. Please tell everyone to avoid botox when suffering from Graves disease because it can then cause the eyes to start swelling. Back to natural methods for reducing eye issues related to thyroid disease; I also read that magnesium is one of the number one minerals missing with those with this condition and how supplementing with the correct dose (in equal amounts to calcium, not on 2 to 1 ratio as previously thought), can reverse autoimmune disorders.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Evelyn B. (Singapore ) on 01/31/2019

Hello, I was diagnosed with Grave's disease 6 months ago. TRAB antibodies very high. I did not take medication from the doctor.

I took L-Carnitine 1000mg 3 times a day, from Life Extension. I also took Alpha Lipoic Acid 3 times a day. Both L- Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid slow down the thyroid. In addition I took bugleweed and a plant mixture called Thyroid Calming ( Herb Pharm). It worked wonders for me.

I also brought my Vit. D to a high level, which is key in autoimmune disease ( I was Low) I am also taking Zinc, which is also key for autoimmune disease. I am now in remission. So I stopped taking L- Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bugleweed and Thyroid Calming drops.

What I continue with is large doses of Omega 3, Selenium, Zinc, Vit. D, Vit. A, Vit. B complex and twice a week Glutathione IV 1000mg. The glutathione helps to prevent eyes from bulging. At the beginning of the disease one eye started bulging. With the glutathione IV it went back. As I read that the eyes are at risk for about 3 to 5 years even after the thyroid is back to normal I will continue with the Glutathione.

My eyes are good except for dryness. In the left eye I was diagnosed with Superior Limbic Keratoconjunctivitis ( SLK) It is a rare eye disease which is often found in people with thyroid problems. A very excellent webpage for Graves' disease is the one of Dr. Osansky, Natural Endocrine Solution. In fact I followed completely his advice!!!! Please go and read on his webpage, it is all in there.


Replied by Arlene

Evelyn, thank you for your post. I was just diagnosed with Graves and I am terrified of losing my thyroid. Did you get bloodwork to pinpoint exactly what you were lacking with your -primary doctor? Let me know please...thank you

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nitu (Los Angeles, Ca) on 04/22/2009

I was diagnosed with graves disease 6mos ago.Those palpitations and trembling scared me away.It started with flu.I kept feeling week even after 1 month of my flu episode.I knew something was wrong.I went to see my doc.He thought it is just stress from work. I am a Nurse from profession. At work i put the heart monitor , was surprised with my heart racing in sinus tach at 110. My hr used to be in 70's. I ran to my doc again and after all the test was diagnosed with grave dz. That scared me off. I sat on the internet, search . I didn't want to go for medical tx. I knew the side effects. I tried bugleweed liquid herbal extract. I take about 10cc 2x/day. I tried lemon balm but it makes me sleepy. I take flax seed oil as well. I improved a lot. NO more palpitations.No more trembling or weight loss .I go for blood test q 3 mos.slowly but i see improvement each time. I learn to delegate as well. I do yoga on daily basis. Remember you don't have time, but you have to do it for your own self.

Replied by Aimee
(Milwaukee, Wi, USA)

How much lemonbalm should I take for graves?

R51 Thyroid Drops, CBD Oil

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Posted by Jenn (Canada) on 06/03/2022

1. Dr. Reckeweg-Germany R51 – Thyroid Intoxication Drops

2. CBD 1500 mg ( 30ml)

The above 2, combined with L-carnitine ( also acetyl L-carnitine), took grave's disease and all its symptoms ( with thyroid eye disease, graves' dermopathy) to the trash can.

I used hemp heal 1500mg dose. Roughly 5 bottles of each. I no longer have graves'. I did at the beginning use some bugleweed. But it's still sitting in the cupboard. Relapse is always possible I suppose but after you get rid of the carb build ups, all you need is R 51. Which is roughly 38$ Canadian and will last you 2-4 months. Depending on the timeline of your treatment.

At first, you will take 5-10 drops 2-3 times a day. Then you'll graduate to 5 am and pm. Then 5 a day and eventually nothing. This will take a year maybe, depending on the person.

This really worked for me and at least one other person, it was recommended to me through a work acquaintance.

Royal Jelly

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Posted by Jennie (Orange Park, Fl) on 04/27/2013

I have been reading this forum about Graves disease and bulging eyes two days ago, I have used the honey treatment for my mild bulging eyes and the royal honey, taking 2 tablespoon twice a day, and the honey mix with just a little bit of water to clean my eyes before going to bed, it works like wonder!! . I can tell the difference in my eyes just by being in it for two days, Thank you so much for sharing all ur experiences and the natural treatment... I am going to keep up with it until I am back to myself again. :)))

Replied by Liz
(Hingham, Ma)

This is in response to Jennie from Orange Park, FL - Can you explain what the honey treatment is that you use? Basically exactly what do you do with all 3 things you list that you've been doing. Thanks!!

Replied by Alexandra
(New York)

Please help me. I just had my thyroid removed and my eyes are so huge. It has changed my appearance and my confidence has gone down tremendously. I don't want to have surgery to push my eyes back. I can really use all the help thank u. Alexandra

Replied by Kathryn4

It might have something to do with thyroid - would not hurt to get it checked.

Replied by Terry
(Euclid, Ohio)

Checking to see if the honey treatment for your bulging eyes still worked or is working, 2 years later.

Replied by Jan

Hi. I suffer from bulging eyes due to graves disease. I wonder if the effect of the treatment was permanent?

Replied by Adeline

Hi, I have hyperthyroidism half a year ago. My eyes are bulging. Do you discover any treatment for bulging eyes. How are you now?

Royal Jelly
Posted by Cathy (Buffalo, Ny) on 01/02/2011

Royal jelly does help the soreness and bulging of the eyes caused by graves disease. I was diagnosed about a year ago with graves disease and my eyes have been sore, dry, and bulging. My husbands family owns an apiary, so we know how well honey and hive products can be so helpful with health issues. About two months ago I started taking 3000 mg of royal jelly each day as a capsule. My eyes are so much better. You can purchase the supplents online. Just do a google search.

Royal Jelly
Posted by Eve (Virginia Beach, Virginia, Usa) on 02/13/2010

I have had symptoms of euthyroid Graves eye disease (normal thyroid with bulging eyes) for many years (I am 39). I read about Beatriz using honey for the eyes in her post from 2007 - Thank you, Beatriz! I developed my own method of using the honey.

Before I go to bed, I put one or two tablespoons of honey in 6 oz. of warm water, stir thoroughly, and wash out my eyes. Washing out my eyes with honey and water has made a difference, and my eye bulging has been reduced.

Since the honey eye wash worked, I wondered if my eyes would be helped if I ate honey. I went to the health food store and bought a jar of royal jelly (865 mg.) mixed with honey and ate a teaspoon every night before going to bed. This helped my eyes some, but I wondered if I could get better results by just eating PURE royal jelly, since pure royal jelly is very potent.

I started eating half a teaspoon of pure royal jelly before going to bed and this has probably made the biggest difference in reducing my eye bulging. I cannot find pure royal jelly at the store, so I buy it online.

Pure royal jelly is yellow and creamy and must remain cold at all times. It has to be shipped in ice packs, and you will have to pay a lot for shipping but it is worth it to reduce the bulging eyes. I have had this disease for a long time, but by washing out my eyes with honey and eating pure royal jelly, my eyes look better every day. I am anxious to look like my old self, but I have to tell myself to be patient because there is no instant cure. It took time for my eyes to get bad, and it will take time for them to heal. Another tip: I used to experience very severe eye pain, and I occasionally still have mild pain.

My solution is to put two or three drops of CLEAR iodine (found at the health food store or online, not the drugstore) in a glass of water and take a couple of sips, which eliminates the pain.

Replied by Charity

Hi Eve,

Just wondering how long you were washing your eyes with honey for before you started to see results? And also with the pure royal jelly. Thanks.

Replied by Jc

Eve, I am also wondering what the result of the honey and royal jelly was on your eyes and how long did it take to see results?

Replied by Audrey

I just read your earth clinic review on royal jelly and was wondering how long did this treatment work for you or did you have to go on medication?

Selenium, Dietary Changes

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Posted by Kukuipu (Florida) on 05/05/2012

Hi Everyone, First, I want to thank everyone for sharing real advice and help that most of the doctors and medical professionals can't give.

I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease 7 months ago. When I was diagnosed it was medium to severe. Of course they tried to put me on the medication, and send me to the radioactive treatment. I refused both. I can't see that any of those two options would help me to 'cure' that disease. I think that if any, they bring something else, not good, in addition to what you already have. So I started researching the internet for natural help.

After 2 months the bulging eye symptom associated w/ Graves started. I had already taken selenium (from 1st day of diagnosis, max safe dosage) and bugleweed, as well as some other herbal remedies. When the eyes started bulging, I knew I had to do more. I researched auto immune disease more than Graves, started on Aloe Vera and fresh Grapefuit juice, as well as Omega 3 (Dr. Murphy's - correct ratio), and Flaxoil. The Omega 3, taken with every meal did it.

My eyes were back to normal (they were NOT far out) within 1 week. I did the ALCAT test and a nutrient test, and the results were Selenium deficiency, even after I had taken the max dose since 6 months. So Selenium definitely is key, as well as anti-inflammatory nutrition. I am about to have another lab test done in 3-4 weeks, and we shall see. My nutrients test brought back excellent Vit C, D, A, K, Calcium, etc. levels, due to the fact that I really eat what's beneficial vs. what's good. Not always easy, but definitely the way to go if your body is battling something. I was however missing gluthatione and folic acid, which I'm taking now too.


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Posted by Timothy (Chicago, Illinois) on 10/24/2009

I get flare-ups of hyperthyroid symptoms - my test results have come back with the markers of graves disease. I have taken these symptoms to help with my hyperthyroid/jitteriness/insomnia/racing thoughts. If I take them for a few days - a few weeks and then re-take a thyroid test, my thyroid levels actually show remarkable improvement as my symptoms improve:

L-Tryptophan - 500milligrams - 3 pills up to 3X a day (without food)

Magnesium Chloride - 2 teaspoons 3X/a day (with food). I have also used Magnesium Citrate 1-2 teaspoons up to 3X a day. I think I prefer the Magnesium Chloride.

Magnesium Glycinate 400milligrams - up to 3X/day (with food)

Vitamin E - I know some doctors advise against taking large amounts of vitamin E so please check with your doctor. When I get very jittery vitamin E helps make me tired and calm me down so I'll take up to 800 iU a day of vitamin E as well.

These are the supplements that have significantly helped me. Please check with your doctor first!

Replied by Jules559
(Porterville, Ca)

Hello, I just been told I have graves disease. I youtubed it and today I been in such tears. I am scared and I am a single mother. Its has efected my whole life and its been down hill since Oct. I now have double vission that makes it so hard to drive at night. Now that is making it hard to work and drive, I am more scared for my child. I am on a beta blocker Toprol XL 100 Mg and the Tapazole 2x a day at 5mgs. My eyes are hurting and I am so scared. Looking for anything that can or anyone who can help me start a recovering plan for myself.

Any information on where to start and more about what is going on and about to happen to me. Are you guys still able to hold a job? If not how are you living? Any before and after picture? Gosh I could use the up lifting from seeing others come through it. Because what I have seen so far has got me crying all day.

Thank You. Julie

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt)

Oh no.... It breaks my heart to read your post. Don't be scared it is not the end of the world I promise. You must be having eye symtoms to be so upset after googling it. I too did the same thing as you and googled the day I found out I had it. That was three years ago. I am completely better now. You can go the natural route and see a Naturopath or you can get help from an Endocrinologist. I posted on the 11th of August some of the treatments I have done that have put me in complete remission. Remember that you can change doctors if you think they are not trying hard enough to help you out. Google some more. Sometimes doctors don't know whats best for you. In fact most of the time they don't. They only know a certain amount of things about any one disease or illness (since there are billions of them) everything else they look up in a very large book:) If they are that commited to your health. Otherwise they will put you in one catagory (Graves Disease) and treat you with the same drugs and recamendations they did for the last person with Graves. I would love to help you in any way possible if you have any questions please ask. I have children and actually one of mine was diagnosed with graves disease as well. It is only scary when you don't have the knowledge to feel confident you are in control of your health. Make sure the doctor tests all of the hormones involved with graves every time. TSH, free T3, and free T4. Also make sure (since you are on Tapazol) that you are getting a liver function test every 3 months. Unfortunatly I will not be of help if you are having eye symptoms as I haven't had any yet (knock on wood). Good health to you and I hope you are doing better soon.

Replied by Tina
(Prescott, Arizona)

Inquiry for Jen from Bozeman, Mt

I was diagnosed with graves 10 years ago and have been on methemizole ever since. I am not doing well, I am extremely irritable and sad. I have tried bugleweed, lemon balm, and many other suggestions I have found. I am curious what your doctor/s did with you that helped you go into remission. I am in Arizona and haven't found the right doctor for me yet. Money makes it hard to work with the naturopaths because it seems like they are prescribing expensive supplements that they are not sure will work, but their idea is to test things with me and go from there. I just don't have the funding to be spending several hundred dollars every month to test products that may or may not help me. I am scared that my liver is being effected by the medicine and my relationships certainly are because I am not in a rational mental space.
Any details of your success story would be so appreciated.
thanks, tina

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt)

I completely know where your coming from. I to cannot afford the naturopathic remedies that end up costing hundreds of dollars per month on top of the dr visits which insurance doesn't even pay for if you are lucky enough to have it in the first place. I believe it is a combination of treatments that helped me both from the naturopath as well as from the research and self help stuff I have implemented myself. The foundation of what started my healing is a supplement called thymex which can be purchased on amazon. It is desicated thymus and I purchase it every few months for $16. 00. It supports your immune system. Which for whatever reason is attacking our thyroids with this disease. It sounds contradictory to support your immune system when it is attacking your thyroid but it works. I have treated my 15 yr old daughter using it as well and she is much better and on the road to remission as well. The other minerals and supplements I am using are:

Moodiness (hormonal and usually ovarian related) 1. Wild yam cream (progesterone) with a zinc supplement and/or 2. DHEA with a copper supplement. I can tell which one is needed and I very it depending on my period and mood. If it is heavy and long I am progesterone deficient so I take wild yam and zinc. If it is short and light I am estrogen deficient so I take the second two. I will continue taking them until I begin to feel normal again. It usually takes about 1 week or so to notice a difference.

Heart palpitations: Magnesium (250 to 500)and potassium every day (coconut water has 600 to 1000 mg of potassium in each can) I also will take a little extra potassium when I am swollen as it is an imbalance of sodium to potassium that causes this. The magnesium I take a little extra if I am unusually tense and need to relax a bit. It helps me sleep too.

Selenium: to help the conversion of thyroid hormones so there is not to much t4 or t3 and things can run smoothly. Selenium is one of the big ones I think has healed me. You should take a little more than the recemended dosage as we are usually deficient and it is so important for our thyroids. Usual dosage is about 200mg I usually take at least 400 mg per day.

iodine: 7 mg per day. (contrary to most doctors beliefs most hypers are actually iodine deficient and this is what caused them to go hyper in the first place) Flouride, bromine, and chlorine displaces iodine and does not do the job that iodine does so our thyroids malfunction.

I blend of GABA, theonine, relora, and a few other calming ingredients to help me sleep and deal with life. It really helps me to keep calm in situations where I would otherwise freak out. (I have five kids:)

Manganese: Is very beneficial to hypers and hypos. I can't remember exactly why. I will get back to you on that.

For my liver: Which has been through alot over the years as well. I very these herbs and supplements to keep my liver flowing( when one runs out I go to the next one). Dandalion root, licorice, milk thistle.

desicated Thymus gland: I only take a months worth about every 3 to six months. If I feel like my moods are getting worse and my heart palpitations are coming more often I know that my thyroid is probably getting more active so I order a bottle. Take it three times a day for 30 days and so far all of my blood work has been great for over a year now.

I also take A, E, C, Calcium, D3, I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Mostly it is a guessing game unfortunately. I have researched this issue for many years on the internet and at school. My family has suffered both hashimoto's and graves for a long time. I will never give up on finding things that will help. I am currently using the process of painting my goiter with iodine and watching it shrink slowly but very noticably. I get all of these supplements from the health food stores or amazon. I believe that every condition is caused by an imbalance in the minerals/ vitamins which causes an imbalance in hormones and pH and many other issues. We can't supplement with one thing without causing another to go crazy. For example Zinc and Copper are antagonists. Zinc and Progesterone are..... Buddies. Copper and estrogen are... Buddies. One goes deficient the buddy does as well. The antagonists party it up and cause many other problems in thier wake. It is a constant balancing act which gets tiresome but I feel so great and don't ever want to go back to taking those drugs that I could feel were wrong for me. Another helpful tip is that if you supplement with potassium for edema then make sure to take magnesium as well. Magnesium helps potassium get into the cells where it is needed. Iodine and Flouride are antagonists. Iodine is the weaker of the two so if you are drinking flouridated water etc... Iodine will loose the battle unless you are supplementing with iodine at a higher level than flouride. I know this is way to much info to take in but I have a hard time deciding which knowledge to leave out and which to keep in. Sorry. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help with anything else. The mood thing is so hard. I was in the same boat. I thought I was going to cause my hubby to divorce me. My poor kids too. Chin up though. It is possible to feel better with a little knowledge. Best of luck, Jen!

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt)

So sorry I also should mention that the naturopath tested me for food intolerances and we found there were some big ones. It seams that Gluten intolerance is a huge one for Graves as well as most auto immune diseases. It nearly killed me to stop gluten but now after 1 year of not eating it I only miss it about once a month;) Once I make it through that week of craving it I am fine. The pain I get when I eat it makes me instantly sorry I did. Migraines, joint pain, as well as gastrointestinal issues. Just more of my (long) story:)

Replied by Catherine
(Whittier, Ca)

Here is something interesting I found:

I have not tried it, but I'm willing to give it a try. I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease three years ago and suffered with symptoms for about a year prior to diagnosis. Not fun to feel like a schizophrenic when you have a toddler and kindergartener to take care of. My eyes began to bulge three years ago, but seemed to respond well to the PTU I was put on. I had a very stressful couple of months a year ago and the aftermath of that time is that my right eye has bulged out once again where my left eyelid is "normal. " However, my bulged eye isn't so bad. It actually makes my "normal" eyelid look lazy. Go figure.

Anyway, I am tired of avoiding taking pictures with my family because I feel like a monster. If I do take pictures, I squint so that at least the right one doesn't look so enlarged. Last week was the first week in three years, after reading and reading on the subject that I have decided to change my health and lifestyle. Slowly, and day-by-day I am making changes that I hope will stick and help rid me of this autoimmune disorder. The next big step is purchasing a bugleweed supplement and the niacinamide. I know my endocrinologist would not approve of this and has asked me, every three months, if I would like to keep my thyroid and my answer continues to be "yes. " I have given up having anymore children over the last three years, although my husband and I wanted one or two more, because I'm still on the PTU. I want to be off the meds for good.

I will continue to check back to this post giving comments and feedback as I can, and I'm hoping and praying that these supplements can reduce the swelling behind my eye. I won't know about my levels, although, until I get back to the Endo in June. I concur with the person who blessed us all in dealing with this disorder, especially those who have symptoms and have yet to be diagnosed, and even more so, the family and friends who have to deal with the erratic behavior.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Catherine... I would consider using and supplementing higher dose Lugol's Iodine to cure Grave's disease. Lugol's Iodine was used very successfully by medical doctors up to WW2 in curing both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid problems. Here is an extract which first describes -- in 1863 -- the inadvertent but successful use of LI to cure Grave's disease by a French doctor:

Iodine was used in the treatment of toxic goiter as early as 1840 by Von Basedow and in 1854 by Stokes. In 1863, Trousseau inadvertently used tincture of iodine successfully in a patient with exophthalmic goiter. "In the course of October, 1863, I was consulted by a young married lady, who habitually resides in Paris. She was suffering from subacute exophthalmic goiter... I still found her heart beat at the rate of 140 to 150 times in the minute... I wished to administer at the same time tincture of digitalis, but preoccupied with the idea that there would be some danger in giving iodin, I wrote iodin instead of digitalis, so that the patient took from 15 to 20 drops of tincture of iodin a day for a fortnight. (For the reader's information, "tincture of iodin" is a 10% solution of iodine in 95% ethanol. The daily amount ingested was 75-100 mg). When she then came back to me her pulse was only 90. I found out my mistake, and I substituted tincture of digitalis for that of iodin, but, after another fortnight, the pulse had again gone up to 150, so that I at once returned to the iodin. " Trousseau had the distinction of performing the first double-blind study of iodine in a cohort of one patient with Graves' disease. He also achieved remission of Graves' disease with prolonged administration of potassium iodide

In the above please also note that a strong tincture of iodine was used which is not advised or recommended. Also note that recovery from Grave's disease can also be achieved using either higher dose Lugol's Iodine or SSKI(drops of Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide). In my opinion, Lugol's Iodine is the best one to use because it is more balanced and has more widespread beneficial effects on the body.

Source: The Safe and Effective Implementation of Orthoiodosupplementation In Medical Practice

And here is why many people are so unreasonably scared of supplementing higher dose Lugol's iodine today:

Antioxidants are also extremely useful for helping to cure thyroid problems. The anti-oxidants glutathione and glutathione peroxidase particularly have relevance in both thyroid and liver cell health because they reduce or help to prevent free radical cell damage. Selenium is the central metal atom for both these anti-oxidants. That's why Selenium should always be supplemented together with Lugol's Iodine because thyroid problems might also involve a selenium deficiency in the diet as well.

The full Iodine Protocol is given here.

Also be aware that if you use this protocol, then you should expect other effects and symptoms, such as detox and die-off effects, which might also exacerbate your thyroid symptoms for a while. So start low and increase iodine dosages slowly to the full dose.

Replied by Bopeep
(New Zealand)

Hi There, What ever you do, think very seriously about drinking the radioactive iodine offered by an endo. I had graves disease over 12 years ago. I took carbimazole for about 8 years, and all my endo wanted was for me to drink that stuff! I refused and am so glad I did, because today I am drug free and have a normal fuctioning thyroid. I would of been dead if I had taken the radioactive iodine, and I would of been on an artificial thyroxine. I tried lots of things and I couldn't tell you any one thing did it. But just eat a really good diet, don't smoke, don't drink too much, and try all the herbs that support a thyroid, vitamins and mineral, fish oil etc. Listen to your body it will tell you what it needs. It's a wonder I don't rattle when I walk with the amount of herbs I put down my throat :-) Good Luck.

Replied by Marie Mclean

Hi Jen Boseman, please be careful when advising selenium dose, as it is ALWAYS and importantly quoted as micrograms.

We in NZ have the topmost global statistics for breast cancer for women and bowel cancer for men. it is absent in all our food, and not present in the soil.

This is because our land has been scoured by glaciers and they grind and turn in their movement down the valleys and this action has pulled the selenium out of the land and it has then been washed out to sea.

All the sheep here have to be dosed with selenium or they get something called white muscle and they cannot carry their lambs to term.

If you take 300 or 400mg of selenium daily it will kill you!!

This is the second posting in this thread that has advised these amounts.

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