Natural Graves' Disease Treatment

R51 Thyroid Drops, CBD Oil
Posted by Jenn (Canada) on 06/03/2022
5 out of 5 stars

1. Dr. Reckeweg-Germany R51 – Thyroid Intoxication Drops

2. CBD 1500 mg ( 30ml)

The above 2, combined with L-carnitine ( also acetyl L-carnitine), took grave's disease and all its symptoms ( with thyroid eye disease, graves' dermopathy) to the trash can.

I used hemp heal 1500mg dose. Roughly 5 bottles of each. I no longer have graves'. I did at the beginning use some bugleweed. But it's still sitting in the cupboard. Relapse is always possible I suppose but after you get rid of the carb build ups, all you need is R 51. Which is roughly 38$ Canadian and will last you 2-4 months. Depending on the timeline of your treatment.

At first, you will take 5-10 drops 2-3 times a day. Then you'll graduate to 5 am and pm. Then 5 a day and eventually nothing. This will take a year maybe, depending on the person.

This really worked for me and at least one other person, it was recommended to me through a work acquaintance.